Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Melbourne, FL as of Nov, 2021


Patricks Lawns Lawn Services in Melbourne, FL

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There are plenty of things in Melbourne Florida that you would probably enjoy doing more than mowing your lawn. Maybe you’d want to take your family to the Andretti Thrill Park on the southern end of the city. Perhaps you’d prefer to spend the day shopping at Melbourne Square. Whatever the case may be, you can reach us at Patricks Lawns if you need help with your grass cutting needs here in Melbourne FL.

We work out of the Magnolia Park region of Melbourne FL. We’ve been helping people around the city for years with mowing grass, removing weeds, watering spaces, and much more.

Our solutions for your lawn maintenance needs are always designed to fit your home’s demands. We know that every home is unique and needs care in specific ways. Lawns around Wickham Oaks need extra attention when being cleaned off, what with these properties having lots of trees around them. People in Monaco Estates have smaller yards and fewer landscaping features, but their lawns can change in elevation all around.

Our services at Patricks Lawns will care for the specifics that you require for your care needs. We can analyze how well the layout of your lawn changes all around. We will also review how your lawn drains and that it is taking in water well enough without potentially flooding. We will figure out how well your grass is handling the features that it needs to stay healthy and functional. Most importantly, we will see that we get the lawn cut to the right height without stripping the surface.

We’ll also help with edging the spaces around your lawn, removing weeds, and trimming bushes among other landscape features. Our lawn maintenance services will cover everything for your area, so you won’t have to spend extra time covering everything. More importantly, our team will always bring all the equipment needed for a task to your space the first time around. We won’t travel back and forth to get our stuff, thus saving you time.

Our goal is to help your lawn grow as smooth and green as possible. Your lawn will look as beautiful as one of the miniature golf holes at the Andretti park, except your yard will be completely natural and not made of turf.

You can also contact us for help if you have a commercial property that needs help. We will assist you with everything surrounding the quality of your lawn, including support for trimming any bushes outside your property. You can also ask us for help with pruning your decorative shrubs or other features around your space. We’ll even clean up after we finish, thus ensuring your business space remains as professional in appearance as possible without anything unsightly building up around the area.

You can reach us at Patricks Lawns for help with everything surrounding your property. We’ll save you the trouble of having to mow your lawn while ensuring your space is cared for well and that the area looks its best.


Bill's Complete Lawn Lawn Services in Melbourne, FL

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You need only the best possible service when you’re trying to keep your Melbourne FL yard cared for well. We at Bill’s Complete Lawn will assist you with the things that have to work when keeping your lawn looking beautiful. You’ll get the help you deserve from a talented team that has experience with yards around the entire city.

Our team at Bill’s is based out of Westover Drive, a spot not far from the Melbourne Square shopping center. We’ve covered many lawns throughout the region, including both residential and commercial spaces. We know that a small grass plot around a store at the Shoppes of West Melbourne is just as important as the lawns around the Tallwood Park or Clements Woods neighborhoods located near those shopping spots.

After all, it is through a lush and beautiful green yard that people can judge a property. People will think more kindly of those who have attractive yards that are serviced throughout the year. Any place that looks worn might be seen as unprofessional, or even a space for thieves to try and break into. But you won’t have to fear when you reach us at Bill’s Complete Lawn for help.

We at Bill’s offer a comprehensive approach for your yard and landscape maintenance needs. You can ask us for assistance with everything from mowing your lawn to trimming your bushes. We are also available for aeration and seeding services, not to mention help with removing thatch or crabgrass among other annoyances that might develop on your grass bed.

You can contact us for help regardless of the location of your property. We can travel to spaces around all parts of the region, including spots around the Indian River like Sunny Point or Loveridge Heights. You won’t have to spend extra on travel charges when you reach us for help either. We believe that everyone in the Melbourne FL area deserves an opportunity to hire a lawn mowing provider without having to drain one’s wallet.

Speaking of charges, you will always know what you have to spend for services before you contact us for help. We’ll provide you with a thorough schedule of fees for what we offer. You can decide on what you feel you need for your space before you hire us for help. You won’t spend more on services than what you require. Then again, you’ll know what you have to pay for services before you reach us for help. We want to provide you with a smart and comprehensive approach to lawn care that you are bound to love.

Contact us at Bill’s Complete Lawn today for help with making the most out of your property in Melbourne FL. We can come to your place and provide you with a free estimate to figure out what services your lawn requires and how we can help provide you with the assistance you deserve. You will love the thorough approach we will put into caring for your property every time you reach us for assistance.


Green Hornet Lawn Maintenance Lawn Services in Melbourne, FL

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Have you heard the buzz about us at Green Hornet Lawn Maintenance? The odds are you might have seen one of our vans around the Crane Creek neighborhood in Melbourne FL. We’re based out of that part of Melbourne, and we have been helping people throughout the city since 2007 with taking care of all their distinct lawn maintenance needs. You’ll love how our services will work for your property.

We provide help for homeowners around all parts of the Melbourne area. We will even come to your property while you are out at work. We’ll help you with mowing your lawn and taking care of everything else you need while you’re at your place of work, study, or worship. You could spend some time shopping at the Avenue Viera while we take care of your lawn.

We have multiple people on hand who can help you with your lawn care tasks. Some jobs might require one person, while others need two or three to come on out. The good news is that we’ll help you with your lawn even if you have a task that requires multiple projects like removing weeds, clearing out ant hills, cleaning your irrigation system, and many other things.

Best of all, you’ll save money when you reach us at Green Hornet for help. We offer affordable rates for our services, not to mention unique pricing plans for every service where you’ll only spend money on what you know you require. Besides, you should be spending your hard-earned cash at the Belk or Old Navy or Kohl’s at Avenue Viera rather than on your lawn maintenance needs. Your lawn will look as great as the fashions you could buy at one of those stores.

