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Needing your Lawn Cut?

Get Competitive pricing without the hassle
Book lawn mowing by a pro in Fort Lauderdale
Order lawn mowing now without calling around

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Fort Lauderdale, FL as of Jul, 2024


Quality Lawn Care in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hired 57 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.29 Reviews)

Thank you for checking out our company’s GreenPal profile! Just the fact that you have stopped to look us over means a lot to us, and if you are in the business for lawn mowing, we would like you to know that we are the lawn care service in Fort Lauderdale, Fl for you! As professional lawn mowers and landscapers, we understand that yard maintenance can be the hardest easy thing to do. After all, is it really that hard to be qualified to push a lawn mower in one direction? Not at all. Anyone with the motor skills to walk forward can operate a lawn mower, but how many people can say they can cut a good lawn? After one try, you will see how hard it can be. It may look easy, but getting that nice even cut is just the beginning. After you find out that there are many things that can kill a lawn, you will want to hire out every time. Being in this business for so long, you can imagine I have made a few mistakes. Nobody is perfect, but the important thing is that we have learned our lessons as a lawn mower. Now that we are a seasoned local lawn mowing service in Fort Lauderdale, Fl, we commit a good amount of our new employee training teaching them the proper lawn mowing techniques.

As an added bonus to our services, we are more than an affordable grass cutting service Fort Lauderdale, FL. Let us know through GreenPal for all your lawn care needs. That means we have the tools necessary for tree pruning (palm and otherwise), hedging, weed eating, fertilizing, and of course, when you ask for a lawn mowing you have the option to have us mulch the clippings for your compost pile. It is almost the beginning of a new season, and to be quite honest with you we fill up pretty fast. The rental homes in Fort are notorious for snapping up local lawn mowing services in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Not that we would deny you a scheduled lawn mowing, but it might have to be on a different day than what you originally want. As a saving grace, if you live by the Coral Ridge Country Club then you are in luck, we take care of several properties out there and can squeeze your house in any day of the week. Other than that, let us know what you want done in your yard, and we can quote you with a fair, cheap price. Thanks again for trusting us with your lawn and yard, we can’t wait to wow you with our amazing lawn care service.

Also , if you need grass cutting services in Davie FL I cut your yard there and also do local landscaping maintenance in Hollywood FL.


Ace Lawn Care in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hired 38 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.31 Reviews)

What is the difference between a guy you find on Craigslist to mow your lawn for $20 bucks and the best lawn mowing service in Fort Lauderdale, Fl? Well, for one if you hire a professional team of maintenance men you won’t have to worry about whether or not it’s a scam. Second, you won’t have to worry about someone showing up to your house and destroying your lawn. I have heard way too many stories about people hiring off Craigslist only to find that their yard was torn to bits. Third, even if you get a cheap lawn mower in Fort Lauderdale, Fl to come out and cut your lawn, who is to say that that’s all they came for? Not to be the bearer of bad news, but there have been dozens of cases where people hire off of Craigslist, not just lawn mowers but roofers and all that, who were robbed after the scammer found out the families’ schedules. Yeah, it is a crazy world I know. I don’t mean to freak you out so soon, but there are a lot of things to be aware of these days. I can’t speak for other lawn care companies on GreenPal, but you can be sure that GreenPal audits and checks the legitimacy of every yard maintenance company they hire. We know that because they checked us! we will be ready to answer any questions you have regarding lawn care.

We are pretty honored to be welcomed on GreenPal, and we can’t wait until we meet you and show you how great something as simple as lawn mowing can be. Even if it is just a one-time lawn mowing, we will still give you the same service as if you were a season-long customer. Truthfully, if we could schedule you for a season or a half-season, it would settle with us better, but we are in no rush. No matter which way you slice it, your yard will be so nice and trim Roosevelt Gardens will want to take it in and put it as an exhibit. One of our specialties as well is our palm tree removal. I’m not sure whose idea it was to deck all of Florida with Palm Trees, but we get calls every season to take remove them from yards. Well we do offer that, and we take care to remove them so well it will be like they were never even there. It takes a bit more time out of our day to do the job right (I mean we could do it like all the other cheap landscaping companies in Fort Lauderdale, Fl) but it’s all worth it when the client comes home and is impressed. Thank you for checking my company’s page, and we will be ready to answer any questions you have regarding lawn care.

Also , if you are looking for cheap yard maintenance services in Palmetto Bay FL we can mow your yard there and also there are other yard maintenance contractors on GreenPla that can help you out with yard maintenance with no contracts in Plantation FL.


