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lawn-maintenance-services-in-largo-FL greenpal-lawn-care-services-in-largo-FL-yard-cutting-service-in-largo-Florida

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Largo, FL as of Jul, 2024


Andy's Lawn Care in Largo, FL

Hired 637 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.639 Reviews)

My lawn and landscape maintenance specializes in your round lawn care service care for yards throughout the entire St. Petersburg area, Clearwater, and Largo Florida. We concentrate in the Largo area because we have a dense group of customers in Largo and we like to keep our drive time short between cutting lawns. While we normally offer full full-service lawn and landscaping maintenance packages, the GreenPal lawn care services is setup for all the yard care services you schedule to be rendered as needed and ass billed basis. This is a little different than how we normally operate our lawn maintenance business as we usually roll all of your yard maintenance services into one flat monthly rate and then just bill you that rate 12 months out of the year. Some of our yard maintenance customers like a flat monthly rate however I'm i've been noticing some of our lawn maintenance customers that we are introduced to through the GreenPal lawn care app seem to like being billed on an individual basis for things like shrub pruning, palm tree pruning, pine straw, weekly or every two week lawn cuttings. GreenPal’s system does a good job of keeping all of the lawn maintenance services organized in one place so everybody knows what's on the lawn care schedule and what the yard maintenance prices are what the bill is going to be for all the lawn care services.

However if you want a flat monthly rate for your lawn maintenance with all your yard work included we can set that up on your GreenPal account for you, it just takes a little bit of finesse however I can get that done for you just let me know. When you get all of your lawn care services estimates back on GreenPal you will be presented with a lawn care service price list of various lawn mowing companies near me in Largo Florida. I recommend you read over the reviews very closely as these will give you confidence when hiring me for your yard maintenance and lawn cutting. If you live near Southern Oak Elementary School, or Anona Elementary School, we have 20 lawn maintenance customers nearby you already and it's no problem to pick up your yard maintenance on our weekly lawn care service year round. I look forward to submitting my cost to you for lawn maintenance if my lawn cutting price looks good please click the hire me but after you receive my price for your yard maintenance. Thank you so much I look forward to improving the value of your home in Largo Florida through proactive landscape maintenance and yard maintenance care. Have a great day.

Also , if you need affordable lawn care services in Wesley Chapel FL GreenPal also has some reliable lawn care companies there and also they do local lawn maintenance services in Oldsmar FL as well.


813 Lawn Care in Largo, FL

Hired 791 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.884 Reviews)

You can count on our company for consistent and reliable lawn maintenance for your yard, landscaping, and gardens year round. Our yard maintenance company serving the Largo Florida area specializes in luxury high-end residences and landscapes so if you are looking for the cheapest lawn care service in Largo that you can find, we are not going to be it. Typically, our lawn mowing business rates start out at $35-$40 a visit, that includes mowing of all of your turf, bagging clippings if necessary, weeding around any obstacles, edging your sidewalks, driveways and patios with a blade stick edger and not the string trimmer edger, and also pulling or spraying herbicide on any of the weeds in your landscaping beds. By the time you factor all of these services that we include in our lawn mowing visits we are actually cheaper than your basic lawn cutters that mow grass in the Largo Fl area. We like to service the communities by the beaches in Largo and Hidden Harbour, Shipwatch Yacht Club, Harbor Hills, and Belleair Bluffs. I don't mean this wrong way but you probably won't find us mowing in a trailer park in Largo, we tend to specialize in higher end landscape maintenance for discerning lawn care service customers that live in Largo Florida.

I also specialize in doing turf renovations, palm tree pruning, and landscape tear outs and renovations. So if you want to spruce up your landscaping and replacing some shrubs or do a complete yard overhaul we can help out with that lawn and landscape project as well. I get some customers in the Largo Florida area that are on a budget and want to stretch out the lawn mowing visits to every 14 days during the hottest part of the year, unfortunately we can only accommodate every seven day lawn cutting rotation customers. In order to put our name on your yard and its appearance our yard maintenance company needs to be on site at your property and lawn every seven days in order to do a good job of maintaining your lawn and landscape. Every time I have ever tried to cut a yard on a every 14 day rule rotation with the lawn care service customer I have always end up disappointed and expected better yard work with us being there only two times per month. It just doesn't work out that way which is why we need to be on site every seven days maintaining your lawn, landscapes, and gardens. We service all over the Largo Florida area we have several customers by the Belleview Biltmore Golf Club, Pinecrest Golf Club, and over by the Florida Botanical Gardens. So if you live anywhere in those parts of Largo, Fl we would be happy to pick up your yard maintenance, and leave the yard work up to the professionals and let us improve your properties value and appearance of your lawn, landscaping, shrubs, palm trees, and overall yards look. Thank you so much for considering our yard maintenance company serving the Largo Fl area, we look forward to helping you improve your curb appeal.
Also , if you need local lawn cutting services in Wesley Chapel FL we service that area of Tampa Bay and also do lawn cutting services near me in Oldsmar FL as well.


