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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Key West, FL as of Sep, 2019

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Michael's Lawn Care Lawn Services in Key West, FL

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Michael’s Lawn Care began as a company that focuses on mowing grass, but there is much more to what Michael and his team have to offer than what you might expect. The team at Michael’s Lawn Care will ensure every aspect of your lawn is cared for right the first time around. We want your property to look as beautiful as anything else you might find in the Key West FL area. With the Key West area looking as beautiful as it is, you might need someone to help you with making your lawn look as attractive as everything else you’ll see in the area. Our team is here to help you out through with what you might require.

We at Michael’s Lawn Care have seen many lawns around the Key West area over the years. We know that many things have to work when aiming to make the most out of your property. For instance, lawns around Dunlap Drive require plenty of mowing, what with the surfaces being a little larger. The trees around the properties in the area also need regular maintenance to ensure they don’t lean in any direction.

Our comprehensive services will ensure your lawn is cared for all the way through. We will help you with basic lawn mowing services at the start. Our lawn maintenance team will measure your lawn, identify how it responds to water, and then cut the surface down to the proper height. The precise nature of what we do here at Michael’s Lawn Care makes it a service you will appreciate.

You can also reach us if you’ve got a rental property in the Key West area that you need help with maintaining. A rental property can make more money for you if the land looks beautiful. We can provide you with updates through text messages where we’ll let you see for yourself how well your property looks. We can particularly help people with rental properties around Whitehead Street, Thomas Street, and many of the other historic streets in the city.

We aren’t going to charge you as much for services as you might expect either. We’re available for all your yard care needs when you reach us for help. We will analyze everything on your lawn and find a no-obligation estimate for services. You will see that it is not as difficult for you to afford services from us as you might think. More importantly, we will work our hardest to give you the results you deserve for your yard. The hard work we provide will ensure you’ve got the lawn of your dreams.

You can ask us at Michael’s Lawn Care for help with anything you need assistance with surrounding your lawn care demands. We’re available to help people around all corners of Key West FL with their lawn needs. After all, we know that a beautiful lawn can produce an attractive space that is unlike anything else you might find in your local area. Our job is to provide you with a lawn you will love.

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Dig Property Maintenance Lawn Services in Key West, FL

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What type of property do you have in Key West FL? Do you have a simple home in the middle part of the city? Maybe you operate a big hotel off of South Roosevelt Boulevard that requires extra maintenance support so the space will keep on welcoming visitors and tourists. You could also have a rental property close to Higgs Beach that needs special maintenance support. The grass at your space needs to look beautiful while being cared for so the area will look attractive and brilliant for anyone to visit or utilize.

You can reach us at DIG Property Maintenance no matter what property you have in Key West. We provide a thorough approach to lawn care that ensures every yard in the city looks beautiful. Homeowners and businesses have utilized the services we offer here at DIG around the Key West FL area for years. We want you to be our newest client.

Our services work with many steps that work regardless of the building that needs help. We focus on thoroughly analyzing every garden bed we work on to ensure the lawn will look comfortable and will not be at risk of developing weeds or pests. Our team will also get the yard cut with the best mowers around, particularly models that we maintain and clean off before every new task. We can clean up the grass clippings after we are finished too, although you could ask us to gather them for your later needs if you’re more interested in that point.

We at DIG serve properties of all types with help for on-demand services. Do you have a rental property that needs to be cut soon before someone arrives? Is your hotel being renovated and you need to ensure the lawns around your property remain clean and beautiful? You can reach us for help right away. We’ll provide a prompt response and ensure you’ll have the support you need at your space no matter how intensive, or specific the work might be.

The best part of our work is that you can reach us throughout the year no matter when you need help or what you require assistance with. It is clear that lawns around Key West can wear out from all the heat in the area. Have you noticed what the athletic fields at Key West High School look like, for instance? But the good news is that you can reach us at DIG to help you with the care needs that you might have where you are.

You will need nothing but the best when it comes to caring for your lawn in Key West FL. You can reach us at DIG Property Maintenance online or by phone to schedule a time when we can come to your property. We will see that you’ve got the best services around for when you need help with making the most out of your lawn and how well the land may feel.

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C&J Lawn Care Lawn Services in Key West, FL

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Some places around Key West FL can afford to hire the best lawn care services. The people who operate Fort Zachary Taylor can afford the expenses associated with keeping one of the most beautiful spaces in the city clean and green. Meanwhile, the Ernest Hemingway House has plenty of people on hand to help with maintaining the lawns so the place will look beautiful and the cats will have good places to lie around on.

