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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Roanoke, TX as of Jun, 2024


Mid Cities Lawn Care in Roanoke, TX

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(overall rating 5/5.149 Reviews)

Thank you for considering my landscape maintenance company in Roanoke Tx! If you hire me to mow your yard I promise you won’t be sorry. Need more than a few words about my lawn care service? You can see my finer work up and down River Ridge, Riverside Road, and Indian Trail Road. You ever see those beautiful alternating stripes in those yards? You're a wonder how that gets done? Well it's kind of a little secret among us lawn care service professionals but don't you worry, if you hire me to cut your grass for your yard in Roanoke I would be happy to do that for you. Keep in mind that when you get my quote on the GreenPal landscape maintenance mobile app it's for a basic grass cutting only, but I also do full service yard work too. Included in the GreenPal lawn mowing price is mowing the yard and mulching up any grass clippings, edging your street curbs, sidewalks, and driveway, and also trimming any grass around any details that you have in your yard.

After that, I will blow off all the grass clippings to leave everything nice and neat. You can also add on additional yard maintenance services if you like such as pulling or spraying the weeds out of your mulch and landscaping beds, shrub pruning and trimming down into neat shapes and raking hauling off any debris from the shrub trim.Food for thought, shrub pruning for your standard yard in the Roanoke, Tx area runs around $75 per trimming, and most of my lawn maintenance clients get that done about three times per year. We are taking on weekly grass cutting customers, two-week lawn mowing clients, and, for the best of both worlds we can 10 day yard maintenance for you. We fit your schedule and your yard maintenance budget! Most of my clients in the Roanoke Tx opt for an every week lawn care service, and I’m usually cutting grass in Roanoke on Wednesdays and Thursdays of every week. Sometimes a homeowner will ask me to cut their grass cut on Friday afternoons every week so their yard looks good for the weekend, so that slot on my lawn maintenance schedule is booked up every week. The good news though is I can fit your grass cutting in on Wednesdays or Thursdays of every week no problem. So thank you so much for considering me for your yard maintenance in Roanoke this year. If you hire me to cut your grass I will be there like clockwork on an ongoing basis for your yard maintenance and I will do it out of consistently affordable price for you. Have a great day, I look forward to meeting you in your yard to develop a game plan on how we are going to make your yard one of the best looking yards in Denton County this year.

Also , if you need local grass cutting services in Benbrook TX no problem we are setup to mow yards there and also can help out with cheap grass cutting services in White Settlement TX.


Gambino's Lawn Care in Roanoke, TX

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(overall rating 5/5.54 Reviews)

My lawn maintenance customers in Denton County, especially Roanoke are my bread-and-butter. Whenever I pick up a new lawn cutting customer on GreenPal that lives in Roanoke I get excited because I just love mowing the beautiful lawns that you see throughout the area. Out of all the places in west DFW, Roanoke is by far my favorite place to cut grass. For starters the lawns are thicker, more beautiful, and my customers in Roanoke have pride in ownership in their homes and what the yard looks like. The people really invest in their yard maintenance program, and I invest my time to deliver quality cut lawns. No matter if you're looking for a basic grass cutting business in Roanoke, or a full-service landscape maintenance outfit that can improve the curb appeal of your home landscaping and gardens, I'm going to be one of the best fit lawn care services you can hire to maintain your yard and landscaping in the Roanoke area. My area lately has been over by the Fairway Ranch Parkway and west all the way to Roanoke Community Park. I have a good cluster of lawn maintenance customers in those parts of town so if you live in that part of the Roanoke, let me pick up your grass cutting, it won’t be a problem for my lawn mowing service. Most of my lawn service customers in the Roanoke area have me come out to cut the grass on a weekly basis and I can accommodate Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays of every week. Is a weekly cut not in your budget? I do bi-weekly grass cuts as well. When you sign up on GreenPal you indicate what landscape maintenance schedule you want and then it will automatically populate that on my calendar after I get done cutting your grass for the first time. If you need any other landscape maintenance services such as mulch, light tree pruning, re-seeding of your turf, or anything else, I am happy to take care of that for you. I’m honored that you are considering my full-service lawn care service to maintain your yard and landscaping for your home in Roanoke Tx. I look forward to adding your yard cutting to my portfolio, I know my current clientele in Denton County are all satisfied with my lawn maintenance, and I know you will be too. God bless.

Also , if you are looking for the best lawn care services nearby DeSoto TX our yard maintenance company is growing and can help there and also with local lawn care services nearby The Colony TX..