Hoosier Lawn Care Services in Largo, FL

Hired 348 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.225 Reviews)

There are many choices that you can choose from for lawn care services in Largo Florida, but I like to differentiate our landscape maintenance business through one thing… Personalized care. When you hire us to cut your grass on GreenPal I try to reach out and meet with you before we begin maintaining your lawn. There are just so many nuances of going to lawn maintenance. I like to ask questions like… Do you want to just maintain the status quo with your yard? Are you looking for a cheap lawn care service near me in Largo Fl? Do you want to build up your turf and get your grass quality to a fine level where I can put stripes in the grass? I need to know all these things about your lawn cutting before we can really get going on a game plan for how we are going to improve your landscaping and yard appearance in your home yard and appeal.

Also there are so many other things that we could discuss with respect to your landscaping. Do you want me just to cut your grass, or do you want me to prune the shrubs every time I come out to mow or perhaps just a basic affordable lawn mowing. Also do you want me to pull and spray herbicide on the weeds in your landscaping beds? I can do all of these yard services for you to maintain your home and landscaping in pristine shape. It's just a matter of how much or how little yard service you want. Will you get my price for lawn cutting on GreenPal that will include a basic lawn cutting of your grass, edging all of the concrete lines, blowing off all the grass clippings we are done, and also trimming the grass around anything you have in your yard such as fire hydrants, stop signs, trees etc. Then on top of that we can discuss other ancillary yard services such as your bed maintenance, re-seeding your grass, fall leaf removal, mulching or pine straw, pruning any of your palm trees, replacing any dead plants were planting flowers. That's right my lawn care service in Largo Florida offers all of these yard maintenance services under one roof, and all of this can be done through the GreenPal lawn care service mobile app it's very easy and I will walk you through it. We have a dozen or so customers in Ridgecrest , and another dozen near Taylor Lake in Largo, so if you live near those areas we are the best lawn care service in Largo that you can hire to maintain your yard this season. Thank you so much for your consideration in hiring me to maintain your yard, if you hire me to cut your grass I will make sure we get started on the right foot and achieve your goals for your yard maintenance this lawn care season We also do local lawn mowing services in Brandon FL and provide affordable lawn care services in Palm Harbor FL as well.


Choice Cuts Lawn Services in Largo, FL

Hired 88 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.89 Reviews)

Thank you for considering my yard maintenance company mowing grass and maintaining beautiful lawns and landscapes throughout St. Petersburg and Largo Florida. We specialize in year-round landscape maintenance care for your number one asset your home, gardens, landscaping, and your yard’s appearance. There are dozens of lawn care services that you can choose from throughout the Saint Pete area and let me just say it's an honor that you were considering my lawn maintenance company. Some things that separate us from other cheap lawn mowing businesses near me in Largo are our attention to yard detail when we are cutting your grass. Other lawn mowing companies and yard cutters in the St. Petersburg and Largo areas tend to do a rush job when they cut your grass because they have to do in and out of your yard in 15 or 20 minutes. I mean think about it if they're charging you $20 to cut your grass they really have to get all of your yard mowed, trimmed, weed-wacked, edged, and the driveway blown off in less than 15 minutes for them to make even minimum-wage after they pay for their lawn mowing equipment, gas, insurance, and drive time etc.

