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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Fort Pierce, FL as of Sep, 2019

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Ab&T Lawn Care Service Lawn Services in Fort Pierce, FL

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We at AB&T Lawn Care Service understand that homeowners around the Fort Pierce FL area have many needs surrounding their yards. The yard maintenance efforts that people might have includes many concerning not only mowing grass but also trimming bushes or removing weeds among other things. We're available to help people around the city by keeping their lawns under control.

We pride ourselves in being there for you when you need us. We offer a comprehensive array of lawn care services that will make your property the best-looking space in Fort Pierce.

Our team at AB&T will help you with your basic lawn maintenance needs. We offer help for grass cutting, edging surfaces, and aerating your lawn. We’ll measure your grass before we start to confirm the appropriate height that we need to mow your lawn at. We can also help with cutting the bushes around your space and with cleaning off any unwanted leaves, grass clippings, or other things that may get stuck on your yard.

You can ask us for help with taking care of any fruit trees you have as well. We can help you with maintaining lemon, strawberry, lime, orange, and avocado trees among others.

Our regular weed treatments will help with controlling weeds around your property without killing off your grass or other landscape features. Our landscape maintenance team will identify the quality of your lawn and figure out what materials work best for treating the difficult weeds around your space.

Our regular lawn maintenance services include help for managing landscapes. These include points for monitoring any walkways, rocks, or other features around your yard. This part of our yard maintenance service will ensure that your yard will look refreshing.

You can even ask us for help with getting your pressure cleaning needs. We can clean out your driveway or sidewalk among other surfaces. Our work will ensure your space will look beautiful without putting your grass or other green features at risk of harm.

Our team is available for all the outstanding lawn care needs you have at your Fort Pierce FL home. We can mainly serve large lawns around the outskirts of the city like on Rogers Road. Properties around St. Lucie Village that have worn brown lawns can also benefit from the services we offer. We focus on helping people around the area by making the most out of their lawns regardless of how large they are or how much work needs to be put into their spaces.

We offer free estimates for all the services we provide as well. Our team at AB&T can work with residential and commercial properties as well. We also have Spanish-speaking yard workers on hand for those who may struggle with English.

You can reach us at AB&T Lawn Care Service if you need help with your space in Fort Pierce. We would love to provide you with the best lawn care solution that you can utilize when taking care of your property and keeping the space looking healthy and refreshed.

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Titan Lawn And Landscape Lawn Services in Fort Pierce, FL

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We at Titan Lawn and Landscape have been helping people throughout the Fort Pierce FL area with their yard maintenance services for more than ten years. We’ve been helping people in the region since 2006 and want to help with ensuring everyone who needs lawn care services can get the solutions that they need for caring for their yards.

We pride ourselves on offering the most affordable lawn care services in Fort Pierce. We created the $65 a Month Lawn Service package as a solution that provides everything from mowing a lawn to controlling weeds to aerating during particular seasons. Of course, you can also spend less than $65 on a service if you only require something specific like a grass cutting service.

But regardless of how intensive or basic our services for your home might be, you can trust us at Titan with caring for your lawn without forcing you to break your budget at the same time. We recognize that you’ve only got so much money to work with here in Fort Pierce. That’s why we ensure you only pay for the lawn care services that you need. More importantly, we’ll never hide any fees from you during the yard care process. We’ll let you know what you will spend before we start.

We are available throughout the day from Mondays to Saturdays. We’re open as early as seven in the morning for your lawn. You can also contact us regardless of the area in Fort Pierce that you live. Do you have a large yard on Sunrise Boulevard with lots of trees that need to be trimmed? Perhaps you have a smaller lawn near Hibiscus Park. We’ll come to your property as soon as you call us for help, although you can also schedule us to reach your home while you are out of town for any reason.

You don’t have to worry about where in Fort Pierce FL you are located either. We at Titan are based out of West Weatherbee Road here in Fort Pierce. We can reach your space quickly regardless of what side of Route 1 you are on.

There are no limits as to how large a lawn has to be either. We can take care of small and large greens alike throughout the Fort Pierce area. We can help you with your lawn care services whether you’ve got a vast lawn around the outskirts of town or a smaller property near Pinewood Park. You will love the work that we put in at Titan for your space as we aim to make your space more comfortable.

Titan Lawn and Landscape wants to be the team you can trust for your lawn care needs. You can reach us at Titan today to schedule a time for a free consultation at your Fort Pierce FL home. We’ll analyze your space and provide you with a full estimate of what we can do for your space. You’ll find that our service is easy to benefit from and also affordable.

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Ritsick Landscaping Lawn Services in Fort Pierce, FL

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My name is Edward Ritsick, and I’m the founder and chief operator of Ritsick Landscaping. I’ve seen various lawns around the Fort Pierce FL area and other spots around the county. I know that people have many demands for their yards. In some cases, people have experienced sizeable damages that need a healthy fix. You can reach us for help here at Ritsick Landscaping regardless of your yard or landscape maintenance needs.

