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EP Property Maintenance Lawn Services in El Paso, TX

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I'll tell you what, I never thought I would be where I am today. I have been mowing lawns since I was a young boy when my dad first let me ride the mower, you bet I was mowing the lawn every chance I could get. Back then I slowly grew my business throughout our small El Paso neighborhood. The next-door neighbors hired me, then the neighbor down the block. Before I know it I had enough to buy my own tractor. Soon after that I got a truck and hired some crew members. From there it has been amazing.

Now I own several vehicles, lawn service equipment, and lawnmowers, that get me and my lawn mowing and lawn service crew throughout El Paso. When I was a boy my parents couldn't use the internet and look up “lawn care near me” they had to rely on me to get the job done. Now that you can find my lawn service online, I hope you will give me and my lawn care crew a shot. We are really good at what we do because what we do makes us happy. We want to spread our love of lawn care by offering you quality services at an affordable price.

Being in between New Mexico, and Mexico, gives El Paso a true southwest feel. And we embrace that into our lawn care services by adopting landscape features that complement our town, without being cheesy. We live in such an awesome place, where we can grow cactuses as plants instead of trees, or both. I love the unique features of the yards and tailor my lawn services to suit the needs of the El Paso natives. I definitely get a lot of inspiration from Franklin Mountain State Park. I like to adopt the wildflowers and native plants into the landscapes I work one.

Yes, mowing lawns are our primary business, but we also love installing gardens and walkways, and I use native plants and stone features as often as the situation presents itself. If you are looking for an amazing lawn in El Paso, then reach out to our lawn service business today, and I guarantee you will love the lawn care services we offer. Whether you want your lawn mowed, or your hedges pruned, you can count on us to get it done professionally.

Do bear in mind that my schedule is quick to fill up, and though I do my best to keep the right sized crew and slowly grow, sometimes I have periods when I can not take on new clients. So contact me ASAP, so that I can bring you that Texas lawn you have always dreamed of. It took a while for me to get approved on GreenPal, with background checks, and calls to my past lawn service employers and even interviews it took awhile. But its all so you can rest assured.F

If El Paso isn't your turf, don't sweat it! Maybe you're out in the Lone Star State's capital? If that's the case, take a gander at our Lawn Care in Austin, TX. Or perhaps you're somewhere in Windemere? We've got you there, too, with Lawn Care in Windemere, TX. We aim to keep Texas lawns looking lovely, no matter the ZIP code.

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Greenleaf landscape Lawn Services in El Paso, TX

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If you are looking for lawn care services in El Paso Texas, I have a secret for you. Our lawn service team is ready to offer you the best landscape maintenance and lawn mowing services in El Paso. I have been cutting grass for well over a decade now, and I have a load of experience, that I am ready to use to make your lawn and garden landscape all that it can be.

There is a lot to lawn maintenance and providing lawn service work, mowing the yard is only one small part of that. My team offers exclusive lawn mowing packages for residents, which also include total lawn care solutions. Best of all-out rates are affordable, and we still promise to give you a quality cut. From Stan Roberts St. to the Mexican Border our lawn service team cares for a wide range of properties in the area.

Our primary focus is on lawn mowing and providing an expert trim, but as I said we offer other services too. Some of those include fertilizing your lawn, debris removal, mulching, and hey we will even prune your hedges. El Paso is a unique place, whether you are near the El Paso Zoo, or near New Mexico, there is no shortage of beauty to discover in our town. But I do my best to add to that beauty with my professional lawn care services and by making El Paso greener one lawn at a time. Many people believe that maintaining a green lawn in El Paso is nearly impossible.

However, I must tell you it is really not that difficult. Once you have been doing things as long as I have you just learn how to get around the issues we face in our climate. It may take a bit more work than you expect, but getting a green lawn is a mindset, and can easily be achieved. I mow a lot of lawns in El Paso, and if you are looking for a dedicated team of professionals that maintain the lawns of El Paso for a living, you need to look no further than myself. Our lawn service crew is professionally trained and we are a tightly run business.

All of our lawn service jobs are guaranteed to be satisfactory, our reputation relies on it. SO if you want our lawn care services or lawn mowing services, give us a ring by signing up for GreenPal, and we will send you a bid right away.

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Dezert Ratz Lawn Care Lawn Services in El Paso, TX

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Grass-based lawns and landscapes are a rarity in El Paso, well at least the green ones. Lawn maintenance and mowing lawns in El Paso is a bit of a task. With the hot, dry climate, many of my clients need a lawn service professional that knows how to treat a lawn in the unique El Paso environment.

A lot of the lawn service work here revolves around keeping your lawn healthy that way we can even get a shot at cutting your grass. Rest assured, I have the dedication, equipment, and most importantly the experience to keep your lawn green, and on point. Best of all my lawn services are always fairly priced, with most lawn mowing services being around $35.

If your lawn is a little bigger, mowing costs may be a little higher, but not too much. The thing that I am most proud of is keeping lawns green year-round, and making sure that they are cut and trimmed properly. No dought about it, I love my work, and with many others in El Paso doing what I do, I have to remain a cut above the rest.

