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Jenny's Lawn Care Lawn Services in Minneapolis, MN

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You must ensure that your yard in Minneapolis MN is cared for so the surface will stay safe during the winter season. The average lows in Minneapolis can go under 10 degrees Fahrenheit in some cases. The possibility of your yard being covered by several inches of snow at a time can be a threat. But the good news is that you can get your yard protected when you reach us at Jenny’s Lawn Care for help.

Our team at Jenny’s Lawn Care is available to help you with preparing your yard for the cold winter season. Our efforts entail several solutions dedicated to preserving the quality of your lawn.

You can reach us in the fall to get started in helping you get your yard ready for the fall. We will help you with mowing your yard with a slightly reduced height. Lowering the mower is critical in the fall, as this helps to keep frost from being likely to build up on grass blades. We will also clear out all the leaves around your yard through both power and hand raking functions. We can also blow out the bushes, trees, and other landscape features around your yard. We will always clear out the leaves and grass clippings and remove them from your property after we finish.

You can ask us for help with removing snow from the sensitive parts of your property if needed. We are available during the winter to clear out ice and other things that could potentially harm your trees and other features around your yard.

Our spring cleanup effort will also help you with ensuring your yard is cleaned out. We can help you in April or May depending on the weather in the area. We will dethatch your lawn and remove any old leaves that are still around your property. We can edge the areas around your driveway and other paved surfaces as well. Our thorough effort will ensure your yard is cared for all the way through and that everything looks clean and ready for the season.

You can reach us at Jenny’s Lawn Care for help with everything surrounding your yard in Minneapolis from getting ready for the winter to cleaning up afterward. We offer lawn mowing services and other traditional solutions in the summer too.

We proudly serve homeowners around all corners of the city too. We are not too far off from the river in the Sheridan area. We can reach your home regardless of which side of the river you are on. You can contact us for help with any yard you have in Hawthorne, Willard-Hay, Ventura Village, and any other neighborhood you might be in around the city.

We at Jenny’s Lawn Care love helping people with taking care of all their yard care needs. You can reach us today to schedule a free review of your property in Minnesota. We will help you with noting what can work for your property and how we can assist you in many forms regardless of when in the season you need help.


Bella Verde Landscape Lawn Services in Minneapolis, MN

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It is amazing as to how the weather conditions in Minneapolis MN can change in one year. It might be hot and humid in the summer, but it will become cold and dry in the winter. You’ll need to have your lawn cared for throughout the year if you want it to stay beautiful. Fortunately, our team at Bella Verde Landscape will assist you with all the outstanding yard maintenance needs you have.

Our lawn services don’t stop during the winter months. You can reach us if you need extra help with removing snow around your property. We can clear out the snow from your landscape, any hardscapes you have, and any other places that might be sensitive and unable to handle ice and snow all that well.

You can ask us for help with everything for your yard during the summer season as well. We offer excellent services from lawn mowing to tree trimming. You can ask us to clean out any weeds around your property. We are also available to clear out any pests in your grass bed, including grubs or fire ants. The thorough work we will put in ensures your yard is cared for well.

We are available to serve homeowners around all corners of Minneapolis and elsewhere in the county. We are on Vincent Avenue North in the Cleveland and Jordan areas of the city. We can come out to your home anywhere in the area.

You don’t need to have enough money to afford one of those fancy homes in Columbia Park to utilize our services. You can reach us even if you’re on a tight or fixed budget. We have service plans at Bella Verde that cover all your yard maintenance needs while fitting in with your budget. You might find that you can utilize more services for your dollar than what you could expect to find out of a service provider.

You can also reach us for help at Bella Verde Landscape if you have a commercial property. Places like the North Memorial Health Hospital need to keep their landscapes looking beautiful so their sites can appear more professional or comforting in the case of a hospital like that one. We can check on the quality of every tree or bush in your lot to help you out. We focus on a careful approach to handling your home or commercial property every time.

Don’t forget that we can come to your home even if you’re not there. You can schedule a time for us to go to your home for work while you’re at work or school. We will let you know when we are at your home and then when we leave. We’ll always clean up after we are done too.

Our thorough approach to lawn maintenance will ensure that your yard is cared for well. Talk with us at Bella Verde Landscape for help when you need help with getting your yard looking beautiful throughout the year. Whether it’s a home in Folwell or McKinley or a commercial site on the river, we’re here to help care for your yard.


The Lawnmower Man Lawn Services in Minneapolis, MN

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There are many things that you might instead want to do during a long weekend living in Minneapolis. Perhaps you want to enjoy a day of fishing on the Long Meadow Lake or Medicine Lake. Maybe you would rather spend the day with the rest of the family at the Mall of America. These things and many others are much more enjoyable than mowing grass and doing other landscape maintenance things around your yard.

Fortunately, you can reach The Lawnmower Man for help with all your lawn maintenance requirements. You can talk with us at The Lawnmower Man if you need help with anything from mowing grass to removing weeds or trimming bushes.

Our work for lawn maintenance in Minneapolis MN will focus on everything that you require for your yard. You can contact us for help with mowing any grass style you have from Kentucky bluegrass to perennial ryegrass to fescue. We can mow your yard to the proper height based on the season and how well your grass may grow.

We can also remove weeds of all types around your yard. The Lawnmower Man knows that weeds have to be cleared out before the entire yard can be cut, but this aspect of yard maintenance requires great care to ensure the grass in an area isn’t killed off. You can reach us for cleaning out anything from dandelions to creeping Charlies to wild violets and anything else that you might want to clean off of your yard. Our work will ensure the healthy grass around your property will not be killed off.

