Order Lawn Care

Learn to order the best lawn care easily with this guide.

Ordering lawn care can be an overwhelming task.

But if you take the right steps, it can be quite easy.

These 10 tips will help make ordering lawn care simple.

Sound like a deal? Then let’s get started with tip number 1.

Ordering Lawn Care Tip #1- The Triangle of Customer Service

Look, we all want to have the best of the best when it comes to lawn care. But what the best is may vary based on your own personal definition and expectations. To help you understand what type of lawn service you need, you must know about the customer service triangle.

Here’s the deal, there is a bit of give and take when it comes to ordering lawn care, or any service for that matter.

There are three qualities of lawn care, there is:

  1. Affordable lawn care
  2. Reliable lawn care
  3. Good lawn care.

Most people don’t know this, but as a general rule a good lawn care companies services will fit two of those qualities. Yet no company can offer all three. At least not if they want to stay in business.

So you need to ask yourself. Which 2 qualities do you want when you are ordering your lawn care?

Your lawn care can be:

  1. Reliable and affordable, but it will be lacking in quality.
  2. Quality-oriented and reliable, but it won’t be cheap.
  3. Cheap and quality-oriented, but will not be reliable.

In my experience, most lawn care companies fit in either the A or B categories. A good lawn care company will typically put reliability ahead of everything else

Here’s the deal, the only question left when you are ordering lawn care is are you willing to pay more for a better cut, or do you just want to knock it down?

All too often folks go with the cheapest service and wonder why their lawn doesn’t look the way they want.

In short, you get what you pay for. This is something you must keep in mind when ordering lawn care

Ordering Lawn Care Tip #2- Plan Ahead

Now that you have your expectations set for ordering lawn care, it’s time to plan ahead and find the right provider before you need them. Ordering the right lawn care, like many other aspects of your life, starts with planning ahead.

Here’s the deal, we are all guilty of it, but all too often we wait till the last moment to hire a service provider. This is especially true when it comes to lawn care. But if you take the time to plan ahead and get a jump start on your search for the right company. You will be a lot better off.

In short, If you can hire lawn care in late winter or early spring months before your lawn gets behind, you will be a lot better off. Planning ahead, and staying ahead on your lawn care is one of the best ways to start your lawn care off on the right foot.

But falling behind on lawn care brings us to tip #3.

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Ordering Lawn Care Tip #3- Don’t Wait to Act!

This tip ties in closely with tip #2, but is worth stating in its own space. When it comes to lawn care, it is important not to wait to hire service if you need lawn care now.


It’s simple, the grass won’t wait!

It’s true, grass doesn’t stop growing just because you haven’t gotten to it. The longer you wait to order your lawn care service, the more expensive it will become to get back in order. Worst of all you risk damaging your lawn, which may result in repair costs such as re-seeding or turfing the lawn

In short, even if you can’t decide who you want to cut the lawn in the long term, just hire someone to at least keep your lawn at a reasonable level until you find the lawn care service that you decide to hire permanently.

Ordering Lawn Care Tip #4- Budget Your Lawn Care Before You Hire

When you are ordering your lawn care service it is important to have a budget in mind before interviewing any lawn care service.

It’s no secret, having a great lawn can be pricey. There is a lot more than cutting the lawn when it comes to creating the best lawn around town.

Just a few of the lawn care tasks that have to be done include:

  • Fertilizing
  • Aerating
  • Seeding
  • Top-dressing and leveling
  • Treating the lawn for disease
  • Edging
  • Weedeating
  • And of course mowing the lawn.

And that is just to care for the grass itself!

For example, that doesn’t include fall leaf removal, tree removal or any other services your lawn may need. That is why you should have a budget planned out before you start ordering lawn care.

Fortunately, if your lawn doesn’t require any major repairs, it won’t require too much work to keep it looking ok. But, if you want the best lawn on the block, you have to be willing to pay for it, and you should have a budget in mind

In short, planning out a lawn care budget, before ordering lawn care service is critical. This will ensure you don’t get roped into extra services you can not afford.

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Ordering Lawn Care Tip #5- Search Online

In this day and age, everything is online. Including lawn care.

By now, you have probably already started looking online for information on ordering lawn care.

After all you are here!

You can use google to research the lawn care company you intend to hire. Many companies also have websites and photos of their previous work.

But there are also websites, such as GreenPal that allow you to get competing bids from multiple lawn care providers at once.

