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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Miami, FL as of May, 2024


Fuentes Lawn Care in Miami, FL

Hired 87 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.19 Reviews)

To put it short and sweet, we are the best lawn care service Miami has to offer. We are a group of hard working professional landscapers that work to bring you happiness to your yard. Our mission as a quality, affordable lawn mowing company is pretty simple. All it says is that we want you to be proud to share our business card with your friends. Now, I’m not saying the only thing we value is a referral to a new customer, I’m saying that we see a lot of value in someone referring us to their good friends. First off, no one refers a lawn maintenance service to their friend if they themselves thinks it is crap. Think about it. If we don’t wow you with our dynamite lawn mowing skills, are prompt and orderly arrival and leave, and our clean up services before and after, why would you bother getting all excited about our job well done and tell your friend to call you? Not likely. But if we do the amazing job we are used to doing, edging every line through the driveway and sidewalk, mowing a second time when necessary, and cleaning up our mess to the point of spotlessness, then you will want to share with friends and family the best lawn care service in Miami you ever hired.

There’s an added bonus to hiring our team for your routine lawn mowing and maintenance. As you all know, Miami is filled with gorgeous golf courses and country clubs, and among them is the prestigious Melreese Country Club. If you haven’t seen it before, make a trip. At the very least their rows and rows of seasonal flowers is a sight to see. But as for the golf course, do those lush, beautiful fairways maintain themselves? Do they all grow uniformly like that for years and years? No sir. Each and every hole is carefully taken care of. Grooming, watering, and mowing. Do you happen to know who used to take care of those 18 holes of green sea? That’s right! The same company you are reading about. Before we began this affordable lawn mowing service with two of my closest friends, we were out on the links making sure each blade was trimmed to perfection. If that doesn’t signal that we know our stuff I don’t know what will. I will leave you with some bit of advice. There will always be more room to cut corners. You could hire a cheap lawn mower for $10 and get a $10 job, or you can hire an even cheaper lawn mower for $5 and wonder why he never showed up. Or, you can hire a professional landscaping company to give you a finely cut lawn for around $30. That’s what you will get with us, plain and simple. The choice is yours.

Also , if you need yard cutting services in Hialeah FL nearby me no problem our landscaping maintenance business does lawn care all over MIA including offering residential yard maintenance services in Kendall FL.


Kelley Lawn Care in Miami, FL

Hired 44 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.219 Reviews)

We have been a lawn care service in Miami for about eleven years now, and we are excited to finally be a part of GreenPal. We have heard so many great things about the service, and now that we are on it we can see why. Although we’ve been doing just fine with our old methods of attracting clients, having GreenPal’s scheduling and messaging app is doing wonders for our business. We are meeting more and more wonderful people who need a lawn mowing daily, something we could never dream about before. Now, we are excited to know that more people in Miami are getting to know their best lawn mowing service in town.

We offer all sorts of lawn maintenance services, from our razor-sharp lawn mowing to seasonal leaf and waste removal. Especially around this time, Miami gets into a weird weather of still humid but not hot enough to dry up by evening, which turns a lot of the dead plant matter to mush. If used correctly, this can be turned into great compost, but most folks do not compost and let the decaying matter rot in their yard. It’s an easy mistake to make, but we provide the services to clean up the mess to leave your yard sparkling green. As far as our work, we take the time to post up pictures on our GreenPal profile, but if you want real time, living proof of our work, head to Maximo Gomez Park. We have been fortunate enough to hire a landscaper who worked for the city at this park, and when the city went under budget reform, they hired us to take care of the park. Now, Maximo Gomez Park is kind of like our living resume. If we can make that acre of green grass healthy all year long, imagine what we can do for your yard!

Also , if you are looking for residential lawn care services in Doral FL near me no worries my MIA lawn maintenance company can help you there as well with yard maintenance services with no contracts in Coral Gables FL.


Tonys Lawn Care Services in Miami, FL

Hired 18 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.39 Reviews)

It’s not everyday you can say that your landscaper is more than a professional, but an artist. Well, to be honest it’s not every day you hear your local lawn mower call himself an artist either, but some days I feel like one. Especially after bringing a yard back from the dead, after months of careful seeding and watering, mowing and edging and I look out to the transformation I brought on with my hands, yes I call myself an artist. But like an artist, I have done my work. I grew up in Miami. I’ve had all sorts of odd jobs, from waiter to garbage man, but my most memorable job was my time at Crandon Golf at Key Biscane. I was their maintenance man, and over the course of my time there I learned so much about the intricacies of lawn care. I thought it was a simple job, just cut the grass and water it. But after learning why we cut the grass, why we have to cut different types of grasses a certain way, I was pretty much hooked and I knew that there was some business in this line of work. So, after a while I said goodbye and started my own local lawn care service in Miami.