I’ve seen far too many instances of lawns torn up around the Fort Pierce area over the years. The Villages of Longwood are beautiful and charming, but they’ve gone through plenty of hurricanes over the years. I’ve seen many cases of the lawns around this neighborhood being torn up from excess wind and rain caused by those hurricanes. I think everyone in the area knows about Frances and Jeanne by now, of course.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to help many people around Longwood, Pine Hollow, and other neighborhoods in Fort Pierce with fixing their lawns after these storms. I’ve helped with many functions like loosening up soil, adding new seed around a spot, and with cleaning off any clumps of sod, weeds, and other things that might litter a yard. My goal is to keep each lawn I care for clean and green while also ensuring everything is smooth.

I’m available to help with any lawn in the region that needs services. I can even help with smaller yards and spaces that haven’t gotten enough support. Do you have a trailer property or other small home in the County Cove area? I can help you make your property the envy of everyone else in the area by helping you to grow beautiful green grass. There are no limits as to what I can handle. You can also ask my team members here at Ritsick for additional information on what can be done for your property. We’ve been helping people around the region for years. We can certainly help you with your particular needs.

I can help you with planning a full lawn maintenance plan for your space before my team starts. My review will entail analyzing the quality of your lawn while looking at how high up the grass should be as we take care of the surface. The effort also involves reviewing the quality of the yard to see how well the grass can drain. You’ll need to ensure the space can handle water well enough while keeping the grass healthy. You will be impressed with how well we’re able to make it most out of your work.

Don’t forget that we can help you with your commercial properties if necessary. We are available for help with both residential and commercial spaces around Fort Pierce. I will help you with all your work needs even if you’ve got a big spot.

You can reach my associates and me here at Ritsick Landscaping today if you need assistance with your yard maintenance needs in Fort Pierce Florida. You will appreciate how we can provide you with the excellent lawn maintenance services that you deserve.

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Evans Lawn Service Lawn Services in Fort Pierce, FL

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Your Fort Pierce lawn will surely require enough water to make it through the intense heat that comes about in the area every summer. But you also need to ensure the grass bed can drain well so the space will not flood if a tropical system ever comes about. Fortunately, our team at Evans Lawn Service will help you with all the maintenance needs that you might have at your Fort Pierce FL home.

Our team at Evans Lawn Service is based out of Hibiscus Road here in Fort Pierce. We’ve taken care of lawns of all types here at Evans Lawn Service and will surely find a way to care for your yard in particular.

You can ask us for help with producing a sensible drainage setup for your lawn. We’ll help you with loosening your soil and aerating your space as necessary so the area can drain properly. You can also ask us for regular help with an irrigation schedule depending on how much water your property needs. Our services are customized to fit the needs of every individual lawn in the region from Admiral Street to West Edwards Road and all points in between.

We can help you with your residential lawn care needs today. Our team at Evans will review your property to figure out the appropriate height that we need to get the lawn cut at. We’ll also figure out a mowing pattern that needs to be utilized for your success. You can even reach us for help with your landscape maintenance needs, including with trimming trees and bushes among other spaces.

We’re also available for all your commercial landscaping needs. We can mow commercial lawns and trim bushes among other things around an office building or another public space. We want to make your business site more attractive to customers and employees alike.

We’ve been caring for lawns around Fort Pierce for years here at Evans Lawn Service. We’ve seen every issue that a lawn in the region could develop, including the growth of weeds like crabgrass, chickweeds, and dandelions. We’ll take care of everything in your property that might have grown out of control. You can ask us to dry out old weeds and as necessary. The thorough work we put into each lawn care treatment is something you are bound to appreciate from us. Our services will see that you’ve got the help you deserve for keeping your lawn looking appealing throughout the year.

We’re also available for properties off the Florida Coast. We serve lawns around Jaycee Park, South Beach Park, and other properties directly off of the coast. Our team will assist you with all the maintenance requirements you have even if you’re in a relatively remote part of the city.

You can reach us at Evans Lawn Service when you need assistance with making your lawn look outstanding. Talk with us today to schedule a free consultation so we can figure out what needs to work for the lawn.

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Brianna Rodriguero Grass Cutting in Fort Pierce FL

My lawn at my Taylor Creek home has experienced far too much fatigue over the years from all the rain that comes along. I talked with AB&T to ask for help with getting my lawn watered and aerated so the space would look a little healthier. The team did very well with mowing my space and with ensuring my lawn was seeded well. Their aeration service was particularly useful for my area. I also love how the team was able to loosen up the soil well so my space would not flood from all that rain that comes along the coastline every year.

Gary Thomas Yard Mowing in Fort Pierce FL

It usually takes a while for me to get my lawn in the White City area cut, especially since my yard is very long in the back area. I never have the time to mow my lawn, what with me having to travel to Port St. Lucie every day for work. But I contacted Titan for help with helping me to get the lawn cut, and they were very supportive. I’ve been reaching them every month for regular cutting services. They do very well with mowing grass, cleaning up the space, and ensuring everything is trimmed with the best possible pattern. Titan is a real time-saver for me.

