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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Sammamish, WA as of Sep, 2019


Carlos Landscaping Lawn Services in Sammamish, WA

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There are far too many outside threats that might influence the quality of your yard in Sammamish, Washington. The unpredictable weather in Sammamish often makes it difficult for your yard to stay healthy. Sometimes your yard might become flooded due to heavy rain. The threat of rain can be worse for people in the Inglewood neighborhood among other parts of Sammamish near the lake.

Meanwhile, lawns in Sammamish can be threatened by dandelions, chickweeds, and other dangerous weeds. There’s also the possibility of crane flies and other lawn pests getting in a lawn. These can harm the grass bed and tear the roots apart, thus keeping your yard from growing as well as it is supposed to.

All of these threats make it all the more essential for you to keep your lawn healthy and protected. Our experts at Carlos Landscaping are here to assist you. We’ll keep anything from outside your yard from being a threat to your property.

At Carlos Landscaping, we can help you with regular lawn maintenance services to protect your yard. We provide a lawn mowing service that covers every inch of turf in your yard. We’ll edge the grass near your fence and other borders.

We also provide aeration throughout the year to prevent your yard from becoming impacted. Aeration allows oxygen to move through your yard and to keep the turf from feeling stuffy. The practice loosens the soil to improve upon how water can move in.

We will also treat any pests that might persist around your yard. These include such pests as crane flies, grubs, fire ants, and anything else that might appear around your yard. Our work will ensure your grass will grow healthy and remain protected.

The services we provide at Carlos Landscaping will ensure your yard is protected from all the severe threats that might come along the area. You can ask us to help you with any yard you have in Sammamish, including one of the rural lawns in the Duthie Hill Mountain area. We’ve seen many yards here and elsewhere in Sammamish that are littered with leaves, branches, pests, and other things. We can clean off whatever debris appears around your yard.

Our efforts at Carlos Landscaping are guaranteed to provide you with the best lawn possible. You can even ask us at Carlos Landscaping about contract services. We offer bi-weekly and monthly mowing and maintenance services that cater to every need your yard might have. You can ask us about discounts for regular services, although you also have the option to cancel or reschedule your services at any time. Whatever the case may be, we’ll only charge you for the tasks that we do finish.

You can ask us at Carlos Landscaping to come to your yard in Sammamish WA to help you with your yard care needs today. We want to assist you in ensuring your yard in Sammamish is safe from all the troubling threats that might get in the way.

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Rc's Lawn Service Lawn Services in Sammamish, WA

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There are plenty of things that have to work for your lawn in Sammamish, Washington throughout the year. The drainage system around your yard might need to be reviewed in the winter to ensure your turf bed isn’t being flooded. Meanwhile, the yard needs to be dethatched and aerated in the spring to allow new growth to develop. Regular lawn mowing is a necessity in the summer as well.

The lawn maintenance process is very complicated and will require many things throughout the year. The great news is that you don’t have to stress yourself out in trying to figure out what your yard requires. Instead, you can reach us at RC’s Lawn Service for help. We cover everything your yard needs regardless of the time of year you need help.

We at RC’s Lawn Service have been helping people around Sammamish with their lawn care needs for years. We’ve developed an array of customers from Klahanie and Sahalee. We cover both residential and commercial sites alike.

The odds are we’ve got something that your yard will benefit from as well. You can reach us at RC’s Lawn Service no matter what time of the year it might be. We’ll start in the winter to help you remove snow from your yard and trees. We can also clean out any drainage features in your yard before they could become clogged.

Our services will continue in the spring when we rake and overseed your yard. We’ll remove any thatch that has built up if necessary. We will also get the lawn cut every week or two depending on how well the grass grows.

Our summer work includes help for keeping your yard hydrated. We can check on your irrigation system if you have one. We’ll clean and maintain your irrigation layout to allow it to stay functional. Our grass cutting service will continue to benefit your yard in the summer.

We can also help you with treating weeds and in aerating your yard in the fall. We can add new seed to your yard to help support the growth of fresh grass when the spring comes back around.

The comprehensive work we put in here at RC’s Lawn Service will ensure we care for your yard the right way. You can ask us for help if you’ve got a traditional home in Lawson Park or a larger rural house closer to Beaver Lake. No property is too small or large for us.

You will never have to worry about what you’ll spend for services either. We offer affordable rates that cover everything you need for your yard. We have many payment plans based on what you can afford.

The work we provide at RC’s Lawn Service is beyond compare. You can reach us at RC’s for help today to learn more about the services we have to offer. We would love to give your yard in Sammamish the support it needs for staying healthy.

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Quick Cuts Lawn Services in Sammamish, WA

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One of the most significant problems with lawn mowing providers in Sammamish and elsewhere in the Seattle area is that they often don’t think twice about their mowers. Lawn mowing in Sammamish is about more than going over the grass and keeping it short. The grass cutting effort also entails needing to keep a mower maintained well enough. Our experts at Quick Cuts respect this, which is why we offer some of the best lawn maintenance services in Sammamish. We respect the needs your yard has.

