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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Pine Hills, FL as of May, 2024


Hicks Lawn Care in Pine Hills, FL

Hired 47 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.29 Reviews)

I have been cutting grass in Pine Hills Florida since this time last year and it's my pleasure to offer the residence of Pine Hills a reliable and affordable solution for their grass cutting needs. We specialize in basic, no-frills affordable and cheap lawn mowing services and folks in Pine Hills seem to love it. Let's face it you really don't need all the bells and whistles that come with a Full-service landscaping maintenance contractor in Pine Hills, you just need somebody reliable to come out and cut your grass when it grows tall, right? Well that's where my lawn maintenance company comes in we do a good clean job of cutting your lawn so you don't have to worry about push mowing it yourself. We also do work for many property management companies, and real estate investors that own lawns and properties throughout Pine Hills Florida and we are happy to yard cleanups, landscaping renovations, and debris and backyard cleanups for any investment properties that you may have in the Pine Hills Florida area. Pine Hills and west Orlando is resurging and we are happy to be a part of that growth in the community and happy to improve the look of the Pine Hills community one nice and neat lawnmowing at a time.

Included with our lawn mowing price list that you will get from us on the GreenPal lawnmowing mobile app is a basic lawn cutting, bagging of clippings is not included, basic weed eating, and edging any concrete lines that you have in your yard. If the grass at your property is over 10 inches tall in the first lawnmowing maybe a little bit extra charge as tall grass takes about double the work to get mode and looking back nice and neat. Now if your lawn has grown to be tall don't fret we can get it back under control and that the first lawnmowing visit will be a little extra money. We have a dozen or so satisfied lawn cutting clients over by The Groves Mobile Home Community in Pine Hills Florida and we would be happy to add you to or list of satisfied lawn cutting customers in West Orlando. If you were looking for cheap lawn care service in Pine Hills near me, then we will be a good fit for you and we are happy to give you a free lawn mowing price and or most affordable lawn care service rate that we can so you can hire a good lawnmowing company but not break your yard maintenance budget. Thank you so much for considering us for your lawn care service needs I look forward to giving you a little extra free time on the weekends and taking the lawn cutting off of your back.

Also , if you need cheap lawn cutting services in Sandord FL nearby me no problem we maintain yards in that part of Orlando and also offer local grass cutting services in Clermont FL.


Imperial Lawn Care in Pine Hills, FL

Hired 43 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.34 Reviews)

Need your yard cut in Pine Hills Florida? No problem my yard cutting businesses here to help. We have dozens of happy lawnmowing customers all over the Pine Hills area, and I have been cutting grass and West Orlando for two lawnmowing seasons now. If you're looking for the cheapest lawn care service you can find in Pine Hills I'm probably not going to be yet but there are some other affordable options here on GreenPal that you can probably choose from when you get your lawn mowing service price list. Most of my lawn maintenance rates in Pine Hills start out at $22 per line cutting and go up to $40 per lawn cutting, should you want more than a basic lawn cut then you can add on additional services to my yard maintenance such as shrub pruning weed removal leaf cleanup mulch or pine straw or just whatever you want, we do a bunch of yard work for folks in Pine Hills. If you're looking for just the basic lawn cutting service every 14 days we can accommodate that for you as well.

Keep in mind that mind that my lawn mowing prices per cut will be a little cheaper if you have me mow the grass every seven days however if you were only wanting every two week lawnmowing we can do that for you as well it'll probably just be two or three dollars more per lawnmowing if you want to get your grass cut two times a month. So with that being said it's my pleasure to be considered for your yard cutting needs this year you have probably seen my lawnmowing trucks running up and down N Hiawassee Rd, so it's no problem for me to pick up your grass cutting for you this week if you sign up for lawn mowing quotes today and hire me today usually I can get to your lawnmowing by tomorrow. After I cut your grass for the first time I will send you our yard maintenance price list that has a few different quotes on it for various yard work that you might want to get done in your yard sometime this year. This is by no means required but it's just there for your consideration should you want to hire me for that landscape maintenance as well. I am actively seeking seeking new lawnmowing customers over by Horseshoe Lake, and over by Lawne Lake, so if you're in those parts of town I can probably give you a little bit of a cheaper lawnmowing rate say five dollars per lawn cut cheaper because I'm already mowing so many yards in your neighborhood already. So let me just say thank you so much for considering my lawn maintenance company in Pine Hills Florida. I look forward to adding you to my list of satisfied lawn maintenance customers that I have in the West Orlando area and I look forward to taking the grass cutting off of your hands.

