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lawn-maintenance-services-in-brandon-FL greenpal-lawn-care-services-in-brandon-FL-yard-cutting-service-in-brandon-Florida

Needing your Lawn Cut?

Get Competitive pricing without the hassle
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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Brandon, FL as of May, 2024


Prestoscapes Lawn Care in Brandon, FL

Hired 157 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.159 Reviews)

I have lived in the Tampa Bay area all my life. I grew up on a dairy farm east of Tampa towards Plant City, so I have been around machinery and have been no stranger to hard work growing up. The lawn and landscaping industry was a natural fit for me.

I started Prestoscapes 2 years ago, and we service a large area east of Tampa bay including the towns of Valrico, Seffner, Gibsonton, Riverview, Brandon, and then we will also go up to the New Tampa area as well. We are in the Plant City area twice per week also. Since founding our lawn care service in Tampa, my team and I have grown our lawn service to 185 weekly residential accounts throughout the area. We maintain our customers landscapes year round with weekly mowings during the growing season and bi-weekly mowings during the winter time.

We managed to grow the lawn maintenance business through word of mouth and referrals, and our current clients’ neighbors seeing us out mowing. Chances are.. you have seen our nice looking landscaping box trucks out and about. We are proud of keeping a professional representation of our company.

Our main focus is personal service for residential lawn maintenance customers. We do not do much commercial work as serving the needs of homeowners in the Tampa area is our primary objective. We carry full liability insurance so you can rest assured. Also we do not lock our customers into any kind of contract. We like to think our lawn maintenance work speaks for itself and that's how we earn our customer's loyalty for their lawn business over time.

Another differentiating aspect of our landscaping company is our attention to detail. I preach to our crew members to constantly be on the lookout for the little details in the lawn such as the sidewalk cracks. We will take the extra time and run the weedeater down the cracks to clean up the unsightly weeds that you see growing in the cracks of the curbs, sidewalks, and driveway. The little things are the big things, and it can make a big difference in the overall appearance of the lawn.

Also, we will clean up where the truck was parked so you can't ever see that we there. Some other lawn care services in Tampa will just blow their clippings into the street, where as we like to mulch up the clippings. Communication is also key, if we see that our customer is home during the lawn mowing visit , we will talk to them before the service and after the lawn service. Our philosophy is that the persona level of communication makes a difference. Also , if you are wanting lawn care services in Lakeland Fl if know of serveral good lawn mowing companies there as well and also over the Tampa Bay Bridge if you are looking for lawn care mowing in Palm Harbor Fl

Prestoscapes boasts over 40 years of combined experience and we are Green Industries BMP certified! Prestoscapes proudly donates to breast cancer awareness and research!

How many years have you been in landscaping business, and what inspired you to get started?

With over 40 years of combined experience you can rest assured that you are in good hands with PRESTOSCAPES! How does your work stand out from other lawn service companies in the area?

We have a personalized touch! We are Your Full Service Lawn Maintenance Company That Cares! What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

Be sure that your lawn care company is big enough to handle your needs but not so big that they loose touch with personalized customer service! What do you like most about the lawn care industry?

It's rewarding to see a well manicured lawn that was done by yourself- "You Own It!" What areas do you mainly service?

Hillsborough Pasco Tampa lawn care services.


Florida Lawn Care in Brandon, FL

Hired 81 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.84 Reviews)

Doug Burgess has worked in the landscaping business for over 10 years. Having worked for other larger landscaping companies, Doug decided in 2013 that he wanted to venture out on his own and started Florida Lawn & Property Services. His entrepreneurial spirit, love for being outside, and attention to detail was the perfect match for his new venture.

Originally from Tampa, Florida, Doug moved to Seffner, Florida and has been there for over 27 years.

His business has grown tremendously and the sky's the limit for Doug. "I have always reinvested in our equipment and now we have the best mowers, blowers, weed eaters, and trailers in the industry," Doug explains.

