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Bulldog Lawn Care Lawn Services in DeLand, FL

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My name is Jarod Kolmetz, and I operate Bulldog Lawn Care out of DeLand FL. You can find me out of Magnolia Road near the Glenwood Estate neighborhood. My services here at Bulldog are available for all homeowners around DeLand to enjoy utilizing.

I’ve been working on lawn maintenance services for people around DeLand and surrounding areas for years. I’ve been working in the area since 2012. It’s hard to believe that this whole thing started when I needed to get money to fix an old car, but today my services have become my passion.

I have been working hard around the DeLand area and have also covered many properties a little closer to the city of Orlando. I’ve also worked for some commercial properties in the area.

Today my services at Bulldog have grown to include many things surrounding the yard maintenance needs that people around the DeLand region have. I have even hired many other associates here at Bulldog to assist me with all the lawn care tasks that I have to take care of every week. The effort includes ensuring that any on-demand or urgent needs for mowing grass or taking care of other services can be managed as necessary.

You can ask me for help with everything surrounding the quality of your property. I’m available for standard grass cutting services, but there’s more to my yard care work than meets the eye. You can also reach me for help with everything from aerating your grass to trimming your bushes and shrubs. I’m available for tree work and for cleaning up any irrigation systems you have. I can also help you with removing leaves during the fall and winter seasons.

You can reach me for help with your lawn regardless of where in the DeLand area your space is located. I am available for help around all the major neighborhoods in the city. Do you have a large number of trees around your property in DeLand Heights? Do you have a large lawn in the Havenwood area? Whatever the case may be, you can reach my team for help with your yard even if the concerns you have are minimal.

You can also ask for help if you’re on a new property. These include properties around Victoria Trails Boulevard or Orchard Hill Street among other spaces that have just been established not long ago.

Don’t forget that you’re not going to have to pay me lots of money for services either. I will come to your place and help you with mowing your lawn with a price that is affordable and simple. The best part of what I offer is that my service will keep you from wasting more money than necessary on your lawn services. You’ll know what you have to spend before you agree to work with certain services of value.

Contact me at Bulldog Lawn Care today if you need help with mowing your lawn in DeLand FL. My lawn maintenance service will help you make the most out of your lawn.


Gerald Lawn Service Lawn Services in DeLand, FL

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People around all parts of DeLand FL have various needs for grass cutting services and other landscape maintenance solutions, but this can mainly be said for people around the Stetson campus. From the superior properties on Fraternity Row to the private houses at University Terrace, many people need to ensure their properties near campus look their best. That’s where my support here at Gerald Lawn Service can come in handy.

You can reach us me at Gerald Lawn Service if you need assistance with mowing grass at your property. My offices are located not too far off from the campus in the Havenwood area. I’ve helped people around the DeLand FL area for years and would love to help you out.

You can reach me, Gerald Lawn Service founder Gerald Logan, or any of my team members here at the firm for help throughout the year. We offer various useful services for your property that you can utilize for any space.

Of course, we serve more than just the people around the Stetson campus. We can go further out to the Country Club Estates or Timbers areas among others and take care of the vast lawns around those areas. We have worked well around various property spaces, including in neighborhoods where golf courses are prominent and spread out around the region. Our team can also work on high-end surfaces around Victoria Park.

The solutions we offer at Gerald Lawn Service include everything a homeowner needs for making one’s yard look outstanding. You can ask us for help with your lawn mowing needs or with aerating your space. You can also request regular seeding services if necessary.

But as great as our services are, I feel that you should never have to pay more than what you can afford for them. You don’t have to be a student at Stetson to afford the services we provide. You can ask us to come to your space and provide you with a free no-obligation analysis of your property. We’ll check on the quality of your lawn and figure out a plan for mowing that you will appreciate. We want to ensure you agree to our services for mowing without going through anything overly complicated in the process.

My favorite part of our services by far is that we’ll help you with mowing your lawn and managing your landscape and all those other things, so you don’t have to worry about doing so. I understand that you’ve got plenty of things going on in your life in DeLand. Whether it entails school, work, or travel to something else outside of DeLand, you have many things that need to be done every day. You can reach my team to get the assistance you deserve.

All of us at Gerald Lawn Service want to help you make your home in DeLand FL look outstanding. You can reach us for help any time with your lawn cutting or landscape trimming needs among other things. We would love to see what we can do for your property. Besides, you’ve got plenty of other points going on in your life that you deserve to pay attention to.


Gomez Land Service Lawn Services in DeLand, FL

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You might want your lawn to look beautiful to anyone as someone is jumping out of a plane for a skydive over DeLand FL. You would want your grass to look as green and beautiful as it should be. After all, you don’t want your space to look unattractive or dull to where your lawn would get the worst kind of attention from up above.

Fortunately, our team at Gomez Land Service is here to assist you with making your lawn look its best. We provide a thorough service that homeowners around the DeLand area will love.

Our services at Gomez are available for people around all parts of the DeLand FL area. We are based on North Garfield Avenue in the De France area of the city. Specifically, we’re a few blocks away from the Stetson campus. We can come to your space anywhere in the DeLand area to help you make your spot as beautiful as one of the many lawns you might find around the Stetson campus.

Our solutions for your lawn in the DeLand area include everything that ensures you’ll have a beautiful style to your yard throughout the year. We provide homeowners with many services dedicated to enhancing the quality of their lawns. You can ask us for assistance with basic lawn mowing needs or with general landscape services like trimming your bushes. We can work around any existing watering systems you have installed in your yard as well. You can ask us to examine how well your yard takes in water.

