Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Kirkland, WA as of Oct, 2021


Anuther Breed Lawn Lawn Services in Kirkland, WA

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You deserve nothing but the best lawn maintenance services in Kirkland, Washington. We at Anuther Breed Lawn know that you have many needs for your yard. We will meet all the unique challenges that you might have surrounding how well your yard will look. You can ask us to help you with your yard even if you don’t have much of a budget. We want to give you the help that your yard requires.

We have been serving people around the Kirkland area for years. We are in between North and South Juanita. We can come to your property whether you’ve got a commercial site near our headquarters on 124th Street or something a little further out on Central Way.

We recognize that all yards around Kirkland are unique in many ways. Fortunately, we can care for your property regardless of what it might look like or how large or small the yard is. We can also work on even the most elaborate or complicated landscapes in the Kirkland area.

We at Anuther Breed Lawn will figure out what your yard needs every time we arrive. We can get the lawn cut and also aerate your turf bed. We can remove weeds that might appear all around. You can also ask us to clean out the dead leaves and branches that your trees might litter around your yard.

We can work on residential and commercial properties alike. We can work on businesses closer to the Totem Lake area, for instance. Many of these businesses have trees and grass islands that make their properties look inviting to customers and calming to employees. We can reach your business site every few weeks to groom your property.

You can also reach us if you’re a little further away from the lake. You can ask us to come to your home in the Tourist District section of the city near some of the larger parks and vineyards in the area. We know it might be a challenge for you to care for something that big on your own. But our experts at Anuther Breed are prepared for even the most complicated yards in Kirkland.

We also care about the unique demands you have for a lawn maintenance provider. We will never charge you for services that you don’t need. You can ask us about our rates for services before we start working. You will find that our efforts are among the most affordable that you can see in the Kirkland area. You’ve got more than enough expenses on your mind as it is. We don’t want you to think that you cannot afford the lawn care services that you need for keeping your property looking perfect.

Ask us at Anuther Breed Lawn to learn more about what we can do for your yard. Our work will ensure that your yard has the best look around.


Mora's Landscaping Lawn Services in Kirkland, WA

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We at Mora’s Landscaping have seen many yards around the Kirkland area over the years. We know that it takes lots of effort to make all of these yards look their best. The good news is that you can reach us at Mora’s if you ever have any concerns with how well your yard looks.

We have seen far too many worn-out yards around Kirkland over the years. Many of the properties near our headquarters in the South Rose Hill area have yards that don’t look as green as they should be.

We’ve found that many of these yards are worn out due to how the soil is compacted. It is easy for the dirt around King County to become compact, what with the temperatures often being chilly throughout parts of the year.

There’s also the concern of lawn pests hurting lawns around Kirkland. White grubs, billbugs, and chinch bugs can appear around many trees, bushes, and grass lawns throughout the city. These are annoying issues that can keep a yard from looking as attractive as it should be.

But you don’t have to worry about all of these problems for long when you ask us at Mora’s Landscaping for help. Our experts at Mora’s Landscaping know what it takes to give your yard a look it deserves.

We will help you with all the unique considerations you have for your yard. You can ask us to aerate your yard if you are dealing with compact soil. You can also reach us about removing any ant hills, grub infestations, and other things that might get in your yard.

We are available to help people all around the Kirkland area. We can come over to a property in Marsh Park or Marina Park among other places near the lake, for instance. Our services can help with supporting one of these yards to ensure it will not be at risk of harm during the next rainfall event.

Our experts can also help properties closer to the Sammamish River. The commercial properties and large farmyards near the river take an extra bit of time to maintain. But that’s never an obstacle for us at Mora’s Landscaping. We will help you with maintaining even the most massive yard you might have.

You won’t have to worry about how much you would spend on services either. We will help you with your yard by providing a suitable service based on your budget. We know that every customer in the Kirkland area has a different budget. We want to ensure you’re not going to spend more money on services than what you can handle. You can schedule a free estimate with us to figure out what works for your property.

You can reach us at Mora’s Landscaping for help with all the specific lawn maintenance needs you may have. You can ask us at Mora’s for help at any time of the year. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your unique yard in Kirkland today.


Nick's Yard Cleanup Lawn Services in Kirkland, WA

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You may come across many problems with your yard in the Kirkland, Washington, area. You might experience issues with your yard flooding after it rains. You could also find some dead spots all around your yard. You may also see thick grassy weeds or unsightly broadleaf weeds that can appear around your property.

But the good news is that these problems don’t have to persist forever. There’s always a cause to these issues, and with that comes a solution. You can ask us at Nick’s Yard Cleanup to assist you in repairing any problems that you might come across around your yard. Our lawn maintenance experts know that many things need to work when caring for your turf.

You can ask us at Nick’s Yard Cleanup to remove weeds from your yard. We can clear them out with organic solutions that will not harm the rest of your grass bed. Our treatments are also safe for everyone around your property to handle. We don’t use anything that might smell unusual or possibly cause health concerns now or later.

We can also aerate your turf bed during the spring and fall seasons. The process loosens the soil and supports the lawn’s ability to grow the next time it rains or when you water it yourself. We will see that your yard isn’t at risk of flooding threats.

Our team is available to clean your irrigation system as well. Homes around Kirkland can benefit from these systems, especially those further from the lake in Kingsgate or Snyders Corner. Our work will ensure your watering setup works as it should.

