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When is the best time of day to mow my lawn? Morning? Afternoon? Does it matter?


When is the best time of day to mow my lawn? Morning? Afternoon? Does it matter?

Updated October 5th, 2018

There are varying opinions on this …

Some professionals say it doesn't matter…

Others say it does..

But most people don’t know that, If you are flexible….

There ACTUALLY is an optimal time to mow your lawn!

And, If you don't want to make this common lawn care mistake, read to the end!

The Best Time to Mow your Lawn

Early Morning

Early morning mowing is perhaps the worst time to mow. Morning dew will likely be covering the grass. This can make it hard on your mower, and cause the grass to be cut poorly. This can cause the grass to tear. Here's the deal torn, wet grass is the perfect entryway for disease and fungus's to infect your grass.


Though there is some debate as to how important the time of day you cut the grass is, there is a time that is better than the rest. Most pros agree that mid-morning is the optimum time of day to mow the lawn. The logic behind this is that the lawn needs time to heal before the evening. This means that your grass really needs the benefit of the day to dry and heal before nightfall sets in.

The theory is that if your grass is cut when the lawn is too hot, it may burn the grass. So, if you have the luxury of choosing when to mow in the day, there is a case that mid-morning is the optimal time of the day.


Though it is generally safe to mow your lawn midday, it is not optimal. Besides having to work during the hottest part of the day, you will stress out the turf. But, so long as it is a regular cut, and you aren’t cutting more than the top third of the grass, you should be safe. However, if you have fallen behind on your lawn, and need to cut more than the top third, you risk burning the lawn.


Afternoon is the second best time of day to cut your lawn. If you can’t get out there in the morning, and don’t want to risk burning your lawn, then afternoon is a great time to mow your lawn.


Cutting your lawn too late in the day is just as bad as mowing to early. This is because as night settles in, so does this dew. Just like in the AM, you risk exposing your freshly cut lawn to disease and fungal infections.


Don’t make this common lawn care mistake.

Never mow with dull blades!

Most people aren’t aware of this, but sharp blades are more important than the time of day in which you mow. Seriously, make sure that your blades are sharp!

This may not seem important, but it really is. Sharp blades will affect the lawn more so than the time of day that you mow. Why is that? Well… If your blades are not sharp then the lawn will become torn. This is because dull blades will not make a clean cut, but will instead tear the grass apart! This can make the perfect entryway for disease and fungal infections.

And, that’s NOT GOOD

Check out the below video of a lawn mower in slow motion, and you can see why sharp blades are so important. 

Hiring a Professional

Now, keep in mind, if you are going to be working with a professional service you will probably have to pay a premium if you are wanting to have the lawn mowed at specific time of day. These professionals make their schedules out by route density. Meaning they complete their stops in the most efficient manner possible as they navigate their way throughout the neighborhood, town, or city.

So asking for a specific time will be invasive to their schedule, and you will probably have to pay extra. Take for example a St. Augustine turf that grows in Florida, it would be extremely hard for a lawn service provider to bag and haul all those clippings off.

This is where GreenPal comes in, make sure the time of day you want service is spelled out when you request pricing, so you will get more accurate pricing and get what you want!

If you want the best lawn care in your town, and a professional landscaper that will always keep their blades sharp, then connect with your next landscaper through GreenPal. If you live in any major city in the Southern US; Atlanta , Tampa, or Nashville and you want your lawn mowed at a specific time signup for free lawn quotes with GreenPal. We will give you the choice to specify what time you would like it cut.

Now you know the best time to have your lawn cut… But what is the best day? Find out here.

What is the best time of day to cut the grass by GreenPal

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