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Palmer Bros Lawn Lawn Services in Miramar, FL

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Friends of Miramar, Florida! Welcome to my GreenPal profile, this has been a long time coming. I have been in the yard maintenance service in Miramar, Florida for coming on five years now, and we are excited to begin branching out and taking on more lawns. We do mostly general lawn maintenance in Miramar, mostly routine lawn mowing, leaf blowing, weeding and all that, and we do it fast and efficient. My entire team has experience mowing lawns or taking care of yards for at least three years now, I can assure you that we have the top guys that can take on your lawn.

We service all throughout Miramar and Fort Lauderdale, but lately we have been spending a lot of time in West Miramar right up by the Wildlife area. The neighborhoods around Sunset Lake have been especially good to us. The grass grows so thick in that area that we are constantly knocking it down so people won’t trip!

Rest assured my friends, we are mean and clean when it comes to our green. Grass, that is. Unlike other lawn care companies in Miramar, Florida, we take steps both teaching our guys and practicing lawn cutting methods to ensure a good cut every time. For starters (and this tip is for free to all you do-it-yourselfers out there) we do what’s called a half pass, where we go over a lawn straight through a few feet and mow backward before going on. Think of it like hair, when you shave you can’t get all the hairs in one go, you just can’t. You got to go back at it the other way to get it all. That’s what we do with every lawn we service. It makes a difference, believe it or not, and you will be able to tell right away if you have been cheated out of a good lawn mowing.

We will get in contact as soon as you schedule a lawn mowing. Unless your request is within a day or two, we will be able to get to your lawn the day you request. We set our schedule once every week or so, depending on the speed of things, but getting a regularly scheduled lawn mowing (as you should, by the way!) ensures we can get to you every time! We look forward to meeting with you, and I hope you are ready to see some real lawn mowing in Miramar, Florida!

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PPP Lawn Care Lawn Services in Miramar, FL

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When you need an experienced, professional lawn mower in Miramar, I want you to consider two things: what makes that lawn care company experienced, and what makes him professional? Well, let me explain it to you, using all the business practices we employ.

First off, as for myself, I have been mowing lawns for years. We are talking, being pulled out of bed on Saturdays by my parents long. The first thing you learn when you start out cutting lawns is that anyone can do it (so why did it have to be me and not my sister?). You learn that, and then you learn everyone who can cut a lawn can do it badly. poorly. I’m talking being pulled out of bed a second time when you are napping to do it all over again, but this time at three in the afternoon during a Florida summer.

So what am I trying to say? Well, you can hire a cheap lawn mower in Miramar, Florida who will come out with a mower and “mow the lawn.” You will get your money’s worth, but I’m betting it will look like a blind barber went over it instead of the nice clean cut you really wanted. But if you want someone who will do the job right (if only because he learned how NOT to do it for so many years) then we are your guys. I want to make sure every lawn mowing you get from us is the best one you have had to date, even if the last one was with us.

The second business practice we employ is constant care of our equipment. My father always told me that the tools are only as great as the man, and for some trades I believe that. However, with something like lawn care service in Miramar, Fl, I think it is the other way around. It does not matter how good of a man you are, if your lawn mower sucks the job is going to suck. If it isn’t the final result, it will be the process. That’s why each of our lawn mowers is cared for and sharpened week to week. If I am going to invest good money in great equipment, then the least we can do is make sure they are in working condition for the years to come.

We’ve done a few lawns out near Bellagio at Vizcaya, but to be honest we have been scattered around the city pretty well. The best bet to see our work is the pictures we take on our profile. At least there you can see what a freshly cut lawn looks like. We even feature the bushes we hedge and all that, so take a look, and when the time comes for a good lawn mowing keep us in mind!

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Alimayu Lawn Care Lawn Services in Miramar, FL

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We are your friendly neighborhood lawn mowing service in Miramar, Florida. Our job is to make your yard look good, to make you feel good about your home, and to make it look like it was cut and manicured by professionals. That last part is the easiest because we are professionals!

We provide all sorts of lawn care services to all parts of the city. It only takes a request from us to tell you what we can do for you. What you need to ask yourself, though, is what troubles you about your yard? Is it the funky chunks of grass growing all over your yawn? Do you have dead spots, or maybe an uncontrolled row of bushes?

Even if you think it is outlandish, ask us anyway. We are landscapers through and through, and there isn’t a service we can’t provide. Actually, there is one, but it is so outlandish we couldn’t believe someone thought to ask. Once, a lady asked us to cut her hedges into ducks. No one on the team could figure that one out, so we had to let that job go to someone else.

Currently, the best area we can tell you that we have been working on is a few blocks over from Silver Lakes Elementary. We spend a good part of the week in that area, some days mowing as much as six lawns. Shoot us a message when you want your lawn taken care of, and God bless you all!


Angler Lawn & Landscaping Lawn Services in Miramar, FL

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Let me ask you this question: have you ever asked your lawn mower or gardener or whatever a question about your yard, and they don’t exactly give you a straight answer? Isn’t that weird, that a guy you hired to take care of your lawn won’t even show you how to take care of it?

