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Portland Mows Lawn Services in Portland, OR

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We at Portland Mows have seen the cost of living in the Portland area rise over the years. We’ve noticed that it is often difficult for people to afford many things in their lives. Just look at how much it costs to get gas in the city. But we at Portland Mows also believe that while the cost of living might be rising, that does not mean that you have to spend more than necessary on ensuring your property looks beautiful.

You might be spending loads of money on your Portland home. We want to help you keep your home looking beautiful while making it look like a million dollars, even if your property isn’t worth a million dollars.

We at Portland Mows are based out of the Alberta and Sabin neighborhoods in the northeastern segment of the city. We are available to mow lawns around all corners of the city, even those a little further out in the Richmond or South Waterfront neighborhoods among many other places.

We emphasize on ensuring that every yard we cut is cared for the right way. We know that all forms of grass around the Portland area will grow differently for many reasons. Some yards can handle water a little better than others. Many yards around Hazelwood and other tree-laden neighborhoods can grow fast because of how much shade is produced by all the trees around the place. Don’t forget that some surfaces may include slopes that can change and make it harder for people to mow their lawns.

We will check on everything surrounding the quality of your yard and then figure out a plan for lawn mowing based on how your yard is growing. We recognize that every yard in Portland OR is unique in some way or another, so we will ensure that your yard is cut to the best standard possible.

What is also helpful is that we will work with affordable rates that you will appreciate. We only charge for what you require or what you ask for. You will discover that you can afford quality yard maintenance services even when you have a tight budget to work with.

Also, our grass cutting team can come to your property every few weeks, depending on your preference. We offer discounted contract services where we can come to your yard every week or two based on what you require. You can ask us to go to your home on-demand as necessary too. We will come to your property at times that are right for you based on your schedule and how well the grass at your home is growing and being managed.

You will appreciate the work that we provide here at Portland Mows when it comes to getting the most out of your yard. Talk with us today to learn about our lawn mowing efforts and how we can help. You will love how we offer quality services without charging you more than what you might expect.


Green Acres Lawn Services in Portland, OR

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Many things go into producing something unique. Take a look at one of the many microbreweries around Portland OR, and you will find that each group puts in plenty of specifics surrounding how their beer products are to be made. These include the right types of spices and sugars and other things that have to be prepared well.

So, what does this have to do with yard maintenance in Portland OR? The lawn maintenance process requires a great deal of effort surrounding how well you’re going to keep your yard trimmed and covered. You need to check on the quality of your yard based on factors like how well the grass is growing and how weeds may be coming about. A thorough review of your yard is necessary for ensuring that the task works right.

Our team at Green Acres will help you with checking on all the specifics involved with lawn care for your property in Portland. We are available to help people around all parts of Portland, including those who operate small business sites. We could even take care of the yards outside any of the many microbreweries around Portland. People will be a whole lot more effective in their work when they come to a space that is clean and beautifully cared for.

Green Acres is based out of the Centennial and Rockwood neighborhoods in the southeastern end of the city. We work on yards of all types, including ones around the southeast area that might struggle to grow on their own.

We know that not all lawns in Portland OR can grow as well as they should. It often takes an extra bit of effort to make a yard look green. You might see yards in the Southwest or Holly Brook areas that are naturally green, but many of those yards require extra help. The work includes looking at how well a yard can take in water and how much effort is needed to maintain the grass. The great news is that our team at Green Acres will assist you with everything you need surrounding the quality of your property.

The diverse assortment of services we have to offer at Green Acres is something worth noting. You can reach us for everything from lawn mowing tasks to weed removal and hedge trimming. We cover surfaces of all sorts, whether it entails working on either a traditional home lawn or a bunch of trees outside a microbrewery. You will also save money when you hire us for many services, which means you’ll have a little something extra to spend at one of those breweries if you’re interested.

Contact us at Green Acres if you need someone to help you with your yard care needs in Portland OR. We will help you with giving your yard in the city the best look that you could ever look to get out of a place as outstanding as this. You deserve the best care for your yard in the city no matter what you prefer to make out of the surface.


My Good Neighbor PDX Lawn Services in Portland, OR

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Thank you for taking a look at what we at My Good Neighbor PDX can do for your yard in the Portland area. We are a landscape maintenance non-profit group that serves homes around all corners of Portland. We are situated here in the northern segment of the Portland area in the Kenton neighborhood, just outside the Portland International Raceway.

We love how youthful and green the city of Portland looks. Our goal is to ensure that each home or business that we serve looks its best. Our services cover all major segments of the Portland area, including segments around Woodlawn, Alberta, and other neighborhoods where it is often difficult for people to get the yard maintenance help they need.

The main goal of what we do to keep Portland looking beautiful is to stick with an ethical approach to lawn maintenance. To start, we only use zero-emission tools. These include electric-powered mowers and trimmers, among other items. Our zero-emission tools will keep smoke from building up around your yard. You won’t have to worry about oil or gas leaks either.

We also compost all the organic waste that we generate or collect. We even wear uniforms that are responsibly made with recycled and organic materials.

Our team at My Good Neighbor also works with other local non-profits to recruit hard-working young people. Our goal is to provide them with personal training and mentoring to help them become successful well into the future.