Also , if you are looking for cheap yard services in Oviedo FL near me we offer grass cutting there and also landscape services with no contracts in Sanford FL.


Whotmore Lawn Care Services in Pine Hills, FL

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(overall rating 5/5.39 Reviews)

There's no shortage of cheap lawn mowing services in Pine Hills Florida, however if you want affordability with your lawn maintenance and quality and yard service then I am your lawn guy. My lawn business strives to keep yard cutting costs low while keeping a lawn care service quality high. Now I know you're probably not looking for all the bells and whistles when it comes to getting your grass cut in Pine Hills however It's nice to know that you can hire a lawnmowing company that will be there for you to cut your grass week in and week out throughout the growing season in Pine Hills. Most of our lawn maintenance customers in West Orlando have us cut their grass every 14 days in order to save money on their lawn maintenance costs. But most lawn care services in Lake County will not accommodate an every 14 day lawn maintenance schedule and they will require you to sign a lawn maintenance contract that includes every seven day grass cuttings.

We feel like that's a little excessive and for most folks that live in the Pine Hills Florida area every two weeks grass cutting is fine as they're just looking to have a decent and reliable lawn mowing service keep their yard and keep the city of Pine Hills off of their back and sending a nasty letters in the mail about having to tall of a grass in the yard. Now.. I don't want you to think that all we do is just basic grass cutting, our lawn maintenance company does a full range of different yard services and yard work for you to choose from if you need it. However most of our clientele in the Pine Hills Florida area is just looking for basic lawn cutting and that's what really what we do best. If you want to get a firm lawnmowing price from my lawn care service for how much it is going to be to cut your grass on a weekly, every 10 days, or every two weeks lawn maintenance schedule well no problem just click the little button below my biography and I will be presented with data about your yard, how big and how many square feet your yard and grass space is, approximately how tall your grass has grown to be, and also how often you were wanting grass cutting. I will use all of this information to prepare my affordable lawn mowing price and you will get an email sent with my lawn mowing cost along with lawn care service reviews other residents in the Pine Hills Florida area I've had to say about my lawn maintenance company. We are looking to take on additional lawn maintenance customers all over Pine Hills especially around Maynard Evans High School, Robinwood Junior High School, and over by Meadowbrook Junior High School. If you live in those parts of town we would be happy to add you to our list of satisfied lawn cutting customers that we have in West Orlando. Thank you and have a great day!

Also , if you are not near Pine Hills , FL we also do cheap lawn cutting services in Sanford FL and we also provide service for affordable lawn services in Cleremont FL.


Kody Lawn Services in Pine Hills, FL

Hired 118 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.130 Reviews)

Thanks for checking out my profile, I would be happy to take over your grass cutting for you for your home in Pine Hills Florida. Most companies when you hire them to cut your grass in Pine Hills will try to sell you on some kind of landscaping maintenance contract that you really don't need, but not my lawn care service. My lawnmowing company in Pine Hills, Fl believes that the customer is always right, and that the customer is always the customer. It doesn't matter if you want weekly mowing, every two week grass cutting, or every 10 days lawn care service we can accommodate those lawn maintenance request for you. Heck we even do one time grass cuttings for folks that just want the lawn mowed one time by a local lawn care service in Pine Hills near me. Most grass cutting companies won't bother with a one time lawnmowing cut, however we will.

Now I will say this… if you have us cut your grass one time to help you out please don't call us back in five or six weeks again when you let your grass grow up to two or 3 feet tall and then want us to cut it again for the same lawnmowing price. Unfortunately a lot of people in Pine Hills try to get away with this with my lawn care service and I got burned a few times so I can't do that anymore. Most folks don't realize is is the grass grows over 24 inches tall it takes three or four hours to get the yard mowed back right. We simply can't do that grass cutting for $20 or $30, I mean think about it we would be making less than minimum wage after we pay for our lawn mowing gas, lawnmowing equipment, and all of the needed supplies to cut grass in Pine Hills Florida. So I just wanted to give you a heads up that it's best to get on a consistent lawn maintenance schedule when you are comparing your lawnmowing prices from different yard maintenance companies in the Pine Hills Florida area. We have tons of satisfied lawn care service customers in Lake County, West Orlando, in the Pine Hills area. You probably seen our trucks running through town on N Powers Dr, and if you live by Robinswood Middle School, or by Barnett Park we can pick up your grass cutting for you no problem. So if you're ready to get started with a free lawn mowing price to find out what is the cost going to be to get your lawn mowed go ahead and click the button you see you right below my biography here and I will prepare a free grass cutting estimate for how much it is going to cost to do your yard maintenance this lawn care season. Thank you so much I look forward to adding you to my portfolio and list of satisfied lawn maintenance customers in the Pine Hills Florida area.