I brought everything I knew to the company, from timed watering to the neat, trim little edging you see from the fairway to putting green. I can do it all, and I’ve taught my staff the same things. Now, we are a grass cutting clan of professionals who are more than prepared to take your lawn and turn it into a masterpiece. Even if you are a little embarrassed about the state of your lawn, don’t worry. I have trained each member of the lawn maintenance team to put together a step-by-step plan to bring it back to life. It won’t be much time before you are proud to stand in front of your house again. There’s nothing like the sight of a sharp lawn, as I’m sure you know. But it’s even better when you know you don’t have to worry about it. Sure, you can work your own lawn all you want, but at the end of the day, we get lazy. So if you just want a quick lawn mowing, we’ll come out the next day and take care of it. Or, if you are one of the folks who want to bring a little more life to your lawn, we offer seasonal contracts where the endgame is a lawn you can be proud of. Come see what we can do for you, and thanks for your time.

Also , if you are not near Miami , FL we also do affordbale lawn maintenance services in Hialeah FL near me also our yard maintenance company provides local lawn services in North Miami FL.


Absolute Lawn Services in Miami, FL

Hired 38 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.319 Reviews)

Thank you for checking out our profile! As Miami’s premiere landscaping company, we would like to say thank you to GreenPal for the chance to be on the city page. It means a lot that after years of quality, dedicated, reliable lawn care service in Miami we are getting the recognition I believe my team deserves. But for those of you who are new to GreenPal, let me tell you a bit about who we are. As the season starts picking up, we are looking for long term clients that want weekly lawn mowing. Our schedule fills up fast, so make sure you get to us soon if you want to be a part of our schedule. If you so happen to want a quick lawn mowing, no problem. We can pencil you in any day of the week.

We believe in solid lawn mowing at an affordable price. Something as simple as lawn mowing shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, so we make sure that our prices are always reasonable. That doesn’t mean that you are contracting just any lawn maintenance company though, because our staff is full of all-stars. No, maybe none of our lawn maintenance men were actual all-stars during a Marlins game, but they do have the credentials to say they have worked at Tropicana Park. One game at the Marlins Park and you will know they take their grass very seriously, almost as seriously as we do. With team members who can consistently create that perfectly level, patterned, and laser-sharp baseball field, can you imagine what we can do for your yard? We also offer palm tree pruning, weeding, and tree removal when necessary. This is important to know: most companies will charge you for the tree removal and soil replacement (as if they were two separate jobs to do) but not us. We will make sure that by the time you are back home it was like a tree never existed there. A sad thing to say, but hey, trees die too and it isn’t doing any good any way. How many of you can honestly say that your yard maintenance team were former Marlins’ maintenance men? Probably very few, so why not try it out? See how we can get your grass grown and healthy in a few weeks, so healthy that you’ll be able to charge your neighbors to come watch your son play ball. Okay, maybe not, but it’s worth a shot, right?

If you dont live in Miami , FL we also do local yard cutting in Kendall near me and that is not the only other MIA suburb we offer lawn mowing for we also do local yard cutting services nearby me in Doral FL.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 4 reviews)
Alta Villegas Yard Cutting in Miami FL
“This website is great! Not that my regular lawn mower is awful, but I had no idea how many lawn maintenance companies there were just in Coconut Grove (even Northeast Coconut Grove at that!) And even my guy I found by chance when I was driving. I saw his truck at a stoplight and that was that. But he had to drive twenty minutes each way just to get to my house and had to charge me extra just to cover the trip. I don’t want to say it’s good that he doesn’t have to drive anymore, but it was easier on the both of us that I found a yard maintenance company in my neighborhood. And, they just so happened to give me a great discount because I’m part of the community. This is how the service industry should be! I don’t know how you guys came up with the idea but I’m glad you had the drive to pursue it, you all should be proud of yourselves.”
Alejandro Hernandez Lawn Maintenance in Miami FL
“I’m a rental property owner in North Beach and I use your service all the time. We actually have a person dedicated to just contracting lawn mowers and cheap landscapers in Miami, so you could say GreenPal has created more jobs than you’d think. The model is just great, hardly any bugs, and you’ve moved all the hardships of finding good contractors out of my life. We used to hire a team of people just to drive around our properties to check up on the maintenance teams. We didn’t have to before, but then we started getting calls about the grass being too long and what not. You can bet we got rid of those guys right away, but it would take us weeks and weeks after that to find another reliable lawn care service in Miami. Now? Shoot it takes us little more than a day to find, meet, and contract someone. I’m very thankful for what GreenPal and their app has done for my business.”
Angel Holder Lawn Service in Miami FL
“Hi there, we just wanted to take the time and let you all know that we use GreenPal almost every week for our home. Now that we’re retired in Allahpatta, there are times when we just don’t want to cut the grass. A lot of it has to do with my husband, he has really bad allergies and a day out behind the mower just causes so much havoc on his sinuses. We found out about GreenPal through our daughter, and she helped us sign up and find our first lawn mower. But wow! After we saw how easy it was we took over and now we do it ourselves. As you can tell by now, my husband and I aren’t the best at technology, but GreenPal is easy enough to understand after a while. I don’t know who to thank for finding Jameill’s yard maintenance company, but every time he comes by he is so respectful and does a great job on our grass. We couldn’t be happier with a website if that’s even possible.”
Joe Laverty Lawn Mowing Service in Miami FL
“GreenPal really has made my life easier. Not that it’s so hard of a life having a rental home in Edgewater, but you know what I mean. Anyone who has a rental home in Miami knows that you have to take care of every pillow, bed, and window all year long. Especially during the vacation season, I can’t afford to have a bad review. That could mean a loss of a ton of potential customers. But, thanks to GreenPal I don’t have to spend hours on the phone trying to feel a lawn maintenance man’s honesty. I’m not that great at reading people, much less reading their voices, so when I found out you can contract the best landscaping maintenance companies in Miami from wherever you are, I jumped on it real quick. A bit of a leap of faith if we’re being honest, but the decision proved to be a good one. The yard always looks pristine and the stayers always compliment on the tidiness of the house.”