Many of the young people we hire here at My Good Neighbor include those who struggle with finding jobs. The dangerous thing about the Portland area is that there are many refugee and immigrant youths around the city who have often struggled to try and find employment. Our work is here to help such people with finding work opportunities that they can take advantage of and benefit from. The job training we provide to the people who work here will help them to make better lives for themselves well into the future.

Each of the people we have here at My Good Neighbor will help you with all the unique lawn maintenance needs that you have. Our team offers full-service lawn care solutions that cover everything from mowing to edging to raking. Most Portland-area homes can be covered for $20 to $45 depending on the size of the yard and how much effort is necessary.

We also offer gutter cleaning and essential yard work services. You can reach us for an estimate on what you might have to spend on such services. Fortunately, you’ll find that offer some of the most affordable rates in the Portland area.

The responsible work that we put in here at My Good Neighbor PDX is critical to the Portland area. You will appreciate the hard work that we put in at My Good Neighbor while helping the local community. You can reach us for help today, and be sure also to visit to learn more about what is available where you are.


Portland Lawn Pros Lawn Services in Portland, OR

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The people that are available to help you with your yard here at Portland Lawn Pros are available to provide you with many useful solutions for the needs you have. We offer everything that you need for your yard no matter how large or small the surface is. We love helping people throughout Portland and in many of the great suburbs around the region.

Our team is based on Gresham and is available to reach homes around every segment of Portland. We cover homes on either side of the Willamette River, not to mention homes a little closer to us in Gresham, Happy Valley, and Boring.

We have extensive knowledge of what needs to work for homes around all corners of Portland. We know that homes in Carson Heights and other southwestern neighborhoods have plenty of trees that need to be cleaned off, trimmed, and brushed. Meanwhile, homes in Southeast Portland require added aeration to help keep their soil surfaces from being compacted.

The work that we put in here at Portland Lawn Pros focuses on confirming that you’ll have the help you need for your yard. We love providing people around Portland with the best lawn care services they could need.

The specific functions we offer will vary based on what each yard requires. You’ll have to look at what you need for your home based on things like how well water is draining around your yard and how your grass can resist weeds and other delicate surfaces. Your yard will look as beautiful as what you’d find at the Glendoveer Golf Club.

The thorough work we offer at Portland Lawn Pros covers everything from grass cutting to aeration to pest control. We can help you with unique efforts for clearing out mosquitoes, grubs, ants, and other annoying pests that might stick out at your yard. We also offer services for business properties in Hazelwood, among other places where shopping centers and other business sites are plentiful and popular to visit.

Our services cover all the unique requirements you may have for yard care throughout the year. Our team can help you with clearing out any snow that might show up during the winter season. We can also clean up your yard after a storm comes through the area. Seeing how so many neighborhoods in Portland have trees all over the place, it is often difficult for some homeowners to keep their yards clean after it rains. But our work is here to help with keeping the area clean, so your grass can grow well and breathe without being swamped by all those things that might land on your surface.

We at Portland Lawn Pros want to help you make the most out of your yard. Contact us for help with all the unique needs you have surrounding how well your yard is to be cared for. You’ll find that it is easier for you to have a beautiful lawn than what you might have ever imagined.

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George Schultz yard cutting in Portland OR
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I was excited to see that Portland Mows offers excellent rates for services. I had been looking around for various lawn care providers for what seems like forever, but every time I found one that could help me with my yard in Parkrose Heights, I found they were far too expensive. But Portland Mows has some useful rates, not to mention their bi-weekly service contracts are even cheaper. My favorite part is that they never pressure me into spending more on stuff I don’t necessarily require at the moment. They are always willing to work alongside what I need to have the most for my yard.

Tam Trujillo lawn care service in Portland OR
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I had been bearing with some problems surrounding trying to make my yard in the Mill Park area look beautiful. It seemed like no matter what treatments I offered, the yard would still look brownish and worn. But the people at Green Acres knew what I needed to help keep my yard looking beautiful. The team was very conducive in helping to check on what my yard looked like and how well it was being maintained. They provide quite a bit of great services too, from mowing to weeding to trimming and all the things I need for my yard in between.

Kacey Lanham yard cutting in Portland OR
local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Portland-OR local-lawn-care-services-in-Portland-OR local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Portland-OR local-lawn-care-services-in-Portland-OR lawn-care-services-in-Portland-OR

I hired the people at My Good Neighbor to help me with my St. Johns yard not long after I learned about what they have to offer. It is great to see a lawn care provider that cares more about the community than trying to make a quick buck. The people who came to my yard were very grateful for the opportunity to help and were very straightforward in all the things they were doing for me. It was great to see how well the team at My Good Neighbor was able to check on all the things that my yard needed while being responsible.

Danny Martinez lawn maintenance in Portland OR
local-lawn-care-services-in-Portland-OR affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Portland-OR local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Portland-OR residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Portland-OR affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Portland-OR

My business on the riverfront needed a bit of extra help to allow its grass to look more beautiful. Fortunately, the people at Portland Lawn Pros were able to reach my business in the Eliot neighborhood to help with trimming the small grass lawn outside my business. They also cut my bushes to make them look even. They especially did well with clearing out some of the dead branches around the bushes. The team was very responsive and cleaned up after they were done. Nothing slipped into the river as they were working on the trimming and cutting tasks at hand.