So if you think about it he kind of does make sense that a cheap lawn mowing companies in Largo, FL will need to do a rush job in order to cut your grass. Now if you're looking for a basic affordable lawn cutting company to just keep your grass cut down so the city of Largo Florida will not fine you, then that might be the best fit for you, but if you were looking for a lawn maintenance company to make your yard look impeccable through proactive lawn maintenance care and attention to detail, then we will be the best lawn care service in Largo that you can hire. We have a loyal group of customers in the Largo Fl area nearby Eagle Lake Park   ,and over by John R. Bonner Nature Park. If you live near those parts of town then we would be happy to pick up your lawn maintenance on a weekly basis as we are in those areas on Thursday of every week cutting grass and would love to make your yard look good as it can for your lawn as well. Our company runs top-notch professional grade lawn cutting equipment. Why does this matter? Because other cheaper lawn care services that cut grass throughout Pinellas County will show up in a beat up pick up truck with a push mower with dull lawn mower blades. Dull lawn mower blades damage the Saint Augustine turf that grows in the Largo Florida area, so in the end that cheap lawn care service may end up costing you more money in terms of disease treatments, fertilizing, and repairing of your turf damage caused by dull lawn cutting blades. Our lawn maintenance company sharpens our lawn mower blades at least once a week so you can rest assured that your lawn will be shorn with a sharp lawn cutting blade each and every time we come out to mow your grass. Thank you so much for your consideration in hiring me for your yard maintenance, and your grass cutting needs. It is my pleasure to help you improve the appearance of your number one asset your lawn, home, and landscaping. Our lawn care service also mows yards in Oldsmar FL and also offers lawn maintenance services in Riverview FL as well.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 4 reviews)
Jake Lawson Yard Mowing in Largo FL
“I have been using the GreenPal lawn care service mobile app for the past couple of months to get my grass cut for my rental home in Water View Estates in Largo Fl. The thing I like the most about the app is that I get a picture of each individual yard mowing. Other cheaper lawn care services in Largo near me wanted to charge a flat monthly rate 12 months out of the year to mow the yard . The problem with that is some months I would get three lawn cuttings some months only 3 mowings and then some months only one lawn cutting but the lawn maintenance cost would still be the same monthly rate each month. None of that made sense to me. With GreenPal I get to pay by the cut and I get a picture confirmation of each lawnmowing. That just made better sense and I like this way better.”
Alex Edison Grass Cutting in Largo FL
“I was not looking for anything special with my lawn maintenance. I just wanted to basic lawn cutting every 14 days from my home in Palm Hill. The problem with every other lawn care service that I have used in Largo is that they want to sign you up for every seven day lawn cuttings no matter what. I always felt like that was overkill and I felt like because I was the customer I should be the one saying how often I wanted my grass cut, right. Well with GreenPal they have some preset options that allow me to set up every ten-day lawn mowing during the hottest part of the year and then back the mowings down to every two week lawn mowing during the November through February. This has saved me money and also arguing with my lawn care service because now I just handle everything through the mobile app.”
Santo Delafuente Lawn Care Service in Largo FL
“I was kind of suspicious that my lawn care service was charging me more money than he needed to. I was being billed $37 per lawn cutting and I decided to do some shopping around to see if I can get a cheaper lawn care service in Largo Florida to take care of my yard maintenance needs for me, my yard near Wyatt Street is tiny and I hardly have any grass to cut. Upon doing some searching around on Google for lawn maintenance companies near me in Largo I came across the GreenPal website. I figured that I could use GreenPal at least to get some lawn cutting quotes to use them as a baseline to compare I guess what I was paying for lawn maintenance with my current lawn care service company in Largo. I was stunned when I got a quote for $23 per lawn cutting essentially saving me $14 per lawn cut. I hired the cheapest lawn care service out of the lawn care price list that GreenPal gave me and I was surprised that they actually did as good a job as a more expensive lawnmowing company that I was using before. I recommend GreenPal to anybody looking to save money on their lawn maintenance costs.”
Kimiko Beyer Lawn Cutting in Largo FL
“My roommate and I rent a home in the Keene Acres neighborhood in Largo. We have to take turns cutting the grass but last summer we both got behind on the yard maintenance in the city of Largo fined us $300 for letting the grass get over 20 inches tall. I couldn't let that happen again so I knew it was time just to hire an ongoing lawn care service take care of the yard mowing for us. A friend from work recommend GreenPal, so I jumped on the lawn care service mobile app and got hooked up with an affordable lawnmowing company near me in Largo who comes every 14 days to mow for $28 per grass cut. Thank you GreenPal this is been a timesaver and money saver on our yard work, plus no more arguments between me and my roommate.”

