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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Eugene, OR as of Aug, 2019


Looknewhome Company Lawn Services in Eugene, OR

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Even the oldest homes in Eugene, Oregon can look like new once again. An older house in the Amazon neighborhood can have a green yard that looks like it was installed a few weeks ago. The trees at a Fox Hollow property can look restored without them crowding around a house.

But you’ll need to find the best lawn care provider in Eugene, OR to make this work. You can contact us at the Looknewhome Company to help you with your lawn mowing needs among all the other yard maintenance tasks you might request.

Our team at Looknewhome is proudly based here in Eugene, specifically in the Glenwood area near the river. We can travel to homes around all corners of the Willamette Valley. We cover residential and commercial lawns around Eugene. You can ask us for help even if you have a large yard that you haven’t had the time to care for on your own.

We cover all the lawn care needs you may have for your property in Eugene. We provide a careful approach to your yard to ensure we cut every blade of grass. Our team can care for all yards from the smaller pieces of turf in Santa Clara to the larger residential and commercial yards in the Irving neighborhood.

We can trim all grass types in Eugene. Our experts at Looknewhome will ensure the grass is cut evenly. We can also trim the grass around your patio and fence and other hardscapes without scratching anything or leaving behind a bunch of grass stains.

You can also ask us about our landscape maintenance services. We can remove poison oak and other unhealthy growths around your yard. Our team can also clear out weeds without harming your healthy grass or anything in your garden bed. Our work ensures your yard is clean while preventing weeds and other unwanted growths from returning.

Our team at Looknewhome guarantees the quality of our services. We can provide a thorough analysis of your yard to figure out what your property needs the most. You will know what it would cost to hire us for services before we start as well. Our free estimate will help you identify the unique opportunity you have for maintaining your yard.

Don’t forget about our winter care services. We can remove snow and ice from your yard. Our service does well with trees to ensure they won’t be weighed down by snow. We can even plow snow along your driveway and your street if necessary.

You can ask us at the Looknewhome Company for help with all your lawn maintenance needs. We’ll ensure that you receive the support your lawn deserves. Your yard will look attractive regardless of how old the turf may be. Best of all, you won’t have to install a new grass bed on your yard to make your yard look better. Our experts will find the solutions your yard requires the first time around.

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Gnome Grown Lawn Services in Eugene, OR

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It is interesting to see how the Eugene area has evolved over the years. People are flocking to Eugene to study, and are sticking around well after they graduate. Others are moving into the region for work purposes and are finding many opportunities. All of these people moving into Eugene have prompted new neighborhoods to pop up throughout the Willamette Valley.

But while new neighborhoods like Sunset Hills and Fox Hollow may look appealing, it only takes a moment for these yards to become a mess. Every yard will need the best lawn maintenance support regardless of how old or new it may be. Our team at Gnome Grown understands this, and we want to do something about your yard maintenance needs.

Our experts at Gnome Grown will ensure your yard is supported as well as possible. We’ll help you with everything from mowing your lawn to aerating your turf bed and even removing weeds.

We are based out of the Bethel-Danebo neighborhood here in Eugene. We’ve seen over the years that yards in Bethel-Danebo are unique in many ways. Some properties here feature landscapes with distinct bushes, some of which come from other parts of the country. Other properties feature different irrigation systems that require regular maintenance.

You’ll need the best possible support when giving your yard in Eugene the best look possible. You can ask us at Gnome Grown to care for your yard no matter what the property may be. We’ll help you with trimming your bushes, mowing your lawn, managing your irrigation system, and restoring your drainage layout.

We can help you with not only traditional lawns like what we live near but also commercial and industrial yards. These include yard that people will see when entering a place for shopping or work. We want to make every commercial yard we touch look inviting and unique.

You can even reach us if you have a mobile home in the Daneland area among other places in Eugene. No yard is too large or small for us at Gnome Grown. We respect the unique needs you have for caring for your yard the right way.

We offer appealing values for our services at Gnome Grown too. You can ask us about what we will charge before we start. We are very transparent over what we will charge. You can ask us to complete whatever tasks it is you are willing to hire. The last thing we want to do here at Gnome Grown is to have you pay more for services than what you wish to spend. We know that you have many unique needs for your yard, but you don’t want to blow your budget in the process either.

You can talk with us about your yard maintenance needs here at Gnome Grown. We’re available for all your lawn care tasks throughout the year. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your property.

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Valley Pro Lawn Services in Eugene, OR

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You’ll need all the help you can get when taking care of your yard in Eugene, Oregon. You might have a yard in the Danebo neighborhood that isn’t growing as well as it should. Perhaps you have a few trees in Churchill that need to be cleaned off. Whatever the case may be, you’ll have plenty of concerns for your property. But you can ask us at Valley Pro to help you with maintaining your yard.

We’ve been caring for homeowners around every part of Eugene for years. Our experts at Valley Pro understand that your yard has various unique concerns that have to be work with care. We can check on what you need whether you have a small or large yard in the Eugene area.

