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lawn-maintenance-services-in-jacksonville-beach-FL greenpal-lawn-care-services-in-jacksonville-beach-FL-yard-cutting-service-in-jacksonville-beach-Florida

Needing your Lawn Cut?

Get Competitive pricing without the hassle
Book lawn mowing by a pro in Jacksonville Beach
Order lawn mowing now without calling around

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Jacksonville Beach, FL as of Jun, 2024


Southside Lawn Care in Jacksonville Beach, FL

Hired 17 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.29 Reviews)

We as a yard maintenance company believe that most anyone can be a landscaper and “cut grass”. A few Youtube videos and a cheap lawn mower will you get you a cheap lawn cut, and if you’re happy with that that’s fine. But if you want a professional landscaper to do the job, you may have to settle for a big price. Even if I am a professional landscaper, I’m not going to take $100 a lawn mowing as a justifiable price. I believe yard maintenance is a humble, rewarding job, one that should be available to everyone. That’s why my lawn mowing prices are what you see on GreenPal. I’m not hand cutting your grass with a pair of silver scissors, but I’m taking the time to edge the sidewalks and keep the root system intact.

I’d be happy to give you a one-time lawn mowing, but you should really consider finding someone you trust to come back every week or two weeks to cut your lawn. That way, the lawn maintenance company can learn how you like your lawn cut, learn the foundation of your yard, and do the job quicker and better each time. In the long run, I’d like to build your trust. I would like to develop a steady relationship, not just once and done. I would expect someone to do the same quality of work to my house as they would their own, "if not better" that I'd hire. That's what I've built my company off of "Quality customer service". Lately, my affordable lawn mowing has taken me away from the coast, around San Pablo Elementary school and Fletcher Middle School, but I don’t mind making a drive to the coast, at least then I can cool off in the ocean after a good day’s work! I aim to cut grass on the weekdays before 5 p.m., but if you have a special case where the only time you have available for a lawn mowing is on the weekends, let’s talk. I love being outdoors, and as weird as it sounds, I was cutting grass and doing lawn maintenance all my life with my dad. The fact that I get to mow grass for a living now it a sweet deal.

Also , if you need lawn maintenance services in Jacksonville FL nearby me we service several landscaping customers there and also local yard maintenance services in Lakeside FL.


904 Lawn Care in Jacksonville Beach, FL

Hired 87 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.64 Reviews)

Are you looking for a dedicated, reliable lawn mowing company for your vacation home? Nothing too crazy like landscaping or flower gardening, but just a good quality, cheap lawn mowing to keep your vacation home presentable? Then I’m your guy. I’ve been in yard maintenance for almost a decade now, taking care of folks’ lawns when they’re away or just want a quality lawn mowing in the summer.

Most of my lawn maintenance clients have been with me for over two years, scheduling weekly lawn mowing in the summer. This Florida climate is no joke, and sometimes the grass grows so thick in a week I have to double cut it. That’s not a problem though, I won’t charge you double just to get the job right. You pay me for a quality lawn mowing, a finished product, and I don’t see a double cut as more work, it just takes a little longer to get the job right. The yard maintenance price you see on GreenPal is my basic fee, a straightforward lawn mowing. But included in that is a sweep up of all the grass clippings, edging, and a checklist of anything in your yard that I see could use a little more maintenance, like the palm trees for example. Once we get started from there, I can quote you for any type of yard maintenance you could want, anything that would make your home look beautiful. I’ve been lawn mowing a lot of residential homes lately, and most of my time is spent by St. Paul’s By the Sea Episcopal. If you live in that area, great! Keep an eye out for my work truck, chances are I’ll be coming through your neighborhood at some point in the day. I’d be glad to help you with your lawn care needs, I know it can be stressful trusting your yard to a stranger, but I think my reviews on GreenPal will tell you I am a reliable lawn maintenance company.

Also , if you are looking for landscape maintenance services in Ponte Vedra FL we do yard maintenance services there as well as yard maintenance services with no contracts in Jacksonville FL.


