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Santiago Lawn Care in Bedford, TX

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(overall rating 5/5.99 Reviews)

Let me start off by saying thank you so much for considering my lawn maintenance company for your yard maintenance needs and I would be honored to come cut your grass in Bedford Texas. If you've been let down by other lawnmowing services in the mid cities area well that's done for, my job is to be the last lawn care service that you ever have to hire to cut your grass. So if you place your trust in me to come maintain your prized asset for you your yard, gardens and landscaping I can promise you that you will not be let down. In addition to just basic grass cutting we also do a bunch of different yardwork . I take pride in being the last lawn care service if you ever have to hire for any of your yard work whether it's your weekly lawn mowing, your every two week grass cutting, or your every 10 day lawn maintenance I accommodate all of those lawn maintenance schedules. I am taking on new grass cutting customers by Colleyville Nature Center, Chisholm Park, and over by Trust Weaver Heritage. You probably even see me mowing yards over on Harwood Rd, Forest Ridge Dr, Bedford Rd, David Dr and Harwood Rd. That means I'm already near your neighborhood in Bedford Texas and I can provide you with reliable and affordable lawn maintenance at a very low cost because I don't have to waste any time driving out to your yard. After you get my lawn maintenance price on the GreenPal lawn care service mobile app go ahead and read over reviews that other clients in in the Bedford area have said about my reliability, my attention to detail with yard maintenance, and other yard work services that I have done for them. I take pride in my reputation on the GreenPal lawn care services website and I hope that the kind words the other people in the Bedford Texas area of had to say about my lawn maintenance company help me earn your trust to cut your grass this season. So let me just say thank you so much for considering my yard maintenance business, I look for to enhance enhancing your homes curb appeal one lawnmowing visit at a time.

Also , if you need low cost lawn care services in Fort Worth TX we service all of DFW including offering affordable yard maintenance service in Haltom City, TX near me.


Absolute Green Lawn Care in Bedford, TX

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(overall rating 5/5.49 Reviews)

Not all grass cutting companies in landscape maintenance services in the Bedford Texas and mid-cities area are the same. Allow me to explain some of the differences between my lawn care service and other yard maintenance businesses throughout Tarrant County. First it depends on what you were looking for in your lawn care service? Are you looking for more of a private gardener to meticulously maintain your landscaping, gardens, and yard? Well then you need to aim for a more horticultural based lawn maintenance company that has a specialist on staff or is owned by a lawn maintenance specialist that knows different plant varieties, plant diseases, insecticides and so on. On the other end of the spectrum if you're looking for just a basic grass cutter to knock the grass down every two or three weeks just so the city of Bedford does not send you a nasty letter in the mail, well that's a completely different lawn maintenance service altogether.

So with that being said my yard maintenance company somewhere in the middle. I will not be the most expensive lawn care service that you can hire in Bedford Texas and I will not be not be the cheapest grass cutter that you could find either. I specialize in a good affordable quality lawn maintenance game plan that includes weekly or every two week grass cuttings, and you can also add on landscaping bed maintenance, shrub manicuring and pruning, leaf removal in the fall, as well as re-mulch or pine straw just depending on what you have in your landscaping beds. I can deliver all of this yard work at an affordable price all through the convenience of the GreenPal yard maintenance mobile app. You may have seen some of my finer yard maintenance work over by Midway Park in Euless, and I also have a cluster of satisfied lawn care services customers over by Harwood Junior High School. So with that being said the Bedford Texas area is the backbone of me lawn maintenance company. One way I'm able to keep my yard maintenance price is affordable and offer low-cost lawn maintenance prices it's because I keep all of my yard cutting customer satisfied in clusters throughout the Bedford Texas area. So let me just say thank you so much for considering me for your yard maintenance needs.. I'll look forward to taking on your yardwork and beautifying your lawn and landscaping one lawn maintenance visit at a time. I will not be able to make everything perfect on the 1st yard cutting visit however throughout the course of a few grass cutting services I can little by little enhance the image of your property and your landscaping. Thank you so much for considering me for your yardwork in the Bedford Texas area.

Also , if you are looking for affordable yard maintenance services in Keller TX we cut grass all over DFW and also do local grass cutting services in Euless TX..


Precision Lawn Care Services in Bedford, TX

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(overall rating 5/5.33 Reviews)

I have been cutting grass and maintaining the best looking lawns all over the Bedford Texas area and in the mid cities region for over 10 years. When you hire me to cut your grass you get two things, quality with your yard maintenance, and experience. Believe it or not a lot of people in Bedford don't know this but in order to become a professional in the lawn care service business it takes years of experience to build up the knowledge in order to run a lawnmowing business the proper way. Not only the technical skills that are required to mow your yard such as putting the nice beautiful lines in the turf, as well as laying down the nice crisp edges on your sidewalks and landscaping borders and driveway, sure those things take years to learn how to do but addition of that just the general operation of a lawnmowing business in the mid-cities area and Bedford Texas area takes time to learn the nuances of the yard maintenance business.

