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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Spring, TX as of May, 2024


B&G Lawn Care in Spring, TX

Hired 27 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.29 Reviews)

No two landscape maintenance companies in Spring Texas are the same. There's a big difference between grass cutting companies and full-service landscape maintenance companies that can care for the residents of Harris County and Spring Texas. Often times people confuse the two with one another. Some people in Spring, Tx are looking for a cheap lawn care service near me to just basically knock their grass down when they come out to mow, they don't care if the lawn cutting blades are not sharp, they don't care if they use a crappy push mower or a professional grade lawn mowing equipment, they just want the grass short. And that's fine however as a consumer you need to know that there's a big difference between that kind of lawn care service in Spring Texas, and my kind of lawn care service cutting grass and maintaining landscapes throughout Harris County. My yard maintenance company does things a little bit different then your cheap grass cutting businesses around Spring. The first thing we do is we are more than just a grass cutting company, we take care of your landscaping, gardens, the health of your turf, and the overall appearance and well-being of the exterior of your home. We believe that your lawn, gardens and landscaping or the first and last thing that people see when they are looking at your home. And your home is your biggest asset that you have in Spring, Tx, am I right?. With that being said my lawn and landscape maintenance company takes maintaining your yard and turf very seriously and we will not do a rush job, and we will certainly not cut your grass with dull lawn cutting blades. You have probably seen some of my beautiful yard maintenance work that I have done in the Postwood, Cypresswood Green, Sandpiper, Forest Lakes neighborhoods in Spring Texas. I like to believe that my yard maintenance and grass cutting skills speak for them self and when you are comparing the prices that you get for your lawnmowing estimates on GreenPal, make sure you look at the pictures the each of the lawnmowing companies have when they submit their yard cutting estimate to you. My pictures showcase some of my best work but I have done for residential properties throughout Harris county in Spring Texas. And the best part is because you sign up for yard maintenance with me on GreenPal you can order top notch lawn care services at affordable yard maintenance prices on with no contract. That's right you can order your yard maintenance services right from your smart phone with my lawn care service in Spring and I will be happy to pick up your yard maintenance for you and improve the appearance of your turf, gardens, and your landscaping one lawn maintenance visit at a time. Thank you so much for considering my lawn maintenance company in Spring Texas I look forward to meeting with you.

Also , if you need affordable yard maintenance services in The Woodlands TX we maintain yards all over North Houston and also do affordable lawn cutting service in Cypress, TX near me.


LYF Lawn Care in Spring, TX

Hired 97 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.49 Reviews)

I take it seriously when somebody hires me to cut their grass in Spring Texas. I know what it's like to have to place your trust in somebody to take care of your biggest asset and your home and gardens. I don't take this duty lightly and I just want you to know if you hire me to cut your grass you will not regret it. We like to take our time when we pick up a new customer's yard maintenance for a home in spring. We have built up quite a lawn maintenance route that we run through North Houston and Harris County going into Spring Texas three days a week. I see other guys cutting grass in Spring and it's almost like they try to rush to their customers yard and mow it in a short a time as possible. In all actuality it's impossible to do a really good job of mowing somebody's yard in less than 20 minutes, however I see cheap lawn care services near me in Spring Texas do it every day. When we pick up a new client’s yard to mow and maintain we like to do an extra special job on that first lawnmowing to exceed expectations. I guess you can say that's one of our mottos is to always exceed a lawn care customers expectations on every lawn maintenance visit, when you do that everything in the lawnmowing business just sort of takes care of itself.

We don't have to worry about picking up new clients because things like the GreenPal lawnmowing mobile app allow us to build up a really good reputation for being an affordable and dependable lawn care service who most residential properties in the Spring Tx, and North Houston area. Notice I mentioned residential properties, you might be wondering why I said that. Well something that most people don't know is a lot of like your lawn maintenance companies will do commercial landscape maintenance, and try to do residential lawn maintenance at the same time. But the reality is maintaining landscaping and lawn maintenance for commercial properties and compared with providing personalized lawn maintenance care for a resident in their home are two completely different businesses. Sure they might sound like they are the same however a different set of skills required to give a homeowner in Spring Texas personalized care with their yard maintenance, as opposed to a quick mow and blow that a gas station in Spring Texas might need. You don't want to same crew that is mowing the Valero Corner Store in Spring also, try to manicure your personal home for you do you? I didn't think so. So that's how we do things a little different we focus on residential lawn maintenance in Harris County and in Spring Texas, you probably see some of my lawn maintenance work in Northgate Crossing, Cypress Trails Of Timber Lane, and Birnam Woodand. So let me just say I'm excited about the opportunity to add your lawn maintenance to my list of satisfied customers that I have in North Houston and then Spring Texas. Thank you so much for considering my yard maintenance company and landscape maintenance service in Spring.