As a reliable landscaping service in Miramar, Fl for over six years, I think that is ridiculous. I see it as my duty to instruct my clients on how to take care of their lawn properly. Just because they are curious about it doesn’t mean you are trying to take my work from me, if that were true you all would be learning how to do it right off YouTube!

I get you all are busy, that’s why you need fellows like me, and I appreciate that. That’s why I love taking care of lawns, to be honest. I love the idea that I get to help people build a more beautiful home, even if it is just a few plants and grass. Even better, I spend a good portion of my day talking to myself behind a lawn mower, so if you even think to ask me something about how I do my job I would never turn you away! In fact, you will probably wish you never asked, if only because I don’t know how to stop talking!

I am looking for new clients this season, to increase my number of weekly lawn mowing. I have a great list of clients as it is, but I would be happy to service new families coming into the city. If any of you live out the Ansin Sports Complex, lucky you, because I work around that area quite often. I’ll head out to anyone in Miramar and Fort Lauderdale, to be precise, but my yard maintenance company in Miramar is based right there at the complex. Can’t wait to meet you!

Our dedication is to Miramar, but GreenPal’s platform is here to help you find great lawn care in neighboring cities like HialeahWeston, and Davie.

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Mark Thomas grass cut in Miramar FL
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I would imagine that the success of GreenPal really lies in how many lawn care companies in Miramar they can get. That was my biggest reservation going in, that I would really only get two or three quotes from landscaping companies in Miramar that were on the website. That was far from the truth, though. There were tons of options to choose from, and I got a total of six different quotes from cheap lawn mowing services in Miramar. I even found one lawn mower that happened to be right around New Renaissance Middle School, right in my neighborhood. Miramar is a pretty small city as it is, and I wasn’t sure I would find a good deal on lawn mowing, but so far I have been pretty successful. I’ve hired two guys so far, and they both were great. Totally respectable, did a great job. I would definitely hire them again, probably will too in a few days.

Wanda Limon lawn mow in Miramar FL
local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Miramar-FL local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Miramar-FL the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Miramar-FL grass-cutting-businesses-in-Miramar-FL local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Miramar-FL

Several people have told me about GreenPal already and how good it has been for their businesses, but I just use it for my home. Apparently a lot of the condo and apartment complexes use GreenPal on the regularly, but I wasn’t sure how good it would be for using it as a home. I barely need lawn care, but when I do it is because I need it bad. I’m gone from home a lot of the time, so when I get back to my house I am always shocked at how fast the grass and bushes get out of control. So I started hiring on GreenPal for whenever I’m out of business, and it’s been great since day one. I hired a local lawn mower in Miramar, explained that I travel a lot, and we set up a weekly trim right then and there. It’s not necessary, but it is nice to roll by the Sorrento Apartments always looking so nice and then coming home to find a beautiful job done on my lawn as well. I would definitely recommend GreenPal to anyone looking for someone to mow their lawn.

David Thompson lawn cut in Miramar FL
lawn-maintenance-in-Miramar-FL lawn-maintenance-in-Miramar-FL local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Miramar-FL lawn-maintenance-in-Miramar-FL local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Miramar-FL

GreenPal happened to come at a good time in my life, because I have been getting screwed by cheap landscaping companies in Miramar lately. The first time I hired out, we agreed over the phone that the cost would be no more than $60. Fair enough, at least so I thought. When the lawn mower came out to the yard, he went ahead and started mowing without saying much to me, said he would knock on the door later when he was finished. A little weird, but I just figured the man didn’t like to talk much, so I let him be. When he was finished he charged me an extra $30 because the grass was longer than expected! I told this story to the guy I hired off of GreenPal, said it was a common scheme some people do in the city. It works apparently. The guy I hired on GreenPal was much more respectable and courteous, he even showed me what I needed to be doing to have better grass. If you live anywhere near Coconut Palm Elementary School, look for a fellow named Mando, he is as honest as they come!

Dolores Nitta lawn maintenance in Miramar FL
affordable-lawn-services-in-Miramar-FL residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Miramar-FL residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Miramar-FL local-lawn-care-services-in-Miramar-FL grass-cutting-businesses-in-Miramar-FL

I’m very picky about my yard. I only want it to look nice because we have family and friends over almost every Sunday. I mean, why would I spend so much money on a nice house if I didn’t want the backyard to look nice? If I didn’t, I would have just gotten an apartment. I was able to take care of it myself for a while, but the wife put in so much trees and nice plants that I couldn’t do much more than cut the grass. We found a landscaping maintenance company in Miramar, Fl that has been taking care of our yard ever since, and does a great job. He does a lot of work on the neighborhoods around Vizcaya Park, and it’s just nice to have some human decency that he calls up asking if I want him to stop by to check on everything. It really is the little things, you know? And I’m sure there are a lot of other great landscaping companies in Miramar on GreenPal, I hope you find one, because it makes life so much easier.