Our experts at Valley Pro will care for all the specific lawn maintenance needs you have at your Eugene home or business. Our lawn mowing experts understand the ins and outs of your yard, but there’s more to us that you deserve to note. Our efforts cover every part of your yard no matter what you may need out of your property.

We can aerate your yard twice a year. Aeration ensures water and nutrients can reach your grass bed and stimulate the roots. The effort also keeps the soil from being compacted.

Aeration is especially useful in places around the river like in Whiteaker or near the university campus. It doesn’t take much for areas around the river to flood. Our work will ensure your home won’t be at risk of flooding the next time heavy rain comes in the area.

We can also remove thatch from your yard during the spring season. Thatch can build up during the winter season. We’ll help you in the spring with removing the growth to ensure water, air, and sunlight can reach your grass bed. Our removal effort will also protect your yard from discoloration and decay triggered by thatch.

We’ll plan our yard maintenance work for your property before we start. Our team will review what you need the most and figure out a sensible plan that fits your needs. We’ll care for every part of your yard. You can ask for help even if it is for one of the largest lawns in the Friendly area or another neighborhood on the outskirts of the city.

We’ll let you know what it would cost for you to hire us for help as well. We offer some of the most affordable rates that you’ll find in the Eugene area. You can ask us about what it would cost for us to take care of individual services at Valley Pro. You will discover that quality lawn maintenance services aren’t as expensive for you to hire as you might assume they could be.

Every project we complete at Valley Pro will ensure you’re going to have the most attractive yard in Eugene. Ask us for help with your property today. You’ll find that you can get the best-looking yard in the Eugene area when you reach us for assistance.

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De Atley Construction Lawn Services in Eugene, OR

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We at DeAtley Construction have been helping homeowners in Eugene, Springfield, and other places in Willamette Valley in building attractive homes. We’ve designed distinct properties for new and old neighborhoods alike. Our experts have also worked on extensive renovation projects, including cases where a floor plan has to be fully adjusted.

But we at DeAtley can do more than build and renovate homes. We also provide yard maintenance services. We serve homes from the small properties in Bethel to the larger yards in the Friendly neighborhood down south. You can ask us for help if you have a commercial yard that needs extra help too. We proudly serve all properties around the city.

We understand that the lawn is an essential part of any property in Willamette Valley. A grass yard will reflect the character of whoever owns the property and lives there. A badly-groomed yard will reflect poorly on the resident or owner. But you might not have time to get the lawn cut on your own or to maintain your irrigation system.

Our experts will help you with all the yard maintenance chores you require. We respect that you’ve got plenty of other things to do in your life. More importantly, we know that you probably don’t know the many ins and outs that come with caring for your yard. We’ll ensure your lawn is supported the first time around and that nothing wrong will come about your property.

We can help you with mowing the grass at your property. Our lawn mowing team will cut your grass based on its style and how high the turf should be. We’ll also edge the grass near your landscape, fence, and anything else that you might struggle with caring for. You can ask us to help you with a thorough power washing service to clean off any grass stains around your yard.

Our landscape maintenance service will also ensure you’ve got the help you require for keeping your yard looking beautiful. We can remove poison ivy, poison oak, blackberry plants, and other things that could grow around your yard. We’ll also trim any tree branches that might be growing further than necessary. You can ask us to remove the leaves around your yard during the fall season as well.

We care for properties around all corners of Eugene. We can work on newer neighborhoods in the Woodland Park or Rosewood areas as well as older sites closer to the river. The effort we put in will support everything you need for your property without issue.

You can customize your experience with us at DeAtley too. We can help you with your lawn maintenance demands even if you don’t require us to care for anything inside your home.

Ask us at DeAtley Construction for help with your yard today. You can visit our Facebook page to see photos of our previous tasks and to learn more about what we can do for your yard and anything else you require for your home.

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Richard Kelley Lawn Maintenance in Eugene OR

No one has been able to care for my yard as well as the people at Looknewhome have. The team here respects the needs that my yard in Ivy Meadows has. They get the lawn cut every time they come to my home, but that’s only the beginning. They also trim my bushes, edge the grass near my landscape, and remove the weeds from my garden bed. The team cleans up after they finish too. The thorough work of Looknewhome has helped make my yard look more outstanding than anything I’ve seen, and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for yard maintenance help.

Alan Orem Lawn Maintenance in Eugene OR

No one in Eugene knows what my yard in Crow Town needs quite like the people at Gnome Grown. My yard has never looked better, thanks to them. Gnome Grown mows my yard every two weeks. They always get the lawn cut based on the weather conditions and how high up the yard should be. They use a different mowing pattern every time to ensure the grass won’t become flat. They always come when they say they will. I love how well the team at Gnome Grown cares about what my yard in Crow Town needs while respecting my time.