Also , if you are looking for affordable lawn maintenance services in Atascocita TX we also have extended our yard maintenance compnay to offer lawn care services that part of Houston, Tx affordable lawn care services in Spring TX near me..


Eco Lawn Care Services in Spring, TX

Hired 38 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.39 Reviews)

I just love working with the residents of Spring Texas and Harris County, they seem like some of the nicest people that you can find in all of the North Houston Texas area. I don't know why but I just always love picking up new lawn maintenance clients in Spring… Last summer we picked up a new lawn maintenance customer on the GreenPal lawn care service website that lived in Greengate Place in Spring. Her husband had recently passed away and with everything going on she had let her grass grow to almost 3 feet tall. The city of Spring Texas sent her a fine and saying that they were going to send out the city's lawn cutting crew to take care of the tall grass when she hired me on GreenPal I learned about all of this, and I was just disgusted. I'm sure the city of Spring didn't know anything about her husband passing away however I felt like something needed to be done. So I cut her grass for free that first time, and got her yard back under control for her, then after that I told her not to worry about the yard for the next little bit and just let me take care of it well would you believe that she signed up for every seven day lawnmowing is with me and has been a loyal lawn maintenance client of mine ever since?

And a happy ending to that story I contacted a friend of mine at the city of Spring Texas Townhall and they were able to get the fine waved, so in the end it all worked out with her yard. She is an example of the fine people that you'll meet in Spring Texas, and also a little story about how I operate my lawn maintenance business in the area. We are currently taking on new clientele near Springridge, Birnam Wood, and North Spring, so if you live in any of those parts of town getting to your grass cutting is literally no problem. We also do a bunch of other yard work that you might need for your home in Spring Texas and so the good news is is when you hire me to cut your grass you don't have to worry about hunting for other lawn maintenance companies to do mulch, or another lawn care service to do your shrubs, or other yard maintenance company in Spring to do your fall leaf cleanup, that's right my lawn care service can do everything you need done with respect to your yard maintenance. So I look forward to adding you as another satisfied lawn maintenance customer that I have in Harris County and North Houston, with that being said go ahead and read over my lawn care service reviews after you get my lawn cutting price email to you from the GreenPal system and then that will give you another additional bit of peace of mind about making an informed hiring decision with respect who is going to cut your grass in Spring, Tx.

Also , if you are not near Spring , TX we also do local lawn mowing with no contract in Atascocita TX near me and also do local residential yard maintenance services in The Woodlands TX with no contract.


Home Sweet Home Lawn Care Services in Spring, TX

Hired 38 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.19 Reviews)

Looking for affordable lawnmowing service in Spring Texas? Look no further I am your landscape maintenance company that is going to be the best fit for you. Now.. let me just say this, I will not be the cheapest lawn care service in all of Harris County, however I will be your go to lawn maintenance company that will be there for you week after week to cut your grass, maintain your landscaping beds, and make your yard look as one of the best on the block In Spring Texas. You've probably seen my trucks running up and down Cypresswood Dr, and maybe even see some of my yard maintenance work shining in the Holly Lakes Estates, Cypress Trails Of Timber Lane, Timber Lane, and in Fairfax Village neighborhoods in Spring. Well I have found that's the easiest way to maintain and operate my yard maintenance company, I like to think that my yard work speaks for itself, and this makes growing my lawn maintenance business quite easy because residents of Spring are always looking for high-quality yet affordable lawn maintenance companies near me is to take the yard work off of their hands.

