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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Miami Lakes, FL as of Sep, 2019

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Nerak Lawn Services in Miami Lakes, FL

Hired 148 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.88 Reviews)

Congratulations everyone! You have found your way on to the best lawn mowing service in Miami Lakes, Florida! We are very­­ fortunate to finally be on GreenPal, and we hope you will think of us when you are considering hiring out your next yard maintenance.

We have been in the business for over eight years now, starting out with only one lawn mower. Now, we are very fortunate to boast a wide array of tools and mowing equipment ready to give you the best lawn mowing you will ever have.

That’s right, we said it, the best, ever, in your life, period. you didn’t even know lawn mowing could ever be that life changing, but let me tell you that lawn mowing could save your life. It’s true! here, think about this for a little bit:

Do you feel happier when your lawn is mowed and looking clean? Are you happy when it is overgrown, or dying and wilting? Well, there you go. You don’t have to be scientist to know that when something makes you happy, it is better for your life! And you won’t be in a bad mood if that is always there for you to not be sad about!

If you are ready for the best in lawn mowing in Miami Lakes, Fl, then give us a message through GreenPal. Let us know when you want your next mowing and we will be out there promptly. If you want your yard to look as good as the Vista Memorial Gardens, then hire us. We are positive you will have us back in a few weeks to do it again!

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Charles Enterprise Lawn Services in Miami Lakes, FL

Hired 38 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.230 Reviews)

We are a reliable landscaping company in Miami Lakes, Florida, and we want to get you on board with the best lawn care you can get for our price.

We are a team of trained professionals completely qualified to handle all of your yard maintenance needs. Whether it is a routine lawn mowing or something off the charts upscale maintenance, we are the company for you. Fully licensed to contract, and everything. We consider ourselves experts based upon one fact: we go the long way to make sure everything is correct, and because we research.

In all seriousness, with all the research I have put in to knowing about lawn care, I should be able to go to college just for that. With my level of experience (young kid for his parents, of course) and my random searches on why you should only cut grass at most an inch and half, I could be a doctor. Any question you could ask me about how to get your lawn into shape, I could tell you even without charging you a thing. Free education for all, homeowners and all.

So what will be, someone who just happened to find a lawn mower on discount at Lowes? Or are you going to hire someone who has the craftsmanship hand to snot kill your bushes and your trees? Because I have heard those stories, trust me!

Quick note to all the Royal Oaks Park neighbors out there, we are stationed in your area and can come out to you quicker than you would think. So reach out to us for a first go round, and then we can talk about setting up a routine lawn mowing in Miami Lakes, Fl. The best landscaping in Miami Lakes you can get!

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Goldroot Lawn Services in Miami Lakes, FL

Hired 109 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.219 Reviews)

What it is exactly you need from a local lawn mowing service in Miami Lakes, Fl? Some companies are very good about upselling what you need done, but in truth sometimes it is just easier to treat the whole organism than it is the individual plant.

What is strange to me is that people don’t understand that your lawn is its own ecosystem. Since it shares the same area and soil pretty much, they are coexisting and getting to know one another. I know it sounds like I am getting hippie on you, but just like you are a part of your family and community, plants in the same space are the same way.

So when I offer you some mulching services with your lawn mowing, don’t take it the wrong way. I am trying to make your lawn better, not just trying to maintain the length of the grass for aesthetic purposes.

No sir and ma’am, I want you to have a healthy lawn all the way through, from trees to shrubs to bushes to grass to soil. In fact, some of the best result I get from houses wanting to do more with their lawn maintenance in Miami Lakes, Fl is when I get to treat the whole ecosystem the plants are living in.

I have seen some pretty tremendous transformations, even with me using no more that many tools than your typical lawn mower and some gardening tools. It is amazing how resilient and adaptive plants are, after all, and there is so much to learn about how they can make your whole home healthy.

Lately we have been working on a few houses by the Spanish school, the Ana G. Mendez Sistema Universitario. But there are a few days where we bounce further east. Distance does not really bother us much, because we mostly work in the Miami Lakes area and that’s it. We don’t go further out much than that, so when we say we are a local yard maintenance service in Miami Lakes, Fl we mean it, we aren’t just writing it.

But thanks for checking out our bio! We look forward to meeting with you and showing what we can do! We are available any day of the week on GreenPal, and all our info is listed on our profile page! Thanks and God Bless!