You can also reach us at Gomez Land Service if you have a commercial property that has a lawn that needs special treatment. We offer services for commercial spaces like those around the McPhail Industrial area that need assistance with keeping the outsides of their properties looking attractive and professional. Of course, we do take care of yards of businesses that specialize in skydiving. After all, we want to ensure that anyone who jumps over the city touches down on a green lawn.

We also provide services for sporting complexes. From the Sperling Sports Complex up north to the athletic fields of DeLand High School, we are available to care for any property that needs the lawn care assistance that it desperately needs.

Our rates for services are also very affordable. You’ll appreciate how well we can help you with your services the first time around. The fact that we won’t waste time with your lawn ensures we can keep our expenses down, thus providing you with a lower cost all around. We love helping people get the yard maintenance services they need without forcing them to spend too much on those services.

Contact us at Gomez Land Service if you need help with getting your lawn cared for in the DeLand FL area. We want to see that you’ve got a lawn that you will love to show off. Anything that is easy to spot from up in the sky helps too.


Clements Lawn Care Lawn Services in DeLand, FL

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Some properties in DeLand FL are much larger than others, as you might notice in the Blue Lake Hills area. You can find many areas that feature sprawling trees and landscapes all around, not to mention plenty of curves around their lawns.

But some places in the city are cramped up a little closer to one another. You can notice this in the Stetson Gardens area, where the lawns are smaller, and the trees are bunched up real tight.

What does all of this have to do with getting the lawn cut where you are? The fact is that every property in DeLand FL is unique and will require clear solutions for ensuring a yard looks outstanding. But you don’t have to stress for far too long. You can reach us at Clements Lawn Care for when you need help with mowing grass or anything else surrounding your property.

We can help you with any yard you have in the DeLand area. It does not matter where your lawn is spread out quite a bit, or the place is a little older. We have the solutions that your property needs here at Clements surrounding the quality of your lawn and how well the yard is laid out.

Our team at Clements Lawn Care understands that many property types have specific needs. Our team is on Lee Street near the Sunshine mobile park. We’ve seen plenty of unique lawns and spaces that require extra help for treatment, including some of these yards around those mobile parks. But whether you’ve got a mobile property in Alma Heights or a fancy space in Beverly Villas, we will help you with caring for your lawn. You’ll love the affordable prices that we charge for our services too.

We do more than help you get the lawn cut. You can also reach us for landscape services that cover everything from the trees around your property to any shrubs lining your driveway.

You can also ask us to help you with keeping pests around your property from spreading. Pests like ants and grubs can get around your property and kill off the healthy grass bits around your space. But you don’t have to worry too much about those pests when you reach us. We at Clements will clear out the pests from your property and also restore the grass bits around your property. We’ll see that your property is cared for right and with care. Most importantly, we will review the quality of your lawn to figure out how well the space looks and that you have a setup for your lawn that is outstanding and provides your yard with the style you deserve.

You can reach us at Clements Lawn Care for help with your lawn maintenance needs today. We want to see that your lawn is covered well and that you have the best appearance in your neighborhood regardless of how sprawling or cramped your space in DeLand may be.

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David Paul grass cutting in DeLand FL
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Bulldog Lawn Care was very prompt in coming to my property and helping me with my yard maintenance needs. My home in the Plymouth place neighborhood is right near the DeLand High School campus that I work at. I wanted someone to come to my property to care for the space while I was out for the day. The team did well with cleaning up after they were finished. They also trimmed the tough spaces near my walkways quite well. The best part is that my lawn looks as fresh and green as the yards around the campus that I teach at.

Francis Harmon lawn mowing service in DeLand FL
local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-DeLand-FL local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-DeLand-FL cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-DeLand-FL lawn-care-services-in-DeLand-FL local-lawn-care-services-in-DeLand-FL

I asked Gerald Lawn Service to come to my property in the Saddlebrook corner of DeLand recently. My lawn was newly planted, and I wanted to ensure the grass would stay looking attractive. More importantly, I needed something that could drain well, what with my lawn being next to a community pond. Gerald and his team analyzed how well my grass can take in water. They found a few opportunities for loosening the soil to allow water to move through so my space would not flood. They also seeded some trouble spots so my lawn would look fresh. Their regular lawn mowing service has been helping me every month as well.

Franklin Berry lawn service in DeLand FL
grass-cutting-businesses-in-DeLand-FL local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-DeLand-FL local-lawn-care-services-in-DeLand-FL residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-DeLand-FL the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-DeLand-FL

My home in the Woodbine neighborhood features lots of trees all around the place. These include trees that often get in the way of my solar panels. But the team at Gomez Land Service did well with trimming my trees recently and was prompt and thorough in cleaning off my lawn after they finished. The trees look beautiful and aren’t tilting to the side anymore. My solar panels are also working once again thanks to how well the design works. I was particularly happy with how thorough the people at Gomez were with ensuring every corner of my yard would be cleaned off.

Mary Williams lawn care service in DeLand FL
local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-DeLand-FL affordable-lawn-services-in-DeLand-FL lawn-maintenance-in-DeLand-FL local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-DeLand-FL local-lawn-care-services-in-DeLand-FL

I asked the team at Clements to help me with mowing my lawn in the Country Club Estates section of DeLand. The team was very prompt in coming to my home and helping me with mowing my space. They were exceptionally thorough and friendly in what they were doing. The best part of their services is that they were courteous and let me know about the efforts they were putting in for making my yard look its best. I appreciate the hard work that they provided for helping me to produce a beautiful lawn that stands out well and adds a nice style.