lawn-maintenance-in-miami-Fl-lawn-service-in-Cool-Valley Welcome to your official GreenPal city site for Miami, Florida! Here you can preview all the dedicated yard maintenance companies the city has, each and every one of them residents like you, from Little Havana to Biscayne Boulevard. This page is your guide to contracting the best lawn mowers, gardeners, pruners, weeders, and master landscapers, all ready for you to hire them. Before we began GreenPal, we were deep in the lawn care service industry. Each and every founder mowed lawns in their towns to help pay for college, a fact we are proud to admit. Over the years, we noticed issues on both sides of these negotiations, from an evaporating landscaper to a client who won’t pay, or a ruined yard from an irresponsible maintenance man. We’ve heard it all, so we decided to make a change. How could we connect affordable lawn care services in Miami and other major cities in the U.S. the way the Facebook or Uber can? Than answer came in GreenPal, a simple, usable, straightforward online platform where homeowners (or anyone with a potted plant) can contract lawn mowing services for the yard work they want. Gone is the era of waiting for an ad with a phone number to pass by, gone is the era when you were stuck with the yard maintenance service that left you a business card on your porch. And, most especially, gone are the days of weeding through the thicket of Craigslist. How are we so confident in our process? Why are we so confident that scams and cons do not happen on our website? That’s because we’ve made sure of it. Here’s how:

Every maintenance man on GreenPal goes through an extensive hiring process that includes applying, interviewing, and demonstrating their legitimacy. Miami lawn maintenance Contractor permits an equipment inspection, to past customer satisfaction, there isn’t a hoop a grass cutting service can skip to join GreenPal. Personally, we don’t even see this as a selling point for our online customer satisfaction, we well know you are inviting strangers to your home, and for that reason alone we are so careful choosing our resources. We do all of this so you can be confident when hiring from GreenPal. It’s the least we can do. On the other side of the coin, the most we can do is make sure every contractor you hire through our website does a great job with your lawn. That’s how these four lawn care services got to this city page. We aren’t looking for cheap lawn mowers who can push a mower half awake. We are looking for the dedicated landscape maintenance companies who take their time to educate themselves in the science and the art of the industry they belong to. Signing up for GreenPal is easy, and it takes little more than a few minutes of your time to start looking for your next landscaper! Also if wanting to hire a affordable lawn care services in Doral, Fl or if you live in another part of MIA and need to get lawn cutting service in Coral Gables Fl nearby me GreenPal has also affordable lawn maintenance companies in thise parts of the Miami Metro area as well that you can hire for lawn care services.

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About Miami Florida

Miami is a city in Dade County, Florida, United States.

Before Miami became the country’s prime vacation spot of the most elite celebrities and businessmen, it was a turbulent port city that combatted Seminole tribes and harsh hurricanes. It had a history well before the settlement of the United States. It was controlled by Spain in the 1500s, officially settled for colonization by Pedro Menendez de Aviles.

He quickly became the first mayor of Miami (then popularly known as Mayaimi by the indigenous people that lived there) and set up shop for full scale renovation. Pushing out native peoples, offering land grants to willing Spaniards, the Menendez saw a future for the port city with its easy access to the rest of the country and Spain itself.

In the 19th century, Miami owes a lot of its progress to Julia Tuttle, a landowner who made her fortune growing citrus fruits (a fact that gave cause to the relation of Florida to Oranges). Miami is noted by several historians as the only major United States city to be conceived by a woman, mostly because of Tuttle’s urbanization from her massive employment of local residents. However, Tuttle’s efforts alone could not have made Miami the swirling cultural Mecca it is today.

A huge influx of Bahamian (Puerto Rico, Cuba) and African American migration into the area radically changed the city’s cultural landscape. Music, cuisine, art, and language were shifted into the Latin American style. Source: Wikipedia Miami, Fl

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