Maybe you're looking for just a little bit more free time on the weekends and you have been cutting your own grass, or perhaps you're working with a yard maintenance company in Spring Texas and they're just not showing you the personalized attention and level of landscape maintenance detail that you would like for them to do in your yard maintenance? No matter The case we can step in and take over your yard maintenance for you immediately. We have many first-timers for yard maintenance and have several options that they can purchase for their homes yard maintenance and to enhance the curb appeal and really at the end of the day value of their home and landscaping. I don't mind going over additional yard work services with you that you might need to get done alongside your lawn maintenance, and the good news is unlike many cheap lawn cutting services near me in Spring Texas we offer a full set of landscape maintenance services and yard work that you can order to have done in your yard along with your grass cutting. Now that's not to say you have to hire those lawn service from my lawn maintenance company, as you can order just as little or as much yard work as you want every month. I have found that 30% of people have us do weed pulling and bed maintenance along with their grass cutting is well . So I hope that I've done a good job of explaining how my lawn care service in Spring Texas is a little different than other grass cutting companies that you can hire and I hope to have the opportunity to earn your lawn maintenance business to cut your grass this season and take care of your number one asset… your homes landscaping maintenance in Spring, TX.

If you are not near Spring , TX we also do cheap lawn cutting services in The Woodlands TX and do affordable lawn maintenance services in Cypress TX.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 4 reviews)
Barbara Rozier Lawn Mow in Spring TX
“GreenPal is a lifesaver, they got me out of a tough situation and have definitely simplified my life. I rent a home in Spring Texas in Greengate Place. My roommate is in charge of the yard maintenance, and I'm in charge of the inside maintenance. This has always worked out between us however after coming home from vacation last summer I was greeted with a yard that was over 2 feet tall. I guess my roommate either forgot to cut the grass or figured I would do it when I got back, however I feel like life is too short to mow my yard. So I began calling around to different lawn care services near me in the Spring Texas area and got grass cutting prices anywhere from $100 to get the yard back under control to $250 to cut the grass back short. I just really wanted some more quotes before I committed and that's when I found the GreenPal website and decided to give it a shot. GreenPal introduced me to three different lawn care services near me and spring and one of them agreed to mow the yard for $25 so long as I booked every two weeks long cuttings with him after the first mowing on the GreenPal lawn care mobile app. Heck... that was a win-win for both of us and it's been smooth sailing for our yard maintenance ever since.”
Kevin Garcia Lawn Mowing in Spring TX
“I've been using the same grass cutting company to maintain my yard for me in Spring and Cypresswood Green for 10 years and at the start of this lawn care season my yard guy just disappeared on me. I tried calling him and no response. I was literally worried about the lawn guy, I couldn't even get a hold of him he was like he just dropped off the face of the earth. So I was resorted to finding another lawn care service to cut my grass for me and a friend in the neighborhood recommended GreenPal. I downloaded the app in the Google play store and was amazed with how easy it was to get lawn maintenance affordable prices for how much it was going to cost to cut my grass. I hired the cheapest lawn care service out of the lawnmowing pricing list that GreenPal emailed to me and I even ended up saving four dollars per lawn cutting versus what I was paying the previous yard maintenance company and spring, so in the end it worked out for the best.”
Tom Hawkins Lawn Service in Spring TX
“I was hunting around for lawnmowing apps on the App Store and came across three different yard maintenance apps and GreenPal was one of them. I guess you could say I'm kind of a techie and so I tried out all three. I must say hands-down GreenPal did the best job of introducing me to a affordable and dependable lawn care service near me in Spring Texas to cut my home near Cypress Trails Of Timber Lane. After doing a thorough test of all three lawnmowing apps I felt like the GreenPal lawn care service application deserved a good review it so I did so here, yelp, and on Facebook. GreenPal you are the winner of the best lawn care service up in Spring Texas and Harris County.”
Debra Noble Lawn Care Service in Spring TX
“I just wanted a basic every two week grass cutting but it seem like every single lawn care service that I hired in Spring, Tx sooner or later would demand I sign up for ongoing full-service landscape maintenance in a contract form. I felt like what the heck man on the customer and I should get to dictate how much yard work I want done around my home, not you. So that's what the GreenPal lawnmowing up does for me it puts me back in control of my yard and now I get my grass cut and the Spring Lakes subdivision every two weeks just like I want and it's billed to my credit card after each yard mowing and I guess you could say I'm a happy camper now. GreenPal is definitely worth giving a shot if you're looking for just basic grass cutting and don't feel like paying for all the landscape maintenance frills.”

