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lawn-maintenance-services-in-yulee-FL greenpal-lawn-care-services-in-yulee-FL-yard-cutting-service-in-yulee-Florida

Needing your Lawn Cut?

Get Competitive pricing without the hassle
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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Yulee, FL as of Apr, 2024


4 Seasons Lawn Care in Atlantic Beach, FL

Hired 27 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.19 Reviews)

If there’s one thing I want you to get from our lawn care company it is the fact that we are reliable. I’m glad you took the time to look through our bio, because it is hard to tell from a list of yard maintenance companies on a website which one to go with. Well, I can tell you right here right now that we are a reliable lawn care service. We call it that instead of a reliable yard maintenance company because we believe our work is more than just affordable lawn mowing. We want to take care of your lawn and yard, treat it like the part of nature that it is. The second difference between us and other yard maintenance companies is the service. We call ourselves a lawn care service because at the end of the day, we are in service to you. That means that when you contract us we won’t tell you what landscaping services we offer, we listen to what you want done. If it’s just a quick lawn mowing, fine, we’ll cut your grass so evenly it will look like a good rug. Is your grass starting to look sparse? Perfect, we’ll take care of reseeding and watering to make it look healthy by the end of the year. Maybe you want some palm trees taken down, put up, or just trimmed? Again, just tell us and we’ll do it.

Our team is a made up of dedicated landscapers, professional lawn mowers, and grass specialists that know the ins and outs of lawn care, from what types of grass are best for Yulee and how to properly edge a lawn. We aren’t just a group of cheap lawn mowers with rented equipment, we are lawn maintenance professionals. Most of our work is posted on GreenPal, but our most obvious client is Mercy Hill Church. We take care of all their trees and bushes, and we’re thankful to have them, because besides GreenPal we get to meet our clients on their way in to the services. If you like what you see on our page, then please message us for a quote. We’d love the chance to show you our skills, I’m sure you’ll see exactly why we call ourselves the best lawn care service in Yulee.

Also , if you need local lawn maintenance services in Orange Park FL my landscaping maintenance business in the Jacksonville metro and can also help out with nearby lawn mowing services in Orange Park FL.


JJ's Lawn Care in Atlantic Beach, FL

Hired 187 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.219 Reviews)

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our lawn care service for Yulee, Florida! We are family owned and operated lawn mowing service, and we pride ourselves in offering honest and affordable lawn mowing service to all of Nassau County. I started my landscaping business a few years ago when I was talking to a few friends about their yards. They were worried about their yards looking shabby and not really having the time or skills to make it look like they want. So, I offered to take a Saturday to do one of their yards for cheap, and they loved it so much they insisted on paying me more. I didn’t even consider myself a cheap lawn mower, let alone a landscaper, but after a few weeks people would introduce me as “the landscaper.” I slowly started taking in more clients, hired more lawn mowers in Yulee, and after our first year we decided to make it official!

The most surprising part starting my landscape maintenance company was when Seaward Homes in Heron Isles asked us to provide our lawn care to their communities. My jaw just dropped at the possibilities. I was very fortunate to work for them as long as I did. So, now here I am offering my GreenPal lawn care services to all of Yulee, Florida. It doesn’t matter how north or south of the St Mary’s River you live, if you contract me I will come. As far as pricing goes, I still have the same prices as when I started. Just because I’m officially a lawn mowing service doesn’t mean I get to stick you with a high price. I honestly just love doing this, and it still feels like I’m just doing a favor for friend whenever someone contracts me for a lawn mowing. It just feels good!

Also , if you are looking for local landscaping maintenance services in Jacksonville FL my yard maintenance compnay would be happy to work with you on that there and also with affordable lawn cutting services in Jacksonville Beach FL.


Signiture Lawn Care Services in Atlantic Beach, FL

Hired 88 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.39 Reviews)

Hello and thanks for checking out our profile! We offer very straightforward lawn care services for all of Yulee and Nassau County, no matter where you are. Our main focus is providing you with a freshly cut lawn that you can enjoy, especially when you don’t have the time yourself to mow the lawn. That’s our goal, to take some stress off you and let a professional yard maintenance company take care of your needs!