Palmer Lawn Care Services in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hired 66 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.61 Reviews)

We are your one-stop shop for all things regarding your yard and grass. Whether it’s a question about growing a better, healthier, thicker turf, or maybe resurrecting your yard back from the stale, yellow hay patch of death (don’t worry about it, it happens to everyone) we are your lawn care company. As professionals in the business for over eight years, we have the knowledge and tools to turn any patch of dirt into a living, beautiful home yard. We are so confident in our skills because we have put the effort in to be the best lawn mowing company in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. The average company will boast about their equipment (which we will in a moment) but that doesn’t quite cut the whole cake for us. We are strong believers in the idea that a tool is useless unless in the right hands. Even a paintbrush is just a stick until it is picked up by an artist. Well, it is the same thing with lawn mowers. Even if a fellow has the most high-tech lawn mower with artificial intelligence built in, or even just a big old laser that will level a field of grass in one sweep (I don’t know if that exists but if it does I want it) if it is handled by an amateur you will get an amateur’s job.

Did you know that grass should be cut no more than a third of inch every mowing? It’s not just a lawn mowing scam for us to come back in a week, it’s actually pretty hurtful to the grass if we cut any more. That’s because grass, like any other plant, has to be pruned just enough to keep it in a little state of stress. That way, it stays a bit nervous about its health and soaks in as much nutrients and grows faster in order to stay alive. That sounds a little intense, but those are the rules Mother Nature runs on! We are located in the Lake Ridge area, which isn’t to say that we favor the area. It just means that we will be able to get to your house quicker if you do. But we have the means to go as far as Central Beach if it means you trust us with your lawn. That’s the beauty of our company! If you trust us enough to hire us off of GreenPal, then we won’t let you down. So give us a try and let us amaze you with a lawn mowing so great you will forget any other landscaping maintenance company in Fort Lauderdale exists.

Also , if you are not near Fort Lauderdale , FL we also do affordbale landscape maintenance services in Palmetto Bay FL near me my grass cutting service would be excited to earn your lawn business there as well as do local grass cutting services in Hollywood FL.


Genesis Lawn Services in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hired 18 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.25 Reviews)

You know, some local grass cutting services in Fort Lauderdale, Fl get upset when clients ask them for tips on lawn care. It is as if they are afraid you all will know too much and won’t need them anymore. Maybe that is a little true, but I believe that these companies forget the real reason you all hire us is because of convenience. Well, let me start this by saying if you have any questions regarding my industry, whether it is fertilizer or the best way to mow the grass, I will not hesitate to answer. I grew up in a pretty smart household. Both my parents were crack-shot people and loved to learn about anything. It was how they built relationships. If I denied my own kind of knowledge to other people, I feel like I would be betraying them. Either way, if you genuinely had the curiosity to ask the question, well I will give you an answer. I know I can’t be your reliable lawn mower in Fort Lauderdale, FL forever, so it’s an honor for you to trust me with your question, and I will answer it as best I can.

As far as your yard goes, if you hire me on GreenPal then you can bet I will give you the best possible job I can. That means I will take care of your flowers and trees in the yard, sweep up the mess after I’m done, and finish by making sure there isn’t a blade of grass in the yard, especially the pool. I don’t know why I have to mention it, but yes I watch out for grass flying in pools. I have serviced yards all over the city, especially around the coast and Sailboat Bend. Although I can’t really mention their names, I even have hedged a few of the hotels’ shrubs too! I’ll bet that if you hire me, you will really see what it means to be a lawn care professional, but it just takes a little guts and faith that I can do the job for you. Or, if you just want to ask me a question, that’s fine too! I’m here to assist in any way I can. God bless.