You might not have as much money as what those places have. You may be worried about how much it would cost for you to find someone to help with your grass cutting needs in Key West. There’s also that possible concern you have about whether or not you can afford to pay a group based on the travel that someone might have to handle.

But there’s good news for you to check out. You don’t have to spend all that money on lawn care services when you reach us at C&J Lawn Care for help.

We’ll provide you with a free estimate for services regardless of what’s at your property. We will come to your space, measure your lawn, and analyze other qualities surrounding your yard. Our team will identify various opportunities for improving your lawn while looking you know about what it will cost for services. We’ll tell you about what you will spend for services before you agree to anything. You won’t have to worry about hidden fees either, let alone added travel fees.

Speaking of travel, we’ll ensure that our equipment is ready for your task when we reach your property. We won’t travel back and forth to get the things needed for your lawn maintenance task. We can even provide you with the services you need on the same day that you ask for help. We would love to offer a thorough approach for caring for your lawn.

You cannot forget about the landscape services we offer at C&J either. Our team will check on the trees and bushes at your property among other features. Our landscape maintenance team will review these spaces and provide a thorough approach to trimming the area. Our work ensures that you’ll have a solution that fits your property and adds a right touch. We can also take care of troubling weeds that might pop up at your property from left to right.

We will help you with removing any pests from your lawn too. We have experience with removing ant hills and grub infestations. Our controlled approach ensures that these annoyances will be cleaned out from your Key West lawn without risking anything spreading around to other spaces in your area.

Talk with us at C&J Lawn Care if you’ve got a lawn in Key West FL that needs care. You’re not going to pay anywhere near as much for lawn maintenance services as you might expect if you reach us for assistance with your lawn.

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North Woods Property Lawn Services in Key West, FL

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Key West FL is a favorite city for rental properties. You’ll find plenty of these properties scattered around Staples Avenue, Harris Avenue, and other busy residential spaces around the city. Perhaps you have a home out here that you want to rent out to people. But you’ve got to look at how the land will be maintained.

The lawn care effort may be the toughest part of all. You might be too far away from your property on Flagler Avenue or elsewhere. It would be impossible for you to reach your Key West FL property so you can maintain the lawn on your own. But the good news is that you can contact us at NorthWoods Property if you need assistance with managing your greens.

We at NorthWoods specialize in various properties, but rental homes are among the best ones we can work for. We’ve been helping people who own rental properties in Key West with getting their lawns cared for right. The best yard maintenance service is needed to ensure a lawn will look stunning.

We can come to your property when you contact us to come out there. You don’t have to be at your home to have us come over. Let us know by phone or online when you need a lawn mowing expert out to your house. After that, we will provide you with regular reports on what we’re doing.

We can send regular messages by email or text about what we are doing for your lawn. You will know about when our grass cutting team arrives and leaves, not to mention the specific services we are working with while at your house. We will give you full information on everything that is happening so you’ll know what to expect out of the work we put in.

You can even ask for pictures online to confirm what we are doing. Of course, we would do that to ensure you’ve got the best looking rental property in the area.

We know that your rental space is critical to your bottom line. A clean place will be more attractive to prospective renters. Fortunately, our team will let you know everything surrounding what’s happening with your property so you can be ready for what will come about next.

Even better, you don’t have to own rental property to take advantage of what we can do at NorthWoods. You can reach us if you’ve got a home of your own in the city or business space that you need help with maintaining.

You can talk with us at NorthWoods Property today if you need help with finding a way to make your rental home or any other place you have in Key West FL look outstanding. We would be more than happy to assist you with your special property maintenance needs. You can also talk with us about the values of whatever services it is you might require. We’ll give you the services you deserve regardless of what your budget might be.

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Ryan Andersen Lawn Cutting in Key West FL

I asked the people at Michael’s Lawn Care to help me with maintaining my lawn and making my place off of Flagler Avenue look more attractive. The team was very conducive in helping me to cut my space and make the area look clean. I was particularly happy with how the team aerated my lawn so it would drain well after the next rain storm. My yard has gone through a few major tropical systems over the years, and the space still looks attractive. I’ve been contacting Michael’s for a monthly service as well, and the team continues to be ready for the task at hand every time I ask them to come over.

Bill Thompson Lawn Mowing in Key West FL

My home near Indigenous Park had been dealing with some sore spaces near the end parts of the lawn. The grass wasn’t growing very well around some of the sandy spaces around. But DIG helped me with restoring the appearance of my lawn. The team helped with aerating the space and improving upon the drainage in my area to allow water to cover all spaces. I love how the team was thorough for ensuring my lawn looks more attractive. I appreciate the hard work that DIG offered, especially since it is so difficult for me to reach someone for my needs.