lawn-maintenance-in-spring-TX-lawn-service-in-Cool-Valley How's your grass growing to be a little tall and now you're searching for a local lawn care service near me in Spring Texas? Well look no further you are at the right place. Welcome to GreenPal the easiest way and all of North Texas and Spring Texas to hire a dependable, reliable, and most importantly affordable lawn care service to cut your grass for you as long as you own your home. You might be wondering what is GreenPal and how does it work? Well, allow me to explain. My name is Gary it's my job to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your GreenPal lawn mowing experience. The GreenPal app is an online marketplace and community connecting you with prescreened and rated lawn care service professionals who cut grass throughout the north Texas and Spring Texas areas. Why does this matter? Because the Spring Tx area is busy as all get out and that means that local lawn care services and yard maintenance companies in Harris County, Texas are busy too, And all of that means that they are too busy most times to drive out to your home to give you an estimate for how much it is going to cost for your yard maintenance and lawn care service.

This makes calling around getting quotes for grass cutting more difficult than it needs to be, but that is where the GreenPal lawn maintenance mobile app comes to the rescue. The GreenPal team has done the hard work of interviewing and prescreening dozens and dozens of local lawn care services and yard maintenance companies in Spring Tx to set them up on the GreenPal system and mobile app so you can order them and get lawn cutting from them right from your smartphone, and this website with a few tabs on your mobile app or clicks of your mouse. We check out their lawnmowing equipment to make sure when they show up to cut your grass it will be with professional grade grass cutting equipment and not some residential push mower that they could buy from Walmart, we also talked to past lawn maintenance clients whom they have cut grass for the Spring, Tx area to check them out and make sure they did a good job on maintaining their yards as well, after all of that we can set them up on the GreenPal system so you can order lawn care from that without even making a phone call. So if you live in Lexington Woods or Spring Lakes, or over by Carl Wunsche Sr. High School, GreenPal has dozens of qualified yard maintenance companies ready to cut your grass, all you have to do is click the orange button at the top of your screen to get started with your free lawnmowing prices and estimates for your yard maintenance so you can hire a lawn care service near me in Spring Texas who you want to work with to maintain your yard this year. Have a great day. Also if you need local grass cutting services in Atascocita, TX or wanting to get residential lawn services in The Woodlands TX nearby me GreenPal covers those parts of the Houston, TX metro area as well.

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About Spring Texas

Spring is a census-designated place within the extraterritorial jurisdiction of Houston in Harris County, Texas.

The large geographic area now known as Spring was originally inhabited by the Orcoquiza Native Americans. In 1836, the Texas General Council of the Provisional Government placed what is now the town of Spring in the Harrisburg municipality. In 1838, William Pierpont placed a trading post on Spring Creek. In 1840, the town of Spring had 153 residents. By the mid-1840s, many German immigrants, including Gus Bayer and Carl Wunsche, moved to the area and began farming. People from Louisiana and other parts of the post-Civil War Southern U.S. settled in Spring. The main cash crops in Spring were sugar cane and cotton; area residents also grew vegetables

By 1947, Spring had 700 residents. In the 1970s, Houston's suburbs began to expand to the north, and more subdivisions and residential areas opened in the Spring area. Some older houses in the town of Spring received restorations and housed shops. The Old Town Spring Association opened in 1980 to promote the Old Town Spring shopping area, which consists of the restored houses. In 1984 and 1989, the Spring area had 15,000 residents. By 1989, Old Town Spring became a tourist area. In 1990, the Spring area had 33,111 residents.

As of the census of 2010, there were 54,298 people, 18,050 households, and 14,068 families residing in the CDP. The population density was 2,300.8 people per square mile. There were 19,191 housing units at an average density of 813.2 per square mile. The racial makeup of the CDP was 63.8% White, 19.5% African American, 0.6% Native American, 3.1% Asian, 0.4% Pacific Islander, 9.3% from other races, and 3.3% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 28.4% of the population.

Spring is within Harris County Precinct 4. As of 2011 Jack Cagle heads the precinct. The CDP is served by Harris County Sheriff's Office District II Patrol, headquartered from the Humble Substation at 7900 Will Clayton Parkway in Humble. Areas west of Interstate 45 which have Spring addresses and are located outside of the CDP are served by Harris County Sheriff's Office District I Patrol, headquartered from the Cypresswood Substation at 6831 Cypresswood Drive. The office formerly operated the Old Town Spring Storefront, which was located in Old Town Spring. Source: Wikipedia Spring, TX

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