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Eden's Care Taker Lawn Services in Miami Lakes, FL

Hired 230 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.78 Reviews)

I know it can be hard to trust a website like GreenPal when you just find it. Maybe, if you are like me, you had a crazy experience with other sites like Craigslist, but let us assure you that GreenPal does everything in their place to recruit legit companies!And us being here means we are good to go to mow and mow!

Sorry, my dad just really liked that line and I promised I would put it in. we offer all types of lawn mowing and yard maintenance services, all throughout Miami Lakes. We have done properties both business, industrial parks, and homes. We also allow for the ability for you to hire us regularly on a schedule, all done through GreenPal.

Especially this time a year, when there are so many opportunities to put in new plants, we offer transplanting and removal. Believe you me, it sounds a little strange at first to want a palm tree gone from your yard, but Florida has enough of them there is no need to worry.

Whether you need something quick done or a whole month’s of work, we can be suitably equipped for any job you might need. We offer insurance jobs as well to and will do our best to handle any insurance companies as they come. For those of you familiar with our part of town, we do plenty of neighborhoods like the Goleman High School area. W area grateful to have as many as fifteen a week at times, but are ready to push for more. That is why we are on GreenPal, to challenge ourselves as businessmen and to make sure all of Miami Lakes is served with fresh, clean-cut lawns and yards!

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Geoffrey Reilly Lawn Mow in Miami Lakes FL
I signed up for GreenPal myself and I did it for my parents out at Turtle Run at Palm Springs. We had to call it an internet lesson with them, because they had no idea technology had gotten so advanced. My mom has an iPhone, but she just has fun texting emojis to everyone, so when I told her she could get the yard cleaned the same way she flipped. I just use it sometimes when I am away from home too long, but they use it almost every other week to look for help around the yard. She used to be able to garden, but now she just has to have someone help her. But it has been great, every lawn mowing service in Miami Lakes has no contract, so it is pretty cool to switch up companies in case one doesn’t work out. There are some great, cheap lawn mowing services in Miami Lakes, FL with no contract, so I am pretty surprised you found them, but thankful! When I do get a chance to use GreenPal it is always a smooth and painless process. I hardly have to think to make time for it.
Glinda Wright Lawn Mowing in Miami Lakes FL
I actually don’t use GreenPal too much for my home because I take care of it myself, but I use it all the time with my properties in Miami Lakes. I do, and not all of them are condos like the Lennar at Satori, a lot of them are actually business centers. It was pretty difficult finding local grass cutting services in Miami Lakes because industrial parks are usually out of the way, you know? So these companies that usually stick to residences don’t get a chance to see how many people out there need lawn care. I mean one shopping center alone could use two companies working once a week! So I would not only suggest GreenPal to someone who is too lazy to wake up early enough to get it done, but to people in the real estate industry who are working remotely now. Like, I just take about ten minutes or so to log in, ask for a lawn mowing appointment for one of the properties, and since GreenPal only checks it as a physical address, I can pay for a lawn mowing from home. It’s totally amazing.
Talitha Hudson Yard Cutting in Miami Lakes FL
Definitely worth it! I am so glad I found you all! I have not been successful at all in finding a local landscaping company in Miami Lakes. It isn’t that I am picky, but I just had no idea some people were charging so much just to have a lawn mowing done! And then I found out that not everyone advertises on the internet, so when I found GreenPal and found everyone I needed right on Balgowan Road I was just blown away. I don’t know who in your company is responsible for walking the miles to find these businesses, but we are glad you did. My home looks so nice all the time, and the grass has been looking better ever since we started! It wasn’t that our lawn looked bad, it was that the summer was so humid all the time that we couldn’t even walk out the front door without our shins hitting some sort of plant. The grass grew over the sidewalk, that was how bad it got. The first lawn mowing in Miami Lakes was tough, but we are all good now!
Blas Dominguez Yard Mowing in Miami Lakes FL
I actually live in the Cypress Village Condos, on the east part of town I guess. I have been on GreenPal for a month now, and I hired out once already, and it went pretty smooth. Alan was really helpful in figuring out exactly what I needed, what I needed to get my lawn nutrient wise. It was very helpful because I only needed a lawn mowing, but it was nice that he was kind enough to help me out. I thought I was taking care of my lawn just fine, but then again I think water is all it takes to have a healthy lawn. I was way off too! So if it wasn’t for Alan’s help and advice I don’t think I would have stuck with GreenPal. I wasn’t too fond of it when I first signed up, but then again I am skeptical about any website. But it worked out in the end, and I got a gardener out of it, which is all I needed for it to work for me!

