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Before you sign up, there are a few things you should know about snow removal services.

If you want to know more about winter snow removal services for your driveway or sidewalk, then keep reading.

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Snow Removal Services Near Me, Now Offered by Greenpal

For many years GreenPal has connected lawn care professionals and homeowners together.

Get this, now we do snow removal services too!

Here’s the deal, many of the lawn care vendors we host already offered snow removal services. In the winter, to keep business going while the grass is dormant, many lawn care professionals turn to plowing snow in the winter.

We now offer an expansive directory of “snow removal services near me”. Wherever you may be.

In the spring and summer months we get the green lawns and colorful bursts of flower blooms.

Then the fall months arrive and those leaves that grew all year fall down again.

Sure enough the arrival of winter and snow come thereafter.

This is crazy but, snow removal services may mean the difference between getting to work for the day, or being stuck at home and not being able to leave. That is why you don’t want just any random local snow removal service, you need a professional.

That is EXACTLY what makes GreenPal the perfect place to hire your snow removal guy.

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Hiring Winter Snow Removal Services Through GreenPal

Here are three key reasons why you should hire your residential snow removal through GreenPal. Of course there are many other benefits to using the GreenPal platform to hire your snow plow service, but here are the top three.

  1. Competitive snow plowing, snow shoveling and snow blowing bids
  2. GreenPal has a platform that allows you to get free snow removal bids from competing snow plow services and snow removal services in your area. In fact, you can get up to 5 snow removal bids in a matter of hours. All of that with an application process that only takes about 5 minutes to complete.

  3. No contract, no obligation snow removal
  4. Simply put, cancel anytime. So many other platforms, and local snow removal vendors want you to sign a contract. However, that is not the case when you hire through GreenPal. When you hire snow removal through GreenPal there is none of that. If you like the local snow plow service that you receive, you keep it. If you want a new snow removal service, that is fine too. Truly it is up to you.

  5. Exclusive snow removal reviews
  6. By hiring your snow removal services through GreenPal you gain access to exclusive reviews. Many of our best snow plow services have 100’s of reviews of their past work. This gives you an in-depth look into how they have performed from their clients in the past. Simply put, if a snow removal service isn’t up to par with the competition in their area, it will show!

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Find Snow Plowing Service Near Me, Anywhere.

Seriously, no matter where you are in the US, we have snow plowing services near you.

Whether you need snow plowing for your short 2 car driveway, or the driveway you need snow cleared from is a 1/2 mile long. We now have one of the best selections of snow plowing near me services.

Most importantly, you can rest assured that when you hire a reliable snow plow service with GreenPal’s platform, you gain access to exclusive reviews, and contract free snow removal service.

Get this, no matter what kind of driveway you are looking to get snow plowed on we have you covered, That is what it means to have one of the best selections of snow plowing services near me, on the internet.

We have been in the lawn care and landscaping business for a long time. And because many of our lawn care vendors also offer snow removal services, you can count on the fact that we have access to some of the best snow removal companies around.

Our vendors offer a wide selection of snow removal services near me. Whether you are looking for a snow plow service in New York, a snow removal professional in Wisconsin, or someone to shovel the snow off of your sidewalk in Washington state, GreenPal has you covered.

Bottom line, GreenPal has access to the best snow removal companies in the business.

Need to De-ice the Driveway?

Many of our snow plowing professionals can salt and sand the driveways too. If that is what you need. You better bet that the snow plowing professionals we host are more than happy to help you keep the ice off of your driveway.

We aren’t known as one of the best snow plowing near me platforms for nothing!

Our company goes out of the way to find the best professionals. Whether you want to get your grass cut, or have the ice cleared from your driveway, our vendors have you covered.

Pro Tip! Many municipalities offer free salt and sand to residents. If you don’t want to pay for salt and sand, check your local highway department facility. They often have salt and sand throughout the winter months for residents to stop icing on their driveways.

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Looking For Sidewalk Snow Removal?

Not everyone needs snow removal for the driveway, so you can bet that we also offer sidewalk snow removal as well.

Let’s say that you just want to have your walkway cleared of snow, not a problem.

GreenPal does it’s best to connect with local snow removal services that can tailor to your needs. Seriously, we do what it takes to find snow removal services near you.

Our vendors offer snowblowing for sidewalks, and of course we have vendors that can remove snow by shovel. Sidewalk snow removal is important, especially for those that can not do it on their own.

Unless you want the exercise of moving snow around, find a snow removal pro on GreenPal.

Here’s the deal, if you do plan on shoveling the snow from the sidewalk yourself, be sure to dress in warm, water tight clothes! Being wet and cold is no fun.

