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How to weed eat like a pro!

Weedeat like a pro

How to weed eat like a pro!

OK, so you’ve seen the guys around town weedeating and edging like pro’s and you’re jealous!

Why can’t you make your lawn look that good?!

Their trimming and edging look so much better than what you seem to be able to accomplish!

We have all been there. So how exactly do the pros make it look so good?

Let’s find out.

In My Experience

As a professional who has mowed lawns for 15 years. Let me tell you, when it comes to getting that tight look in the lawn it’s all in the weedeating. 

Think of it like cutting hair. The sides and the back of your head, anyone can do that, now the top, that’s where the barber makes his money!

Weedeating and edging are the fine tools that make the lawn stand out. Without sharp edges, the rest of the lawn just falls flat.

In my experience, weedeating like a pro takes three things professional equipment, technique, and thick green grass.

1. Professional Weedeating Equipment

Much of the difference lies in the equipment the pros use.

The trimmers they use are more powerful, have better handling and are generally much more capable than most of the equipment you can buy down at your local big box store.

Think about it, the equipment they use costs as much as $500-$600! 

Fortunately, if you don't want to spend that much you can find used equipment, but a new professional weedeater will run you $250 minimum.

Getting Pro Equipment

So what can you do? Well if you want to step up your game, you will need to buy some better equipment.

A couple of brands the pro’s use are Shindaiwa and Kawisaki, you can’t go wrong buying a string trimmer from either of those two manufacturers. You can buy them from several online retailers or look for them second hand on craigslist or EBay.

If you looking for a used piece of equipment, you may consider joining the local buy, sell, trade groups on Facebook. GreenPal is live in St.Petersburg Florida and Atlanta Georgia, and I'm a member of those local groups, so shoot me an email and I can approve you.

Other than that, you may be able to get away with a commercial model Echo or Huscavarna, but they are still much more than the average homeowner is willing to spend.

2. Pro Weedeating Techniques

Now that you have some good equipment, it’s time to learn how to weedeat like the pros…

A lot of what makes the expensive models so effective is in their increased handling. But to know how exactly to handle your weedeater you will have to observe and practice.

Next time you catch a professional crew out in public, watch them. Study how the operator performs his craft. Notice he holds the trimmer inverted so that the cord cuts the edge a perfect 90-degree angle.

Also, observe how he trims at the same level as the mower blade cutting height so as to create a flawless transition. You can’t even tell what was mowed by the mower and what was trimmed by the weedeater.

Now practice at your lawn, it’s all in the equipment and the form! With a little practice, you too can weedeat like a pro!

3. Maintain Thick Green Grass

Lawn care pros don’t just have pro techniques, and equipment, to weed eat properly they also have thick green grass to cut.

Think about it, if your lawn is not thick and green, the edges will never look sharp like the lawns you see and admire. That is why proper lawn maintenance is a must.

Here are a few things you should do beyond mowing that will get you the thick grass we all want to have:

When it comes to selecting the best fertilizer try out this article. Having that thick green grass will give you a better template to work from once you get the proper weed eating equipment, and master your weed eating techniques.

Here's the deal, a patchy yard will look patchy, no matter how great the edges are cut.

Once you figure out how to edge like a pro, up your game by learning how to make your string last longer.

Or Just Hire a Pro

So, as you can see, with the right equipment, a thick green lawn and a little practice you can get those sharpcut edges that the professionals so easily create. However, that is obviously more effort than most people can afford to invest in their lawns. That’s why we recommend whether you are in Phoenix, Arizona or Virginia Beach, VA you hire the professional lawn care vendors on GreePal. If you don’t want to wait for for those perfect edges, save time, and hire the pros.

About The Author

About The Author

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