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lawn-maintenance-services-in-dunedin-FL greenpal-lawn-care-services-in-dunedin-FL-yard-cutting-service-in-dunedin-Florida

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Dunedin, FL as of May, 2024


AMK Lawn Care in Dunedin, FL

Hired 37 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.39 Reviews)

Hi there thank you for considering my lawn maintenance company serving the Dunedin,Florida area. Our company prides itself in being the eyes and ears for your lawn, gardens, home and property. There are many cheap lawn care services in Dunedin, FL that you can hire, however many of them just basically cut grass and don't know much about anything else with respect to yard maintenance other than that. Our landscape maintenance company prides itself in taking a holistic approach to your yard maintenance and lawn care services. This approach to yard maintenance is especially helpful if we are maintaining a second home for you. Many of our clients of off Bayshore Blvd in Dunedin, FL have vacation homes and live out of state and need somebody to be the eyes and ears for their second property. That's where we really come in handy. I had one customer who had a power line down behind their house over in the Royal Oak neighborhood and nobody knew about this and it could've caused a fire. I was able to take pictures of it and submit it to the owner letting them know about it and also called Dunedin electric department to come out and repair it. This is just one example of the above and beyond property maintenance and landscape care that we offer for our lawn care services customers.

Our lawn cutting starts at $26 per cut and goes up from there. There are cheaper lawn care services of the Dunedin Florida area and Pinellas county that are as low as $20 per cut however they will cost you extra money in the long run by not looking out for other things on your lawn and landscape needing preventative attention. Another example is diseases that can creep up in your turf, shrubs, trees. We inspect for things like this every time we come out to mow and service your yard and landscaping. With proactive lawn care service by suggesting things such as pesticide treatments and disease treatments we can save you hundreds of dollars in perished plants, trees, and shrubs in your lawn and landscaping. This is one of the main things that separates us from other lawn cutting businesses and yard maintenance services throughout the Dunedin Florida area. So if you're looking for a cheap lawn care service near me, we are not going to be the cheapest but we are one of the most value packed and affordable lawn maintenance companies that you can hire in Dunedin. I appreciate your consideration and I look forward to developing a yard maintenance relationship with you and taking care of your primary residence or if it's your secondary residence in Dunedin, FL. I look forward to meeting with you. Have a great day.

Also , if you need local lawn care services in Wesley Chapel FL we service yards there and do lawn maintenance services in Oldsmar FL as well.


Andy's Lawn Care in Dunedin, FL

Hired 1,291 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.1284 Reviews)

My company is a good all-around basic lawn cutting and yard maintenance company serving all of Pinellas County and the city of Dunedin Florida. We have been providing lawn care services to the city of Dunedin for seven years and have built up a nice clientele of 45 lawnmowing customers. We have several satisfy customers in Wilshire Estates, and many happy yard maintenance clients over in Weathersfield. What do they like about our yard maintenance company? Well... they tell me they like our consistency in the quality of our lawn care service, the fact that we show up on time every week or every two weeks, and also our affordable lawn mowing rates. We focus on keeping our lawn maintenance costs low with how we run our lawn mowing business, and also by running efficient lawn mowing routes throughout the entire St. Petersburg area. For instance we are mowing grass in the city of Dunedin, FL every Wednesday and Thursday of each week. So to keep lawn cutting costs low we will want to mow your grass alongside our other yards that we cut grass for in the Dunedin area near me.

As you know , it can take 45 minutes Hwy 19 to get from one end of St Pete to the other, so it makes sense for us to group our yard maintenance customers and cluster the yard cuttings together to be mowed at the same time so everybody gets a good affordable lawn mowing cost. If you were looking for cheap lawn care service in Dunedin, I would not recommend hiring the cheapest lawn care service that you can find. There are so many fly-by-night lawn cutting businesses in the city of Dunedin that are not licensed and do not have the proper lawnmower equipment to maintain your yard properly. However, if you go with a good basic, solid, and affordable lawn care service like mine then you get the best of both worlds. You get affordability in your yard maintenance and also you get the consistency of a professional lawn mowing service. That's what GreenPal system does for my lawn care services business. It enables us to offer a good professional consistent lawnmowing service to you, without having to get you to sign a full landscape maintenance and yard maintenance contract, . This is something that most professional lawn maintenance companies that mow yards in the Dunedin Florida area will require of you if you want them to maintain your yard. But not our lawn maintenance business, we will cut your grass every seven days or every 14 days and we can bill you on an individual basis for the lawn cuttings as well as any other yard services that you want for us to do. We offer a full range of your yard services and are happy to do any yard work that you need done and we can bill you through the GreenPal system very easily. Thank you so much for your consideration and opportunity to maintain your yard in Dunedin, FL, I look forward to making it look like one of the best yards on the block in your neighborhood.
Also , if you need lawn cutting services in Wesley Chapel FL we service that area of Tampa Bay and also do lawn cutting services near me in Largo FL as well.