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Welcome! You have found the Internet’s best place for scheduling local lawn care in Miami Lakes, Florida! Here you will be able to get a glimpse into the market your city has for lawn care, yard maintenance, and landscape maintenance services in Miami Lakes.

Are you new to GreenPal? If this is your first experience with our website, feel free to browse our site and sign up to receive free lawn mowing quotes. We have established a safe and secure site that allows you to schedule weekly lawn mowing, pruning, or hedging, anything that you could ask for from a yard maintenance service in Miami Lakes, Fl.

We started this site because it was apparent to us that both sides of the lawn care industry have trouble finding each other. And is it not true, we as homeowners hardly see a flyer or business card for an affordable lawn mowing service in Miami Lakes if it isn’t left at the door when we get home from work. Well, we aimed to fix that, because before we were GreenPal we were actually a local lawn mowing service ourselves!

When we were looking for clients, it was very hard to imagine where they would be. We could leave our business cards at their work places, but that was no guarantee that they would remember us by the time they got home. It was a long fight, sure, and we were able to get a steady stream of clients from our referrals, but when someone wanted to move on, finding another client was a day in and of itself.

We came up with a way that could bring both sides of the market together, much like the way Uber or Lyft pairs up drivers and riders. We figured that since lawn care is just as much a part of the service industry as Uber is, we could devise a way to bring local lawn mowers and landscapers in Miami Lakes, Fl in the same manner. If we could develop a service that did this, then both the best yard mowing services in Miami Lakes and their customers could get along fine.

So here we are, the premiere platform to schedule a lawn mowing, even if it is the next day. With our system, you will be able to schedule for a lawn mowing or yard maintenance in Miami Lakes, Fl or anywhere South of Palm Springs, pick the day, and within a few days have a few options to choose from. Once you choose the day you want your lawn mowing, we use your physical address to calculate an estimate. We let every local landscaper in Miami Lakes near you that you are in need of some yard maintenance, and they reach out to you through email on what their price is. That is the way it works!

Now, we want to let you know that we take every measure to make sure the so-called cheap lawn mowers in Miami Lakes are legit businesses, not just people with lawn mowers. We know that trick all too well, and we aim to erase any lawn care service in Miami Lakes that doesn’t uphold to standards. For that reason we have installed heavy interview processes, including equipment checks and clientele interviews, in order to establish a good relationship. We do not tolerate any sort of misconduct, and will ban any lawn mowing service in Miami Lakes, Fl who does not work to satisfaction.

All this is for your safety, after all! Once you see how easy it is to hire a reliable yard mowing service in Miami Lakes, you won’t go back to the old way of hunting down through phone books. Singing up for GreenPal takes less than five minutes, with no credit card required. The only pertaining piece of information is your physical address, all to use Google Maps to get you an estimate on a lawn mowing for your yard. This is how lawn maintenance was supposed to be handled in 2017, and w are pretty sure you will see how great it can be!

About Miami Lakes Florida

Miami Lakes is a city in Florida, United States.

Miami Lakes, Florida is one of the many suburbs of Miami. It is located in the northernmost quadrant of the city, and was a former census-designated place in the Miami-Dade County, Florida area. That title was switched to another city as the population and number of communities attached to the Miami area increased in the last Florida land boom.

The original developers owned by Ernest Graham began breaking land in 1962, but in truth they are actually still developing to this day. It was built to be a network of friendly and family neighborhoods, with smaller markets around the corner, but that dream took longer to realize than anticipated.

The primary developer behind the construction of Miami Lakes, Florida is Lester Collins, a familiar name to people interested in the development of Florida’s marshes and whatnot. The area differs greatly to the other surrounding neighborhoods, mainly because Collins chose to construct sweeping long, curving roadways sidelined by trees.

This was much different than the square grid of houses, lakes, and parks that are around Miami still to do this day. Miami Lakes incorporated shopping centers, tot-lot parks, and a few restaurants around the area, making it a community all its own.

Miami Lakes actually help inspire out the movement of New Urbanism. With today’s urbanization and constant demand for small housing like apartments, developers are trying to bring the shopping to them, instead of the other way around. Thus businesses are stationed at the bottom of the apartment complexes, within walking distance, so that the community stays in the area. There is coffee shops, yoga studios, and bistros all barely a walk to your elevator. Miami Lakes is one of the many New Urbanism communities in Florida today. As the population increases and fluctuates throughout the tourist season, however, businesses usually trade in and out in to vie for residents’ business.

Source: Wikipedia

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