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Simply Maintenance Lawn Services in Clackamas, OR

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As one of the busiest suburbs in the Portland OR area, it is often difficult for people in the Clackamas area to have time to mow their lawns. People are often away from their homes during the daytime for a myriad of reasons. Some people will travel towards downtown Portland or a little somewhere closer to Route 212 for work. Others will go to Portland State or one of the other various places of higher education in the region.

As a result, not everyone in Clackamas OR has time to take care of their lawn mowing needs. The point can especially be said for people south of the Clackamas River where the lawns are massive. Fortunately, our team at Simply Maintenance is here to assist you with your lawn mowing work in the Clackamas area.

How long are you going to be out of your home for? It doesn’t matter to us at Simply Maintenance. We will help you with many essential yard care tasks while you’re out somewhere. Our lawn mowing service is where we are the most famous for, but there’s a whole lot more to us than just grass cutting.

We offer a thorough weed control service. We can spot treat your weeds with distinct solutions that protect your grass. Our organic treatment solutions will ensure the roots, leaves, and the seeds left behind are cleaned out. The best part of our work is that your weeds aren’t going to come back after we take care of them.

We also work with shrubs, hedges, trees, and other massive plants around your yard. We can measure every growth and determine how they are to be trimmed. You can ask us to work with specific parameters for trimming your yard’s features. We’ll ensure that the aesthetic style of each tree or shrub is preserved.

You can reach us at Simply Maintenance to cover anything for your yard regardless of where in the Clackamas area you live. You can even ask us to help if you’re at the Oak Acres mobile park among other places where the yards are a little smaller. For us, every task is essential, regardless of its size.

You will never have to spend a whole lot of money on our services when you ask us at Simply Maintenance for help. We will let you know what you can expect to pay for services for your lawn before we start. Our services are among the most affordable you’ll find in the Clackamas area. More importantly, you will never be in the dark over any of the charges you’d have to spend. We will let you know what you can expect to spend when you ask us for help.

You can ask us at Simply Maintenance to come to your home in Clackamas OR to help you with all the grass cutting needs you have. Contact us today to learn more about the many services we have to provide throughout the region.


Carpe Terra Lawn Services in Clackamas, OR

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What type of grass do you have at your home in Clackamas OR? Do you have a fescue, ryegrass, or bentgrass lawn? You probably don’t know the answer to that question, but that’s perfectly fine. We at Carpe Terra will help you with mowing your yard regardless of the grass you’ve got.

Our experts at Carpe Terra have cut hundreds upon hundreds of lawns in Clackamas and elsewhere in the Portland area. We know what it takes to ensure your yard is cut accordingly.

We can get the lawn cut to the height your grass requires. Cutting too low can put the grass bed at risk of harm, not to mention make your yard prone to weeds and pests. Cutting too high can cause the grass roots to weaken because they’re not getting enough sunlight. We’ll see that your yard is trimmed accordingly. Whether it entails a short height for bentgrass or a tall fescue that can grow to three or four inches, we’ll ensure your grass is trimmed the best height possible.

We respect that your yard in Clackamas OR has a unique style of its own. You might have a lawn on Hubbard Road that grows fast thanks to the trees providing shade. You could also have a yard in Mount Talbert that is surrounded by a unique custom-made garden bed. We’ll care for any lawn you’ve got regardless of how traditional or distinct the grass may be.

You can ask us to trim the edges of your lawn as well. We can cut the grass around your patio, driveway, landscape, and anyplace else that a lawnmower cannot traditionally reach. Our trimming efforts will ensure the toughest areas around your yard are cut to the same height as everything else. Also, we’ll power wash any hardscapes to keep annoying green grass stains from sticking around. We can also blow off the grass clippings as necessary.

Our grass cutting work is one of the many functions we have to offer here at Carpe Terra. We also provide an aeration service in the spring. We can treat weeds around your garden or grass bed as well. You can also ask us to check on how well your irrigation system is functioning and if any parts of your setup need fixing or cleaning.

We can also help commercial properties around the Clackamas area. We serve businesses from Lawnfield Road to ones further off in Rock Creek. We respect the needs your business has and will cover all the unique mowing requirements you might have.

You need only the best lawn mowing provider in Clackamas OR for your yard. You can reach us at Carpe Terra by phone today to schedule a time for a lawn mowing appointment. We can come over at any time you ask, including when you’re out of your home at work. We can also provide you with a free estimate for services, so ask us today to see how we can help you out.


E&P Brothers Lawn Services in Clackamas, OR

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There are often instances when your yard in Clackamas OR might experience bare spots. You might try to give those spots an extra bit of water, but that might not work. Those empty regions are due to problems like lawn diseases or maybe from the soil being compacted.

Trying to fix the problem on your own will be more than a waste of time. You could also possibly impose more damage to your yard than what you can afford. You don’t have to go at it alone though, as you can ask us at E&P Brothers to help you with your yard.

We at E&P Brothers are dedicated to the craft of yard maintenance. We can check on any yard problem no matter how extensive it might be.

We can analyze your soil to figure out if what the problem with your grass might be. Sometimes it might be due to a pH imbalance or from the soil being compacted. Whatever the concern may be, we can find a solution to the problem. You can ask us to aerate your lawn or to clean out any pest infestations around your grass. Whatever the case may be, we will clean out the problem at hand and add new seed around your yard.

You can ask us at E&P Brothers for help with overseeding. The effort is a practice that entails applying new grass seed to places that are not growing. We’ll ensure the seed we use matches up with the grass you have. Not only that, but we also cover every grass style in the Clackamas OR area.

