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Needing your Lawn Cut?

Get Competitive pricing without the hassle
Book lawn mowing by a pro in Palmetto Bay
Order lawn mowing now without calling around

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Palmetto Bay, FL as of Jun, 2024


Green & Clean Lawn Care in Palmetto Bay, FL

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If you are looking for a quick, easy way to schedule a lawn mowing then GreenPal is the place to be. But if you are looking for a quick, easy lawn mowing done by professional landscapers, then you are on the right profile. Lucky for you, we don’t charge those high prices you will see all over Palmetto Bay, but we still provide for you the highest quality lawn mowing we can, it is just what we do for our friends and family in the city.

Before contacting any lawn care service in Palmetto Bay, Fl, ask yourself what you want out of your landscaping man. Is it a fast, lazy job that gets done before you get home? Or is it someone who will take the time to clean up the grass clippings, go back over the grass in case they missed any patches, and leaves you with a picture of a before and after? If you are ready for the best, then send us a message. There is a simple reason why we believe we are the top notch lawn mowing company in Palmetto Bay, FL, and that is because we don’t judge our success in how many clients we get for a week or a month, even a season. No sir, we judge our success based on how happy we make our clients. Even if that means saying no to potentially more clients, we are okay with that. Our services, besides the best lawn mowing you can find, include all sorts of yard maintenance. From sodding, to fertilizing, to transplanting fruit trees or bushes, we are the company for you. Although we service all parts of Palmetto Bay, lately we have been getting a lot of business around the Coral Reef Park. So if you live anywhere near that area, great! We will be able to service your lawn any day of the week. All it takes is one message to us and you are on the next step to the best landscaping in Palmetto Bay, Florida.

Also , if you need lawn maintenance services in North Miami FL we mow grass all over MIA and would also be excited to take care of lawn mowing services in Hollywood FL.


Edens Lawn Care in Palmetto Bay, FL

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(overall rating 5/5.21 Reviews)

My clients always ask me questions about their lawn, small stuff, like what kind of fertilizer is best for their grass or what they can do to save it from dying in the winter, and it always amazes me how surprised they are that I answer every question. Apparently, most of my clients’ past landscaping maintenance companies are pretty hesitant to answer questions like that, as if it would take way from their business. But I don’t see it that way. Maybe it’s just me, but along with providing you with excellent lawn mowing and lawn maintenance in Palmetto Bay, FL, I see it as my job to educate you on how to manage your lawn. That means sharing with you all my knowledge I have picked up over the years, from mowing patterns like the half pass and double pass, to the more in depth knowledge like how to handle shady spots in the yard or how to pull a weed so it won’t kill the grass around it. You would think little thought goes into cutting grass, but in fact it is practically a science. Grass is a pretty sensitive plant, and even just something as simple as cutting it too close to the root can ruin your whole yard for the whole season.

So why mess with a cheap lawn mower whose only qualifications are that he owns a lawn mower? If you decide to go with me, you will be hiring an expert in over ten years of service and lawn care excellence. Whether you live right on the coast or further inland, I will be ready to take your lawn on. Just the fact that you are considering me for your season’s lawn care is an honor to me, and I would not want to ruin that with an excuse as lame as “it’s too far.” Palmetto Bay is a small slice of Miami, you all know this, and for a landscaping company in Palmetto Bay, Fl to say that they will not drive out to you is ridiculous. Even though I live pretty far inland, I have made trips as far as the Deering Bay itself to mow lawns. That’s because I believe in people, and if they have put their trust in me and messaged me on GreenPal, you can expect I give them the same respect and offer my services to them. Let me show you how great lawn care service can be, from a professional.

Also , if you are looking for cheap yard maintenance services in Doral FL we make lawns beutiful all over MIA and can also perform yard maintenance with no contracts in Coral Gables FL.


GoldRoot Lawn Care Services in Palmetto Bay, FL

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(overall rating 5/5.29 Reviews)

Hiring my company is like hiring your own personal landscaping team. That isn’t just something cute to say, it’s actually how we run our business. Not to talk down about other lawn care services in Palmetto Bay, Florida, but there are very few services that take the time to learn about your lawn. Not just grass, not just how to handle a lawn mower or a push mower, but about your soil, your type of grass, and all the small intricacies of the area. Something as detailed as how much sun your yard is getting plays a huge factor in the overall success of your lawn, did you know that?

There are a lot of people who want to jump into mowing lawns, but very few will learn about the business. In truth, anyone can push a lawn mower back and forth, but taking a lawn that has gone yellow for years, the soil just as bad, and bringing it back to life? That takes true skill and knowledge not just about grass, but about biology, chemistry, and patience. In case you did not catch on already, I am one of those people who can bring your lawn back from the dead. I have been in the lawn care industry for over eight years, and that’s lowballing it, but only because I didn’t consider myself professional until well after I began. But my hand has been all over Palmetto Bay. I live by Bel Aire Park, so I can move around the city pretty easily, so don’t be intimidated if you live out in the far reaches of the city. Palmetto Bay is my home, and I don’t consider any part of it to be too far for my reach. I do offer once-off lawn mowing, but in truth I would rather you consider a trial run for a full-season scheduling. That way I can get used to your lawn and save you money down the road. It will be okay in the short run to just get a few lawn mowings, but when it starts to get cold and you don’t have a landscaper who knows how to prepare your grass for the cold (if it ever gets cold in Florida) then you might be in some trouble. Both way, let’s give it a go and let me show you how I work, I can’t wait to meet you.