Captain JAX Lawn Care Services in Jacksonville Beach, FL

Hired 88 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.79 Reviews)

I'm going to be one of the highest in landscape maintenance companies you can hire in Jacksonville Beach. I specialize in pristine and perfect landscape maintenance work, yard maintenance, and gardening services. If you're looking for the best lawn care service then you’ve found your guy. To manage your expectations, however, I cannot say I am the cheapest lawn care service that you can hire in Jacksonville Beach. I'm going to be a little more expensive than the other prices you get for grass cutting on GreenPal or anywhere else for that matter. When it comes the lawn maintenance you really do get what you pay for and if all you were looking for is a grass cutting service to knock your weeds down and cut your lawn, please do not hire me because I will not be a good fit for what your expectations are for your yard maintenance services this year.

If you dream about your lawn looking like something in Better Homes and Gardens then please consider my lawn maintenance services. I aim to make lawns look good. When you get my price on GreenPal keep in mind that is going to be for your basic weekly lawn mowing, nothing more and nothing less. If you want to add on additional yard maintenance services such as landscape bed maintenance, shrub pruning, seeding your turf, leaf removal, or winter yard maintenance services all of that can certainly be added on no problem to your GreenPal account and I will furnish you pricing for all that additional yard work after I get done taking a look at your yard on the first mowing. That’s the foundation of a good landscaper, I think, and if a reliable landscaping company can cut the grass well, then chances are they can do almost anything for a yard. I'm currently seeking new lawn mowing clients south of Jarboe Park, so if you leave close to the coast or more inland then please consider me for your lawn care needs. I really appreciate the opportunity to work with you this year. I look forward to working with you and beautify your yard and gardens one week at a time.

Also , if you are not near Jacksonville Beach, FL we also do affordbale yard cutting services in Atlantic Beach FL also our landscaping business provides local grass cutting services near Jacksonville FL.


The Lawn Cuttery Lawn Services in Jacksonville Beach, FL

Hired 38 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.39 Reviews)

Hello! Thanks for stopping and reading about my lawn maintenance company in Jacksonville Beach! I'm a reliable landscape maintenance professional currently taking on new lawn maintenance clients in the Jacksonville Beach area, so that means that you can hire me for as much lawn mowing service or little landscape maintenance as you like. I have a handful of lawn maintenance clients on the coast, right by the Four Points hotel and resort, and a few yard mowing customers closer to Duncan U. Fletcher High School. You can see why I’d like to find more clients between those two locations, it’d be a lot more fun to mow lawns all the way up to the school!

My main focus is mowing lawns, especially for vacation homes and residences, but I would love to talk to you about all your yard maintenance questions. Need a palm tree removed or installed? Maybe you want to resod your lawn before the season, or want a mid season fertilization? The biggest thing you’ll find with my landscaping company is that we take the time to figure out what you want. Lawn maintenance isn’t a product, it’s a service, and every person is different. The lawn mowing we did for one customer may not be right for you, and vice versa. That’s why, when you ask for a quote on GreenPal, we take the time to look over your lawn and find the price that’s right for your lawn. I’d hate to quote a lawn mowing price for a lawn that’s twice as big as yours! GreenPal makes it easy to get in touch, so either request my services or send me a message to tell me what it is you want. I am really looking to pick up more yard maintenance customers so I would really appreciate you considering my lawn maintenance price when you get it on your GreenPal account.

