How to Maintain your Lawn Mower: 8 Pro Tips!

How to Maintain your Lawn Mower: 8 Pro Tips!

How to Maintain your Lawn Mower: 8 Pro Tips!

It’s true, lawn mowers can last a long time, as long as they are maintained properly

So, what are the most important maintenance practices to get the most out of your mower?

Whether your mower is battery powered, or electric….

You will need to follow these simple lawn mower maintenance and repair tips.

Here are 8 crucial tips that will keep your mower running for years to come!

1. Store Your Equipment Properly

One of the most important ways in which a mower can be preserved, is by storing it properly. Lawn mowers should be stored in an area that protects them from the weather. 

Protecting lawn machinery from cold winters, dampness and rain will help to keep it functioning properly.

It is best to store lawn mowers in an insulated shed or garage. 

In a worst-case scenario, if you don't have access to a shed or garage, you can park your mower on concrete and cover it with a tarp. Also, protective covers, which are essential for safeguarding your equipment, can be easily purchased at a hardware store at a reasonable price. 

For more detailed guidance on preparing your lawn mower for winter storage, including additional steps to maintain its condition, check out this comprehensive article: 7 Things to Do Before Storing Your Lawn Mower for the Winter.

2. Clean Up After Use

After every use, clean your lawn mower properly. 

Here’s the deal, proper cleaning techniques should be followed on a regular basis. Remove any leftover grass immediately after mowing the lawn to prevent the build-up of rust. 

In addition, clean around the blades to remove any grass that may clog the mower and affect the efficiency and overall performance. 

Pro Tip!  Most lawn mowers have a hose connection so that you can clean the deck while running the blades. This will get most of the grass off, preserve your mower deck, and keep your storage area clean. 

3. Empty Clippings from Bags

Any clipping bag must be emptied after each and every use!

Look, leftover grass in the lawn mower bag can cause it to become overfilled and may even cause something to break.

4. Check Engine Periodically

It is a good idea to periodically check your engine.

Before each use, check your oil levels. Just like a car engine, it must be properly oiled in order to stay in top working condition. 

If the oil is low, the mower will certainly not run at full capacity. This can lead to engine malfunction and possible engine damage.

Additionally, at least once a year you will want to check or replace your: 

5. Tighten Loose Bolts

Check all nuts and bolts to make sure nothing has worked its way loose. 

This may not seem like  a common issue...

But, those quickly spinning blades are notorious for vibrating bolts out of their position

And, loose screws or nuts can cause parts to fall off, or other damage to occur. 

In addition, make sure lawn mower wheels are tight and secure at all times. 

6. Level Deck and Sharpen Blades

Sharpen your lawn mower blades frequently. 

Our research suggests that you should sharpen your mower blades every 25 hours

It’s no secret, lawn mower blades that become dull will certainly not cut properly. 

WARNING! If it appears that blades need to be sharpened. Make sure you take proper safety precautions before performing any maintenance to the blades. Blades can be sharp! Additionally, you will want to remove the spark plug before touching the blades. 

7. Buy OEM Parts

If you need any replacement parts for the mower

It is best to go directly through the manufacturer to order parts

Most manufacturers will send any parts as long as it is in stock fairly quickly. And original factory parts will nearly always be better for your mower than any other options. 

Alternatively, you can leave the lawn mower repairs to the pros, and find a good lawn mower repair shop

8. Read The Manual

I know you don’t want to hear this, but read the manual! 

The manual that came with your lawn mower can serve as a huge help if a malfunction occurs

Or, if you need to order replacement parts. 

In most cases, the manual will supply a toll free number for additional information. 

Make certain you have the make and model of the lawn mower handy if contacting customer service.

Proper Maintenance Will Keep Your Lawn Greener, Longer

At the end of the day, your lawn mower can keep your lawn maintained for a long time. 

However, like your lawn. Lawn mowers do require repair and maintenance from time to time. 

With proper care, a lawn mower may last for years to come.

To ensure your lawn mower lasts for years, follow these essential maintenance tips:

  1. Store it properly in a protected area.
  2. Clean your mower after each use to prevent rust and clogs.
  3. Empty clippings from the bag after every use.
  4. Regularly check engine oil, filters, spark plug, air filter, and battery.
  5. Tighten loose bolts and ensure secure wheels.
  6. Sharpen blades every 25 hours of use.
  7. Buy OEM parts for replacements.
  8. Read the manual for troubleshooting and ordering parts.

Be sure to check our lawn mowing blog for more great lawn care tips!

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