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Pro Scapes Lawn Services in Medford, OR

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We don’t do cheap. Here at Pro Scapes, we believe in providing quality without the expensive price tag. If you’re looking for cheap lawn care services, you’re asking for endless weed problems, damaged grass, and future expenses you don’t need. Avoid that from the start. Get quality lawn care services in Medford, Oregon, by hiring us.

Whether you’re looking for more free time or need help with a lawn care problem, we can help.

Our professional lawn care services will help you save big. We’ll also make sure you get specific, controlled, and top-end landscaping from us.

Hiring us means you’ll get affordable lawn care in Medford. We also serve property owners in Jackson County.

Thanks to us, you won’t have to settle for cheap lawn care services in Medford. You don’t have to worry about quality or price when hiring Pro Scapes.

Hiring Pro Scapes means you get the best of both.

Take advantage and pay affordable prices for premium lawn care services. We’ll offer everything you need for your outdoors.

Pro Scapes provides top-end lawn care in Medford that nourishes your lawn from the bottom. We perfectly manicure at the top while giving your grass the nutrients it needs.

If your grass isn’t getting the nourishment it needs, our aeration program is perfect for you. If patchy grass sits all over your property, our seeding or sodding program will help you.

If you want lawn mowing services, we can do that too. From basic lawn maintenance or yard work, we do it all.

Our specific lawn care services will be done tailored for your landscape.

Whether it's lawn service or lawn care solutions, we will meet your needs fast.

Pro Scapes guarantees to provide quality lawn care in Medford and Jackson County as well as personal customer service.

We provide you a wide selection of lawn care services in Medford. We serve all kinds of properties in the region and other places in Jackson County.

If it's basic lawn mowing services, yard maintenance, or landscape maintenance, our lawn care company in Medford does it right.

Our lawn care and lawn service company makes sure you get the lawn maintenance solutions for you. Our effective lawn care services in Medford will handle all types of issues.

We provide quality lawn care in Medford that is adapted for your needs. No matter what you hire Pro Scapes for, you’ll be getting the results you need.

Our affordable lawn maintenance plans are still delivered at the highest level of care.

Get the needed lawn care or lawn service work is done for your property. Pro Scapes provide lawn care services in Medford that manicures, rebuilds, and improves.

We have a big list of lawn care services that you can choose from. Services including edging, weed control, aeration, sodding, lawn mowing services, and other work.

Visit our business page. You’ll also be able to see our positive ratings and past lawn care work.

You can even see the work we’ve done for properties near places like Medford Railroad Park, Kid Time Children’s Museum, and many other places in Medford, Oregon.

Get lawn care services from Pro Scapes today. 


Cedar Hills Landscapes Lawn Services in Medford, OR

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We are the lawn care company that offers everything you need. When you hire Cedar Hills Landscapes, we deliver optimal lawn care services in Medford or Jackson County. Cedar Hills Landscapes has been delivering high-quality and premium lawn care services for years.

We bring you quality lawn service, affordable prices, and laser-focused customer service. Our lawn care business excels at meeting the demands of our customers.

Cedar Hills Landscapes is a lawn care business that delivers customized treatment for your lawn. Our lawn care and lawn service work will leave your lawn thriving and greener than ever.

Whether you need lawn mowing services, lawn service, or yard maintenance, Cedar Hills Landscapes can help.

Our quality tools are used by our lawn care professionals. Every employee implements industry-leading techniques. Whatever you hire our lawn service company for, you’re going to get quality lawn care in Medford.

Get lawn care and lawn service treatment you can depend on.

With our high-quality lawn care services in Medford, you’ll create or maintain a beautiful yard and lawn.

In addition to delivering property owners with lawn service in Medford, we serve clients in Jackson County too.

There are some lawn service companies that won’t provide the customized lawn maintenance like Cedar Hills Landscapes.

Every property needs specific lawn service and lawn care in Medford. Cedar Hills Landscapes makes sure to provide quality lawn care services for optimal results.

Let Cedar Hills Landscapes with years of experience and seasoned lawn care professionals work on your landscape today.

Cedar Hills Landscapes provides lawn care services in Medford better than any other lawn care business. You can get Medford lawn mowing services and other yard work as soon as you’d like.

We offer all types of lawn care in Medford. Get customized lawn care solutions when you book Cedar Hills Landscapes.

Receive lawn mowing services or lawn care in Medford today. Some of the local lawn care companies in Medford are limited to what they can offer you. Not us.

Our employees are highly trained in a string of lawn care and lawn service work. Get everything you need from Cedar Hills Landscapes.

Choose from Medford lawn mowing services, edging, aeration, and much more.

You can see some of the lawn care work we’ve done for properties near places like Alba Park, Bear Creek Park, and many other places in Medford, Oregon.

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Thomson Lawn Lawn Services in Medford, OR

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(overall rating 4.8/5.178 Reviews)

Thomson Lawn is a lawn service business that offers affordable lawn care services in Medford, Oregon. We are the lawn care business that people trust to receive premium lawn service or lawn care solutions. All for a great price. Meet your landscaping goal this year by hiring Thomson Lawn.

For affordable lawn care services in Medford or Jackson County, hire Thomson Lawn.

Medford lawn mowing services, yard maintenance, and lawn care solutions are available when you hire Thomson Lawn.

