Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Happy Valley, OR as of Mar, 2023

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Portland Lawn Pros Lawn Services in Happy Valley, OR

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You’ll need to get your lawn ready in time for the spring season after the fall and winter come around. Your yard will be littered with leaves, branches, and possibly a layer of thatch all around. Fortunately, you don’t have to go at it alone when getting your yard cleaned up. You can ask us at Portland Lawn Pros for help with the lawn maintenance task at hand.

Our team at Portland Lawn Pros knows what it takes to produce the best-looking lawn in the Portland area. You can reach us for help at Portland Lawn Pros with all the yard care needs you have, including for when you need assistance with mowing grass or cleaning up your yard in Happy Valley.

It is often frustrating for homeowners in Happy Valley OR to get their yards ready for the warm weather season. Yards around West Mt. Scott often have compact soil that makes it hard for grass to grow after a while. Meanwhile, commercial properties closer to the highway and the Clackamas Town Center often have trees and shrubs that need some extra care when the weather gets a little warmer.

It is not always easy for people to maintain their lawns in Happy Valley. That’s where we can come in handy here at Portland Lawn Pros.

Our yard maintenance team can help you with the necessary cleanup process in the spring season. We can clean out the leaves, branches, and other stuff from your lawn, your garden bed, and other features around your yard.

Other lawn maintenance services available in the cleaning process include mowing your lawn, edging the grass around the ends, and trimming your hedges, trees, and other plants. We can also fertilize your lawn if necessary. You can ask us about adding a unique groundcover material over your landscape or garden bed if needed too. Our goal is to provide a clean and thorough look all the way through.

We offer these services and many more throughout the year, although our work is especially perfect in the spring season when you need it the most. We cover all yards in the Happy Valley OR area from Scott Creek to Hood View.

Our team provides excellent contract services as well. You can ask us to come to your home every week or two to get the lawn cut and the water the grass, among other things. We can talk with you about the things your yard requires and then figure out a charge schedule. You’ll see that we offer some of the most affordable rates for services around. There are no minimums for service either, which means that you can cancel your services with us at any time without penalty. We have a flexible scheduling system as well, which means you can ask us to come at any time of the week.

You can ask us at Portland Lawn Pros to learn more about the work we have to offer in Happy Valley OR. We can help you with everything for your yard, especially when it comes to cleaning up after the winter.

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JIC Lawn Care Inc Lawn Services in Happy Valley, OR

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How much help do you need for your yard in Happy Valley OR? Whatever it is, you can trust us at JIC Lawn Care for support.

We at JIC Lawn Care provide a wide variety of services that cover all the unique needs you have for your yard. We are based out of Oregon City OR and serve various suburbs around the Portland area, including Happy Valley.

We’ve seen plenty of beautiful neighborhoods pop up all around the Happy Valley OR area over the years. You can go out east to find plenty of beautiful communities like Falcon Park and Rock Creek. But while the properties themselves look gorgeous, it doesn’t take much for the yards out here to wear out. But you don’t have to worry about your yard prematurely aging or wearing out. You can ask us at JIC Lawn Care to help you with all the critical lawn care services you might need.

We offer a variety of lawn care services for your benefit. You can ask us to mow your lawn every week or two. Our lawn mowing service includes an optional edging service, although we recommend this every other visit if possible. We can also blow the leaves, branches, and grass clippings off of your yard. You have the option to let us save your grass clippings if you prefer too.

We also provide advanced lawn maintenance services to homeowners around Happy Valley. You can ask us to add a natural lawn fertilizer to your yard a few times throughout the year if desired.

We also provide thorough weed removal services that treat your weeds without killing off your grass. You can ask us to remove weeds either around the grass bed or in your garden or landscape. We’re experts at taking care of both these issues.

Our team can also assist you in pruning your shrubs and hedges. We can also clean up the leaves from your yard during the fall season. Our team can even help you with clearing snow off of your driveway and other paved areas during the winter if you ever come across more than what you can handle.

You don’t have to waste lots of time trying to get in touch with us to help you with your yard either. You can ask us at JIC Lawn Care to come over at any time of the week. We can also reach your home while you’re at work or school. You can ask us to go over at a specific time of day, including one where you’re not at your property.

Our team at JIC Lawn Care will help you with your yard maintenance needs, whether you’re in Causey Circle or Vista Woods or wherever else you might live. You can ask us for help online or by phone to learn more about our services and to service a free review of your lawn and landscape. We can provide you with a thorough estimate for services to figure out what it would cost to help you with your yard.

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Royle Gardenscapes Lawn Services in Happy Valley, OR

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No one likes to talk about the many problems that can persist around their yards in Happy Valley OR. Those lawn maintenance issues can keep Happy Valley from being anything but happy. You might have a lawn that floods, or weeds that keep popping up here and there. Our team at Royle Gardenscapes will take care of all the hassles you’ve got and ensure your lawn has the best look in the neighborhood.

You can trust us with everything your yard needs. We offer services for homes around every part of Happy Valley OR. While it is true that lawns around Rolling Acres and Sunrise Park might look beautiful and green, that doesn’t mean they’re going to look that outstanding a few weeks from now. That’s why we always make sure when we come to your yard that we take care of everything all around.

We’ll do everything from mow to lawn to trim the bushes. We’ll clean up the leaves from your yard as well. But we can also help you with any hassles that you might come across throughout the year.

We at Royle Gardenscapes can resolve any irrigation-related problems around your yard. We can aerate your yard to loosen the soil if it is not taking in water. You can also ask us to fix your irrigation system.

We’ll also clean out grubs and other pests around your yard. We can examine any trouble spots around your yard and figure out if there any of these pests are sticking around. Our organic pest removal treatments will clean out your grass without spreading dangerous chemicals that might hurt you or anyone else in your family.