Florida Lawn & Property Services are serving Hillsborough County and specializing in Valrico, Bloomingdale, Dover, Brandon, and Seffner. Do you need yard mowing in Lakeland Fl? If now just ask and I can give you a refferal , even if you are looking to get lawn cutting services in Palm Harbor Fl GreenPal has several good lawn care services across the bridge.

Not only will Doug and his crew handle your regular lawn mowing needs, they will also handle any power washing, low level tree trimming, rock and gravel work, and shrub and bush trimming needs.

When asked what he would attribute his growth to, Burgess explained "Doing exactly what you say you will do and being there at the time you say you will be there is what has helped our business grow." He also goes on to explain that, "I love getting to know my customers, they are my friends." "I want to make sure that they are happy and make their lawn the best looking lawn possible. I want to leave every property proud and put my stamp of quality on it," Doug says. "I feel a sense of accomplishment after every lawn I mow."

When Doug is not out keeping all of his customers happy, you can find him fishing around the local lakes or hunting in north Florida or maybe at the race track or even cruising on his Yamaha.

Doug also loves spending quality time with his family. He married his middle school sweet heart, Christina, 3 years ago and they have a wonderful 4 year old son, Luke.

Whether your lawn needs a little extra love or a full scale makeover, let Doug and his crew at Florida Lawn & Property Services be your go-to lawn care company.


Precision Lawn Care Services in Brandon, FL

Hired 148 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.155 Reviews)

My name is Maurice and I've been in Tampa for 12 years now and am a University of South Florida graduate. I currently work for one of the local Law Enforcement agencies nearby. I've always maintained my yard, a few people in my neighborhood, my grandmother's, and also my parent's. All with no compensation because of my passion for landscaping. Hence, why I started my own landscaping company, one mainly because it's something I love to do. Another is I'm seeking to soon become my own boss. I'm also seeking to gain more knowledge on landscaping as far as doing curbing, and completely redesigning someone's property.

Over time, I've accumulated the knowledge of landscaping, info on different quality equipment, and how having the correct and quality of equipment is important to completeing a job. My goal is to always take care of someone's yard as if it were mine. Also to make yards that I put my touch on stand out from everyone else's in the neighborhood. I service all over Hillsborough County but if you are needing lawn care services in Lakeland, Fl or wanting to get yard services in Wesley Chapel Fl GreenPal has got some really solid lawn companies in those cities as well.

Also did like to gain enough avenues through the landscaping profession and in turn become my own boss. Dealing with people on a different level of customer service is also eventually my goal of mine whereas I don't get that with my current profession. Greenpal will help me reach that goal and at the same time I can become a part of Greenpal itself becoming a bigger company and expanding . While customer satisfaction is VERY important to me, I'd more than exceed the expectations (as I do now) of the customer and Greenpal, which that will give Greenpal an awesome reputation.

On top of mowing, I offer a few other services which include but are not limited to: Shrub removal, Tree Trimming, Clean Ups, Mulch, Sod, and some minor Landscaping makeovers. We will remove trees less than 25' right now.

Thank you for considering my company, and I will do more than my best to exceed you expectations!


Isignia Lawn Services in Brandon, FL

Hired 598 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.559 Reviews)

Insignia Landscape was started in 2014 by Steve Pagan. Having been in the fertilization industry most of his life, he noticed how some landscaping professionals in Brandon, Florida lacked the attention to detail and were not focused on pleasing their customers. After recommending a few lawn mowing companies and getting burned, he decided that he could do a much better job. Already knowing the industry and knowing what it takes to make a lawn look green, he decided to go all in.

Steve has lived in Tampa all his life and attended Tampa Preparatory School on the Hillsborough River. Steve and his wife, Diana, enjoy going to Brandon Beach when they have the time. “Diana and I love being able to be at the beach in minutes,” Pagan says. “That will never get old.”

Steven and his 2 crew’s service Dade City through Zephyrhills then east to Wesley Chapel. They also service the Land O Lakes, Lutz, Carrollwood, Temple Terrace, and south Tampa areas. Insignia will occasionally mow lawns in the Brandon, Florida area. “We serve over 14 zip codes in the greater Tampa area and are always looking to expand our operation,” Pagan says.