We’ve gotten many positive reviews for the lawn service work we’ve done for our customers. Hiring Thomson Lawn means you’ll have lawn care professionals helping you meet your landscaping needs.

Medford lawn service is done best when a lawn maintenance company creates a plan. A lawn care company that knows how to provide proper lawn care in Medford. Our lawn service and lawn care treatment are done with proper plans.

Our lawn care company provides expert lawn care services that enhance your property.

The lawn care services Thomson Lawn provides outdoor care that meets your lawn service needs. This efficient process will do a great job protecting your property and keeping it safe.

Our affordable lawn care packages offer ongoing treatment that is specific to your property.

Thomson Lawn has decades of lawn service experience and even more years of lawn care work. We’ve been ranked as one of the best lawn care businesses in Medford because of our work.

Thomson Lawn has landscape maintenance and yard maintenance services that will leave your property in great condition. Get the best lawn mowing services, lawn maintenance, yard work, weed control, and lawn care services from us.

Whether it's pressure washing, lawn mowing services, seeding, edging, lawn service, or basic upkeep, Thomson Lawn can help you.

Choose any of our lawn care services including edging, lawn service, and more. Give your outdoors the work it needs when you book Thomson Lawn.

Visit our business page. You’ll be able to see some of the lawn service and lawn care work we’ve done.

Particularly for properties near places like Prescott Park, Medford Carnegie Library, and many other places in Medford, Oregon.

Hire Thomson Lawn once you get the GreenPal app.


OCOC Lawn Services in Medford, OR

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(overall rating 4.8/5.122 Reviews)

OCOC has been providing quality lawn care in Medford, Oregon. The lawn care professionals at OCOC are trained to deliver exceptional landscaping. With hundreds of properties served, you’ll also get high-quality lawn service treatment from OCOC.

We provide several lawn care services in Medford. This includes property owners in Jackson County.

All of the lawn care services weprovide are affordable.

Regardless of what you book our lawn care and lawn service company for, you’ll get all the complete work you need.

OCOC offers lawn care services in Medford that are affordable.

OCOC delivers lawn care solutions for all types of properties. Anything you need for your landscape is available when you contact us.

Get lawn mowing services, yard work, lawn maintenance, and professional landscape maintenance. Our unique lawn care packages will make hiring OCOC more affordable.

Our lawn care services in Medford are done to help you save and win back free time.

Whether you ask us to provide lawn care in Medford or lawn mowing services, our lawn service company promises to help you save money too.

OCOC delivers entire lawn care solutions. Our lawn care professionals deliver specialized lawn service work including upkeep. All properties of all sizes are also covered.

OCOC offers quality yard work, lawn service, and lawn care services that will transform your outdoor space. Our lawn care company uses the best lawn care techniques. We also deliver proper lawn care services done on your time.

We even offer better rates for Medford lawn mowing services and lawn care services.

We offer a list of landscaping services and lawn mowing services in Medford and other parts of Jackson County.

Get lawn service and lawn care work that is specific to your property’s needs.

You can see some of the services we’ve done for our clients.

Some near places like Vogel Plaza, Claire Hanley Arboretum, and many other places in Medford, Oregon.

Hire OCOC for lawn care in Medford today. 

Here is what other GreenPal users have to say about lawn care near me:

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Gerardo Wells lawn mowing service in Medford OR
the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Medford-OR the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Medford-OR affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Medford-OR lawn-maintenance-in-Medford-OR local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Medford-OR

Every time Pro Scapes shows up at my door, they do amazing work. I own a property that is near Rogue Valley Mall and North Medford High School which they’ve done a great job on. Their customer service and fantastic lawn care services have really improved the condition of my property over a period of a few months. They did everything I asked of them and worked incredibly fast. Hiring Pro Scapes was one of the best decisions I made for my lawn.

Jackie Underwood yard cutting in Medford OR
residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Medford-OR lawn-care-services-in-Medford-OR local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Medford-OR local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Medford-OR lawn-care-services-in-Medford-OR

Cedar Hills Landscapes has done a great job for my yard and lawn that is near Central Medford High School and Fichtner-Mainwaring Park. Their prices have really made it possible to get my landscape some needed professional help. Cedar Hills Landscapes runs a great landscaping company. Their crew is very friendly and professional. They work hard to make sure you’re happy and always provide updates. Cedar Hills Landscapes comes highly recommended by us.

Rodolfo Douglas lawn mowing in Medford OR
local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Medford-OR local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Medford-OR lawn-care-services-in-Medford-OR lawn-maintenance-in-Medford-OR lawn-maintenance-in-Medford-OR

After searching for lawn mowing services near me and lawn care services near me, I decided to hire Thomson Lawn. The entire process to hire them and get work was so seamless and smooth. I had no problems contacting them and getting what I needed right away. Thanks to GreenPal, I now have a beautifully manicured lawn because of Thomson Lawn’s hard-working staff. My lawn that is near Alba Park is looking great thanks to them.

Leon Schmidt lawn service in Medford OR
residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Medford-OR affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Medford-OR cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Medford-OR local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Medford-OR cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Medford-OR

I am happy to write a great review for OCOC. They did everything I needed for a reasonable price. My property was in a bit of a dire state before contacting OCOC. A little bit of neglect and other things out of my control required some professional hands to help me. OCOC worked their magic on my property that is near and I couldn’t be happier with the great job they’ve done for me. You definitely need to hire these guys for great results. I highly recommend them.

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