Allow me to explain, things like routing and organizing your lawn care customers into efficient routes throughout Bedford is what enables me to afford you low yard maintenance costs without having to sacrifice on the grass cutting quality that I deliver to you. You see I am in Bedford, Tx cutting yards two days a week and if you hire me to cut your grass I will do my very best to accommodate you the very next day for that first lawnmowing because I imagine you are probably needing me out there to mow your yard because it's a little tall, or you were needing the yard to look nice for a special event or something like that, that's no problem and I am happy to do that on the 1st yard mowing. However after that for your ongoing lawn maintenance schedule I will need to fit you into my route that run through the Bedford Texas area once a week. If not I could literally waste 30 or 40 minutes driving to your house as the traffic in the mid-cities area is awful., So long as you are flexible and don't have any issues with me cutting your grass on those two days of the week then I would be happy to pick up your lawnmowing for you. Heck you have probably seen some of my yard maintenance work over by Hurst Community Park , or by J.A. Carr Park or by L. D. Bell High School. I kind a like to say that my yardwork really speaks for self. So when you get my yard maintenance quote on GreenPal you can take a look at my gallery of completed lawnmowing jobs to get a sense for what kind of quality landscape maintenance work I perform for my yard maintenance customers in the Bedford Texas area. So with all that being said let me say thank you so much for considering my yard cutting company, I would be glad to maintain your lawn and landscaping for you this season, and I look forward to meeting you on your property to discuss your lawn care services moving forward.

Also , if you are not near Bedford , TX we also do cheap grass cutting services in North Richland Hills TX on top of that we also provide local yard cutting services in Haltom City TX with no contract.


Freeman Lawn Care Services in Bedford, TX

Hired 28 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.23 Reviews)

Do you have tall grass and live in Bedford Texas or anywhere in the mid-cities area? Well I am your guy. I specialize in getting tall lawns back under control. Whereas most lawn maintenance companies nearby the Bedford area will not mess with a yard if it's over 10 inches tall, I have the experience necessary to tackle tall grass, and I also even more importantly have the lawn maintenance equipment which is properly maintained and on deck waiting for you to hire me to cut your grass. With the summer heat in Bedford and in the mid-cities area it's easy for a long to get out of control. Maybe you went on vacation and came back and your grass has grown to be 24 inches tall? Maybe you have a few rental homes throughout the Tarrant County area and one of your tenants let the grass get too tall? No problem I can come in their intake care of that for you. Most the time along with 24 inch tall grass is about double the cost of your standard grass cutting service.

Most of my lawns for a weekly an every two week lawnmowing run about $25-$35 per yard maintenance visit, however if your grass is tall and yard is overgrown then the first lawnmowing visit will be $50-$60 to get your yard back under control, but don't worry after that it will go back down to the maintenance rate for your yard and it will be the normal 20 or $30 for your grass cutting on a weekly or every two week basis. The good news is when you hire me on GreenPal I will come out and take a look at your yard and I will reach out to you for approval for the op charge on the first grass cutting before we do any additional work above and be on my original bid for the lawn cutting service that you hired before. Do you need any other yard work done? That's no problem either I can submit to you lawn maintenance prices for additional yard maintenance services such as cutting of your shrubs, or adding fresh mulch or pine straw, or cleaning up any leaves in the fall for your yard and gardens. I am happy to do that extra yard work for you as well. Heck... you probably have even seen my lawn maintenance truck running up and down Cheek Sparger Rd, Forest Ridge Dr, Harwood Rd, Forest Ridge Dr andwe are always in town cutting lawns over by Sparger Park, and Valentine Park so that means you can hire me for consistently affordable lawn maintenance and a reasonably priced lawnmowing rate. So thank you for considering me for your grass cutting needs I look forward to taking over your yard maintenance for you and giving you your weekends back.