Don’t want to handle snow shoveling or blowing off the sidewalk on your own? That’s ok, we will do it for you.

Look to GreenPal for professional snow removal services in your area. Our snow removal professionals have centuries of snow removal experience between them. So you better bet they know how to handle business, and the important task of reliable snow removal.

De-icing the sidewalk

Need the sidewalk de-iced after shoveling the snow off? Not a problem!

Just add that in the details when you submit your request for free snow removal bids.

Our snow removal professionals would be more than happy to help you cut back the ice on your sidewalk with a salt mixture.

Deicing is especially important for preventing slips or falls while getting to and from your vehicle. The last thing you want is a layer of ice to build up on the walkway and cause an issue. So don’t be afraid to add de-icing to your sidewalk snow removal regiment.

Need pet friendly de-icing?

If you need pet-friendly ice removal, just be sure to let the snow removal service know ahead of time.

That way they can be sure to use pet-friendly ice melting supplies. Some salts that are used to melt ice can be hard on animals feet. Be sure to consult with your snow removal service if you have pets and you want your sidewalks de-iced.

Pro Tip! Limit how much salt or ice melt you spread near your gardens. Too much salt can kill bushes, shrubs or other plants which are nearby.

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Tips on Hiring Residential Snow Removal

When you are looking at hiring snow removal services, whether you are near me, or on the other side of the country. There are a few things you should know about hiring residential snow removal services near you.

Here are four tips to improve your experience when hiring a snow removal service.

Hiring Residential Snow Removal Services Tip # 1

Compare Competing Snow Removal Services

This one is pretty much true with hiring any service; be it landscaper, lawn care provider or snow removal service. There are many reasons to do this. Most importantly, comparing residential snow plowing services to one another can help you understand the details of the services being offered

Here’s the deal, there are things that most homeowners wouldn’t even consider when it comes to plowing a driveway if they have never been in the business.

Comparing 2 or three companies will help you make the best decision.

You would be surprised just how much this seemingly small tip would improve your experience.

Hiring Residential Snow Removal Services Tip # 2

Is the Snow Plow Guy Insured?

Plowing the snow is a risky job. It is not as risky as having a tree by the house removed, sure. But plowing driveways is risky businesses.

Driving a truck on an icy road is bad as it is, but throw a couple hundred pound snow plow on the front end that sticks out farther than the truck, you may cause unwanted damage.

Bottom line, when hiring snow plowing services, be sure to ask if the plow guy is insured.

Snow removal services near me 5

Hiring Residential Snow Removal Services Tip # 3

Place Markers Along Drive and Walkways.

Here’s the deal, unlike water in its liquid form you can not see through snow. That is why marking out the walkways and the especially the driveway is important. To be safe, encourage your plow service to come and inspect the property before the first snow.

Even if they charge for this initial inspection or laying out markers, it will help you have the knowledge that he knows where the obstacles are and how to avoid them. Trees and shrubs next to the driveway can easily fall victim to a plow truck.

As with all tasks, a little planning around the home goes a long way.

Hiring Residential Snow Removal Services Tip # 4

Ask Your Plow Guy About His Snow Plowing Equipment

Is your plow guy running equipment that is up to date?

Does your plow guy have more than one plow truck?

What happens if his plow truck breaks down?

Will he have a backup to get you out of a jam if troubles arise?

Residential snow removal is serious business. Having the driveway plowed on time, or the sidewalks shoveled may mean the difference between life or death, especially in case of emergency.

You want to be sure that your plow guy is running the best snow plowing equipment. Or that he at least has a backup plan to clear the snow off of your driveway if he runs into a problem with his snow plowing equipment. Even if he has another service on deck to cover him, that is perfect.

Make sure your plow guy has a plan to get your driveway plowed no matter what.

Snow removal services near me 6

Hiring Snow Removal Services Near Me in a Nutshell

When it comes to looking for “the best snow plowing services near me” there are a few things you should consider:

  1. Do you want the driveway and walkways de-iced?
  2. Will you shovel the sidewalks yourself, or will you hire someone?
  3. Is your plow guy insured?
  4. Has your plow guy seen the boundaries of the driveway?
  5. Do you need to request pet-friendly de-icing?
  6. Will the plow guy come everytime it snows?

Use the tips for hiring residential snow removal services above.

Never be afraid to grill your snow plow guy with questions about the service they intend to offer.

Most importantly, find your next snow plow guy through GreenPal’s revolutionary hiring platform.

Don’t be left out in the cold the next time it snows.

Hire your next snow removal service with confidence from GreenPal.

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