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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Ocoee, FL as of Apr, 2024


Guardian Lawn Care in Ocoee, FL

Hired 87 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.89 Reviews)

If you're looking for a reliable yet Affordable Lawn Care service in Ocoee or Winter Garden Florida then look no further you have found it. There are dozens and dozens of lawn care services in the Ocoee Florida area, you probably see them riding up and down Silver Star Rd, but why should you hire us to cut your yard? Well... we are the only lawn care service that maintains a five star rating on the GreenPal system in the Ocoee, FL area. That means no matter what after we are done mowing your yard we will do whatever necessary in our power to satisfy you as our lawn care customer.

We have been in the lawn care business for over 10 years serving the Ocoee Florida and Winter Garden area the entire time. Most of our basic lawn cuttings start at $20 per cut and can go up from there. If you sign up for full lawn care service including lawn mowing, weed removal from your lawn beds, shrub trimming, mulching or re-pine straw in your beds, and re-seeding your lawn, we will offer you a discount for all of the services just ask us and we can set it up on your GreenPal dashboard for you. One of the other things such as apart from other lawn care services and yard mowing businesses in the Ocoee Florida area is that we sharpen our lawn mower blades once a week. Have you ever seen a lawn that was mowed with dull blades? The grass has a real ragged look to it afterward it is cut and the Saint Augustine style of turf it grows in the Ocoee FL area needs to be mowed with sharp blades each time otherwise it will damage the tips of the grass and leave it susceptible to disease in your lawn. I don't want to get in the weeds so to speak, however you don't have to worry about any of that if you hire us for your lawn cutting and yard maintenance needs. If you are wanting yard cutting in Altamonte Springs Fl or looking to hire a lawn mowing services in Apopka Fl We offer lawn care services to the greater Orlando area.

If all this sounds good to you then go ahead and just click the little button below my bio here and I will prepare a customized yet, affordable lawn care proposal for you that will include cutting your lawn, weed eating around any obstacles in your yard, edging your driveway, and blowing off all the clippings from your patios, sidewalks, and driveway in your yard. Thank you so much for checking us out I look forward to adding you to our list of satisfied lawn care customers in the Ocoee Florida area.


Tropicare Lawn Care in Ocoee, FL

Hired 97 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.99 Reviews)

Hi there thank you for considering us for your lawn care and yard maintenance needs for your home in Ocoee, Florida. Whether you live in Ocoee, Winter Garden, Clermont FL , we are your go you affordable lawn mowing and grass cutting service. Our company has been in business for over eight years and have hundreds of satisfied lawn maintenance clients throughout the Ocoee Florida area and Orange county. We service many parts of Orlando Florida however Ocoee is where we have most of our yard mowing clientele in the Spring Lake and Lake Olympia areas.

Our company takes pride in every lawn that we cut. We know that if you're not satisfied with the lawn service or grass cutting that we provide for you that you will not tell your friends and family in the Ocoee area and we grow off of word-of-mouth. Just check out our GreenPal reviews and you'll see dozens of satisfied lawn care service customers on the GreenPal system so if you'd like to get a free grass cutting quote from us for yard maintenance just click the orange button below this bio and you'll receive a affordable lawn care quote from us.

Our company runs professional grade lawn mowing equipment we have a Exmark lasers-Z as well as a 48 inch walk behind lawn mower. You may not know what those lawn business trade terms mean, but what they mean to you is a professional grade lawn cutting every time we come to mow your yard. Other lawn mower services in the Ocoee Florida and Orange County area might be cheaper, but they will do a rush job of cutting your grass and will leave clumps of clippings throughout the lawn and grass. Each time we mow your yard we make sure that all of the grass clippings are disbursed and that the grass clippings are blown off the driveway, we also make sure that your driveway turf lines are edged nice and straight leaving a nice crisp turf appearance for your yard making your neighbors jealous.

So take your weekends back and give us a shot for yard maintenance needs you will not be disappointed. After the new first lawn mowing goes well GreenPal will send you an email about setting up ongoing lawn cuttings and yard maintenance visits with us. We will then show up like clockwork every week or every other week for you and bill you after each lawn cutting. If you like you can also add on shrub pruning, bed maintenance, re-mulching or pine straw for your beds, and re-seeding for your lawn. We will quote all of these services for you after the first lawn cutting. Thank you again your consideration hiring us for your lawn care service needs for your yard in Ocoee and Winter Garden Florida, God bless.