You can ask us at The Lawnmower Man for help with aerating your yard as well. We can aerate your space in the spring or fall to add seed to your surface and to keep the soil from being compacted. Our service will ensure you can get new grass while also allowing the drainage around your yard to work well enough.

The work we will provide here at The Lawnmower Man is suitable for all home styles in Minneapolis and elsewhere in the Twin Cities. You can reach us if you have a fancy home in the Near North neighborhood with a yard that features some added curves surrounding a landscape. A more traditional home in the Bryn Mawr or Willard-Hay area can also benefit from the services we offer.

Our rates are also affordable for your needs too. We provide thorough services around Minneapolis with prices that fit every budget. You will only have to pay for the services that you ask to utilize, thus ensuring you will not worry about spending lots of time trying to get your grass cared for in whatever way you need help with.

The thorough services we provide at The Lawnmower Man will ensure you are cared for right. You can reach us The Lawnmower Man to schedule a time for services today. We would love to come to your home and provide you with a thorough review of your yard and a free no-obligation estimate for services.


Blue Line Property Care Lawn Services in Minneapolis, MN

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Some entities around Minneapolis are okay with having artificial grass surfaces. US Bank Stadium and TCF Bank Stadium both utilize artificial surfaces, but those places experience intense stress throughout the year from football players running up and down their surfaces. Meanwhile, you’ll find beautiful Kentucky bluegrass at Target Field. You’ll find grass around many of the city’s golf courses, not to mention at CHS Field if you go out to St. Paul.

Those grass surfaces are more appealing because they look natural and provide a brilliant green color that shines bright in the spring or summer season. Don’t you wish you could have a yard as beautiful as what the Twins or Saints play on? Better yet, do you wish you could find someone who you can afford to hire when attaining a lawn as beautiful as what the baseball diamonds and golf links offer?

Well, the good news is that we at Blue Line Property Care are here to help. We provide affordable services for everyone in Minneapolis and elsewhere in the Twin Cities area. You can reach us whether you’ve got a small yard in the Diamond Lake area, or you have something more visible near Lake Nokomis.

Our work will help you with handling everything your yard requires. We offer a full lawn mowing service as well as solutions for weed removal, landscape trimming and cleanup, and even help for clearing off the snow during the winter season. You can also ask us if you need help with cleaning up leaves around your yard, which is a huge plus if you’re in the McDonough Park area or any other site where the yard may become cluttered with lots of leaves all around.

Our team will analyze the quality of your yard and figure out which services are appropriate for your surface. We will ensure that you receive only the services you ask for based on what you can afford to spend. Fortunately, our rates are competitive and easy to afford. You’ll have enough money to spend on things at the Mall of America or at Target Field or whatever another sporting venue you want to catch some sports action at.

We will ensure that your yard is cared for well and that you’ll have the help you need for keeping your yard in Minneapolis cared for well. You can even talk with us if you have a larger property with a more elaborate yard that needs care. These include big yards in the Brookside Park area or around Wood Lake. Your property might not be as big as Target Field, but we’ll give you the help you need for producing the best real grass you could ever ask for.

The great work we provide at Blue Line Property Care ensures that your yard in the city will be cared for well. Talk with us at Blue Line for assistance with maintaining your yard in Minneapolis today. Besides, you work hard enough throughout the week as it is. Let us at Blue Line take care of the hard work for you.

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Shirley Grossman lawn care service in Minneapolis MN
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It’s hard enough as it is to clean up the leaves around my home in the Kenwood area, but the people at Jenny’s Lawn Care are always more than ready for the challenge. They do a great job of removing the leaves around my yard about three or four times a year. They are gentle around my yard, which is great because I keep on tearing up my grass every time I try cleaning up the leaves myself. They always tote the leaves away from my property too, which is huge considering how badly those leaves have decayed after they fall off. They are always here on time too.

Sebastian Beckenbauer lawn cut in Minneapolis MN
cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Minneapolis-MN lawn-maintenance-in-Minneapolis-MN lawn-maintenance-in-Minneapolis-MN grass-cutting-businesses-in-Minneapolis-MN cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Minneapolis-MN

It takes a while for me to travel from my home in Armatage to my workplace in Hopkins, but the people at Bella Verde can help me with my yard maintenance needs while I’m out. The team is always helpful in ensuring my yard is cleaned well. They do well with mowing my lawn and with trimming the edges around my landscape and driveway. The people at Bella Verde do quite well and ensure that my yard is trimmed as evenly as possible. The thorough work they put in every time is something I genuinely appreciate here at my home.

Myra Gustavsson lawn mowing in Minneapolis MN
local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Minneapolis-MN lawn-maintenance-in-Minneapolis-MN lawn-maintenance-in-Minneapolis-MN grass-cutting-businesses-in-Minneapolis-MN the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Minneapolis-MN

I wanted my yard in Waite Park to look as beautiful as the yard at the school I work at near the Water Tower Park, so I asked The Lawnmower Man for help. I found out that my yard needed specific care based on how high it should be cut and how often new seed needs to be added. I always thought you need to get the lawn cut short, but it turns out there’s more to it than that. The Lawnmower Man let me know about all the things needed for caring for my yard and has done well with mowing grass every two weeks throughout the summer. My yard looks much more beautiful than it used to.

Mauno Salmelainen lawn mow in Minneapolis MN
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The people at Blue Line usually come to my property every two weeks during the summer. While I drive a few blocks to the Highlight Park course to practice my golf swing and drive, they come to my home to mow the lawn and trim the bushes. They clean up after each task too. The team lets me know when they are done with their work as well. I’ve noticed it takes a bit for them to care for my yard, but that’s because they are heavily invested in all the minute details surrounding my yard. They are very careful with how they can help my space.