If you dont live in Jacksonville Beach , FL we also do local lawn maintenance in Lakeside nearby and we also proudly provide cheap yard cutting services near in Ponte Vedra FL.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 4 reviews)
Larry Shelton Grass Cutting in Jacksonville Beach FL
“Thank God I found GreenPal when I did. I was so used to paying a lot of money for a high-end landscaping company that talked a big game about their lawn care services. I own properties all around Oceanfront Park and Gonzalez Park, and this “best yard maintenance company” in Jacksonville Beach was sucking me dry for every lawn mowing and landscaping job they did. When I found GreenPal, I was blown away with how cheap landscaping companies were. And that’s not even say they did a cheap job, just that the price they were asking for were way more reasonable than the yard maintenance company I had before. And, sometimes I wasn’t sure if the other lawn mowers showed up on the day I scheduled them to cut my grass. GreenPal makes sure the lawn mowers go on the day they said they would, and I’m grateful for that. I don’t know how much money I would have lost paying for these other lawn care services.”
Nicholas Livingston Lawn Mow in Jacksonville Beach FL
“I saw that some of my neighbors around Seabreeze Elementary School were happy with the reliable landscapers they found on GreenPal, so I decided to give it a shot. I usually cut my own grass, I thought it was cheaper. But the time it was taking for me to check my lawn mower blades, fuel up the mower, cut the grass, and clean the clippings, I wasn’t so sure. I would watch the yard maintenance companies breeze through lawns like nothing, so I asked them how I could hire them. They told me GreenPal, just like my neighbors said, so I signed up and had a few lawn care services give me a quote on my hard within a day. They do some high quality lawn mowing, way better than I ever could. What’s great is I asked the landscaper if he could trim my palm trees, and he went ahead and did it the first time free of charge! I pay him for it now, but it was just the friendly gesture of trusting that I’d like his lawn care business in the future.”
Paul Rothman Grass Cut in Jacksonville Beach FL
“If there’s one thing I hate, it’s when people know when they can pull a fast one. I had a vacation home in Jacksonville Beach, right by Huguenot Park, and would pay this landscaper to come by the house every few weeks to mow the lawn. I asked him to take a picture of the lawn mowing when he was done, and he would. I feel stupid for saying this, but he only went to mow the lawn the first time and took different photos, I was paying him $60 to just send me a new picture of the same fresh cut lawn! I found out because a neighbor emailed me asking to take care of my yard, and I told him I do, we get the grass cut every two weeks. He sent me a picture of what my lawn actually looked like, it was a forest! I never used that “landscaper” again, and made it my mission to find a way to make sure my yard was getting maintained. GreenPal was the website just for that, and I haven’t had problems with my lawn care since then.”
Diane Davis Grass Cut in Jacksonville Beach FL
“I rent out my home in Jacksonville Beach all days of the year, and it is nice having GreenPal’s easy scheduling system when I need some yard maintenance done. I was a very do-it-yourself person in the past, and when I lived closer to Jacksonville Beach I would make a weekly trip to cut the grass myself. All that would do was spend my own gas and time on a lawn I hardly got to enjoy. Since I moved closer to the Isle of Palms Park JAX, I hired a few reliable landscaping companies off GreenPal and haven’t looked back. Their costs were exactly how much I was spending going over to mow the lawn myself, only now it’s even better because they are trained lawn mowing professionals. I’m happy that I was able to try out a few landscaping companies before committing to one, it really put my mind at ease knowing I can just move on to the next lawn care service if one decides to drop the quality down a few months from now.”

lawn-maintenance-in-jacksonville-beach-Fl-lawn-service-in-Cool-Valley Welcome to GreenPal in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. We are the top lawn maintenance website to connect you with lawn maintenance professionals in your area. Whether you need one lawn mowing or need to book a dedicated maintenance team for your landscape, you can find them here. GreenPal is in most U.S. cities, and works hard to bring communities in touch with their local landscaping companies. We do the hard work of interviewing lawn care services, and by the time you sign up for GreenPal, you will already have plenty of options for your lawn work. One of the great things about GreenPal is that it works perfectly for resort cities like Jacksonville Beach. Even without physically being at your home, you can schedule lawn maintenance services from your computer anywhere in the world. You can rest assured that the best yard maintenance companies are on GreenPal, because we have a special process before any independent lawn mower or landscaping company can register on GreenPal. Each company that applies to GreenPal goes through an interview process, followed by an equipment inspection. We’ve found that in the past, most of the companies reporting problems rent equipment out, but lawn care companies that received higher reviews owned and maintained their lawn equipment. From here, each company that signs up for GreenPal goes through a tryout. We talk with other GreenPal users who have contracted them in the past, look over the other lawns they’ve done in Jacksonville, and how reliable a lawn care company they really are. Are they on time? Do they schedule weekly lawn mowing? What other services like shrub and tree pruning, hedge trimming, and fall leaf clean up do they offer? If their lawn maintenance passes these tests, then they can start bidding for your work on GreenPal. Yes, we did say bid. Lawn care services in Jacksonville that sign up on GreenPal give you a quote on the job you need, not the other way around. Sometimes, a lawn care company will offer a blanket service price, say a shrub pruning and a lawn cut, but if you don’t have shrubs to prune, too bad, it’s still included. We see lawn care differently, so we reversed the roles. On GreenPal, if a lawn care company wants your business, they’re going to bid for a job that fits the bill, nothing more nothing less.