Our experts at Quick Cuts can come to your yard and get the lawn cut as necessary. We offer regular contract services where we can mow your lawn every one, two, or four weeks. You can also ask us for on-demand help if you need immediate assistance.

We will cut your yard to the best possible height while creating a comfortable pattern. Our work ensures your grass will stay healthy. The most beautiful lawns in Sammamish are always the healthiest ones. A well-grown yard will look good and can reflect your property well.

You can even ask us for help if you’re near a body of water. Properties in Pine Lake and anything near Lake Sammamish have to get their lawns trimmed regularly to handle the added humidity and rainfall in those areas. We’ll ensure we cut your yard to the best height possible.

But our grass cutting efforts in Sammamish entail more than trimming every bit of grass where you are. We’ll also ensure our mowers are maintained well. A poorly-maintained mower will damage your lawn. The blade may be uneven, not to mention it may not be sharp. A dull blade that isn’t cleaned off well enough can damage individual grass blades. We’ll ensure our blades are sharpened, cleaned, and aligned before we start working on your yard.

We’ll also analyze the quality of your grass bed before we start working on your yard. Our team will check on how soft or hard the lawn is. The lawn bed might be too soft if it has rained recently. We’ll only get the lawn cut when the yard is firm enough and isn’t at risk of harm due to the turf bed being too soft.

The thorough work we’ll provide for your yard in Sammamish will cover all the unique concerns you might have surrounding your yard. You can request help even if you have an apartment complex that needs maintenance. We’ll also come to commercial properties in Sammamish like the ones around 228th Avenue and elsewhere. Every lawn in Sammamish has unique needs that must be maintained. We’ll support the distinct lawn care services you may ask for no matter what they might be.

Our work at Quick Cuts will cover all your needs for lawn maintenance in Sammamish, Washington. Contact us today to learn more about the many services we’ve got to offer for your yard. We’re here to confirm you’ll get the support you need every time we come over to help.

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Easy Lawn Care Lawn Services in Sammamish, WA

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Every property in Sammamish needs to look its best. The point is double for commercial and educational sites in the area. If you visit the Rachel Carson Elementary School campus, you’ll notice how well-groomed the trees are. The bushes near the play areas are also perfectly trimmed with no weeds all around. The school campus produces an inviting site for kids while also being calming to teachers.

You deserve to keep your home or business looking as appealing as the Rachel Carson School. But there are far too many things that go into lawn maintenance that you might not notice. The good news is that you don’t have to struggle with your yard for far too long when you reach us at Easy Lawn Care for help.

Our team will help you with mowing your yard as necessary. We at Easy Lawn Care will mow your lawn to the best height possible. We can mow a bentgrass turf under an inch, or ryegrass or bluegrass to a few inches. You can ask us to let you know what grass type you have at your home if you’re not aware of what you have for mowing. We want you to see what works for your mowing efforts and that you’re not going to be confused or frustrated with whatever’s happening.

Our tree service will cover all your shrubs, trees, and other growths around your yard. Even neighborhoods near the George Davis Creek and other lush places around Sammamish will benefit from what we offer. No tree service is too complicated for us.

We’ll also clean up your garden and landscape. We can remove branches, leaves, and other things around your yard before they break down too much and cause damage to your yard. We’ll see your yard is kept clean all the way through.

You don’t have to live in a fancy property in the Saxony neighborhood to afford our services. Even our customers in the Saxony area have been impressed by how much we charge for services. We only charge for the services that you need. You can ask us about all the things that you might need for help.

You can ask us for help at any time of the week as well. We offer services in the morning and afternoon hours as well. You can ask us to reach your home if you are out as well. We will clean up your yard before you come back. You can ask us for reminders of when we come over and when we leave too.

You can ask us at Easy Lawn Care for assistance with all your lawn mowing and landscape maintenance needs today. We’ll help you with ensuring your yard has an attractive look all the way through. You can reach us today for a free estimate for your property to figure out what works best for your yard. You can trust the hard work that we will put in for your yard.

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Jolene Harper Lawn Cutting in Sammamish WA

Carlos Landscaping was very cautious when caring for my yard in the Klahanie area. They checked on how high my grass was growing before they started cutting. The grass cutting work was thorough all the way through. My favorite part about their work is how the team has been prompt in coming over. My home in Klahanie is relatively far from some of the big highways, so it takes a bit for some professionals to reach my home. But the people at Carlos Landscaping always come when they say they will, which is a plus for me.

Jeanette Grayson Lawn Care in Sammamish WA

No one has understood my lawn in Sammamish as well as the people at RC’s Lawn Service has. The team here has been helping me with my yard throughout the year. Their monthly service covers everything around my yard in the Jacob’s Creek area. Their tree trimming service has helped me out quite well, but the best part is that they always clean up after they finish. They always get my lawn cut to the appropriate height. They even do well with trimming the grass around my fence. Every grass leaf is cut perfectly and cleanly to make my yard look attractive.

