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Jenny's Lawn Care Lawn Services in Minneapolis, MN

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Is your cool season grass getting the care it needs to look good and thrive? The average lows in Minneapolis can go as low as 10 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. Combine this with snow and you could be looking long-term problems. Let's not forget the sweltering summer heat that can be just as bad on your grass. Whatever season we're in, the pros at Jenny’s Lawn Care can keep your grass clean, blossoming, and protected.

Seasonal Lawn Care Services For Your Minneapolis Property 

Your grass goes through different seasonal changes. Doing the right kind of job at the right time is crucial if you want healthy, green, weed-free grass. That's what we specialize in. 

Jenny’s Lawn Care offers seasonal services. From spring to winter, we provide timely lawn service treatment based on best practices. WE follow a proven lawn care schedule which we use as a guide for every season. 

For instance, in the spring we apply pre-emergents to prevent weeds, clear away debris from the winter, and perform other treatment like fertilizing and mowing. In the summer, we continue applying fertilizers, overseed your yard, and water your grass consistently. 

Every month and season means we're doing something different. This helps ensure you get the best results for your yard. 

Proper Lawn Mowing Practices

When mowing your grass, we do the following: 

  • Trim at above 2 inches and a half for most cool-season grass
  • Cut at different directions to promote better grass growth
  • Remove branches, junk, and other debris 
  • Power rake leaves or blow them away 
  • Recycle or bag your clippings after every mowing session
  • Remove heavy branches 
  • Trim your hedges and edge every corner of your property

We always maintain as dull blades can ruin grass. Plus, we use our EGO battery-powered mowers for every job. 

In addition to lawn mowing services, we also offer snow removal in the winter. 

Spring Summer Fall and Winter Services When You Need Them

Jenny’s Lawn Care serves customers in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and other nearby cities. We also provide lawn care services in Apply Valley, Minnesota. Whether we're getting ready for the winter or providing lawn mowing services in the summer, our company does it all. 

We proudly serve homeowners near Sheridan, Hawthorne, Willard-Hay, Ventura Village, and pretty much all neighborhoods in the city. 

Hire Jenny’s Lawn Care today! 


Bella Verde Landscape Lawn Services in Minneapolis, MN

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Thanks for taking the time read our post! Bella Verde Landscape knows your yard work can be a challenge. The weather, busy schedule, and budget don't make things any easier. So, let our team of trained experts with decades of experience handle all your outdoor chores. From mowing to trimming to battling weeds, we'll do all for a great price. 

Seasonal Lawn Care Services Available For A Discount

All new customers get an exclusive discount by hiring us. From spring to winter, we'll be your go-to team for all things lawn care. 

We'll prep your yard in the winter, blow away snow after a storm, and add salt beforehand. In the spring, we'll get rid of any winter debris and snow mold. We'll prep your lawn for the growing season while also battle away weeds before they sprout.

In the summer, we'll protect your grass from the heat and keep it nourished all the through fall. Then we'll repeat this cycle for as long as you need us.

Spring and Summer Lawn Care Done Right

We seem to be the most popular in late spring and throughout the summer. We'll be happy to help you whenever you need us, but we recommend hiring us as soon as the weather gets cool (at least 55 degrees). 

Our summer work includes the following:

  • Lawn mowing services
  • Tree and hedge trimming 
  • Weed control
  • Water management 
  • Prevent and control pests in your grass bed including grubs or fire ants. 

And so much more! 

Who We Serve

We serve customers in Minneapolis and also provide lawn care services to clients in Maple Grove, Minnesota. We have helped customers in Vincent Avenue North in the Cleveland and Jordan areas of the city, as well as other nearby local communities. 

Our track record includes providing landscape maintenance to homeowners in Columbia Park to fixed budget customers in Bella Verde. Yard maintenance doesn't have to be expensive when you hire us. Get more bang for your buck by hiring our lawn care business. 

Lawn Service All Kinds Of Properties 

We also serve commercial properties too. Our work can be seen near places like the North Memorial Health Hospital. We've kept our customers' yard and landscapes looking beautiful. 

If you need a reliable lawn service provider, contact the pros at Bella Verde Landscape for help. Whether it’s a home in Folwell or McKinley or a commercial site near the river, we’re here to help you. 


The Lawnmower Man Lawn Services in Minneapolis, MN

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Would you rather spend a day fishing in Long Meadow Lake or Medicine Lake? Maybe you would rather spend the day with your family at the Mall of America. If you'd rather spend your time on other things instead of mowing your yard, consider hiring The Lawnmower Man. We provide affordable lawn mowing services and upkeep to keep your grass in great shape. Kick back and relax and let us handle the yard work. 