This is the specific GreenPal site for Jacksonville Beach, Florida, but if you’re looking for a yard maintenance company in a neighborhood close by, like Lakeside or Neptune beach, then you can find the specific neighborhood sites listed here: GreenPal Lakeside GreenPal Ponte Verda GreenPal Jacksonville GreenPal Atlanta Beach GreenPal’s services don’t stop at lawn mowing, either. Many yard maintenance companies in Jacksonville are skilled in all kinds of lawn care services, from customized hedging to gardening. There’s no shortage of lawn care professionals in your area, we can assure you of that. Even if you want a full-scale, yard beautification and garden installation, there’s bound to be someone on GreenPal that is the right fit. No matter how inventive you want your yard, you can always be sure the companies we put on GreenPal are qualified to do a good job. Lawn care is a summer occasion, and a few weeks without a lawn mowing can let the grass grow tall. With GreenPal’s scheduling, you can set up routine lawn mowing as often as you’d like. Payment even goes through GreenPal, so you never have to worry about finding a point in your day to pay the maintenance man. GreenPal is free to sign up and free to post a lawn maintenance job, the only thing you will pay for is the lawn care company you decide to hire. We at GreenPal just want to connect you with your community yard maintenance professionals in Jacksonville Beach. Also if wanting to hire a local cheap lawn care services in Lakeside, Fl or searching online for a nearby grass cutting service in Ponte Vedra Fl GreenPal can help you find local Jacksonville Metro area landscape maintenance contractor there as well.

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About Jacksonville Beach Florida

Jacksonville Beach is a city in Florida, United States.

Before Jacksonville Beach had its name, it was incorporated into Florida in 1907 as Pablo Beach, changing its name to Jacksonville Beach in 1925. It is a part of the “Jacksonville Beaches” that make up the coastal area, including nearby Neptune Beach, Atlantic Beach, and Ponte Vedra. Even though the resort city was absorbed by Duval County in 1968, the city asked to keep their municipal governments.

Jacksonville Beach began as a Spanish Settlement, but once it was seized by the United States, developers saw the potential in the area to be a resort and entertainment beach. There have been hotels as early as the 1880s and an experiment in an amusement park in the early 20th century, with a bowling alley, dance floor, and skating rinks.

The amusement park closed down, however, after the roller coaster was deemed unsafe due to the quick deterioration from the seawater. Adventure Landing, the area’s only surviving amusement park, still remains as a popular tourist attraction in Jacksonville Beach. Of the three Jacksonville Beaches, Jacksonville Beach is the largest, covering roughly 22 square miles. Of those 22 square miles though, only 7.3 are land, the rest is water.

As of the census, 20,990 people call Jacksonville Beach their home. There are 9,715 households and 5,207 families living in the city year round. The city is predominately white, with 90.94% White Americans, 4.82% African Americans, and 1.51% from Native Americans and other races. The biggest threat to Jacksonville Beach is the constant danger of hurricanes. Usually, the city sees a mandatory evacuation every few years. Source: Wikipedia Jacksonville Beach, Fl

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