Steve and his team have over 150 happy customers they service and also service a few commercial properties in the area. Steve attributes his rapid growth and high customer retention to setting expectations with his customer and his quick response rate. “We meet with every customer and make sure we know what we are trying to accomplish with their lawn,” Pagan explains. “We also have an open line of communication with all of our homeowners and respond to any issues within 24 hours. Homeowners tell me what they want, and we do it,” he adds. Do you live in the St. Pete area? No problem, I know GreenPal has some lawn care services in St Pete Fl and also futher up north with some great lawn maintenance companies in Palh Harbor Fl

Insignia Landscape is your one-stop shop for anything regarding your lawn. They do irrigation, pesticides and fertilization, full landscape renovation and design, sodding, mulching, over seeding, aeration, low level tree trimming, and bush and shrub trimming.

When asked what drew him into this industry, Steve replied, “I love seeing something grow and thrive that I helped create.” He went on to add, “My crew and I love standing back and looking at our work. It is the most rewarding part of my job.”

When he and his wife are not at the beach, they work with the local Humane Society and foster dogs. They also love to frequent Besa Grill in Brandon, Florida and Flamestone Grill in Oldsmar, Florida.

If your lawn is in the greater Tampa area, let Steve and his crew at Insignia Landscape be your go-to, full service landscaping company.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

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Laura Wynn Yard Cutting in Brandon FL
“My roommate and I rent a home in Brandon Florida and typically we have cut our own grass however both of us have gotten busy with work and have resorted to hiring a lawn care service nearby in Brandon to take care of our yard for us for a cheap cost. This was not as easy as I thought it would be as four different lawnmowing service companies in Brandon Florida have flaked out on us In the last two lawn mowing seasons, that's why I try to use the GreenPal app because they ensured me that the same lawn mowing contractor would show up each week and boy did they deliver this! It save a major headache for us dealing with the lawn and yard.”
Arthur McGuire Lawn Mow in Brandon FL
“My wife usually cuts the grass but to be honest she doesn't do a very good job on the mowing lol. I would mow my own lawn myself however I just do not have the time anymore, it seems like, so rather than argue with her about who is going to do the lawn edging and grass raking each week. I just decided to hire a lawn care service for our home in Valrico Florida, and I thought that would be the easy part however finding a reliable solid lawn mowing service to do a better job than my wife was a total pain, that is until I found the GreenPal app and they let me try three different lawn mowing businesses in Brandon, Florida nearby, one of which we settled with to take care of the yard maintenance and it has been smooth sailing ever since.”
James Davis Lawn Care Service in Brandon FL
“I just moved to Hillsboro County right between Brandon and Valrico Florida from up north and the first thing I noticed was geez does the lawn and grass grow so fast here and it never quits growing. Seems like my Saint Augustine grass needs to be mowed every single week which is a total surprise for me, I would rather be watching The Tampa Bay Buccaneers on a Sunday as bad as they are rather than cutting my lawn that's why I jumped on the GreenPal app when it was recommended by a friend and just ordered a professional lawn mowing service in Brandon Florida to take care of my grass for me and now I got my weekends back.”
Francisco Doran Yard Cutting in Brandon FL
“I prefer to have the best looking yard on the block, growing up my dad taught me to take pride in how the yard looks so I have been through several lawn care companies in Brandon Florida over the past five lawn mowing seasons and none of them could make me happy because they would do a rush job cutting the grass to try to get in and out of the yard as rushed as possible but I found out that the lawn care services that GreenPal has found to operate on their mobile app do a better job and take their time cutting the lawn so I'm sticking with them and forgetting the hassle of managing a lawnmowing company or yard maintenance service forever.”

lawn-maintenance-in-brandon-Fl-lawn-service-in-Cool-Valley Hi there my name is Gary and first let me welcome you to the online ordering page for lawn mowing and lawn care services in Brandon Florida, if you are needing to get your lawn cut then you are at the right place. Just click the orange button and get five free lawn mowing and yard cutting quotes for your yard in Brandon Florida or Valrico Florida.