Son Griffith Lawn Care in Sammamish WA

The professionals at Quick Cuts are very friendly and understand what it takes for my yard to look outstanding. The people here at Quick Cuts have been coming to my yard in Deer Park every two weeks to get the lawn cut. They’ve been helping me to trim the grass near my landscape and fence as well. Every grass leaf is the same height all the way through. My favorite part of their work is that they clean up the grass after they are finished. They are very prompt in ensuring the grass looks beautiful without making a mess.

Yvette Olea Grass Cutting in Sammamish WA

The team at Easy Lawn Care knows what they’re doing when caring for my yard. They do well with trimming my grass in the Lawson Park neighborhood. The best part of their work is that they never second guess what I need for my yard. They know how high my grass needs to be. The people at Easy Lawn Care also do a great job with trimming around my garden. I’ve tried trimming around there many times, but I keep on scratching the brickwork and get lots of grass in my garden every time. The people at Easy Lawn Care did well in trimming without messing things up.

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It takes a bit for many service providers to reach homes in Sammamish, Washington. Don’t you wish you had an easier time with finding companies that can reach your home in Sammamish without forcing you to wait all day? Waiting can take a while, especially if you’re in the Tolt River or Carnation area among other places on the far eastern end of Sammamish.

The good news is that there’s a new program that will help you find lawn care providers in the Sammamish area that will come to your home as soon as possible. These include lawn mowing providers in Sammamish that know how the lawns in the city grow.

GreenPal is here to help you find the best lawn care providers in Sammamish, Washington. You can download the GreenPal app for free to start looking for lawn maintenance service providers that you can trust. From trimming trees in Pine Lake to clearing weeds in Inglewood, you’ll find lawn care teams that will cover every yard maintenance task you might need help with while in Sammamish.

Every yard in Sammamish is different based on the grass that grows, the weeds that may appear, and how elaborate the landscapes can be. You’ll need to find lawn care experts that understand what it takes for care for your yard. GreenPal simplifies the process by helping you sort through the assortment of yard maintenance professionals and companies you can hire in Sammamish.

You can use the GreenPal app for finding a lawn care provider for any property in Sammamish. You’ll be surprised over how many companies can serve the lawns in the Mint Grove neighborhood and other areas on the lakeside.

You will find lawn care organizations on the GreenPal app that have been fully certified to work for your yard. These include companies that have received the full support of the Sammamish Chamber of Commerce. You will not run into any unusual or questionable companies when you hire the GreenPal app for your needs.

The full-service layout of the GreenPal app ensures you’ll have the best experience when finding yard maintenance companies in Sammamish. You also have the option to pay for services through the app itself. You can switch between providers through the same app if desired too. The comprehensive nature of the GreenPal app is beyond compare.

Are you still on the fence about finding lawn care providers through GreenPal? The comprehensive reviews left by former GreenPal users can help. Each review on the GreenPal app will let you know what to expect out of a lawn care service provider. You’ll get extra information on how these companies operate and what you can expect out of them.

The GreenPal app can help you make the most out of your yard maintenance needs without making you wait all day for help. Download the GreenPal app today, and get started in finding the best service providers in the area. You will enjoy how easy it is for you to find teams you can trust.

About Sammamish Washington

Sammamish is a city in Washington, United States.

Sammamish, Washington is a city that borders the lake of the same name to the west. Sammamish is in King County and is surrounded by the Snoqualmie Valley to the east.

There are three golf courses in the Sammamish area. The Sahalee Country Club has 27 holes, while the Plateau and Aldarra Clubs both have 18 holes each. The Aldarra Club is on the former site of a farm owned by William E. Boeing.

The Lake Washington School District operates the public schools in the northern part of Sammamish. The Tesla STEM High School and the Renaissance School of Art and Reasoning are among the schools in the district. The Issaquah School District operates on the southern part of the city. The Skyline High School is one of the district’s schools in Sammamish. The Archdiocese of Seattle also operates the Eastside Catholic School.

Sammamish, WA was first settled in the nineteenth century. A few resorts were formed in the 1930s, but the area was relatively rural until the 1960s. Sammamish was incorporated in 1999 a few years after a failed attempt to join the city of Issaquah to the south. The unincorporated community of Klahanie was annexed in 2016. The city is named for the Sammamish tribe that lived in the area.

Sammamish, WA is 20 miles east of Seattle. The city is south of Redmond and north of Issaquah. The city does not have any major highways in its limits, although there are a few major roads in the area like 228th Avenue and Lake Sammamish Parkway.

Sammamish has a population of 65,000. The city’s population has been on the rise thanks to annexation.

There are numerous shopping centers in Sammamish, including the Pine Lake Village and Sammamish Highlands strip malls. The Inglewood Plaza center is in the central part of the city.

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