Juanita Jack Yard Mowing in Eugene OR

The work that everyone at Valley Pro provides for my yard on Admiral Street always ensures I get the best look around. The team at Valley Pro has been mowing my lawn every two weeks for the past few months. The team has been cautious in mowing and never leaves behind a mess when they finish. The yard looks great and hasn’t dealt with any weeds or other unusual growths. My favorite part of their work is that the grass is growing evenly, which is a big deal because I’ve had some problems with spots under my trees growing far too fast.

Edward Crane Lawn Mowing in Eugene OR

The team at DeAtley helped me with mowing my lawn in Malabar Hill quite well last month. I hadn’t gotten my yard cut in nearly a month because I had been ill for a bit. I knew that I could not take care of my yard on my own. The grass had been growing to where a few weeds were showing up. The people at DeAtley understood what my yard required and cut the grass quite well. They got everything to look like new once again. I know that I can reach the people at DeAtley the next time I need help with mowing grass.

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Not everyone in Eugene, Oregon is capable of getting their yards cut. Some people don’t have enough time in the day to care for their yards. Others don’t have the technical knowledge needed to mow their lawns the right way. But the good news is that there are plenty of lawn care providers in Eugene who are available to help you with your yard. You will not have to spend lots of time finding them either.

We at GreenPal will help you with finding the best lawn care providers in the city. We offer a helpful app that lets you know what to expect out of the best lawn mowing groups in the Willamette Valley area.

You’re not going to struggle with a crowded list of candidates that you might not fully comprehend. We at GreenPal will list details on all the lawn mowing providers in Eugene. You will come across descriptions of each team plus reviews from former clients.

You can find anyone in the Eugene area regardless of where you are. People in some of the newer neighborhoods in Danebo and Bethel can find information on companies that serve these areas. People a little closer to the river can also find companies in Eugene, Springfield, and other cities in the Willamette Valley area.

You can hire a company through GreenPal regardless of the yard maintenance needs you have. Do you have a few shrubs in Fir Grove that need to be trimmed? Do you have a big garden in Cal Young that needs to be cleaned out on occasion? You’ll find many helpful companies that will assist you with your lawn maintenance needs through GreenPal.

The best part of the GreenPal app is that it is free to use. You only need to spend money on the services you hire. Seeing how people around Eugene have plenty of other expenses to bear with, this is a huge positive to note.

You won’t find any unusual groups on the GreenPal app either. The app features details on quality teams that are supported by the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce among other business entities. Each provider listed on GreenPal has been vetted to ensure you won’t come across anything unusual.

The best part is that you’re not going to waste all day trying to find a lawn maintenance team that can reach your home. Your time is precious to you. The last thing you need is to waste all day trying to find a company that can access your home. We’ll ensure you get the help you need every time you ask us for support.

It will not be hard for you to find the best lawn care teams in the Eugene area when you use the GreenPal app. You’ll need plenty of help no matter what you require. Download the GreenPal app today to find the best companies that you can trust for your yard work needs.

About Eugene Oregon

Eugene is a city in Oregon, United States.

Eugene, Oregon is a city on the shores of the Willamette River in Lane County. Eugene is west of Springfield and is 45 miles south of Corvallis and 110 miles south of Portland. Eugene is a part of the Willamette Valley.

The University of Oregon campus is in Eugene. More than 20,000 students attend the school every year. The school is home to the Knight Library, a historic building home to more than three million volumes. The school also houses the College of Design, a school devoted to architecture, planning, and public policy.

The Eugene Airport, or Mahlon Sweet Field, provides air travel service to more than a million passengers every year. The airport offers regular flights to cities like Seattle, San Francisco, Denver, and Los Angeles.

The Saturday Market operates every Saturday in Eugene from April to November. The market is home to many local arts and crafts vendors.

The PeaceHealth Medical Group is the largest employer in Eugene. About 6,000 people work for the medical organization. Other major employers in the city include the University of Oregon and the Eugene and Springfield School Districts.

Eugene, Oregon was formed in 1846 on land that was once settled by the Kalapuya tribe. French fur traders settled around the area in the early nineteenth century. Much of the population was lost in the 1830s due to a massive malaria outbreak. A group of settlers led by Eugene Franklin Skinner reached the area in 1846 and settled shortly after. The city was incorporated in 1862. The University of Oregon was formed in 1876.

Eugene has a population of 170,000. The city is the third-largest in the state behind Portland and Salem. The metropolitan area, which includes Springfield has a population of 380,000.

Interstate 5 is on the eastern end of Eugene. The highway covers most major cities on the West Coast and links from Tijuana to Vancouver. I-105 also goes through Eugene and links to I-5 and Springfield.

The League of American Bicyclists lists Eugene as one of the most bike-friendly cities in the country. About 7 percent of people in Eugene commute to work or school by bicycle, a total significantly higher than the national average of 0.5 percent.

The city is also known for its countercultural environment. Much of the hippie and counterculture community in Eugene dates back to the 1960s.

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