How to weed eat like a pro!

Written by Gene Caballero on September 29, 2014

OK, so you’ve seen the guys around town weedeating and edging like pro’s and you’re jealous!  Why can’t you do this at your home, their trimming and edging looks so much better than what you can do!  Their lawn care is so much better!

So, as a professional who has mowed lawns for 15 years, let me tell you, its all in the weedeating.. Think of it like a barber.. The sides and the back of your head, anyone can do that, now the top, that’s where the barber makes his money!  Weedeating and edging is the same for the lawn professional.

Much of the difference lies in the equipment the pros use. The trimmers they use are more powerful and much more capable than the equipment you can buy down at your local big box store.  Think about it, the equipment they use costs as much as $500-$600!    Also, there is a skill to this believe it or not.  These guys weedeat all day long, they actually become professionals at it, where as you are practicing once per week, haha.

So what can you do? Well if you want to step up your game, you will need to buy some better equipment. A couple manufactures the pro’s use.. Shindaiwa and Kawisaki, you can’t go wrong buying a string trimmer from either of those two manufactures.  You can buy them from several online retailers or look for them second hand on craigslist or EBay.  If you looking for a good used piece of equipment , you may consider joining the local buy,sell, trade groups on Facebook. GreenPal is live in St.Petersburg Florida and Atlanta Georgia, and Im a member of those local groups, so shoot me an email and I can approve you.

Now that you have some good equipment, it’s time to learn how to weedeat like the pros…

Next time you catch a professional crew out in public, watch them.  Study how the operator performs his craft, notice he holds the trimmer inverted so that the cord cuts the edge a perfect 90 degree angle.  Also observe how he trims as the same level as the mower blade cutting height so as to create a flawless transition, where you can’t even tell what was mowed by the mower and what was trimmed by the weedeater.

Now practice at your lawn, its all in the equipment and the form!  With a little practice you too can weedeat like a pro!

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