Best of all with GreenPal you get to see reviews of each lawn care company that bids on your property

In short, one of the best resources for learning about the lawn care service you want to hire, is the internet.

Bonus Tip: Take extra time to learn about lawn care!

Even if you want to hire a lawn care service provider to do it for you, it is generally a good idea to learn a little about lawn care for yourself. You might be wondering why, but if you don’t know anything about lawn care it will be difficult to order the right lawn care service.

Ordering Lawn Care Tip #6- Read the Reviews

This is ordering lawn care 101, read the reviews. One of the best things about ordering lawn care online is all of the reviews you can find about lawn care companies. There are many platforms that allow you to read reviews of lawn care providers.

These lawn care review platforms include:

  1. Yelp
  2. Yellow Pages
  3. Angie’s List
  4. Google
  5. GreenPal

There is almost too much information online, at times it’s quite overwhelming! But if you take the time to look at reviews from a lawn care company’s previous clients, you can learn a lot about a prospective lawn care company.

In short, lawn care reviews can tell you a lot about a company you plan on ordering lawn care service from.

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Ordering Lawn Care Tip #7- Ask A Neighbor for Recommendations

If you are looking into ordering lawn care and don’t want to use the internet, well maybe your neighbor has some good advice.

As great as the internet can be for finding information and looking for lawn care service providers, it often causes us to overlook the most obvious solutions to our needs.

Get this, your neighbor may know someone right in town that would be love to cut your grass. Best of all you will be supporting a local business in the process! Now that is a win-win.

Even if your neighbor has no idea where to turn for lawn care, at least it will give you the opportunity to go over and say hello.

In short, if you aren’t sure where to turn for lawn care service, the most obvious solution may be right next door.

Ordering Lawn Care Tip #8- Interview Potential Companies

If you truly want to hire the best lawn care professional near you, then you will have to conduct interviews.

The interview doesn’t have to be long. Just a 5-10 minute pre-hire interview can save you hours of headache down the road.

A few questions you should ask any candidate you are planning on ordering lawn care service from:

  • How many lawns are they currently mowing?
  • Do they have any other employees?
  • What kind of equipment do they have and where did they purchase it?
  • Is this their full time job, or are they a weekend warrior?
  • How do they expect to get paid?
  • Do they service any lawns nearby?

Of course, there are many other questions you could ask. But just those few simple questions should give you a good idea on where they stand as a lawn care company.

In short, conducting a brief 5-10 minute interview before ordering lawn care service can really save you a lot of headaches down the road. Even better, when you decide to higher a lawn care company they will know where you stand, and what you expect. This will keep them on their A-game.

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Ordering Lawn Care Tip #9- Are They Insured?

Look, one of the most important things you need to know about any lawn service you plan on ordering lawn care from, is whether they are insured or not.

What’s the big deal?

Well, although it is unlikely that something will happen while they are mowing the lawn. If damage does occur, it can be costly. And if a lawn care company doesn’t have insurance, they may not be able to cover the costs, at least not in one lump sum.

What kind of insurance does your lawn care guy need?

Heres’ the deal, your lawn care guy doesn’t need to have the best insurance, just basic general liability insurance is sufficient.

In short, basic general liability insurance will cover a lawn care provider if they happen to cause damage to your property or your neighbors.

Ordering Lawn Care Tip #10- What Services Does the Lawn Care Service Offer?

No one wants to call around and hire 3 different lawn care crews for each task they need done in the lawn.

That is why it is important to plan ahead, budget and be upfront with the lawn care company you intend to hire. When ordering lawn care service, be upfront with your needs and see what your prospect lawn care company can offer.

Ask them if they will also be able to:

  1. Remove the leaves in fall
  2. Mulch your landscape beds
  3. Do landscape designs
  4. Fertilize and aerate the lawn

The lawn care provider you decide to order your lawn care service from will need to be the right fit for your lawn. Maybe you just need someone to mow the lawn and you will handle everything else. But if you are in need of multiple services, it is worth the extra effort to find a lawn care provider which can provide all of the services you need!

In short, if you don’t make sure the lawn care provider you order service from can take care of all your needs, you will have to hire multiple providers. To prevent this, I would find the crew that can handle all of your lawn care needs at your home.

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The Final Assessment of Ordering Lawn Care!

Ordering lawn care doesn’t have to be a challenge. If you follow these simple steps, the process of ordering lawn care will be much, much easier!

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