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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Lynnwood, WA as of Aug, 2019


Matt's Mowing Lawn Services in Lynnwood, WA

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The odds are you do not have as much time to take care of your lawn mowing work as you might wish you could. The concern is understandable, as people in Lynnwood often spend much of their day commuting to and from work. It can be frustrating to spend all that time driving down the highway to get to and from a place like the Boeing plant or the Microsoft headquarters. But people in Lynnwood have to do this every day, thus making it harder for them to have the time to get the lawn cut.

Do you spend lots of time trying to get to and from work or school or wherever else you want to be in Lynnwood or elsewhere? You might not have enough open time to care for your yard. That is perfectly fine, as we at Matt’s Mowing will assist you with all your lawn maintenance tasks.

We at Matt’s Mowing have been helping people around the Lynnwood area with mowing their lawns for years. Matt Himple and the rest of the team here at Matt’s Mowing are available to help you with all the outstanding lawn mowing and maintenance needs you might have.

Homeowners a little further off from the highways will appreciate our services. It takes a bit to travel from Perrinville or Seattle Heights to the interstate. Even those near the Pacific Highway will spend a bit more time traveling than what they want to. But our team at Matt’s Mowing will come to your property regardless of where you are. We’ll ensure that your yard is supported well the first time around.

We can help you with all the lawn mowing needs you may have. We can come to your property and get the lawn cut to the appropriate height based on the time of the year and the grass type at your home. You can ask us to reach your yard as often as necessary depending on the season.

You can ask us to reach your home if you are going to be out of town for work or something else. We can leave you notes on when we will arrive and when we reach your property. You’ll find that there isn’t much of a difference between those two. We take pride in showing up when we claim we will.

We provide affordable rates for all our lawn care services too. We understand that life in Lynnwood is expensive enough as it is. That’s why we always ensure we only charge you for what you know you can afford. We will confirm what your yard requires and provide you only pay for what you need. We focus on a precise and careful effort when it comes to caring for your yard the right way every time.

You can reach us at Matt’s Mowing for help with all your yard maintenance services today. You can schedule an appointment with us for yard care services.

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Easy Lawn Care Lawn Services in Lynnwood, WA

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When was the last time you tried mowing your lawn on your own in Lynnwood? The odds are you probably didn’t do it the right way.

There are many aspects to lawn mowing that most people in Lynwood do not know. You might assume that you need to get the grass cut as low as possible, but that is not necessarily the right strategy. You can ask us at Easy Lawn Care to help you with your lawn maintenance needs instead.

We work with a thorough strategy when looking at our lawn maintenance plans for your yard. Does your grass need to be cut real close? We can use a reel mower. We have plenty of rotary motors for other grass cutting tasks too. We’ll make sure every blade we use is clean, smooth, and appropriately aligned regardless of what is necessary for mowing.

Our team at Easy Lawn Care knows that every yard has unique concerns for making their yards look their best. A home near Meadowdale might grow relatively fast because of the humidity in the area, for instance. We can check on every yard we work on to ensure there are no issues with how the grass grows.

We will also cut your grass to the right height based on the kind you have. We can mow your fine-leaf fescue or perennial ryegrass lawn to a few inches. We can also trim bentgrass to under an inch. Whatever the case is, we’ll ensure we don’t mow more than a third of the grass. Removing more of the grass than necessary would produce undue stress on the turf bed.

You can ask us to come to your home as often as necessary too, but the timing for a mowing service will vary based on the season. You can ask us to go over twice a week in the spring. That’s the time of the year when your grass will grow the fastest. You can also ask us to mow your lawn once a month during the winter when the grass will be mostly dormant.

Every yard in Lynnwood will need lawn care help at some point. Smaller yards in the Stadler Ridge area need to be cleaned up to keep their leaves from littering the place. The larger lawns in Daleway Park will need extra help too. The great news is that our team at Easy Lawn Care will help you with every unique yard care concern that you might have. We’ll provide a careful approach to lawn care that you will appreciate. We also have some of the best rates for services that you will find in the Lynnwood area.

Our services at Easy Lawn Care are designed to give your yard a look it deserves. The best part of our yard maintenance efforts is that we’ll take care of everything for your yard as thoroughly and carefully as possible. Contact us at Easy Lawn Care to schedule a time for services today. We would love to give your home in Lynnwood the lawn maintenance support it needs.

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Northend Landscape Lawn Services in Lynnwood, WA

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You’ve probably read seen plenty of advertisements for chemicals that can help you with growing your lawn and killing off weeds. But those chemicals are often dangerous. You could hurt your yard and kill off the healthy grass all around. Some of the residues can spread around and even impact you and anyone else in your household. The health of everyone could be at risk, not to mention the health of your yard.

Your lawn in Lynnwood, Washington, deserves better care without all the dangerous chemicals or compounds getting in the way. You can reach us at Northend Landscape to help you safely care for your yard.