If you dont live in Pine Hills , FL we also do local lawn care services in Clermont near me and have extended yard cutting services to offer cheap lawn care services nearby me in Oviedo FL.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 4 reviews)
John Woodson Lawn Cut in Pine Hills FL
“I've been using the same grass cutting service in Pine Hills Florida for the last like seven lawnmowing seasons to mow my yard near Crooked Lake and when this mowing season kicked back up in March he disappeared, nowhere to be found, he literally fell off the face of the earth I tried calling him, text him and email him about getting our grass cut again and the guy just disappeared on us. So I was left with having to find a lawn care service again to mow our home and I had to start from scratch. I started googling on line about lawn care services near me in Pine Hills and found the GreenPal mobile app. Skeptically, I signed up for my free lawnmowing quotes and surprisingly there were several affordable lawn cutting options and I hired the cheapest one. The lawn cutting service that I hired did a great job the very next day of cutting my grass so I just set up lawnmowing every seven days until the end of November.”
Troy Delgado Lawn Care Service in Pine Hills FL
“I just moved to Pine Hills Florida and I've never mowed my own yard before and I didn't want to start cutting grass now especially in the Orlando heat. I am from up north so I didn't know how lawnmowing services near me operated in the Pine Hills area. Well... I was immediately shocked was when I started calling around to get prices from different lawn cutting services near me is that all of them want to me to sign a year-round lawn maintenance contract in order to just get my yard mowed. I felt like that was a little excessive but it just seem like every yard mowing company that I called demanded that I sign some sort of yard maintenance agreement. Reluctantly, I started to look for other grass cutting options and a friend at work recommended GreenPal. The lawn mowing app is cool because it lets you only order the amount of lawn care service that you want and you can get your grass cut with no contract at all. After the process was so smooth and easy for getting my lawn mowed the first time I just set up lawn cuttings every two weeks and I pay after each yard mowing billed to my credit card.”
Maria Fletcher Yard Cutting in Pine Hills FL
“I read about GreenPal launching in the Orlando area on in the Orlando Crain and I decided to give it a shot for my mother's home in Pine Hills Florida by Barnett Park. She has been trying to cut her grass for her yard and I keep begging her to let a professional lawn mowing service just take over the grass cutting for her. I signed up for GreenPal because the app enable me to get quotes from local lawn care services in Pine Hills that specialize in residential lawn services without having to call a bunch of them which I absolutely despise doing. After signing up her account for her she was greeted with for competing offers from different lawn care services in Pine Hills, Fl who wanted to cut her grass. I hired the one with the best lawn care company reviews and the most expensive lawnmowing option out of the lawn maintenance price list so I knew that she wouldn't be disappointed with the yard service that she received. GreenPal made this whole process of finding her a grass cutter smooth and simple for me and I highly recommend it to anybody wanting to hire lawnmowing service in the Pine Hills Fl area.”
Sylvia Pigg Lawn Care Service in Pine Hills FL
“GreenPal really solved a problem for me, I just wanted a basic every two week lawn cutting for my rental home in Pine Hills that I am renting next to Lake Star. GreenPal presented me with 4 lawn maintenance price options from local lawn care services near me in the Pine Hills Florida area who I wanted to cut my grass each for less than $30 per cut. This lawn mowing rate was not only in my budget but was actually cheaper than what it would cost for us to move our own grass and so we are getting the lawn cut every two weeks from March through December now thanks to GreenPal, and the best part is is that we don't have to mail any checks or deal with any lawn maintenance contractor's invoices as billing and payment is all handled on the mobile app, I love GreenPal.”