Also , if you are not near Palmetto Bay , FL we also do affordbale grass cutting companies in Hollywood FL near me no problem we can mow your yard there as well as do local lawn mowing services in Palmetto Bay FL.


Nerak Lawn Services in Palmetto Bay, FL

Hired 38 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.39 Reviews)

There’s an old saying that goes “you get what you pay for.” It could not be any truer for something like lawn mowing. Especially today, when anyone with enough gumption to advertise their business can run a successful lawn mowing service, it’s hard to find someone who can call themselves a professional. Well, you are in luck, because you are reading the bio of an actual, full-time lawn mower. What if I told you I could get your yard looking like some of the nature parks around town? If any old basic lawn mower told you that, they would be lying. But with my expertise in soil, grass, and grass cutting, we can get your lawn looking like it should belong in the Bill Sadowski Hammock Preserve. Pretty soon you will be having exotic species taking shelter in your home!

Maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but it is true that I am an expert in lawn care service. I have been mowing lawns for years now professionally, but if you ask my parents you could say I have made it my lifestyle. Even when I was younger my parents would send me out of the house on Saturday mornings to mow our lawn and the neighbors’ lawns, especially those who couldn’t do it themselves. It might have just been fun for them, but they set me on a path that brings me to GreenPal today! All you need to do is prepare yourself for the best lawn mowing service in Palmetto Bay, FL money can buy. And for no more than forty dollars a cut, that service means it is all the more sweet. If you are looking for something beyond lawn mowing, like transplanting for your garden or hedging your bushes, I can do that too. All it takes is a simple message letting me know that’s what you want and we can start transforming your yard to the prettiest one on the block. I look forward to meeting with you and taking on your lawn this season, God bless!

If you dont live in Palmetto Bay , FL we also do nearby grass cutting and maintenance in Hialeah I would be happy to mow your yard there and also do local landscaping maintenance services nearby me in Doral FL.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 4 reviews)
Alda Lee Grass Cutting in Palmetto Bay FL
“GreenPal has been so helpful for my home and my church community. This past Easter fundraiser the fellowship at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church wanted to allocate funds for hiring a gardener to take care of the grounds for the year, but everyone who was recommended was way too pricey. We would have been out of money halfway throughout the year if we didn’t go through GreenPal. Luckily, I was already hiring a reliable lawn mower in Palmetto Bay, Fl I found through GreenPal, and so we set up a profile and posted our job. We found a lovely landscaper that has been so helpful since making the hedges, all the palm trees, and the grass look spectacular. I don’t know what we would have done if we didn’t use GreenPal, so thank you! I use GreenPal at least once a month for my home, but being able to lend a hand for my church was just amazing.”
Yolanda Reed Lawn Service in Palmetto Bay FL
“I was expecting to learn how to work the website and app, but I couldn’t believe most of the communication takes place over email. What a great idea, especially for someone like me whose whole work life is done through email. I thought I would have to download another app and have to suffer another round of notifications throughout the day, but that wasn’t the case. Even after the first few times hiring a lawn care service in Palmetto Bay, FL, I got the hang of it and was able to communicate with my yard maintenance team over the phone. All I needed was a way for these companies to find me. I had been looking for so long for a small lawn mowing service, not a big corporation. Maybe it is just me, but I like putting my money in local businesses when I can. Heck, it was so easy I offered to buy a round of lawn mowing for my son’s football field at Southwood Middle School. If it’s that affordable to do a few lawn mowings I don’t see a problem with it all.”
Daniel William Lawn Service in Palmetto Bay FL
“I own a few homes out on Paradise Point, and you would think with that area being specifically for tourists and vacation homes that it would be filled with all sorts of services like maid services or lawn care services in Palmetto Bay, Florida. Well, I was finding out the complete opposite. It was getting so bad that I had to hire my son and his friends, buy the tools, just for the palm trees and shrubs to get trimmed. Not that I don’t believe in a little hard work for my son, but I would have preferred to find a professional to do it, you know, make the vacation home look nice and tidy. When I came across GreenPal I thought it was too good to be true, but the number they put on the website assured me right away. I called them to make sure they were legit, and sure as I am writing to you here they were. So that night I signed up, and by lunch the next day I had a whole host of local lawn maintenance companies in Palmetto Bay, Fl emailing me with quotes. I have never had anything easier in my life. It is too bad there isn’t this kind of service for pool guys or housekeeping.”
Amanda Adams Lawn Mowing in Palmetto Bay FL
“I did not even think something like this was possible! But I guess it makes sense in 2018, there is definitely an app for everything. I just happened to come across this on the internet, and I decided to give it a shot. I was pretty skeptical though, we live right by the Alexander Montessori School, so I just assumed that since it’s a new area we wouldn’t be able to find someone close by. I was so wrong! Just within a few miles of us we found three local lawn care services in Palmetto Bay, Florida that emailed us the very next day! We were so happy. Since my husband passed there have been so many things in the house I can’t fix, one of them being our whole yard slowly turning into a jungle. It’s been especially hard since I still travel for work, but it’s amazing how GreenPal set up their services. All I need now is an internet connection and I can have someone out to the house in no time. It’s amazing! Thank you GreenPal, you guys deserve every credit you get.”