lawn-maintenance-in-largo-Fl-lawn-service-in-Cool-ValleyLooking for reliable and affordable lawn care services in Largo Florida? Well then you have a arrived to the right place. GreenPal is the easiest way in all of St. Petersburg Florida to find the best fit lawn care service and yard maintenance business nearby you in Largo, FL. You're probably wondering what the heck is GreenPal and how does it work. Will let me explain… GreenPal is an online marketplace to connects you with local lawn care services in Largo that really want your business and want to cut your grass. I imagine that you have probably called around to a few other local lawn care services in Largo looking for a cheap a cheap lawn care service near me. Odds are you probably haven't even gotten a phone call back for lawn cutting price quote and now you're searching on Google for lawn mowing prices and that's how you got here right? Well GreenPal solved all of those problems for you. GreenPal has done all of the effort for you and finding the 10 or 12 best lawn care services in Largo that are accepting new lawn mowing customers and really want to mow your yard. How do we know these lawn maintenance companies are any good at cutting grass and are reliable and affordable yard maintenance businesses? Because we've interviewed them, we looked over there lawnmower equipment, we've talked to past lawn care clients of theirs in the city of Largo, FL and in Pinellas County, and we also have them do an audition lawn mowing so we can check out the quality of their grass cutting work.

We make sure they do a good job of cutting the lawn even, blow off the driveway free of grass clippings when they are done, and edge the grass from all the sidewalks and driveway lines for their customers. All of the yard services are included in your lawn mowing quotes that you will get on the GreenPal lawn care service mobile app or this website that you were on now. If you're ready to go ahead and get your free lawn mowing quotes from local lawn care services that specialize in residential lawn maintenance in Largo Florida then go ahead and click the orange button at the top of your screen and you will get 3 to 5 free lawn mowing prices emailed right to your email inbox within 45 minutes. So if you live in near the Harbor Hills, Glennwood, or Palm Hill neighborhoods in Largo, or by The Largo Medical Center, GreenPal has on-boarded dozens of reliable and affordable lawn cutting companies near you in the Largo area already there waiting for the opportunity to come out and mow your lawn for you. After you get your free lawn mowing quotes, go ahead and hire the one that you feel comfortable with based on price and also the lawn care service reviews they have on our system. Thank you for your consideration and for using GreenPal to find, schedule, and pay and reliable local lawn care service near me in Largo Florida. Also if you need local lawn mowing services in St Petersburg FL or wanting to hire a local lawn maintenance service in Oldsmar FL nearby me GreenPal also covers those parts of St Pete and Tampa Bay as well.

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About Largo Florida

Largo is the third largest city in Pinellas County, Florida.

The original inhabitants of the Largo area were the Tocobaga people. They are also known as the Safety Harbor culture from their archeological remains near present-day Safety Harbor. The Spanish came to Florida in the 16th century. In the 18th century, the Tocobaga had been virtually destroyed after years of exposure to European diseases, Spanish settlement efforts and warfare between Spain and England.

Boardwalk across wetlands in Largo Central Park Nature Preserve, the bed of former Lake Largo. Among the first homesteaders in the Largo area were the families of James and Daniel McMullen around 1852. The McMullens and other settlers raised cattle, grew citrus and vegetables and fished. During the Civil War, many Largo area residents fought for the Confederate States of America

Largo is located at 27°54′30″N 82°46′40″W (27.908355, -82.777791). It is centrally located in Pinellas County, touching the Intracoastal Waterway to the southwest and Tampa Bay to the northeast. Clearwater is Largo's neighbor to the north. To the northwest are the towns of Belleair and Belleair Bluffs. The city of Pinellas Park lies south of eastern Largo. Seminole lies south of western Largo. The unincorporated community of Ridgecrest forms a large enclave between western and central Largo. A number of county enclaves pepper the City of Largo.

A Largo street floods after Tropical Storm Debby. In 2010, Largo's total area was 18.6 square miles, of which 17.6 square miles was land and 0.97 square miles, or 5.22%, was water. As of 2004, there were 651 acres of park lands. The city's lowest elevation is sea level. Source: Wikipedia Largo, Fl

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