lawn-maintenance-in-pine-hills-Fl-lawn-service-in-Cool-Valley Welcome to Greenpal the easiest way to get lawn care service, landscaping maintenance, and grass cutting in West Orlando and Pine Hills Florida, I imagine your grass has grown to be about 12 inches tall and you are in desperate need of a lawn care service to cut your grass for you. Am I correct? Well you are at the right place and here comes a GreenPal to the rescue. My name is Gary and my job is to explain how the GreenPal lawn cutting service mobile app works and to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your yard maintenance experience that you get on the GreenPal website and mobile app. GreenPal is Pine Hill’s easiest way to find, schedule, and pay an affordable Lawn Care service in Pine Hills and in Orange County Florida. The city of Pine Hills is evolving and as you know probably from calling around to other lawn care services that offer residential lawnmowing business in Pine Hills are filling up fast and it's hard for them to even return your phone call for lawnmowing estimate or lawn cutting price when you need one. Well that's where the GreenPal mobile app and website comes in handy.

We connect you with the top 10 best lawn care services in Pine Hills Florida at a few clicks of the mouse or taps on your smartphone so you can order lawn care service and lawnmowing without even having to leave voicemails or call around for lawn cutting prices. GreenPal does all of that hard work for you by interviewing and prescreening dozens and dozens of lawnmowing professionals throughout Pine Hills and Orange county. For every lawn mowing business that we let operate their business on the GreenPal lawn care services app, we interview about 20 other lawn cutting services in Pine Hills and not all landscape maintenance companies make the GreenPal cut. The vetting process for lawnmowing business to offer their yard services on GreenPal is pretty rigorous, we check out their lawn cutting equipment to make sure it is in sound operational condition, we talk to other lawn maintenance customers who may have maintained yards for in the Pine Hills Florida area, and we also run a credit check on their business to make sure that their lawn care service in yard mowing businesses and sound financial shape. This alleviates the problem of the disappearing lawn guy that happen so quite frequently to lawnmowing contractors in Pine Hills and Orange County. So if you were looking for a reliable and affordable lawn care service in West Orlando look no further, GreenPal is here to set you up with with an afford yard maintenance business near me. If you're ready to get started with your free lawn cutting prices and yard maintenance estimates , go ahead and click on the orange button at the top of your screen and you will get four or five free lawn cutting prices emailed right to your inbox. You can then read over their Pine Hills lawn care service reviews and I are the best fit lawn maintenance company in Pine Hills to cut your grass. GreenPal has dozens of reliable and affordable lawn maintenance companies in The Willows, and over by Ridgewood Park Elementary School, and by Horseshoe Lake, so you are all set just click the button at the top your screen to get started and never worry about lawn maintenance and yard work again. Also if wanting to hire a local lawn care services in Oviedo, Fl or searching for a solid lawn cutting services in Cleremont Fl GreenPal also covers those parts of the Orlando, Fl as well.

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About Pine Hills Florida

Pine Hills is an unincorporated subdivision in Orange County.

The area that would become Pine Hills began in 1953 with the first subdivisions – Robinswood and Pine Ridge Estates – constructed along the newly completed Pine Hills Road north of Colonial Drive (SR 50). It was one of the first suburbs of Orlando and grew as a bedroom community for the workers of Martin Marietta (now Lockheed Martin). At the time, it was an upper-middle class suburb with a country club named "Silver Pines".

Into the late 1980s and during the 1990s, Pine Hills fell into a state of decline. Silver Pines Country Club was closed, and apartment complexes were built on the property in the mid 1990s. The "Pine Hills Shopping Center" lost its long-time tenants and was eventually converted in the late 1990s into "Pine Hills Marketplace", a strip mall with discount stores.

The most recent effort to revitalize Pine Hills began with the creation of the "Pine Hills Safe Neighborhood Partnership". It is a group of neighborhood residents who collaborate with Orange County Government and local law enforcement agencies in an effort to keep the area safe. The group is a 501c3 non-profit organization and has received grant funding from private and public resources.

The grants fund a variety of projects designed to deter crime and enhance resident safety. Some initiatives include hiring off-duty law enforcement officers to make extra patrols, offering summer youth programs to keep youth engaged, and helping neighborhoods make infrastructure improvements to traffic patterns, community lighting and more. Regular community meetings are held at the Pine Hills Community Center. Source: Wikipedia Pine Hills, Fl

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