We recognize that every yard in Clackamas grows differently. Just because one lawn maintenance practice works well in Spring Mountain doesn’t mean it will work in Twin Creeks. We treat every project we complete separately from one another to ensure you’re not going to fall into the same cookie-cutter approach to yard maintenance.

We can also assist you with mowing grass when it does grow well enough. We’ll cut the lawn and trim around your fence, driveway, and other areas that require help. You can also ask us to check on any irrigation features around your yard. Our thorough service will ensure you get the help you need for keeping your yard clean.

We proudly offer our services to all properties in the Clackamas OR area, including both traditional homes and business sites. We can serve any business from a hotel off of the highway to a more massive warehouse off of Jennifer Street. We can trim trees, cut grass, and do anything else it takes to make the outside of your business property look inviting to customers and welcoming to employees.

You can ask us at E&P Brothers for help with all the outstanding services you need help with surrounding your yard. We are excited to provide you with the special lawn care services that you need for your property. You’ll love how well we can work for you regardless of the concerns you have with your yard.


Leo Yard Service Lawn Services in Clackamas, OR

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Everyone in Clackamas OR wants to have a beautiful green lawn like what you’d find at the Clackamas High School campus. You’ll find outstanding grass yards around every part of the school, except on the football field. Of course, that school can afford to hire a team that can show up to the campus every week to help with maintaining the grass.

So, what can you do about your yard? You can ask us at Leo Yard Service to help you with getting the lawn cut among other things. We offer quality yard maintenance services, but what makes us particularly outstanding is that we provide some of the best rates for services around.

Leonardo Huerta and the rest of the team here at Leo Yard Service understand that you’ve got many yard maintenance needs. But we also know that your budget might be tight. That’s a problem for many, as it often costs lots of money to get someone to come to your home for lawn maintenance services. But you’re never going to have to worry about high charges here at Leo Yard Service. That’s because we will only charge you for whatever services you need.

Our rates are consistent regardless of where in the Clackamas OR area you are. You can reach us if you’ve got a large home in Rock Creek or something smaller near Summerfield Park. The only thing that dictates what we charge is the size of your yard. But you won’t have to spend extra on travel costs, even if it means traveling a little further up north to Altamont Park.

Do you want us to help you with lawn mowing? We’ll only charge for that service if this is all you require. You can also ask about the other additional services we have to offer, including such solutions as aeration and gutter cleaning. We can also help with removing weeds and cleaning up your landscapes. We’ll let you know what it costs for each service we have to offer.

What’s even better is that our services are more affordable than you might expect. We offer low prices for all the outstanding services we have to offer.

You can reach us at Leo Yard Service at any time of the week as well. We can come to your home while you’re at work or school as well. Our experts are available throughout the week and will plan a time for coming over based on your preferences or whatever your availability might be. We will give you notes on when we arrive and later on when we leave. We’ll only take care of the lawn maintenance tasks that you ask us to handle beforehand so you won’t spend extra on anything.

You will appreciate what we at Leo Yard Service have to offer for your yard. The fact that you’re not going to spend anywhere near as much on our services as you might assume is a huge plus. You can ask us to come to your home and provide you with a free review and estimate for services today.

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Virginia Caprio lawn care in Clackamas OR
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The people at Simply Maintenance were cautious when taking care of my yard. They reached my home in the 3 Creeks area and cleaned off all the leaves from my grass before they started mowing. Some of the teams I’ve hired in the past just ran over that stuff, so this was an improvement. The team also edged the grass around my utility boxes, foundation, patio, and mailbox without scratching anything. They also preserved the grass clippings for me so I could use them for fertilizer later on. I was pleasantly surprised when they asked me if I wanted the grass after they finished mowing the lawn.

Peggy Pennington lawn care service in Clackamas OR
cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Clackamas-OR local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Clackamas-OR affordable-lawn-services-in-Clackamas-OR the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Clackamas-OR grass-cutting-businesses-in-Clackamas-OR

Carpe Terra comes to my home in the Riverbend every other Tuesday. They’ve been doing so for two years now. They always mow my lawn and brush off the grass before they leave. I appreciate the careful effort they put into mowing grass. But what especially works for me is how punctual they are. The team always reaches my home in the morning hours while I’m out of the office at work. They also let me know about any other services that I might need for my yard, but they always tell me that I can reserve them only if I want. I don’t have to worry about spending money on stuff I did not ask.

Ruby Boles lawn mowing in Clackamas OR
affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Clackamas-OR affordable-lawn-services-in-Clackamas-OR lawn-maintenance-in-Clackamas-OR local-lawn-care-services-in-Clackamas-OR affordable-lawn-services-in-Clackamas-OR

It wasn’t hard for the people at E&P Brothers to help me with mowing my lawn. The team reached my home in Rock Creek when they said they would come over. They also brought over their electric mower and trimmer. I love how they cut everything without spreading all those grass clippings around my yard. They cleaned everything up after they finished. I also appreciate how well they trimmed the ends of my yard without going too deep. I’ve tried cutting those spots myself in the past, but I keep scraping the grass bed. The team at E&P did not do that.

Sara Shinault lawn cutting in Clackamas OR
local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Clackamas-OR grass-cutting-businesses-in-Clackamas-OR affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Clackamas-OR local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Clackamas-OR affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Clackamas-OR

I had a layer of thatch around my yard in Sieben Creek this past spring. I knew that I was getting a bit of thatch during the winter, but I had no idea it would be as bad as it was. The experts at Leo Yard Service came to my home to clean out the thatch. They helped me by power raking my lawn to get rid of the thatch growths. They also consulted me about other things they could do, including aerating and seeding my lawn and checking on the drainage. The grass hasn’t struggled to grow thanks to their work.