We service many neighborhoods in Yulee, from Pirate’s Woods to Lofton Oaks. Most of our lawn mowers and maintenance workers are from Yulee or the Jacksonville area, and we only hire people ready to make their city beautiful and their neighbors happy. Lawn mowing is a humble profession, but when it’s done right it can do so much! I’m sure you know the feeling of getting done with a good lawn mowing and looking out the window to a clean sea of green. I would definitely say you pay us for that feeling, not just cutting the grass. Although most of our clients schedule us for weekly lawn mowing, don’t be afraid to ask for a two-week or a once-a-month grass cut, it’s your yard and you can do with it what you will. If the grass gets long though, we will just have to cut it twice to make sure we don’t tear up the roots. A lot of companies will skip over that first cut or charge double for the second cut, but we believe you are contracting us for a job well done, it doesn’t matter how long it takes us to get there. There’s not much we can say that can really prove us to be lawn care professionals, so let’s just schedule one lawn mowing appointment so we can show you how we work! We look forward to working with you!

Also , if you are not near Yulee , FL we also do lawn mowing services near Jacksonville Beach FL and we do not stop there, my yard maintenance compnay would also love to help out with local grass cutting services in Orange Park FL.


904 Lawn Services in Atlantic Beach, FL

Hired 398 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.319 Reviews)

Did you leave on vacation and let your grass grow a bit too tall? Is your yard looking more like the wetlands of Florida than a front yard? Then call us to get it back into shape! We are Yulee’s best lawn care service you can find, all for less than most yard maintenance companies in the city! Our affordable lawn mowing will blow you away so much that you will think that a professional landscaper came and measured out each blade of grass before cutting it. If you’ve been anywhere near Flying-A-Ranch Airport, or even flown over those neighborhoods, then you’ve seen our work. A few houses in that area have been with our lawn care company for more than three summers!

We provide you with all types of lawn care services, from weed whacking to shrub pruning, fertilizing and resodding, all of it is a matter of your imagination! All you have to do is let us know what you want done in your yard, and we will give you a quote for each lawn care service and the whole project together. We also service other parts of Jacksonville, like O’Neil and Becker. The only thing we ask is that you give us some flexibility in your schedule to fit us in, it is a bit of a drive to get there and we want to make sure we can do a good job and make it on time to our next lawn mowing appointment. Thanks for understanding in advance! Other than that, I can’t wait to show you what our team of professional landscapers can do for you. I’m positive that it only takes one good lawn mowing for us to show you how good we are at our job.