Hoosier Lawn Care Services in Dunedin, FL

Hired 348 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.225 Reviews)

I have been cutting lawns and servicing beautiful lawns and landscapes all over the St. Petersburg area for over 10 years. I recently extended my lawn care service uo to Dunedin, Florida because I was getting a bunch of lawn maintenance customers in Clearwater. I like mowing lawns in Dunedin, and I also enjoy taking care of folks second properties and vacation homes. I like to look over things while they are away and make sure that everything is tiptop with their home, yard, gardens, and landscape. Our company is an affordable and reliable yard maintenance business that you can trust. We cut grass in the Dunedin, FL area , mowing grass there every Wednesday. So when you click to get your lawn cutting quotes on GreenPal just keep in mind that I cut yards in the Dunedin area on Wednesdays. When you are comparing lawnmowing quotes and grass cutting prices on GreenPal, I recommend reading over the lawn care services reviews for each lawn maintenance service that you are considering. Our yard maintenance company prides itself in maintaining a solid five star reputation on the GreenPal lawn care platform and that's not easy to do. We take care of each and everyone of our grass mowing customers like they are family and if there's some sort of disagreement or dispute we will work at it to our best abilities to make sure our lawn maintenance clients are happy.

Sure there are tons of cheap lawn care services in Dunedin, Fl, but when it comes to landscape maintenance and yard cutting you really do get what you pay for. Our prices start out $30 per lawn cut and what is included in that lawnmowing cost? Good question, included in our lawn mowing prices are a basic lawn cutting, blowing off the grass clippings when we are done, weed eating around any trees and obstacles that you have in your yard, And also removing any light debris from the yard such as small sticks or a light amount of trash. Bagging of your clippings is not included in the lawn mowing cost, however we can provide that if you like it usually runs about double the price of cutting your grass. I don't really recommend it because the grass clippings serve as a natural source of nitrogen and fertilizer for your yard as we mulch the lawn clippings back into the grass so to develop a nice ecosystem for your turf, grass, yard and landscaping. We can also do your fall leaf removal, re-seeding if you'd like it, shrub pruning on a monthly basis, and also light palm tree pruning if you would like that yard service as well. So I really do appreciate you considering my landscape maintenance company to cut your grass and Dunedin Florida. We are actively picking up customers in Curlew Landings, Jerry Lake, and Scotsdale Bluffs. We also have a core group of lawn maintenance customers around Dunedin Highland Middle School, so if you live near any of those parts of town it would be no problem for us to pick up your lawn maintenance for you on a regular basis. Thank you so much for your consideration I look forward to meeting you in your yard and working with you on improving your lawn and landscaping’s curb appeal. We also do lawn mowing services in Largo FL and provide lawn care services in Palm Harbor FL as well.


Choice Cuts Lawn Services in Dunedin, FL

Hired 88 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.89 Reviews)

My lawn care and landscape maintenance company specializes in one thing, keeping lawn maintenance costs low and affordable for lawn maintenance and yard care for homes all over the St. Petersburg area and Dunedin Florida. If you were looking for a reliable and affordable lawn cutting service in the Dunedin area then you have found the right lawn care company for your yard maintenance needs. You might be wondering how do we keep our lawn cutting costs affordable for lawn care service but our quality in our yard maintenance high? Well... one way we do that is through efficiency and our lawn care service operations. We don't waste time driving around St. Petersburg sitting in traffic. We organize all of our lawn care service routes into tight efficient mowing routes saving us time and our customers money. Other cheap lawn care services in the Dunedin Fl area and if you live nearby other lawn maintenance clients that we already have we can service your yard for $20 and $25 per lawn cutting. We have a good core group of customers nearby Mease Dunedin Hospital so if you live nearby there or Garrison-Jones Elementary School then we can definitely pick up your lawn cutting at a very affordable price. Our lawn maintenance company offers other lawn care services in addition to just basic lawn cutting. We will prune palm trees, do full turf renovations if needed, we do light pressure washing if you need that, we will replace shrubs and do landscape renovations, and we all do shrub pruning's. So when you hire us for your lawn cutting you can rest assured you have a full service yard maintenance company that can take care of all of your landscape maintenance and lawn maintenance needs.