If you dont live in Fort Lauderdale , FL we also do nearby lawn mowing services in Hialeah and we do not stop there, either myself or another yard maintenance service that uses GreenPal can help out with local grass cutting services near in Davie FL.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 4 reviews)
James Acevedo Grass Cut in Fort Lauderdale FL
“So I have had my work cut out as a condo leasing agent, and it seems like I am always trying to figure out my logistics with lawn care services in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. I used to have a great office that area, but since I moved I had to find new ways to keep in touch with my landscapers and the maids. I knew housekeeping has great online services but as far as I knew calling and emailing local landscaping companies in Fort Lauderdale, FL was the only way to go. I can’t remember how I stumbled upon GreenPal, but I was on board with it right away. In such a crowded place like Central Beach, I was able to find some great yard maintenance companies all over the place. I don’t even have to pick up the phone when it’s time to hire a new lawn mower for a new condo, I just have to go online and spend about five minutes putting the order in. You guys completely cut out a whole hour worth’s of work at worst! Keep it up fellas, you’ll have a subscriber in me for years to come.”
Robert Anderson Lawn Mowing in Fort Lauderdale FL
“GreenPal is definitely worth your time. I’ve scheduled about five or so grass cuttings, and each time went off without a hitch. The only time I was a little iffy about it was the second time when there was little to no communication from the lawn mower. I told him I lived in the Dorse Riverbend area, and after that he went dark. He showed up after all, but it was a little weird and I thought GreenPal was a scam after all. Every time after that has been great though. The yard maintenance companies in Fort Lauderdale, Florida have been pretty courteous and respectable, and my lawn always looks great when they are done. I am always a little nervous that one day someone is going to ruin my vegetable garden, but so far each lawn mower has left it unscathed. What else can I say? GreenPal has done their work to make my life easier, and I couldn’t thank them more for it. It may sound a little silly, but I you gotta give credit where credit is due.”
Jesse Millard Grass Cut in Fort Lauderdale FL
“Maybe it’s just my luck, but the first time I tried hiring a local lawn mower in Fort Lauderdale, Fl was a strange experience. First off, I have a small home but like to spend some days out on in my skiff. It just so happened that one day I wanted to schedule a lawn mowing before I went out on the water, so I called a business card I found on my door one day. I talked to the yard maintenance company, setup the schedule and the payment, and that was that. Well, it wasn’t just that because on the day he was supposed to come, he said traffic was so bad that he couldn’t go. I live near Holiday Park and it didn’t take me more than twenty minutes to get to my skiff, so I had no idea what he was talking about. He didn’t show up, and I had to find a replacement before my party the next day. I found GreenPal, gave it a go, and I was lucky enough to snag a good deal for a last minute lawn mowing, all from my boat! I don’t use it much, but with how quickly I found a match is worth taking the time to write about.”
Melvin Hurt Lawn Mowing Service in Fort Lauderdale FL
“GreenPal seems to be a service that was designed just for people like me, and I mean the kind of people that took years to learn Facebook. I thought I was going to be lost again on another website, but signing up for GreenPal is just about the end of it. All the quotes come through email, so I don’t have to set reminders for myself to check for new messages on GreenPal. I have been wanting to hire a local lawn mower in Fort Lauderdale, FL for years, mainly because I have been planning on listing my home as an Airbnb. But if I’m never home, how could I know for sure I’m getting what I pay for? Turns out GreenPal is one step ahead of me yet again, because apparently every affordable lawn mower in Fort Lauderdale, Fl on GreenPal as to take the time and send pictures of their work. Fine by me! I sure miss the Middle River, and I miss my friends back home, but knowing that it is all safe and sound and being taken care of is worth it to me.”

lawn-maintenance-in-ft-lauderdale-Fl-lawn-service-in-ft-lauderdale-florida Welcome to GreenPal’s city page for the beautiful city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida! Here you will be able to connect with the highest reviewed lawn care companies throughout the city, all from the comfort of your home. Gone are the days of hunting down a decent lawn mower, gone are the days of figuring out an obscure payment plan like hiding it under your garden gnome, because GreenPal has moved the entire experience online. Now, just by taking five minutes to sign up and get going, you will be able to describe the kind of lawn care you want, the day and time, and sit back and watch all the quotes come rolling in through your email.

Whether you are living right on the bay, further inland, or if you happen to be a lucky dog and have a patch of grass in your yacht on Las Olas Isles, you can find at least a few landscaping maintenance companies in Fort Lauderdale, Florida who is willing to take you up on an offer. The best part about it all is that you can be guaranteed a job well done. It is either a job well done or a free lawn mowing. This is how lawn care is supposed to be! GreenPal can be used by anyone looking to better their front and backyard. We have found the right professionals in every part of the city, from single lawn mowers to full-scale landscaping companies in Ft Lauderdale, FL, for any job you could possibly have. All it takes is an email and an address, and we estimate a fair price for companies to charge. After that, it is all yours to decide which companies you go with. See how easy it can be, and welcome to GreenPal. Also if wanting to hire a local yard maintenance companies in North Miami, Fl or if you live in another part of the Ft Lauderdale area GreenPal can also assist with lawn mowing services near Davie Fl and other parts of Ft Lauderdale or MIA as well.

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About Fort Lauderdale Florida

Fort Lauderdale is a city in Dade, Florida, United States.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida is one of the state’s more popular vacation destinations. It is a principle city of the Miami area, but is housed mostly in Broward County. The city has a huge tourism economy, more so than its agriculture, though it still has some farms in the area. According to the city’s reports on its tourism economy, the city was frequented by 12 million visitors in 2012, 2.8 of that 12 being international visitors.

Broward County alone collected almost $45 million dollars from the 5% hotel tax they charge. As an additional statistic for that, hotels in Fort Lauderdale reported an astounding 72% occupancy rate throughout the year.

In order to grasp exactly how much fort Lauderdale depends on tourism, just in the Greater Fort Lauderdale area (all of Broward County) there are 561 hotels and motels, 46 cruise ships that leave Port Everglades, 4,000 restaurants, 12 shopping malls, 132 nightclubs, 63 golf courses, 16 museums, and 100 marinas where over 45,000 resident yachts are docked. In short, a visit to Fort Lauderdale for the weekend will afford you to see less than 1% of all it has to offer. The area is named after a series of forts built by the US government during one of the two Seminole wars

Lieutenant Colonel James Lauderdale commanded a fleet of soldiers who built the first fort in the area, which was named after him for easy identifying. The name stuck, and when two other forts were built. Source: Wikipedia Fort Lauderdale, Fl

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