I imagine that your grass might be super tall right and you are in search of a lawn care service in Brandon, FL to come cut your yard for you correct? Well, no worries even if your lawn is super tall or you just need an ongoing yard mowing service the GreenPal team has done the hard work of going out and finding the top 10 best lawn care services and yard cutting businesses in Valrico Florida and Brandon Florida for you. We have done the hard work of interviewing them, talking to their previous lawnmowing customers, checking over their lawnmowers to make sure they are professional grade, and even auditioning them with a audition lawn cutting for another GreenPal client in Hillsborough County. So if you're looking to to hire a lawn mowing service for one time or weekly or every two week lawn cuttings then just click the orange button to start off with 3 to 5 free lawn cutting quotes from pre qualified lawn mowing services around you in Hillsborough County and specifically the Brandon and Valrico areas. Also, if you live nearby and need lawn care services in Lakeland Fl we have great lawn care services there as well as over the bridge to get lawn care mowing in Palm Harbor Fl

Brandon Florida is booming, as one of the biggest suburbs of Tampa Bay area in the recent census it has over 100,000 residents, many working-class families have settled down in the Brandon area and because the local economy is doing so well few people these days have time to cut their own grass. It just makes sense to pay a lawn cutting service in Brandon Florida to come mow your yard for you rather than mowing it yourself. You have probably seen dozens and dozens of lawn mowing business in Brandon riding up and down Parsons Ave and Brandon Boulevard and thought I'll give one of these lawn guys a shot, but the problem is it is hard to get a lawn care service on the phone and how do you know the lawn mowing business is any good at cutting grass?

Well, that is where GreenPal solves that problem for you because the lawn cutting services in Brandon, Seffner, Valrico, and Riverview Florida that we have prequalified and auditioned for you run their entire lawn mowing business on the GreenPal lawn mowing app so ordering lawn cutting online for your yard nearby in Brandon from local lawn mowing businesses is as simple as a few taps on your mobile app or clicks of the mouse. Life is too short to cut your own grass order reasonably priced lawnmowing from a professional in Brandon Florida or Valrico Florida online now. It is our pleasure to serve you.

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About Brandon Florida

Brandon is an unincorporated community and census-designated place in Hillsborough County, Florida.

Its history began on January 20, 1857, when John Brandon (1809–1886) arrived at Fort Brooke (now Tampa) from Mississippi with his first wife Martha (1813–1867) and six sons. At first he moved his family to what is now the Seffner area. Then in August 1858, John Brandon purchased 40 acres in the New Hope area (now Brandon) and 160 acres later on and then named his land "Brandon". John and his second wife Victoria's house was located on what would become the corner of Knights Avenue and Victoria Street. Four years later, the New Hope Church was built on land donated by Brandon. Besides being the first church in the community, it also served as Brandon's first school.

In 1890, the Florida Central and Peninsular Railroad came through the area, encouraging the people of New Hope to build a depot on Moon Avenue. Charles S. Noble, an engineer for the FC&P, was asked to plat approximately forty acres of land north of present-day State Road 60, south of Lake Meade, east of Kings Avenue, and west to Parsons Avenue. Filed on April 24, 1890, the surveyor named the community in honor of John Brandon and Noble Street for himself.[5]

In 1959, the Brandon Chamber of Commerce was formed to help promote business and growth. By the early 1960s, Brandon's population was 8,000, and it was estimated that one new family moved into town every day. Brandon began spreading out into the bordering communities of Limona, Seffner, and Valrico; Hopewell Road became four lanes wide and was designated State Road 60. Soon, the town's first shopping center, Brandon Center, was built, and Brooker Elementary School and the Brandon Swim and Tennis Club opened in 1965. In the next few years, Kingswood Elementary School, the Brandon Public Library, and many housing developments, shopping centers, and golf courses further fueled or reflected the influx of new residences and businesses.

By the 1970s, growth was causing traffic congestion, as approximately 430 commercial and service businesses, three malls and a population of 40,000 were all contained within a 6-mile radius. Source: Wikipedia Brandon, Fl

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