Now that's not to say we will be pushy and try to push those other yard maintenance services on to you, if you want just the basic weekly or every two weeks lawn cutting then we are fine with that. Other lawn care services and landscape maintenance companies in the Dunedin area will try to be pushy and get you to sign a full-service landscape maintenance contract. We believe all of that is overkill and are just fine with a pay by the cut lawn care service. That's what makes the GreenPal lawn care service mobile app very convenient for our lawn maintenance business and you as the lawn care customer. All of yard services are billed on as rendered basis and organize into a nice place for us to stay on the same page together with your lawn maintenance. So if you get my lawnmowing price for how much it is going to cost to cut your grass, feel free to read over my lawn care service reviews and see what other residents in the Dunedin, Fl area have said about the quality of my lawn maintenance. Thank you so much for considering me for your yard maintenance needs I would forward to taking care of your grass cutting for you. Our lawn care service also services local yard maintenance in Oldsmar FL and also serves lawn maintenance services in Largo FL as well.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 4 reviews)
Maria Neal Grass Cutting in Dunedin FL
“I was using the same lawnmowing service to my yard in Dunedin, Florida and then out of nowhere he decided to increase his mowing price per cut 50%. I felt like that was excessive so I had to go out shopping for another lawn care service to come mow my yard in Stirling Heights. I was paying $25 per cut and I wanted to stay somewhere close around that cost for lawn care service. What I was surprised about when I started searching for a no another lawn mowing service was that all of the lawn care companies wanted me to sign a year-round yard maintenance contract just to cut my grass. All I wanted was to pay by the cut for lawn care service to take care of my grass for me. I started searching on Facebook and found out about GreenPal extended lawn care service the Dunedin area in the St Pete Florida Facebook group. After creating my account I found an affordable lawn mowing service near me in Dunedin to cut my grass for $20 per cut. I recommend GreenPal to anybody that does not want to get ripped off by local lawn care services and just wants to pay by the lawn cut.”
Leslie Smith Lawn Cutting in Dunedin FL
“I was looking for something a little more than just basic lawn cutting, I wanted somebody to prune my palm trees, and install pinestraw in my landscaping bed along with mowing my yard every week. I got a few quotes from local lawn care services near me and the Dunedin, Fl area however I just did not get the feeling that they could take on the full scope of yard maintenance that I was looking for. Then I searched for lawn mowing services near me in the Google play store and found out about the GreenPal mobile app could connect me with a reliable lawn cutting service nearby me in Dunedin. I entered the details about the yard service that I was looking for and the GreenPal app connected me with five competitive lawn maintenance offers from local lawn care services wanting to be my yard guy. I hired the cheapest lawn care service out of the lawn care service pricing list and they are working out just fine with my yard maintenance.”
Joshua Robinson Lawn Mowing in Dunedin FL
“I have a vacation home in Dunedin Florida and last lawn care season my lawn mowing service was not giving me all that I was paying for with respect to my lawn maintenance agreement that I had with him. I live out of state and there was really no way of knowing if I was actually getting all of the lawn cuttings that I was getting billed for. A friend from my real estate investor group told me about GreenPal and how you get a picture of the mowed yard every time that your yard maintenance company cuts the grass. This gave me peace of mind that I was not getting billed for any lawnmowing's that I was not getting. That's the thing I really like about the GreenPal lawn care service mobile app is that I get a picture of my cut yard in Dunedin , Fl that is time stamped so I know that the grass was actually cut every seven days like I ordered. Thank you GreenPal.”
Nicole Tucker Lawn Mow in Dunedin FL
“I recently bought a home in Lake Highlander in Dunedin, Fl and I didn't know any reliable lawn care services in the area, I tried calling a few that were recommendations from my church at Kirk of Dunedin Christian Church , however not a single one of the recommended lawn care services would even call me back. I know local lawn care services in Dunedin are busy however I was disappointed when I didn't couldn't even get one of them to give me a affordable lawn mowing price. I found GreenPal while searching for cheap lawn cutting searches near me, and their lawn care app solved all that problem for me. After I signed up for yard maintenance prices I received three responses back from local lawn care services and Dunedin that wanted to cut my grass. After booking One for $28 per cut I wasn't expecting much, but when they came out and mow the yard they did a fantastic job. I wanted to lock the yard service in for the entire lawn mowing season, and now they are mowing the yard every two weeks for me like clockwork.”