Our lawn mowing service is beyond compare as well. We know that not everyone has time to mow a lawn in Kirkland, especially people who have larger yards in the Snyders Corner or Central Houghton neighborhoods. But we have more than enough time to help you with your grass cutting needs. We can check on how the grass is growing where you are and then mow based on the appropriate height.

All the work we put in will help confirm there are no problems with how well your yard looks. Every yard in Kirkland is different in many ways. But there’s never a need to worry about how we’re going to help.

What is even better is that we will help you when you ask us to arrive. We can serve you at varying times based on your unique needs or your schedule. You can also ask us to come to your home if you are away. We can leave you reminders of when we come to your property. Our team will help you with everything you require whenever you ask for help.

You can reach us at Nick’s Yard Cleanup the next time you need assistance with maintaining your lawn. You will find that our services are the best that you can hire in the Kirkland area. We can come to your home to provide a free review and to offer a no-obligation estimate for services.


Carlos Landscaping Lawn Services in Kirkland, WA

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Kirkland has some of the best properties in King County. You’ll find many outstanding homes in Moss Bay and Market among other neighborhoods around the lake. You can also find some vast properties in Willows and other eastern areas near some of the region’s top wineries.

All of these properties feature some of the most picturesque looks that you will ever come across. But every one of these places will require unique lawn care efforts. It might be difficult for some homeowners to figure out what the right plans for lawn maintenance should be.

The good news is that you can ask us at Carlos Landscaping for help with figuring out what is right for your yard maintenance demands. Our experts at Carlos Landscaping know everything that your yard might require.

You’ve got plenty of things to do in your life every day. Our experts at Carlos Landscaping will help you with anything your lawn needs no matter where in Kirkland you might be. We can cover a yard in the Inglewood area where the trees are plentiful. We can also work on yards with dense garden beds in Kingsgate. We’ve seen everything around the Kirkland area.

We will serve your property by helping you to get the lawn cut where you are. We will cut to the best height based on the season and the turf quality. Our experts understand the many points that come with maintaining your yard the right way.

We will also work with the best strategies for grass cutting in Kirkland. We will care for your yard when it is dry and when the weather conditions are cool and comfortable. Our efforts will ensure you don’t struggle with dead grass patches here and there. More importantly, your grass will not bear with undue stress during the mowing process.

We can also help you with tasks like removing old weeds from your yard. We can work on broadleaf and grassy weeds alike. These include weeds that may appear around your turf bed or within your garden bed.

We’ll also trim your bushes around your property. We can produce an even body for each piece of shrubbery. Our work will also see these bushes won’t get in the way of your windows or anything else. We’ll clean up after we are finished working on your trees and bushes as well.

You can ask us for help with your rental property if you have one. Rental homes in Juanita Beach and other places near the lake tend to be hard for people to maintain on their own. But our professionals here at Carlos Landscaping know what it takes to ensure your property is maintained even if you are not there. You can schedule a time for services online or by phone.

Our experts at Carlos Landscaping want to give your yard in Kirkland the help it deserves. You can contact us at Carlos Landscaping to learn more about our services today.

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Brenda Shelton lawn mow in Kirkland WA
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The trees around my yard in Crestwoods are tough for me to try and care for on my own. But the team at Anuther Breed Lawn knows what it takes to care for everything. The people here come to my home every month to clean up after the trees and to mow my lawn. They are thorough in their work in that they always clear my yard up before and after they mow. My trees and bushes also look even without anything favoring one direction. I like how well the team pays attention to how the features around my yard are laid out. I feel that anyone in Kirkland who needs help with their yards can trust what Anuther Breed has to offer.

Jami Gomez lawn mowing service in Kirkland WA
affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Kirkland-WA local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Kirkland-WA grass-cutting-businesses-in-Kirkland-WA local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Kirkland-WA grass-cutting-businesses-in-Kirkland-WA

No one in the Kirkland area has been able to care for my yard like the people at Mora’s Landscaping. Everyone here has helped me with all the needs that I’ve had for my yard in the Moss Bay neighborhood. The team does well with cleaning up my lawn and with cutting the grass. The team is thorough and knows what my yard requires every time they arrive. They don’t cut the lawn too short either, which is a big plus for me. My yard hasn’t dealt with lots of weeds or other growths thanks to their work.

Kenneth Redd grass cutting in Kirkland WA
local-lawn-care-services-in-Kirkland-WA lawn-maintenance-in-Kirkland-WA local-lawn-care-services-in-Kirkland-WA residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Kirkland-WA lawn-care-services-in-Kirkland-WA

The team at Nick’s Yard Cleanup has been very accommodating in helping me to maintain my yard. The team does well with mowing my yard every two weeks. They always reach my home in the Highlands neighborhood when they say they will arrive. The team is thorough in their work and lets me know what is necessary for my yard care needs. I appreciate the hard work that they put in, not to mention the intense attention to detail that they require. It is great to have a quality team like Nick’s Yard Cleanup to help me with my yard.

Joann Shrum lawn cut in Kirkland WA
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My business in the Moss Bay area needs to have its bushes and lawn trimmed every month to keep a good appearance. Everyone at Carlos Landscaping knows what my yard needs every time they arrive for help. They can trim my bushes to the best shapes possible while ensuring my windows are open. They are precise in keeping my property looking attractive. They always show up when they say they will arrive too. I can trust the people at Carlos Landscaping with all my yard maintenance needs. I think that anyone in the Kirkland area will feel the same way when they contact the company for help.