If you dont live in Yulee , FL we also do affordable grass cutting services in Ponte Vedra and if you live in another part of JAX thats no problme let me offer you cheap lawn care near services Orange Park FL.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 4 reviews)
Jason Robinson Yard Cutting in Yulee FL
“Personally, I love the fact that the internet lets services like Uber and Blue Apron exist. When I found out GreenPal exists, I thought I’d give it a shot. I’m never home anyways, and my lawn is usually ignored, so it seemed like a good fit. When I signed up for GreenPal I was surprised that there were so many lawn care services in Yulee! I’m more of an indoors guy, and I spend so much time working and meeting clients that lawn maintenance is not even on my list of things to do. It is so convenient that I can just schedule a cheap lawn mowing on my lunch break! I tried contracting a yard maintenance company before by myself, and it went okay for the first few grass cuttings. But after a while when I was travelling more and more I started to catch on that they weren’t doing as great a job as the first time. Their excuse was that they have so many jobs in the other neighborhoods that by the time they get to Pirate’s Woods they “have to use their lawn mower gas carefully.” What kind of excuse is that?? Maybe I’m writing this review to spite that cheap lawn care company, but it’s also to make GreenPal’s success known. I haven’t had a problem with any lawn mower I’ve contracted on GreenPal, and that’s an achievement for any tech service company, especially with something as personal as lawn care.”
Quinton Bade Yard Cutting in Yulee FL
“Hi! So I’ve been on GreenPal for a while now, and I wanted to take time and give you an honest review on how much its helped me and my husband! We’ve lived in Yulee our whole lives. My husband worked as a landscape maintenance man at the Golf Club at North Hampton for 20 years, so our yard looked great all year round. But we retired, and as we got older he couldn’t cut as well, he would get too tired from a simple lawn mowing. It was hard on us, but after all those years making sure the North Hamptons grass was perfect, my husband would not let our own yard get bad. Our daughter helped us look for a lawn care service in Yulee that would cut the grass, even if it was just a weekly lawn mowing, and after looking around she found GreenPal. My husband was a little skeptical, said that no one could mow his lawn better than he could, so why would he let a so-called quality lawn mowing service come and do a worse job? Our daughter booked us a lawn mowing anyway, and he came out a few days later and my husband was right there to make sure he did a quality lawn mowing. He was even giving the poor man tips on how to get the edges just right! It took a while, but my husband warmed up to him, and he’s been our dedicated yard maintenance man for two summers. The grass always looks good, my husband is happy, and he doesn’t have to strain himself for one yard mowing. I don’t know how we would have found him if it wasn’t for GreenPal.”
Kathleen Odom Lawn Mowing in Yulee FL
“I’m a property manager for a few dozen houses along the St Mary’s River, mostly on Blackbeards Way by Bigum Docks N’ Decks, and I’ve been so thankful to GreenPal with helping me find reliable lawn maintenance services in Yulee. Before, I had two companies going out the properties to do a quick lawn mowing, but it was kind of confusing keeping track of which company was doing what houses. One week I accidentally booked two yard mowing companies for the same houses, so I had to pay double for the second company to get the stray blade of grass the first lawn mowing didn’t get! When I found out about GreenPal, I was sold pretty much right away. The scheduling widget is so easy to use, and I haven’t had a lawn mowing mishap like that since. What’s also great is that I don’t have to stick to the same landscaping company for months, I can choose a different landscaping maintenance company for each lawn mowing if I wanted to. That’s a luxury I didn’t have when I was calling lawn care services by myself. After trying out a few lawn care companies, I found two that I can trust even without GreenPal’s safeguards. They are all good people and do such a great job cutting the grass and trimming the palm trees that I hardly worry about checking up on them. I don’t know how property managers do it without GreenPal, but good luck to them.”
Bruce Henry Lawn Mowing Service in Yulee FL
“I’m a pretty simple guy, all I needed for my home was quick lawn mowing every few weeks. No crazy landscaping, no razor sharp bushes or anything like that, I just needed my grass cut. But a lot of lawn mowing services in Yulee wanted me to sign a contract for at least two other yard maintenance services, I didn’t get that. There are some things I just like to do myself. Pruning my palm trees and working on my garden, for instance. I don’t own a lawn mower, so I can’t really cut my grass by myself, but it’s frustrating when these yard maintenance companies don’t want to come out to my home just to cut the grass! Thankfully, my community at Blackrock Baptist Church is very close, and they suggested I should try GreenPal. They use it, and they love it, so I trusted them. I just love the fact that I don’t have to bind myself to a contract or anything. If I have some extra money I can just schedule a one-time lawn mowing with no contract, it is super simple. Especially when I set aside a Saturday where I can really take care of my garden, it’s nice that I can schedule a reliable lawn mower to come at the same time and be done by lunch. Totally worth the investment.”