Every yard in Lynnwood deserves help without risk. Whether it is a large yard in Cedar Valley or something closer to the lake in Perrinville, you will benefit from the services we have to offer.

We can work with many organic solutions for caring for your yard. We can utilize vinegar and other safe compounds when clearing out weeds. We can treat dandelions, thistle, and other growths without risking residues spreading around. More importantly, our work will not kill off the good bits of grass near the weeds. They won’t leave toxic residues or odors that might hurt people around your home either. The best part is that your weeds will disappear and won’t be at risk of returning too soon.

You can also ask us to remove thatch and crabgrass if necessary. Our power raking service works must better than any chemical-based treatment you might hire. We can clear out those growths and also aerate and seed the lawn bed. Our work will replace the old growths with healthy grass that you’ll love for years to come. The aeration also makes it easier for the lawn to take in the oxygen and water it needs for growth.

We also use electric mowers in the lawn cutting process. We know that mowing grass can be a dirty job. But a traditional mower that needs oil and gas to work can make the task harder than it should be. Our electric mowers will not produce lots of annoying emissions. The risk of engine fluids leaking around your yard will be eliminated as well. We’ll see that your yard is cared for well without risking any possible harm.

You’ll also save plenty of money. Our team at Northend will let you know what it would cost to hire us for services before we start. We’ll let you know about the necessary expenses for your yard and how much you would spend on each service we offer. We will ensure that you don’t spend more on services than what you can afford to. We want to make everything we have to provide open to all in Lynnwood.

Our work at Northend Landscape will cover all the unique concerns you might have for your yard in Lynnwood. Ask us for help with all your lawn maintenance needs today. We would love to provide you with all the help you need for keeping your yard looking its best. More importantly, we’ll see that your yard is cared for well without bearing with anything that might potentially damage the quality of your grass or put anyone’s health at risk.

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D&N Landscape Lawn Services in Lynnwood, WA

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There’s a great variety of properties that you can find around Lynnwood. There’s nothing in Lynnwood as massive as the Boeing plant or the Microsoft headquarters, but every property in Lynnwood needs extra help. The great news is that our team at D&N Landscape will help you with everything you require for keeping your yard looking as refreshed and restored as possible to its original style.

Our team at D&N Landscape will help you with your property even if it’s minimal. We can take care of a small yard in the Alderwood area, including the commercial lawns around the region. Even the smallest island of grass at a grocery store, restaurant, or somewhere else in Alderwood could benefit from the lawn mowing services we offer.

We can also care for larger lawns in Brierwood Park and places a little further from the highway. Our lawn maintenance experts will help with everything from grass cutting to aeration. We know that it takes a while to get some yards cut, but that is perfectly fine with us.

We know that every yard in Lynnwood is distinct in many ways. Even the smaller apartment properties in Woodland Greens have unique concerns. Whether it is, we will take care of the concerns you have for your property. Our efforts will cover everything from lawn mowing to aeration to weed removal and everything in between.

You can talk with us before we start to learn about what we can do for your yard. We’ll also let you know what it would cost for you to hire us for help. You’ll discover that we provide some of the best rates in the Lynnwood area. You can ask us for help no matter what your budget might be. We don’t want you to spend more on services than what you can afford.

It will not take long for us to get to your home either. We can take the interstate or the Pacific Highway to get to your home. We’ll reach your property and get there at the time you specifically ask us to come over. Our work is thorough and is always guaranteed to fit the unique needs you have for your yard.

You can also ask us for regular contract services. We can show up every few weeks if desired. Our schedules can be adjusted based on your yard’s needs and your budget. You’ll find that we offer some of the best rates that you could ever spend on contract services. There’s never a long-term obligation associated with our services either, so you won’t be trapped into a contract that you don’t want to go through any further.

Ask us at D&N Landscape for assistance with all the unique concerns you might have for your yard. You can ask us for anything you need for your yard regardless of how large or small it might be. We’ll ensure there are no issues with your yard when we take care of the work at hand.

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Maria Cable Grass Cutting in Lynnwood WA

I’ve been using the services of Matt’s Mowing for about a year now. They come to my home in Blue Ridge based on a schedule that I plan out. They are very flexible in letting me adjust the schedule based on how well the grass grows and the time of the season. They are always careful in mowing my lawn based on everything happening here. I love how the team shows up when they say they will come over. I appreciate the hard work that everyone at Matt’s Mowing puts in when caring for my home.

Nathan Cox Grass Cut in Lynnwood WA

The friendly people at Easy Lawn Care know what it takes care to care for my yard. The people here are very cautious with ensuring my lawn is trimmed well enough. I’ve noticed that they always clean off their mowers before they start working on my yard off of Squire Lane. I never see any residues or excess clumps of grass around my yard after they finish. I don’t have to clean up all that stuff on my own anymore. I would recommend the people at Easy Lawn Care to anyone in Lynnwood who needs assistance with getting their lawn cut.

