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Garden and Lawn Edging Ideas & Tips

Looking to sharpen up your lawn and make it look its best? Well, you can’t do that without proper edging and borders. This infographic covers in detail how you can edge your lawn and add borders to keep it looking sharp all year round. Let's jump into this illustrated guide for edging your lawn. 

What is a lawn edger?

A lawn edger is a special piece of equipment with a fixed metal blade that spins vertically into the ground. It is used to cut sharp edges around sidewalks and driveways, and even garden beds. Some edgers are very simple such as the stick edger which is literally a stick with a wheel and cutting disc, but they can also be gas-powered too. But some lawn care pros use a weed eater as an edger by removing the guard.  

What are some tips for manual edging?

It’s simple, stick the edger into the ground until it's ground level, then rock the edger back and forth, finally grab a shovel and remove the excess soil, you can even use a half-moon edger to start the edge. Additionally, if you use the half moon edger to widen the edge, you will have less work to do down the road to maintain the edge. 

Edging Design Materials

There are several materials you can use to protect the edge of your landscape. These materials include stone, wood, brick, plastic, and metal edging. Alternatively, you can leave the edge open and cut it back once or twice a year 

Get a crisp, manicured lawn with these edging & border tips:

  • What is a lawn edger? It's a tool with a spinning blade that cuts clean edges along sidewalks, driveways, and garden beds. Manual, gas-powered, and weed eater options available.
  • Manual edging tips: Stick the edger in, rock back & forth, remove excess soil with a shovel. Use a half-moon edger for wider, easier-to-maintain edges.
  • Edging design materials: Stone, wood, brick, plastic, metal, or leave it open and trim twice a year.

These tips for edging your lawn come from Backyard Boss, be sure to check out the blog for homeowners for more great lawn care and landscaping tips. And share this infographic with your friends and neighbors so they can have a sharper-looking lawn just like you!

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