City View Lawn Care Services in Roanoke, TX

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(overall rating 5/5.33 Reviews)

When it comes to reliable lawn maintenance in Denton County and Roanoke I appreciate the opportunity to earn your lawn maintenance business this grass cutting season. I started my lawn mowing company four years ago and since then have built my lawn care service virtually debt-free. I built it on honesty and integrity when it comes to landscape maintenance services, and I’m bringing it to Roanoke Tx. You've probably seen some of my Top-notch lawn mowing work throughout the city without even knowing it. I mow lawns for a lot of the neighborhoods east of the Northwest Parkway, mostly homes on Monterey Drive and Durango Drive right by Lakeview Park. Most of my grass cuttings for Roanoke Tx start out at $45 per lawn mowing and can go up from there. Included in that grass cutting price is mowing of all grass and turf in a nice neat fashion. To make sure your yard is cut right, I double cut it if I have to. I also mulch up all of the grass clippings. My main goal as a lawn mowing service is to leave all of your turf and grass in a nice uniform even appearance, however I will not bag and haul off and dispose of the clippings, as that is just cost prohibitive and takes about triple the time when I'm cutting your grass. However I will leave it all bagged, and your yard in a nice manicured look.

The other thing that I will do with that basic grass cutting price you’ll see on the GreenPal lawn maintenance mobile app is that I provide a nice straight edge on your driveway and patios in your backyard. This leaves your yard very crisp when I get am through with it. After I'm done cutting your grass, I blow off all of the grass and debris from any paved surfaces, curbs, and street curbs so everything is nice and clean after I'm done mowing your lawn. If you hire me in the fall I can also do fall leaf removal. That is about double the cost of your regular lawn mowing, but I have a vacuum attachment on my lawnmower and can suck up the leaves in a few minutes. On top of your basic grass cutting I can also do landscape bed maintenance and garden maintenance like weed pulling from your mulched areas once a week when we come out to cut the grass. That usually runs about $20-$30 extra per visit on top of the grass cutting price if you want that done with your yard maintenance. That can easily be added onto your GreenPal account, just ask me to furnish a quote for that after I'm done cutting your grass the first time. So whether you live over by Canon Parkway Park or on any side of the Cade Branch, I would love to be your one one-stop lawn maintenance solution for this lawn mowing season and many other yard cutting seasons to come.

Also , if you are not near Roanoke , TX we also do cheaper grass cutting services in DeSoto TX and the good news is we cover a wide area in DFW and can help out with nearby lawn cutting services near Benbrook TX.


Precision Lawn Care Services in Roanoke, TX

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(overall rating 5/5.59 Reviews)

I take pride in offering Roanoke folks in Denton County a reliable and affordable solution for their landscape maintenance. There are so many high dollar landscaping maintenance companies in Denton County that you can swing a dead cat and hit five of them if you wanted to. The problem I've seen is that many of the full-service lawn maintenance and yard maintenance companies that cut grass throughout Roanoke Texas is that they tend to get a little overzealous about their lawn mowing services, as if they’re going and cutting grass with a pair of scissors. I believe this is ridiculous and don't feel like it's a fair way to operate a lawn mowing business in Roanoke, so I offer a good old fashioned grass cut if that's what you want, but I also offer a bunch of other yard work and lawn maintenance services. If you want more done with your yard maintenance, then we can set that up too. That's one reason why my lawn mowing business is such a good fit for the GreenPal yard maintenance website and mobile app, I can do anything you need from a straightforward lawn mowing or a full-scale yard maintenance.

With GreenPal you can hire me in Denton County and Roanoke for a once-every-two-week lawn mowing, and then add additional yard services as you go like shrub pruning, mulch, grass re-seeding and renovation, it really just about anything else that you need done in your yard. The good news is that you don't have to sign a full lawn maintenance contract just to get me to mow your yard for you. Although Roanoke has some beautiful lawns in the entire west DFW area, there are still many average folk in Roanoke that just want a basic, reliable, and affordable solution for yard maintenance and grass cutting. That's where my lawn maintenance company comes in and is a great fit for these clients that just want a solid solution for grass cutting. So if you want your yard cut on a weekly basis I can accommodate you Friday or Saturday of every week, that’s when I am running my lawn maintenance route through Roanoke anyway. Unfortunately, if you're looking a lawn mowing once a month or even every three weeks, I cannot accommodate that request because the grass in Roanoke just grows too fast, and beyond 14 days it just gets too tough for me to do a good job. Let's face it, Roanoke is a high-standards community in the west DFW area so I have a standard that I have to uphold when I do lawn maintenance for my customers in Denton County. So if you're good with every seven day or every two week grass cuttings go ahead and hire me on the GreenPal lawn mowing mobile app when you get my price for yard maintenance and I will be happy to take over your lawn care services this year and make yardwork one less thing you have to worry about.