Do you need yard mowing in Winter Park Fl? No probem, we service that area as well as offer lawn cutting services in Apopka Fl GreenPal has several good lawn care services in the greater Orlando area.


JWI Lawn Care Services in Ocoee, FL

Hired 148 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.144 Reviews)

Hey there and thank you for stopping by and checking us out for your yard maintenance needs for your home in Ocoee Florida or Winter Garden, FL. Our lawn care company is a little different than others lawn mowing services in Ocoee FL. We specialize in basic weekly or every two week lawn cuttings at the most affordable price possible. If you are looking for other services like hardscaping or landscape construction that is outside of our realm of expertise however we can refer you to another lawn care company in the Ocoee Florida area that can help you out with that. Same goes for lawn fertilization as most homeowners in Ocoee do not realize that lawn fertilization is a completely different discipline than lawn care service and requires a special permit from the state of Florida in order to do it so if you're looking for lawn fertilization be careful to only hire a licensed lawn care service that offers that.

If you are ready to get your weekend back and hire a reliable and affordable lawn mowing service go ahead and click the orange button and I will get a text message telling me about the details of your lawn, how many square feet your yard is, and where is located in Ocoee. After I look over all of that I will submit to a customized and affordable lawn cutting quote. Take a look at it and read over my lawn mowing reviews from other satisfied lawn care customers in the Ocoee Florida area. Once you feel comfortable go ahead and hire me and I will come out and cut your yard and mow your lawn the very next day, that's right, no waiting around for other lawn cutting companies. If you're not satisfied with my lawn mowing quality you can then just send me a text and let me know and I will come back and correct any issues you have with your yard.

Our motto is that our customers don't pay until they are satisfied with their lawn cutting that they receive from us. Other lawn care services in Ocoee Florida do not offer that level of lawn care. So you know you can hire our lawn care service with confidence. Should you need any other properties in the Orlando area mow our yards cut we service a big footprint in Orlando and can probably help you out with those as well thank you so much for your consideration and hiring our lawn care service for your yard maintenance needs and Ocoee Florida. If you need yard service in Winter Park Fl? We also mow yards there as well as mow lawns in Kissimmee Fl.


Insignia Lawn Care Services in Ocoee, FL

Hired 458 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.53 Reviews)

Winter Garden Florida has its fair share of cheap lawn mowing services and yard cutting companies, but that does not mean that you have to make your lawn suffer for it? The thing about the lawn mowing business and yard maintenance industry is that anybody with a push mower can get into it. This can be a scary thing for residents of one Winter Garden and Ocoee Florida because you don't know if they're going to do a good lawn cutting job or not and also pull a bait and switch on you and ask you for more money after they get done cutting your yard. With our lawn care service you do not have to worry about that. The lawn cutting quote that we give you to cut your grass is all that you will pay to have your yard maintained. Yes our prices are affordable but that doesn't mean that you have to deal with an unprofessional lawn care service or yard cutting company for your number one asset, your home in Winter Garden, FL. If you want lawn service in Altamonte Springs Fl? We also mow service that part of Orlando and go over to cut grass in Kissimmee Fl.

What are some of the ways that our company sets itself apart professionally from other lawn mowing businesses in the Winter Garden and Clermont, FL area? Well we run top-notch professional grade lawnmowers. We sharpen our lawn mower blades at least once a week. Why does this matter? Because dull lawn mower blades can damage your turf and cause lawn diseases and invite insects in to feed on the damaged tips of your grass after it is frayed by a dull lawn mower blade. I don't want to bore you with lawn care services details but you don't have to worry about any of those sorts of things when hiring our lawn cutting company to come maintain your yard for you.