Paul Vallejo Lawn Cutting in Lynnwood WA

No one has been able to care for my yard as well as the people at Northend Landscape have. I asked for help with getting my lawn cut in Cypress Heights recently. I hadn’t been able to get my yard cut on my own for nearly two months due to medical issues. The people at Northend were able to trim all that growth and restore the look of my yard. They didn’t waste time with the work either. They let me know what needed to work here. My yard even looks better now than what it did the last time I tried to cut the grass myself.

Charles King Lawn Maintenance in Lynnwood WA

It’s never easy for me to mow the lawn on my own. But the people at D&N Landscape know what they are doing when cutting my grass. The team here is very friendly and respectful of the needs that I have for caring for my yard. They always get the lawn cut to the right height at my Tamaron Ranch home. They’ve also been aerating my yard twice a year. I used to have lots of flooding issues around my yard, but the aeration work everyone at D&N puts in always ensures my yard will look beautiful without the soil being compact.

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No one in Lynnwood, Washington, lets to take care of their lawn maintenance tasks on their own. They often struggle with everything from getting the lawn cut to removing weeds. The worst part is that they often unintentionally damage their lawns when trying to care for them.

The good news is that homeowners in Lynnwood don’t have to go at it alone. People can use the GreenPal app to help them in finding the best lawn care teams in Lynnwood.

You can download the GreenPal app for free today. You’ll have the power to find the best lawn care teams in Lynnwood in minutes. The app is useful for all people, including those who have rental properties near the Meadowdale area.

You will come across many great lawn mowing providers in the Lynnwood area when you use the GreenPal app. You can find help whether you have a traditional home in the Pine Ridge area or a commercial site in Alderwood or somewhere else near the highway.

You will find lawn care providers that are closer to your home when you use the GreenPal app for help. The listings on the app help you identify teams that will come to your home as soon as possible. You'll never have to worry about any companies that might not understand what you need.

The organizations you will find on the GreenPal app are all ones that have been certified for operation. You will only come across the most experienced and professional teams on the GreenPal app. The companies include ones supported by the Lynnwood Chamber of Commerce.

The functionality of the GreenPal app is also worth noting. You can confirm an appointment with a team through the app. You can also get a rough estimate of what it would cost to hire a lawn mowing service. You have the option to pay for your services through the app as well. There’s also the option for you to switch providers if necessary. The full-service nature of GreenPal is a feature you can trust.

The assortment of listings you’ll find through the GreenPal app is also worth noting. You’ll discover entities from as far south as Seattle Heights to up north to Picnic Point. You might be surprised as to how many service providers are available for your work needs when you use the GreenPal app.

Don’t forget about the reviews on the app. You can read reviews for each lawn mowing provider on the app. Each of these reviews comes from real customers who have hired and paid for yard maintenance services through the GreenPal app. The details you will get out of the app are thorough and will let you know everything about the teams you’re aiming to hire.

Download the GreenPal app today, and get started in finding the best lawn care teams in the area. The nature of the GreenPal app will ensure you have the control you need for making the most out of your yard.

About Lynnwood Washington

Lynnwood is a city in Washington, United States.

Lynnwood, Washington, is a city on the southwestern part of Snohomish County. The city is about sixteen miles north of Seattle and thirteen miles south of Everett. The city has a population of about 38,000.

The Alderwood Mall is in the southeastern part of Lynnwood. The mall is home to a movie theater, an Asian grocery store, and various other shops and restaurants. The Lynnwood Square shopping center is also on the southern part of the city.

The Paine Field Airport is directly north of Lynwood and is accessible off of the Pacific Highway. The airport provides flight services to cities on the Pacific Coast like Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

The Edmonds School District operates the public schools in Lynnwood. The Lynnwood, Meadowdale, and Scriber Lake High Schools are all within Lynnwood, while Edmonds Community College is also in a portion of Lynnwood.

Lynnwood, Washington, is on land that was settled by the Snohomish tribe. The Snohomish people moved north after signing the Treaty of Point Elliott in 1855. American settlers arrived in the 1880s. The region was used mainly as a logging community. The city would be incorporated in Snohomish County in 1959, with the population quickly growing thanks to the nearby Boeing plant up north.

Interstate 5 appears on the eastern end of the city. The Pacific Highway moves through the middle part of Lynnwood.

The Alderwood region of Lynnwood is home to a large commercial park area featuring various business offices. The SOG Specialty Knives company and the Zumiez clothing store are both headquartered in Lynnwood. Most of the people in the city’s workforce are employed either by the Boeing assembly plant up north in Everett or the Microsoft campus in nearby Redmond. Other major employers in Lynnwood include Nordstrom, Costco, and Fred Meyer.

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