I am always implementing the best lawn mowing services and studying other tactics in my spare time. In this manner, I am always improving the services that I offer. We don't just mow lawns, we also offer total landscape maintenance. From fertilizing your lawn to installing a new garden bed, we offer several lawn and landscape maintenance packages for you to choose from. Get quality lawn care services and lawn mowing services today.

Our lawn service crew can either come and just cut your grass, or we can handle every aspect of your lawn care, it's really up to you. We cut lawns across El Paso. From Sunland Park to Horizon City, our crews are all around mainlining the lawns of El Paso on a regular basis. When I began lawn care in El Paso, TX I was a young child. And I have always loved what I do. Whether you are near El Paso International Airport, or out near Vinton, I would be honored to cut your grass. If you are looking for a lawn care bid, or my lawn care services specifically all you have to do s sign up for GreenPal and within moments y9ou will be connected with a range of lawn services near me in El Paso. Of course, I hope you will choose my services, but hey if you find a better offer what can I say.

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Guzman Lawn Landscape Lawn Services in El Paso, TX

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Lawn care in El Paso is diverse and fun, but many of my clients have told me just how hard it is to find a lawn service company which are worth the time of day. So many lawn services in El Paso are simply unreliable. Because of this, I work hard, very hard, whether I am mowing lawns or just doing some yard maintenance, to be the very best that I can be. I don't mess around when it comes to my lawn services.

Whether you want weekly lawn care, lawn service solutions, or full lawn maintenance, you showed know that mowing grass is only one of the things that I do. One of the things my team specializes in is irritation, and in Texas, irrigation is critical to saving water, cutting maintenance costs, and most importantly of all keeping your lawn and gardens alive.

Most people don't think about adding water-saving features in their lawns, believe it or not, this will help with grass cutting as well. Most lawn care businesses in El Paso just cut lawns and don't really think about how to help you conserve water. I have oriented my business to help you conserve water and save money.

We don't quite have the luxury to have access to water year round. That is why I have centered my lawn care services on that issue, saving you water. We can install irrigation systems, or even xeriscape your entire lawn. The thing is rock based lawns save you money on lawn care services because we won't have to cut your grass as often, or we may not even have to be cutting your grass at all. There are many other alternatives to the standard lawn that I recommend our clients try in El Paso.

El Paso is supper dry most of the year round, so I really recommend to my clients that don't want to worry about watering their lawns, I recommend that they get a low maintenance lawn at the very least. Low maintenance lawns don't need lawn mowing nearly as often. In fact with some low maintenance lawns, we will only be mowing grass at your place a few times a year. Best of all these slower growing, shorter grasses hardly need the amount of water traditional grass seeds offer. But if you want your lawn to be as green as Painted Dunes Desert Golf Course, and you don't mind investing a bit to irrigation and water it properly, we can do that too.

If you're not around El Paso, no worries! We can help you find reliable lawn care services in Houston, TX through Houston Lawn Care. Or maybe you're closer to Waco? Check out our Lawn Maintenance service in Waco, TX for options that'll make your lawn the talk of the town.

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Alex Dotry yard cutting in El Paso TX
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When I moved to El Paso I had a lot of work to do on my lawn. But I had difficulty finding lawn care near me. I didn't know where to turn so I took a peek online. After failing to find someone relible on Craigslist, I did a search and found YourGreenPal.

Once I saw that they perform background checks I had to give it a try. It has been love at first mow. As someone that works at the University of Texas at El Paso, my time is very important. I recommend anyone in need of lawn services give it a try.

Stephenie Hopewell grass cut in El Paso TX
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Before my son landed a job at the El Paso Airport, he would mow our lawn. My husband is frankly too lazy to cut the lawn, so I had to search for lawn care near me elsewhere.

When I found GreenPal, I saw that they performed checks on all of their vendors. Not only do they run background checks, credit checks and more, they also perform interviews with their vendors. When I saw that, I got lawn care bids on their platform and within a week I had professional lawn services on a regular basis. This app is great!

Chance Howard lawn mowing service in El Paso TX
residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-El Paso-TX local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-El Paso-TX the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-El Paso-TX local-lawn-cutting-services-in-El Paso-TX local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-El Paso-TX

I am a regular visitor of North Franklin Mountain in El Paso Texas. I have always enjoyed the way it looked and the natural beauty. It inspired me so much I wanted to use many of the plants I would find there in my natural landscape. But finding lawn care near me, was a challenge.

That is until my neighbor told me about GreenPal. I scheduled service immediately, and within days I had a lawn service not only mowing my lawn, but they also began to install the native plants that I always wanted to see. Now I have a lawn and garden the match my native inspirations.

Timothy Hampton lawn cutting in El Paso TX
local-lawn-care-services-in-El Paso-TX local-lawn-care-services-in-El Paso-TX affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-El Paso-TX grass-cutting-businesses-in-El Paso-TX local-lawn-cutting-services-in-El Paso-TX

I own a number of apartments in El Paso Texas, and needless to say, I need my share of lawn services. Not just cutting the grass, but irrigation and gardening too. Finding lawn care near me was not an easy task, well not until I found GreenPal.

My apartments are on the higher end too, so my clients want them to look good, if not I begin to hear about it. With GreenPal, my rental properties are looking more and more like the Lone Star Golf Course every day.

If you need lawn service, or just your lawn mowed, GreenPal is a great place to get that.

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