Our business is small just myself and a few lawn care helpers and everyone of us is a lawn care professional. Every time we mow your yard we will look out for other things other than just cutting the grass. We will inspect your shrubs to make sure they don't need trimming, and if they do need trimming we will submit you a quote to prove them. Shrubbery in Ocoee , FL grows fast! After we get done mowing your yard for the first time we will send you a free lawn inspection that includes quote for shrub pruning, tree trimming, re-mulching of your beds, and re-seeding your turf in the fall. If any of these quotes look good to you you can hire us on the GreenPal app to take care of them for you. We have tons of customers are Johns Lake and Black Lake, so we would love to add you to that list of happy lawn mowing clients. It is our pleasure to be considered to take care of your lawn cutting for you this season. Thank you so much for the opportunity and also feel free to check out our lawn care reviews that we have on GreenPal we are very proud of them. Have a great day.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 4 reviews)
Brenda Bailey Lawn Mow in Ocoee FL
“I share a home with a roommate that we are renting in Ocoee Florida. The grass is his responsibility and I want away on a business trip only to come back to find that the lawn had grown to be 3 feet tall and that we were cited by the city of Ocoee Florida for tall grass in our yard. The city was going to send out their lawn maintenance crew to cut the lawn and mow the yard and send us a bill. They said it was going to be over $300 to get the yard back under control and I was about to freak out. Frantically, I'll begin calling every lawn cutting business in Ocoee from the Ocoee Florida Craigslist page. I was quoted lawn cutting prices all over the map, and I didn't really feel comfortable hiring any of the lawn mowing businesses I found on craigslist and then I saw an ad for GreenPal. I tried it out and we got hooked up with an affordable Ocoee lawn care service that got the lawn back under control for $75 bucks. Then we said the heck with it and hired them to mow the lawn every two weeks for the entire lawn mowing season for $25 per cut, you can say I was pleased.”
Sarah Lopez Yard Cutting in Ocoee FL
“I'm always looking for the easy way out when it comes to taking care of the lawn and yard maintenance, I don't need for the lawn to be perfect I just need to keep my neighbors happy. I could really care less what the yard and lawn looks like. So I was looking for an affordable lawn mowing and yard maintenance service for my for my home in Ocoee Florida. All of the lawn care services that came out to give me a lawn cutting quote wanted to also sell me on shrubs pruning, mulch, fertilizer, and a total yard maintenance package. I didn't really need all of those lawn care services, and all I wanted was a basic every two week lawn cutting, but nobody was interested in mowing the yard for me on every two week basis. That is until I found GreenPal and they set me up with a reliable affordable lawn mowing business right here in Ocoee to take care of my lawn cutting every two weeks. I love that I get to pay per yard cut and do not have to pay for a full yard maintenance contract.”
Catherine Jackson Lawn Mowing in Ocoee FL
“I usually mow my own grass but my lawn mower broke down and I started shopping online for what a new lawn mower would cost and decided that it might be cheaper just to pay a lawn care service. I didn't know what the going lawn cutting rate was for lawn maintenance and yard mowing in the Ocoee, FL area, so I decided to shop around and see if I could get some free quotes for affordable lawn care service in Ocoee. I called a few lawn cutting companies that I found on a Google search and not one of them even called me back. I called a lawn mowing business that was a referral from a friend and he came out and gave me a quote for $42 per lawn cut, I thought that was a little high for lawn mowing and then I stumbled onto GreenPal which got me five free lawn cutting quotes in minutes from lawn care professionals in Ocoee and Winter Garden, FL. I was not disappointed and I hired the cheapest lawn mower and they are now set up to mow every week for the rest of the year, I love technology.”
Jo Reed Lawn Mowing Service in Ocoee FL
“Most lawn services in the Ocoee FL area want you to sign a full landscape maintenance contract and I like to do some yard work around the house myself. For example, I like to prune my own shrubs and trim my own palm trees but most lawn care services in Orange county require you to sign a full yard maintenance package that includes all those services. After reading about GreenPal on the Ocoee FL Facebook group I decided to give GreenPal a try. Also a friend told me that they will let you set up and pay by each individual lawn cutting service and sure enough they were right. Now I just get my lawn cut every two weeks and pay after each mowing I love it, it has saved me time and money on my yard maintenance.”

lawn-maintenance-in-ocoee-fl-lawn-service-in-Ocoee Hello there and welcome to the online buyer's guide for lawn care services in Ocoee Florida, if you live in Ocoee, FL, Winter Garden or Clermont Florida and are needing your lawn cut or yard mowing then you are in the right place. Maybe your lawn has gotten to be a little tall and you are seeking a professional lawn care service in the Ocoee, FL area, well the good news is your search for a lawn care service in Ocoee is over. GreenPal is the easiest way in the world to find, schedule, and pay for a great yard cutting and lawn care company in the Ocoee Florida area. You'll notice on this page that there are five lawn care services with a little bit of background info about each of them. These are just a sampling of the lawn care services and yard cutting companies in Ocoee Florida that we have interviewed and prescreened for you to hire easily right now from this website or from the GreenPal mobile app.

