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How to Maintain your Lawn Mower:

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How to Maintain your Lawn Mower:

Lawn mowers can last a long time as long as they are maintained properly. lawn mowers are mainly used in the warmer weather when the lawn tends to grow rapidly and requires care and maintenance. There are a number of lawn mowers currently available through a variety of manufacturers. 

One of most important ways in which a mower can be preserved is by storing them in a proper place. Machinery of this kind must be stored in an area that protects them from the changing weather conditions. Protecting lawn machinery from the cold winters as well as dampness and rain will certainly help to keep it functioning properly.

It is best to store machinery of this nature in an insulated shed or garage. In addition, you may even consider covering it with plastic or a heavy cloth for additional protection. Protective covers can be easily purchased at a hardware store at a reasonable price.

After every use, whether you are mowing the lawn in Franklin, Tennessee or cutting the grass in St. Petersburg, Florida, the lawn mower should be cleaned properly. Proper cleaning techniques should be followed on a regular basis. Therefore, any leftover grass or other particles should be removed at once. In addition, cleaning around the blades will remove any grass that may clog the mower and affect the efficiency and overall performance.

It is a good idea to periodically check the engine. Make certain that nothing becomes lodged within the motor that can ultimately cause the motor to malfunction. Also, it is an excellent idea to make sure the engine has the proper amount of oil at all times. Just like a car engine it must be properly oiled in order to stay in top working condition. If the oil is low, the mower will certainly not run at full capacity. Not checking oil levels can also lead to engine malfunction and possible engine damage.

The lawn bag must be emptied after each and every use. The bag should be completely cleaned after every use. Leftover grass in the lawn mower bag can cause the bag to become overfilled and may cause breakage.

It is best to check all nuts and bolts to make sure nothing has worked its way loose. Loose screws or nuts can cause the mower to become loose and parts can actually fall off if not corrected. In addition, make sure lawn mower wheels are tight and secure at all times. 

Blades should be checked for sharpness and accuracy. Lawn mower blades that become dull will certainly not cut properly. If it appears that blades need to be sharpened make sure you take proper safety precautions before performing any maintenance to the blades. Blades can be fairly sharp therefore, caution needs to be taken when examining blades.

If you require any replacement parts for the mower it is best to go directly through the manufacturer to order parts. Most manufacturers will send any parts as long as it is in stock fairly quickly.

The manual that comes with most lawn mowers can serve as a huge help if malfunction occurs or if you need to order replacement parts. In most cases, the manual will supply a toll free number for additional information. Make certain you have the make and model of the lawn mower handy if contacting customer service.

Finally, lawn mowers help keep a lawn and grounds properly maintained. However, like any thing lawn mowers do require repair and maintenance from time to time. With proper care a lawn mower may last a number of years.

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About The Author

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