You can reach us for help regardless of the space in Melbourne FL that you need help with. We’ve been helping people around all corners of Melbourne for years. We have been working on surfaces around residential communities like Pineda Crossing and Live Oak for more than ten years. We also serve commercial properties like the ones around the Indian River Home area.

You can even contact us for lawn maintenance services if you live on the coast of the Indian River. We will travel to any space on Harbor City Boulevard and care of the bushes, trees, and other features around the road. We love how our services at Green Hornet can help with producing a beautiful lawn that stands out on the coastline. We’ll also keep the river clean by ensuring we don’t use dangerous pollutants near the water or cause grass clippings to spill off in the river.

You can reach us at Green Hornet for help with your grass cutting and landscape maintenance needs today. We’re available for services throughout the year. You can ask us for an on-site review of your home to help you figure out what might work for your property. We want to see you’ve got the help you deserve for your property.


Bee Green Grounds Lawn Services in Melbourne, FL

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The quality of your lawn and landscape is more important to your home in Melbourne than you might think. A beautiful yard will add to your property’s value, not to mention it will make it more appealing to potential buyers or renters. You’ll need to enhance how well your property looks before you sell it or if you want to come home from work every day to a yard that everyone in your Melbourne neighborhood will envy.

Our team at Bee Green Grounds will assist you with all the functions you require for your lawn in the area. We offer a thorough approach to lawn care that covers everything your space needs.

Bee Green works out of the Palm Gardens neighborhood. We’ve been helping people around all corners of Melbourne FL with caring for their yards for years. We understand that every lawn in the city is different and requires many things. We’ll analyze your yard and landscape and figure out what you need the most.

We offer a general lawn mowing service that you can trust. Our team will check on how your grass grows and find the best possible height for mowing grass. We will not trim any shorter than necessary because we want to keep the bed green and free of weeds, pests, and other annoyances that can spread out around the Melbourne FL area.

We also provide all the landscape services that you’d come to expect out of a lawn care team. We have a full tree service on hand to help with trimming branches and other growths that might get in the way of your home or impair the growth of your grass. Our shrub care service will also cover all the beautiful bushes and other features around your landscape. We can trim these growths and remove any weeds or other unusual things that are appealing around those spaces. More importantly, the health of your trees or shrubs will not be compromised. These trimming services are ideal in Crank Creek and other parts of the city that are filled with trees.

You can also ask us for services like removing weeds, clearing out the drain lines in your lawn, and covering any hardscapes around your yard. Our hardscape service includes identifying possible weeds and clearing them out before they can grow any further or otherwise spread around other surfaces in your yard.

We’ll come to your property regardless of its location in Melbourne too. We can even come out to some neighborhoods across from the Indian River, including the Indialantic Heights and River Colony East parts of the city. We would love to review your property and figure out what might work well for keeping your house look as beautiful as ever.

The help we will provide here at Bee Green Grounds will give you the best lawn that you could expect to have in the Melbourne FL area. Get in touch with us today if you need assistance with caring for your yard.

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Thomas Goodwin lawn maintenance in Melbourne FL
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Patricks Lawns was very helpful for my Timberline home. The team reached my space while I was out at work at the airport. The people there did well with mowing the lawn and cleaning everything up after they were finished. They sent me regular notes on what they were doing and when they finished. The communication I got from them was constructive and let me know that they were committed to ensuring my lawn looks outstanding. Seeing how long it takes for me to get to and from my workplace each day, I appreciate that there’s a team in Melbourne like Patricks that can help.

Charles Davis grass cutting in Melbourne FL
local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Melbourne-FL residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Melbourne-FL lawn-care-services-in-Melbourne-FL grass-cutting-businesses-in-Melbourne-FL local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Melbourne-FL

I asked the people at Bill’s Complete Lawn to help me with mowing my house in the Carlton Stewart Gardens area as I was busy with my job at the Melbourne Square mall during the Christmas season. My lawn is relatively fragile and keeps developing weeds. As the people at Bill’s told me, it turns out that I’ve been the one causing the weeds to grow. I’ve been mowing my lawn too short over the years. They have been helping me with a smart schedule that includes allowing the grass to grow to a specific height while using a sensible height for cutting. My lawn looks beautiful today and is weed-free now that they’re helping me with my grass cutting needs.

Anne Craig lawn mowing in Melbourne FL
cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Melbourne-FL local-lawn-care-services-in-Melbourne-FL affordable-lawn-services-in-Melbourne-FL local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Melbourne-FL cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Melbourne-FL

My home in the Rivermont Estates area has dealt with some issues with the grass bed not draining well enough. I wasn’t sure what to do, mainly since I couldn’t water my lawn like anyone else could at the time. Green Hornet helped me with reviewing my lawn and finding places that need to be drained. Their aeration service helped me out in the spring and fall, not to mention it allows the soil to become loose. I love that they helped with the seeding process too. My lawn is growing quite well thanks to them, not to mention my yard no longer floods during a storm. I’ve been having them come over every two weeks to help with mowing grass here too.

Leroy Garland yard mowing in Melbourne FL
affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Melbourne-FL lawn-maintenance-in-Melbourne-FL local-lawn-care-services-in-Melbourne-FL local-lawn-care-services-in-Melbourne-FL local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Melbourne-FL

I reached the people at Bee Green for help with mowing my lawn in the Live Oak neighborhood last month. I asked them about how well they can get the lawn cut before some people from out of town came over to visit. They did exceptionally well with trimming everything evenly while producing a mowing pattern that looks even. I didn’t see any flat or pressed surfaces around my grass bed after they were done. My visitors probably loved the work that Bee Green put in more than I did. I will contact Bee Green the next time I need help with my grass cutting needs.