lawn-maintenance-in-palmetto-bay-Fl-lawn-service-in-palmetto-bay-floridaThe entire state of Florida’s climate is perfect for anyone trying to grow anything. From a few orange trees in the backyard or a healthy lawn of Bermuda, there is little room for error for the warm, tropical climate. Especially in Palmetto Bay, Fl, right by the coast, the humidity just adds to the growth. Although it may look nice for a while, this weather means that grass grows at a fast pace, and after a week of a nice and trim lawn, you are high-stepping through a field of tall grass. If you live anywhere between the Cutler Channel and Rockdale Pineland Preserve, then this GreenPal city page is for you! Just because you live in a resort city, you do not have to pay a high price for good quality lawn care services in Palmetto Bay, Florida. Don’t be fooled by the small amount of listings in the phonebook, Palmetto Bay is booming with independent contractors and local lawn mowers that are too modern for phonebooks or directories. That is why we have been called the premier platform for landscapers and the best law maintenance companies in Palmetto Bay, Fl. Instead of spending money in a yearly phone book, something hardly anyone uses anymore except to kick start a fire, local grass cutting services and lawn care companies are turning to us to stay ahead of the curve. That’s because we have got the new way of connecting clients to contractors, a way that is lightyears ahead of the old “call and wait” technique. Instead of playing secretary with your phonebook or the numbers you find online, GreenPal brings to you all the lawn care services and cheap lawn mowers to your inbox. After you provide your GreenPal account some basic information, like your address for example, local lawn mowing services in Palmetto Bay will use Google Maps to determine a fair and just price for one lawn mowing. After that, we alert all the local landscaping maintenance companies in Palmetto Bay, Fl near you, and those who want to take your yard on will email you. After that, it’s a matter of you making a decision for the best lawn care service in Palmetto, FL!

There’s a reason why so many people across the United States trust us as their preferred platform for connecting with lawn care services near them. That is because we take the time to check up on each and every independent lawn mower, yard maintenance company, and landscaper to make sure that they are a local lawn mowing business. That means we interview them, look at their lawn maintenance equipment, check their business credit, and speak with past grass cutting customers. If anything feels or looks out of place, they either get it fixed or are not allowed to join GreenPal. This is how we keep scammers that run amuck on sites like Craigslist from infiltrating our website. After a business is given the green light, then it’s up to them whether or not they bid for your job, and it is up to you to decide whether or not you hire them! GreenPal is the answer finding , scheduling and paying local lawn mowing contractors. We know because we have been in on either side of the negotiations. But now that something like GreenPal exists, those times are over. Now it is time to see how easy yard maintenance contracting can be! As always, Greenpal is free to sign up, so give it a shot today. Also if wanting to hire a affordable yard cutting companies in North Miami, Fl or if you live in another part of MIA and need to get yard mowing services near Hollywood Fl GreenPal's yard maintenance website can assist you with finding local lawn care services all over Dade County so you are covered.

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About Palmetto Bay Florida

Palmetto Bay is a city in Dade, Florida, United States.

Palmetto Bay is one of the several smaller suburbs of the greater Miami area. Though much of its attention comes from tourism, probably because of its location close to the beach, the city’s website promises that Palmetto Bay is a family-oriented atmosphere. It is snugged right in the middle of the Biscayne Bay, and offers picturesque views, never-ending beaches, and incredible bay vistas.

The history of Palmetto Bay is more or less similar to the surrounding suburbs like North Miami, that history being an investment for a resort town and tourist spot. It was a rural, quiet spot of Florida, growing citrus fruits and other staple crops up until urbanization began in the middle of the 20th century.

But it wasn’t until 2002 that the “Village of Palmetto Bay” became incorporated into Miami. It is now the 33rd municipality in the Dade County area. The city limits run from the South Dixie Highway east, up until the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

As of the 2010 census, Palmetto Bay boasts a modest population, only 8,372 households. From the years between 2009 and 2013, Palmetto Bay, Fl had an average median income of $105,000, but a per capita income of $39,271. With the population size that it is, Palmetto Bay has only a handful of public education schools, with one middle school and a high school (Pinecrest High School) but several private schools, like the Palmer Trinity School in midtown. Source: Wikipedia Palmetto Bay, Fl

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