Peter Gaskin Grass Cut in Fort Pierce FL

My home not far from the Gator Trace golf course had some weed issues that were keeping my lawn from looking as attractive as the space should be. But Ritsick Landscaping has assisted me with taking care of my yard and killing off those weeds. I love how the team has helped me with mowing my lawn and with clearing out old weeds without problems. I love how Ritsick comes by every month to help me with taking care of my space. The work that I put in is always worthwhile and has been doing well for my general needs.

Darlene Williams Lawn Mow in Fort Pierce FL

My home off of Delaware Avenue has several tall trees that often get in the way of my property, especially along the solar panels on my roof. But Evans Lawn Service has done well over the years with keeping those trees under control. They help me with the regular trimming process and with cleaning up after the excess growths are cleaned out. I also love how the team provides a full aeration and weeding service for my lawn to keep the space looking healthy. I’ve got the greenest grass on the street thanks to what they do for my area.

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Fort Pierce FL may be a beautiful place to live and work, but not everything is easy for people in the area to take care of. This point can be said about lawn care efforts. Not all people in the Fort Pierce area know about the right ways for mowing grass or taking care of many yard and landscape functions. Fortunately, you can find various lawn care providers around the Fort Pierce area who are available to assist you with your space. You can talk with us at GreenPal to find people who can assist you with anything surrounding your lawn.

You can use the GreenPal app to find details on quality lawn care teams throughout the Fort Pierce area. We will help you find a talented lawn care team where you are. These include teams around any space from a Gator Trace lawn near a golf course to a smaller property on Sunrise Terrace.

You can also review what’s on the GreenPal app if you need to find someone who can take care of apartment complexes or commercial properties. Lawns like the ones around the Treasure Cay area may be appealing, but they can be tough to maintain due to how humid the air can be around the space. Meanwhile, the lawns around the smaller complexes on Juanita Avenue can be hard to drain. The good news is that there are many lawn maintenance teams in Fort Pierce that understand the ins and outs of your lawn. You can use the GreenPal to find all of these teams and much more.

The process for finding the best lawn care teams in Fort Pierce FL will not take long either. You can download the GreenPal app and enter in your address to find details on what lawn services are near you. Enter in Seminole Road, and you’ll see details on lawn services that include the Seminole Road area in their coverage maps. You can get quality help even if you’re in a space like that or another part of the outskirts of Fort Pierce.

You can also review information on each of the lawn service providers listed on the GreenPal app. You’ll find that each of these lawn maintenance teams is certified to work well for your needs. These include groups that are listed on the St. Lucie County Chamber of Commerce directory. We want to ensure you’re only working with yard maintenance teams that have the equipment, workers, and knowledge needed to make your lawn look its best.

You’ll even get an approximate estimate for what services would cost for your home. You’ll be surprised over how much services cost in Fort Pierce. That is, those services are nowhere near as expensive as you’d assume they would be.

The outstanding work that we put in here at GreenPal will help you with finding a quality lawn maintenance team you will love. Download the GreenPal app today to find someone who you can trust when it comes to your lawn care demands.

About Fort Pierce Florida

Fort Pierce is a city in Florida, United States.

Fort Pierce FL is located in the eastern central part of St. Lucie County. The city is known by its locals as Sunrise City.

The Fort Pierce Harbor is a critical space in the city that brings in about 350,000 tons of goods every year. The harbor takes in various citrus imports while also supporting cement and aragonite exports for use around the world.

Indian River State College is in the central part of the city. The school is a community college. Other schools around the city include the Fort Pierce Central and Westwood High Schools plus the advanced placement school Lincoln Park Academy.

The Navy UDT-SEAL Museum is on the northeastern end of Fort Pierce. The museum is home to many exhibits and memorials dedicated to Naval Underwater Demolition Teams and Sea, Air, and Land or SEAL teams. Fort Pierce is the original home of the Navy SEALs.

Various additional museums and research centers can be found around Fort Pierce FL. The Heathcote Botanical Gardens is home to diverse plant habitats. The A.E. Backus Museum and Gallery is home to various works of art from the Florida landscape painter of the same name. The Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute is on the shores of the city and is operated by Florida Atlantic University.

Fort Pierce FL dates back to 1838 when a United States Army post was built in the area during the Second Seminole War. The city was named for Benjamin Kendrick Pierce, an Army officer and brother of President Franklin Pierce.

Fort Pierce is directly north of Port St. Lucie and south of Vero Beach. US Route 1 goes through the eastern end of the city, while I-95 is on the western part. The city has a population of approximately 40,000.

The weather in Fort Pierce can be humid and will often entail highs of up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer. Conditions can go down to 55 in the winter, although conditions rarely go below freezing. Fort Pierce also experiences a high amount of precipitation throughout the year, earning about 54 inches of rain per year. Most of the rainfall occurs during hurricane season.

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