How do we know these lawn care services are any good? Because we do the hard work of finding them, auditioning them and looking over their lawn cutting quality, speaking to other lawn service customers that they have cut grass for in the Ocoee Florida area, and also conducted an interview with them to make sure that they meet the GreenPal lawn care quality standards grade. After all of that we set them up on the GreenPal lawn care system so they can submit a lawn cutting quote for your lawn care needs and receive payments for the lawn cutting that you hire them for online.

After you sign up in 15 seconds you will begin receiving up to five affordable quotes for lawn cutting and and yard maintenance for your lawn. These lawn mowing quotes will be coming from some of the best lawn care services in Ocoee Florida, and you will be able to read over their reviews that other residents in the Ocoee Florida area have said about their lawn cutting capabilities. These are verified reviews from actual lawn mowing that each Ocoee lawn care service has performed on the GreenPal system for residents in Ocoee Florida and the Orange county area. None of the reviews can be gamed, each lawn care reviews is from a real GreenPal user in Ocoee, Winter Garden, or Clermont, FL.. So you so you can rest assured that you are hiring the best lawn cutting company and yard maintenance service in the Ocoee Florida area that you can, without the hassle of calling around and leaving voicemails and trying to get a lawn care service to come out to your yard to submit you a quote for lawn cutting. With GreenPal you are in control, and the lawn mowing estimates will be sent right to your email inbox and your smart phone. Then browse over the lawn mowing companies reviews and ratings and then easily hire one with a few taps on your smartphone or clicks of the mouse. Some of these lawn care businesses are part-timers and students at Rollins College and mow lawns as a means to pay for their tuition well and others are full-time lawn care professionals in Orange county and operate their lawn care business on the GreenPal system. Either way you are backed by the GreenPal guarantee. So take a break this weekend and hire a lawn care service with peace of mind in minutes

Also , if you are looking for lawn mowing services in Orlando Fl we also service Orlando and needing a lawn care service in Oviedo GreenPal also covers those areas as well.

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About Ocoee Florida

coee is a city in Orange County, Florida, United States. As of the 2010 census, the city had a population of 35,579.

In the mid-1850s, Dr. J.D. Starke, stricken with malaria, led a group of slaves, similarly stricken, to the north side of an open pine wooded lake that provided clear and clean water to avoid further malaria outbreaks. The camp built by the group provided a base of operations from which to commute during the day to work the fields near Lake Apopka and rest at night. As the camp grew into a village, it took the name Starke Lake, a name the lake upon which the group settled bears to this day.

The city's population increased further after the American Civil War as confederate soldiers and their families settled into the area, including Captain Bluford Sims and General William Temple Withers who wintered at the location. Captain Sims received a land grant for a 74-acre parcel to the west of Starke Lake in what is now the downtown portion of Ocoee on October 5, 1883. In 1886, Captain Sims, along with a group of original settlers, led an effort to have the town platted and changed the name to Ocoee, after a river he grew up near in Tennessee.[9] Ocoee is a Cherokee Indian word anglicized from uwagahi, meaning "apricot vine place" and this inspired the choice of the city's flower.

Bluford Sims began groundbreaking work in budding wild orange trees while in Ocoee. His commercial citrus nursery was the first in the United States in Ocoee, supplying many other groves in Florida with their first trees as well as shipping young citrus trees to California. The construction of the Florida Midland Railroad in the 1880s spurred growth in the area and many more settlers moved in

On November 2, 1920, after July Perry and Moses Norman, two black men, attempted to vote and encouraged other blacks to vote, the entire black population of the town was violently attacked. On the night of the massacre, white World War I veterans from throughout Orange County participated. At least 24 black homes were burned, the institutions constituting the black community were destroyed and Perry was lynched. Before the massacre, Ocoee's black population numbered approximately five hundred; after the massacre, however, the black population was nearly eliminated. For more than 40 years, Ocoee remained an all-white town Source: Wikipedia Ocoee, FL

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