lawn-maintenance-in-dunedin-Fl-lawn-service-in-Cool-ValleyHello there and welcome to the online ordering page for lawn care services and yard maintenance Dunedin Florida. My name is Gary and it's my job to help you find the best fit lawn care service in Dunedin to take care of your yard maintenance for you. My job is to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your GreenPal lawn care services experience and also help answer any questions along the way as we help you find, schedule, and pay for reliable local lawn cutting services near you in Dunedin, FL. I imagine that your yard and grass has grown to be over 24 inches tall? OK OK maybe the grass is not that tall but I speculate that you have probably been looking around online for lawn cutting prices to hire a lawn care service. Well... your search for a lawn maintenance provider Dunedin is over. GreenPal has the best lawn care services in Dunedin, FL available for you to order right from your fingertips from this web page or our lawn care service mobile app. How does GreenPal know these are the 10 best lawn care services in Dunedin? Because we've done the hard work of interviewing hundreds of lawn care services throughout the greater Saint Petersburg area and city of Dunedin Florida to find the most reliable, most affordable, and all-around best lawn care services in Pinellas County, Florida that you can hire to maintain your yard. We took over their lawn care equipment to make sure that they have professional grade lawn cutters, we inspect their best practices to make sure they are operating a professional based lawn care service, we talk to other lawn maintenance customers of theirs to make sure that they were satisfied and that they actually do the yard work that they say they will do, and we also have them perform an audition mowing on the GreenPal lawn care app and we inspect the quality of the lawn cutting that they perform in that audition.

What we are looking for when inspecting the quality of their yard work is do they leave a bunch of grass clippings left over when they mow the yard? How do they do with edging the sidewalks and driveways free from grass? And also, are they courteous to their customers and communicate in a professional manner. These are all the things that we look for before enabling a lawn care service is Dunedin Florida to operate their lawn mowing business on top of the GreenPal lawn care services network. Only after they meet all of this criteria are they able to operate their lawn mowing service so you can order your yard maintenance from their lawn mowing business. GreenPal has dozens of satisfied users in Curlew Landings, Royal Oak, and Virginia Crossing neighborhoods in Dunedin, Florida. So no matter if you live off of San Christopher Dr or over by Hammock Park , all you need to do is just click the orange button at the top of your screen and you'll get setup for lawn care service to take care of your yard mowing for you tomorrow or the next day. Finding, scheduling and paying for affordable lawn care service near me in Dunedin, FL has never been easier. Should you have any questions as you are ordering your lawn mowing online with GreenPal, do not hesitate to ask we are here to help. Also if you need local lawn mowing services in Largo FL or wanting to hire a lawn maintenance service in Oldsmar FL nearby me GreenPal also has found and onboarded some great lawn care service companies in those areas of Tampa Bay as well.

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About Dunedin Florida

Dunedin is a city in Pinellas County, Florida, United States. The name comes from Dùn Èideann.

Dunedin is home to several beaches, including Dunedin Causeway, Honeymoon Island, and Caladesi Island State Park, which is consistently rated among the best beaches in the world. Dunedin is one of the few open waterfront communities from Sarasota to Cedar Key where buildings do not completely obscure the view of the Intracoastal Waterway and the Gulf of Mexico beyond; a 1-mile stretch of Edgewater Drive.

The downtown business district is notable for its absence of large commercial signage, corporate franchise restaurants or chain retail stores. The Pinellas Trail, a 39-mile-long bicycle and pedestrian trail that traverses all of Pinellas County, bisects downtown Dunedin. A large portion of the trail lies on the former roadbed of the Orange Belt Railway, the first railroad in Pinellas County, which arrived in 1888.

Dunedin is located at 28°01′31″N 82°46′31″W, which is the approximate geographic center of the city. The middle of downtown (intersection of Main Street and Douglas Avenue) is located at 28°00′42″N 82°47′16″W.[8]

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 28.2 square miles (73 km2). 10.4 square miles of it is land and 17.8 square miles (46 km2) of it is water. Dunedin is bordered by the city of Clearwater to the south and east, the Gulf of Mexico to the west, and by Palm Harbor (an unincorporated community of Pinellas County) to the north. Source: Wikipedia Dunedin, Fl

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