If you are not near Roanoke , TX we also do local grass cutting services in Benbrook TX we can cut your yard there and also do cheaper yard maintenance services in The Colony TX.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 4 reviews)
Mamie Lewis Lawn Care in Roanoke TX
“The thing that annoys me about lawn care services in Roanoke is that all of them want you to sign a full service landscape maintenance contract that includes mowing, mulch, fertilizing and a bunch of other yardwork. Maybe I do need that for my lawn, but there are times I just want a basic grass cut. I was looking for just the basic grass cutting once every 14 days but I just couldn't find any lawn care services near me in Denton County that will take on my yard mowing on a biweekly basis. Luckily, a friend from Tabernacle Baptist recommended the GreenPal lawn care mobile app and it was just what I was looking for. I signed up for lawn maintenance prices and got hooked up with a reliable yard maintenance company that is fine with cutting the grass every 14 days. GreenPal I owe you one.”
Carol Nagle Lawn Cutting in Roanoke TX
“I own some rental property in Roanoke and I was looking for just a basic grass cutting company just mow the yard on them every 10 days. I called five different lawn mowing companies that I found online while literally googling ‘lawn care service near me in Roanoke Tx’ and I hired one of the lawn mowing businesses that responded to my voicemail, but I just felt like the grass cutting price was not right. I’d ask them to take pictures since I don’t live anywhere near Roanoke. After doing some more researching I found GreenPal. GreenPal promised to find me more competitive prices for better grass cutting for all three rentals. Sure enough, GreenPal found several lawn care services that were cheaper than when I was paying the last lawn maintenance company. Cool thing is, I get to manage all of them from one account and I don't have to worry about calling or leaving voicemails for the lawn care service anymore. It's very useful.”
Barbara Lockard Lawn Mowing Service in Roanoke TX
“I rent a home in Roanoke in the Fairway Ranch 65 By Darling Homes, and I usually cut my own grass. But I've been taking on more hours at work and I started doing the math and it came out that by the time I mowed my own yard with the push mower I think I was making less than minimum wage. What! I went straight to GreenPal when I was looking for grass cutting companies, GreenPal seemed to be just what I was looking for. It did seem like it was a little too good to be true but I tried it out anyways. I was pleasantly surprised when I listed my home yard for grass cutting prices and got two competing offers within 45 minutes, both of which were in my yard maintenance budget. I hired an affordable lawn care service for $30 per cut and just went ahead and set up lawn mowing for the rest of the lawn care season from my GreenPal mobile app. It was magic.”
Kathy Diamond Lawn Care Service in Roanoke TX
“GreenPal really does save you some time and money in the long run. If you're looking for reliable grass cutting companies in Roanoke, then you’ll find them on GreenPal. GreenPal is not your grass cutting company, but it does connect you with lawn mowing businesseses all throughout Denton County that want to compete for your grass cutting. I thought it was kind of cool after I set up my yard maintenance account on GreenPal that competing prices for lawn maintenance just kept coming into my email inbox. I got five lawn mowing quotes and hired the most expensive one out of the lawn mowing price list it was still affordable. Check out GreenPal if you're looking for grass cutters in Roanoke Tx at a fair price.”

lawn-maintenance-in-roanoke-TX-lawn-service-in-Cool-Valley Hi there! Thanks for stopping by the online ordering page for yard mowing services and lawn care services in Roanoke Texas. If you have let your grass get a little tall and you need a reliable and affordable lawn mowing service in Roanoke, Texas then you are at the right place. GreenPal has done the hard work of finding, prescreening, and vetting the best lawn care services in Roanoke and Denton County so you can hire a lawn cutting service easily, without having to make phone calls asking for lawn care prices. How does GreenPal know these lawn care services or any good? Because we do the hard work of finding, interviewing, and prescreening dozens and dozens of lawn care services all over the Roanoke area. We check out their lawnmowers to make sure that their lawn cutting blades are sharp and their yard maintenance equipment is of professional quality. The last thing you want is a so called Roanoke lawn care service coming out to your yard to mow it with a Lowes or Home Depot rented push mower. We all know the cheap lawn mowers just don’t do as good a lawn cutting job as a professional lawn mower does.

The next thing we do is we talk to previous lawn care customers that had their yards mowed in Roanoke and ask them how they did on the following points: Where they prompt with their communication about the yard maintenance? Did they do a good job of actually cutting the grass? Did they leave any grass clippings leftover and did they blow off the driveway and patio? Did the lawn cutter do a good job of edging the grass from the curbs? We also ask about things such as where they courteous and did they return voicemails when you need your grass cut the most, so GreenPal's mobile app for lawn maintenance has got you covered. Also if you need local lawn maintenance companies in The Colony, TX GreenPal can makes ordering lawn mowing services there online a snap and also getting nearby grass cutting services in Benbrook TX.

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About Roanoke Texas

Roanoke is a city in Dallas County. The population was 36,361

As of the 2010 census, there were 2,180 people, 1,106 households, and 759 families residing in Roanoke, Texas. The population density came out to 466 people per square mile.

There were 1,462 housing units. The city is predominatly white, with 80.43% White, 10.82% Hispanic, 1.35% African American, and 3.24% from other races.

According to the Roanoke website, their main highway (State Highway 114 Business) was renamed Byron Nelson Boulevard to honor the professional golfer that called Roanoke his home.

The Texas House of Representatives named Roanoke the Unique Dining Capital of Texas for their diverse restaurants and variety of cuisines. nd phone calls or text messages or emails. Source: Wikipedia Roanoke, TX

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