lawn-maintenance-in-yulee-Fl-lawn-service-in-Cool-Valley Welcome to GreenPal in Yulee, Florida! We are the top lawn care website that connects you with the best yard maintenance professionals in your area. Lawn care is a summer occasion, and a few weeks without a lawn mowing, especially in Florida, can turn your lawn to an untamed jungle. With GreenPal’s scheduling, you can set up routine lawn mowing with the best landscapers, reliable yard maintenance companies, quick and cheap lawn mowers, all along the St Mary’s River to Lofton Creek Outpost and Reflection Park. Contracting, messaging, and paying your lawn maintenance man is all done through GreenPal at your convenience. Whether you need one lawn mowing or need to book a dedicated maintenance team for your landscape, we can help you set up a lawn service with them. GreenPal is in most cities across the United States and works hard to bring communities in touch with their local landscaping companies. There’s a reason we believe every lawn care professional throughout the U.S. wants to sign up with GreenPal. Lawn care services see how easy it is to connect with you at all times of the day, not just walking house to house handing out cards. It’s just as easy for them to find lawn care clients as it is for you to find lawn care services. We do the hard work of interviewing lawn care services, and by the time you sign up for GreenPal, you will already have plenty of options to choose from. Each company that applies to GreenPal goes through an interview process, followed by an equipment inspection. We’ve found that in the past, most of the GreenPal users reporting problems rent equipment out, but lawn care companies with higher reviews owned and maintained their lawn equipment. From here, each company chosen for GreenPal goes through a tryout. We talk with other GreenPal users who contracted them in the past, look over the other lawns they’ve done all over Yulee, and how reliable a lawn care company they really are. Are they on time? Do they schedule weekly lawn mowing? What other services like shrub and tree pruning, hedge trimming, and fall leaf clean up do they offer?

If their lawn maintenance passes these tests, then they can start bidding for your work on GreenPal. Yes, we did say bid. Lawn care services in Yulee send you messages through GreenPal to give you a quote on the job you need, not the other way around. Sometimes, a lawn care company will offer a blanket service price, say a shrub pruning and a lawn cut, but if you don’t have shrubs to prune, too bad, it’s still included. We see lawn care differently, so we reversed the roles. On GreenPal, if a lawn care company wants your business, they’re going to bid for a job that fits the bill, nothing more nothing less. Jacksonville is a pretty big city, and we know there’s no point in hiring a yard maintenance company in from Yulee if you live in Lakeside, so we’ve taken the time to section Jacksonville by its neighborhoods. The neighborhood specific sites are listed here: GreenPal Ponte Vedra GreenPal Lakeside GreenPal Jacksonville Beach GreenPal Atlantic Beach GreenPal’s services don’t stop at lawn mowing, either. Many yard maintenance companies in Jacksonville are skilled in all kinds of lawn care services, from customized hedging to gardening. There’s no shortage of lawn care professionals in the area, we can assure you of that. Even if you want a full-scale, yard beautification and garden installation, there’s someone on GreenPal that is the right fit. No matter how inventive you want your yard, you can always be sure the companies we put on GreenPal are qualified to do a good job. GreenPal is free to sign up and free to post a lawn maintenance job, the only thing you will pay for is the lawn care company you decide to hire. We at GreenPal just want to connect you with your community yard maintenance professionals in Yulee, Florida. Also if wanting to hire a affordable yard maintenance businesses in Ponte Vedra, Fl or even if you live in another corner of JAX , the GreenPal platform can also help you out with affordable grass cutting services near Jacksonville Beach Fl nearby.

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About Yulee Florida

Yulee is a city in Florida, United States.

Yulee is the census-designated place of Nassau County in Florida. It is the second to last suburb of Jacksonville, right before O’Neil, that you pass on the way to Amelia Island. Despite its modest population of 12,702 people, Yulee, Florida is home to a branch of Florida State College at Jacksonville, the FSC Nassau Center

The University of North Florida and Jacksonville University in Jacksonville are also close by to Yulee. Because of its pristine vegetation and wildlife growth, in addition with its close proximity to the St Mary’s River, Yulee is also home to the 13,000 acre White Oak Conservation.

The site is internationally known for its successes in wildlife conservation, including the successful breeding and repopulating of endangered species like the cheetah, three species of rhinoceros, the Florida panther (from which Florida State University gets its mascot) and the addra gazelle. Although Yulee is a suburb of Jacksonville.

The city also breaks up its landscape into 10 distinctive neighborhoods: Blackmon/Haddock, Heron isles, Hickory Village, Hideaway and Pinewood Point, Meadowfield Bluffs, Pirate’s Wood, Plummers Creek, River Glen, Lofton Oaks, and Timber Creek Plantation. Source: Wikipedia Yulee, Fl

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