These services are perfect for homeowners around all corners of Happy Valley. You can ask us to come to a larger property in the Scouters Mountain area out east if necessary too. We also serve apartment complexes, commercial properties near the highway, and many other sites.

We also provide a thorough weed control and removal service here at Royle Gardenscapes. We know that many weeds can show up around your yard, from the traditional dandelion to something more unique like the nipplewort, mullein, willowherb, or bittercress weed. You don’t have to fully understand how these weeds grow, as we can remove them with helpful organic care solutions. Our team will spot treat all the weeds around your yard while protecting the grass.

Everything we offer is guaranteed to work right for your lawn the first time around. We are fully licensed and insured, so you never have to worry about spending extra if there’s ever a problem surrounding how your yard is cared for. We’ll resolve any unexpected issues that come about at no additional charge.

You can ask us at Royle Gardenscapes to check on how well your grass and growing in Happy Valley OR. We are available to help you with many of the unique lawn maintenance demands you might have where you are. Contact us today to schedule a time for a free estimate.

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Oregon Pro Landscape Lawn Services in Happy Valley, OR

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The yards around Happy Valley OR come in various sizes. You’ll find numerous small lawns a little closer to the Emerald Loop or Purple Finch Loop parts of the city. Go a bit further east towards 172nd Avenue, and you’ll find plenty of large lawns. The assortment of yards around Happy Valley makes it one of the most intriguing suburbs in the Portland OR area to visit or to live in.

Every one of these lawns has some unique care needs that have to be met throughout the year. Fortunately, you can ask us at Oregon Pro Landscape to help you with maintaining your lawn no matter how large or small it might be. We will check on what your yard needs and figure out a suitable plan for yard maintenance.

The services we have to offer for homes around Happy Valley include everything you’d come to expect out of lawn care providers in the area. But what makes us at Oregon Pro Landscape different is that we cover yards of all sizes. These include small lawns in the central part of the city and larger ones on the outskirts of town.

We provide everything for your yard from lawn mowing to weed removal to shrub trimming. The careful approach we deliver for your yard ensures you’ll have a clean look all around. We can also clean up your landscape or garden bed. The process includes removing weeds and checking on the groundcover around your landscape.

We can reach your home in Happy Valley OR at any time you ask us to come over at. We’ll let you know if our professionals are available to help you out then. You don’t have to be at your property when we come over either. We know that your time is precious. Maybe you need to get to work, or perhaps you’ve got a tee time at the golf course around Rock Creek. We’ll come over and give you reminders of when we arrive and finish. You can also ask us to provide you with photos of our work if you wish.

Our team has affordable rates that you will appreciate as well. We offer great deals for all properties around Happy Valley. You can ask us to schedule a service with only the specific yard maintenance treatments you require. You will only need to pay for the particular services that you ask us to take care of. We believe in a flexible approach to services, not to mention what we charge for them. You will never stay in the dark over what you would have to spend on services through us.

We love taking care of yards around Happy Valley OR here at Oregon Pro Landscape. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your lawn. You’ll find that we have some of the best lawn care solutions in the region. You will also love how affordable our services are, as we assist you with the unique care needs you might have.

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Joseph Readle lawn care in Happy Valley OR
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Everyone at Portland Lawn Pros has a smiling face and a great sense of care for my lawn, which is more than what I’ve gotten off of far too many other yard maintenance teams out here. I had the people here come to my home in Sunnyside to mow the lawn, and they did everything exactly as they said they would. They cleaned up the grass bed, trimmed the edges, and cleared off the grass leaves after they finished the grass cutting effort. They were cautious with what they were doing for my yard, which is something I much appreciate.

Carl Ernest yard mowing in Happy Valley OR
affordable-lawn-services-in-Happy Valley-OR grass-cutting-businesses-in-Happy Valley-OR grass-cutting-businesses-in-Happy Valley-OR lawn-maintenance-in-Happy Valley-OR the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Happy Valley-OR

The great people at JIC have been helping me with my lawn mowing needs for the past year now. They come to my yard in Autumnwood Park when they say they will. They also make sure my yard is clean before they start mowing. The team is very courteous and respectful of the needs I have for my yard. The team has also made sure that my grass is cared for every time and that they don’t tear anything up. I haven’t dealt with any weeds or dead grass spots around my lawn since they started helping me with my yard.

Joseph Jean lawn maintenance in Happy Valley OR
local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Happy Valley-OR lawn-maintenance-in-Happy Valley-OR local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Happy Valley-OR lawn-maintenance-in-Happy Valley-OR cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Happy Valley-OR

Royle Gardenscapes didn’t have any problems when taking care of my yard in the Monterra neighborhood. I wanted a lawn that looked as green as the park yard near my home. The team at Royle was more than happy to help me with restoring the grass around my yard. They aerated and seeded the lawn, and they also removed the weeds around the edges. I appreciate how they edged the ends of my yard, but what I liked the most about that was that they didn’t scrape the fence. I didn’t find any grass stains all around my lawn either.

Duane Reda yard cutting in Happy Valley OR
local-lawn-care-services-in-Happy Valley-OR the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Happy Valley-OR residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Happy Valley-OR lawn-maintenance-in-Happy Valley-OR affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Happy Valley-OR

It’s annoying enough to try and figure out how well my grass can grow in the Mount Scott area, but the people at Oregon Pro Landscape do their best in helping me to treat my lawn. I love how the team at Oregon Pro Landscape knows what my lawn needs every time they come over to help. They are clean and thorough, and they always check on how well my grass is growing. They help me with aerating my yard in the spring and in seeding during the fall too. The work they offer is comprehensive and helpful.