Hand Over Your Lawn Care Chores To Us 

We mow all kinds of cool-season grass found in Minneapolis. We've worked on all types of grass, including: 

  • Kentucky bluegrass
  • Perennial ryegrass 
  • Fescue
  • And more!

We mow at the proper height based on the season.

In addition to our lawn mowing services, we also remove weeds and even prevent most of them using pre and post emergents. Say goodbye to dandelions, creeping charlies, wild violets, and even crabgrass. Our weed control services also ensure your grass is not damaged during our work.

Seasonal Treatment Included 

We can aerate your landscape in the spring or fall to add seed to your surface and to keep the soil from being compacted. Our lawn service will ensure you can get new grass while also allowing your roots to absorb nutrients.

Affordable Prices For All Lawn Care In Minneapolis 

The Lawnmower Man provides lawn care services in Minneapolis and elsewhere in the Twin Cities. We also serve customers in St Paul, Minnesota

We have proudly served customers in neighborhoods such as Near North, Bryn Mawr, and even Willard-Hay.

Our rates are also affordable for your needs too. Whatever you need, our lawn care services are perfect for every budget and problem. 

Contact The Lawnmower Man to schedule a time for lawn services today. You'll get an instant and free no-obligation estimate when you contact us today.


Blue Line Property Care Lawn Services in Minneapolis, MN

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Want your backyard to look as nice as US Bank Stadium and TCF Bank Stadium? You can get the same high-level lawn care without coughing up a fortune by hiring Blue Line Property Care. We'll give your yard a beautiful green shine without the hefty price tag. We offer affordable lawn care and mowing services for all property owners in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and even Edina, Minnesota

Wallet-Friendly Lawn Care For All Local Customers

Blue Line Property Care provides affordable lawn care services for everyone in Minneapolis and elsewhere in the Twin Cities area. From working on small yards in the Diamond Lake area to larger landscapes in McDonough Park to properties near Lake Nokomis, we've been one of the most highly rated companies in the region.

We offer a full lawn mowing services and other treatment options, including: 

  • Weed removal 
  • Landscape trimming and cleanup
  • Clearing snow during the winter season 
  • Removing leaves and debris
  • And much more! 

Customized Lawn Services For Your Needs and Budget  

We offer some of the lowest rates in the area. But, don't confuse our affordable prices with cheap results. We are a team of trained lawn care professionals with decades of combined experience. Our results and hundreds of five-star reviews speak for themselves! 

From transforming yards near places like Mall of America or working near properties close to Target Field, our lawn care business is here to help you. 

Own a property in Brookside Park or Wood Lake? It doesn't matter where you are, our lawn care company is here to help you. 

Contact the prost at Blue Line Property Care for affordable yard services in Minneapolis today. 

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It’s hard enough as it is to clean up the leaves around my home in the Kenwood area, but the people at Jenny’s Lawn Care are always more than ready for the challenge. They do a great job of removing the leaves around my yard about three or four times a year. They are gentle around my yard, which is great because I keep on tearing up my grass every time I try cleaning up the leaves myself. They always tote the leaves away from my property too, which is huge considering how badly those leaves have decayed after they fall off. They are always here on time too.

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It takes a while for me to travel from my home in Armatage to my workplace in Hopkins, but the people at Bella Verde can help me with my yard maintenance needs while I’m out. The team is always helpful in ensuring my yard is cleaned well. They do well with mowing my lawn and with trimming the edges around my landscape and driveway. The people at Bella Verde do quite well and ensure that my yard is trimmed as evenly as possible. The thorough work they put in every time is something I genuinely appreciate here at my home.

Myra Gustavsson lawn mowing service in Minneapolis MN
local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Minneapolis-MN grass-cutting-businesses-in-Minneapolis-MN lawn-maintenance-in-Minneapolis-MN local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Minneapolis-MN residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Minneapolis-MN

I wanted my yard in Waite Park to look as beautiful as the yard at the school I work at near the Water Tower Park, so I asked The Lawnmower Man for help. I found out that my yard needed specific care based on how high it should be cut and how often new seed needs to be added. I always thought you need to get the lawn cut short, but it turns out there’s more to it than that. The Lawnmower Man let me know about all the things needed for caring for my yard and has done well with mowing grass every two weeks throughout the summer. My yard looks much more beautiful than it used to.

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The people at Blue Line usually come to my property every two weeks during the summer. While I drive a few blocks to the Highlight Park course to practice my golf swing and drive, they come to my home to mow the lawn and trim the bushes. They clean up after each task too. The team lets me know when they are done with their work as well. I’ve noticed it takes a bit for them to care for my yard, but that’s because they are heavily invested in all the minute details surrounding my yard. They are very careful with how they can help my space.