Dwayne Holland Grass Cut in Key West FL

I asked C&J Lawn Care to come to my home at Glynn Archer Street recently to help me with restoring my lawn. The lawn is on a mobile home plot and hasn’t been maintained all that well. C&J didn’t have any problem with figuring out what can work for my lawn. The team helped me with mowing the lawn and with aerating the space while adding new grass seeds. The team also tested a watering process to see how well the lawn could take in the water it needs. They were very specific and thorough in everything they had to offer for me.

Samantha Palms Lawn Maintenance in Key West FL

My home on Julia Street has several large trees that keep on getting in the way of my space. The grass has been prone to some weeds on occasion as well. But the team at NorthWoods has been very kind with helping me to care for my space. I love how well the team at NorthWoods has helped me with trimming my lawn and taking care of my trees. The group offers streamlined support for work that is appealing and refreshing for my home. I appreciate the work that they put in, especially considering how hard it is to find a reliable lawn care team out here.

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The beauty of Key West FL makes it one of the most fabulous places in the world. Unfortunately, the problem with living in paradise is that it is not always easy for you to find some of the essential services that your home requires. A home in Bay Point might have to wait for a while before a plumber could come out to the space to fix specific problems, for instance.

But the concerns can be higher when it comes to lawn maintenance services. A lawn in Key West might struggle with flooding from intense storms in the area, especially after tropical systems go through the area. Homes in Peary Court and other residential neighborhoods might experience pests and weeds popping up after a storm and might not have anyone around to help.

But the truth is that you don’t have to worry about whether or not you can find someone who can come to your property in the Key West area. You can utilize the GreenPal app to find the best grass cutting and landscape maintenance teams in Key West.

The GreenPal app lets you find points on talented lawn care teams who can make the trip down US-1 to your property. You can start using the app by entering in details on your address. You can list your home in the Upper David or Riviera area based on your street name or house number. After that, you’ll find details on talented lawn maintenance teams who are capable of reaching your space.

You can find details on every one of these groups based on what they state and what people who have used these services say about them. The reviews will let you know more about the teams that are available for your lawn care needs.

You can also pay for services through the app if you wish. The app offers a secure setup that helps you to reserve an appointment for various providers while ensuring your data is protected. The work involved through the app will help you make more out of the services you wish to hire.

Remember that every group you’ll come across on the app is one that you can trust. The lawn care teams listed here have been certified by various organizations that identify how well specific business functions work. These include groups who are supported by the Key West Chamber of Commerce.

You don’t have to worry if you’re in the Margaret or New Town area and you need assistance with getting your lawn cut right. You will love how someone can come to your property and help you with all your lawn care needs even if they are small in size. Besides, a little problem can grow into something worse if you don’t get the help you need.

Download the GreenPal app today, and get started in finding great grass cutting teams who can reach your Key West FL home. You will find smart details on what’s available through the app without worrying about what you’re getting yourself into in any situation.

About Key West Florida

Key West is a city in Florida, United States.

Key West Florida is the southernmost city in the contiguous United States. The city is a part of the Florida Keys of Monroe County.

The Port of Key West is critical to the city’s economy. The port is a spot where cruise ships frequently dock. The port also takes in ferries coming from many cities around Florida.

Key West is home to several historic residences. These include the Winter White House, a mansion that has been used by many American presidents for vacation purposes. Old houses that were owned and occupied by Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams are also in Key West. People can visit the many cats at the Hemingway house.

The United States Coast Guard has a station on the northern end of the city. The USCG Sector Key West station includes a few docks for naval boats.

The Monroe County School District operates schools around the city. The Key West High School is near the airport.

The Key West International Airport is on the city’s southern coast. EYW offers flights to and from Miami, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Chicago among other cities. The airport serves about half a million passengers every year.

Key West FL is on the southern end of US Route 1. The city is about 130 miles southwest of Miami by air or 160 miles by car. The city is a little under 100 miles north of Havana, Cuba.

The population is at about 25,000. Many of the people who live in the city are of Cuban or Bahamian descent.

Key West has warm weather throughout the year. The highs are usually 80 degrees Fahrenheit or greater, while the temperature rarely goes under 70. The city gets about 40 inches of rain every year, although that number may be elevated by any tropical systems that move through the city.

Key West FL was occupied by the Calusa tribe until the mid-eighteenth century. The Spanish occupied the land, but Great Britain took control in 1763. The United States took possession of the area and the rest of Florida in 1821. There were disputes over whether the United States or Cuba claimed the island. Union forces also occupied the island during the Civil War thanks to its naval base. Key West would eventually become an American property and would become populated in the early-twentieth century thanks to the construction of US Route 1.

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