Also , if you are not near Bedford , TX we also do local landscape maintenance services in North Richland Hills TX , don't live in that part of DFW? We also do affordable yard cutting in Haltom City TX.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 4 reviews)
Andrea Lewis Yard Mowing in Bedford TX
“Well my roommate is supposed to cut the grass, but after I got back from vacation he let the lawn get over 2 feet tall and I was greeted with a potential fine from the city of Bedford Texas saying if we didn't get somebody out to cut the grass within 48 hours they were going to send their crew to mow the yard and charge me a $300 fine. So I frantically started calling around all over the mid-cities area and Bedford Texas to look for a grass cutting company that could get our yard back under control. It wasn't until I found GreenPal that I actually got somebody set up to mow the yard the very next day, and just in the nick of time to because I was about to get slammed with a $300 fine for tall grass from the city of Bedford. Thank you GreenPal for bailing me out of a jam.”
Luis Sharp Lawn Cut in Bedford TX
“I rent a home by Valentine Park in Bedford, and I will be moving out of it to purchase my first home in a few months. So I was kind of in between homes and grass cutting companies in Bedford want to mess with my yard mowing needs because I wouldn't commit to a long-term lawn maintenance contract agreement. Luckily, I found GreenPal on the Bedford Texas Facebook group and a couple people recommended the lawnmowing app to order on demand grass cutting. I guess the thing I really like about GreenPal is the ability to order lawn care service without signing a contract and committing to an entire year of lawnmowing. I was able to set up my service and end the lawn mowings for the yard by my move out date. I'm probably going to use GreenPal to find my next lawn care service for my new home that I buying as well.”
Carl Fisher Yard Mowing in Bedford TX
“I own rental properties throughout the entire mid-cities area and have 4 yards that I have to get cut every two weeks in the Bedford Texas area. Managing multiple lawn care services it's a total pain in the neck, they never show up on time, their billing for yard maintenance is always inaccurate, and mailing a check to them is a total waste of my time. GreenPal solved all of this headache for me for my rental properties on Paint Brush Periwinkle St. and Forest Ridge Dr in the Bedford Tx area because they have a multiple properties dashboard that is very simple and lets me manage multiple yard maintenance contractors at one time. I have since recommended GreenPal to five other clients of mine and they have had a positive experience managing multiple lawn maintenance company just like I have.”
Michael Stovall Grass Cut in Bedford TX
“Wow is all I can say about GreenPal. I was looking for a reliable yet affordable grass cutting service to mow my yard in near Cheek Sparger Rd in Bedford and GreenPal delivered three competitive grass cutting prices that were all cheaper than I was paying my last grass cutting service. I can honestly say that the GreenPal mobile app saved me probably five hours of calling around to different lawn care services In the mid-cities area. I'll have to admit I was skeptical that the lawnmowing website was going to work or not but sure enough I got a great affordable lawn care service that came out and cut my grass the very next day after I signed up for lawnmowing prices.”

lawn-maintenance-in-bedford-TX-lawn-service-in-bradford Looking for a fast and easy way to schedule and pay for grass cutting in Bedford Texas and the MId Cities area? Look no further you have found it welcome to GreenPal. GreenPal is the easiest way in Bedford and northeast Tarrant County, Texas to find the most reliable and the most affordable low-cost and affordable lawn maintenance companies nearby to come cut your grass today or tomorrow. When you need a trusted yard maintenance company, it can be a headache to try to find which lawn care services nearby are reliable and which grass cutting companies will flake out or not do such a good job vs the lawn maintenance companies in Bedford that will actually do show up to mow your yard. That's why we built GreenPal. GreenPal has invested hundreds even thousands of hours for you to find the best lawn maintenance companies in the Bedford Texas area so you don't have to waste hours calling around leaving voicemails and begging them to come out to mow your yard.

The local business environment in the Bedford Texas area is strong and healthy, and a side result of that is yard maintenance companies are typically busy out cutting grass and it's hard for them to return your phone call when you are needing a lawnmowing cost price quote. GreenPal helps you get reliable affordable lawn maintenance prices in Bedford fast . Just enter your details about your yard cutting needs one time and then the lawn cutting prices are emailed right to your email inbox, After that the really cool thing is you can read reviews that other folks in the Bedford Texas and the Mid Cities area have said about their lawn maintenance services so you can make an informed hiring decision rather than just guessing if any of Bedford lawn care services are actually going to show up to mow your yard or not. GreenPal has on-boarded dozens of qualified yard maintenance companies nearby Bedford that cut grass over by Colleyville Nature Center, Sparger Park, Mayfair Park Hurst, and by Rosebud City Park or by Bedford Splash in the Bedford area. So if you live in any of those parts of town odds are you can get the same day or next day yard mowing service on the GreenPal lawn care services mobile app. If you already get started for your free lawnmowing prices just click the orange button at the top of your screen and you'll get 3 to 5 yard maintenance costs that include your basic mowing, edging of your sidewalks, curbs and landscaping beds, and blowing off all the clippings when they are done mowing. Bagging of your grass clippings is not included in your grass cutting prices, however the vendor you select will do a good job of mulching up the clippings. So if you live in Cheek Sparger Rd, Woodpark Ln, Paint Brush Ln or Periwinkle St., go ahead and click the button to get your free low-cost and affordable grass cutting prices from local lawn care services nearby the Bedford Texas area, if you need any help figuring out which want to hire just give me a holler and I will be glad to give you assistance. Have a great day.

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About Bedford Texas

Bedford is located in northeast Tarrant County, in the "Mid-Cities" area between Dallas and Fort Worth.

As of the census of 2000, there were 47,152 people, 20,251 households, and 12,515 families residing in the city. The population density was 4,713.6 people per square mile. There were 21,113 housing units at an average density of 2,110.6 per square mile. The racial makeup of the city was 87.63% White, 3.65% African American, 0.51% Native American, 3.62% Asian, 0.25% Pacific Islander, 2.44% from other races, and 1.89% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 7.22% of the population.

The City of Bedford, Texas Home Rule Charter was adopted September 24, 1966. The city operates under a Council-Manager form of government and provides the following services by its charter: public safety, public works, health, culture, recreation, community development, water and sewer utilities. According to the city’s 2013-2014 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the city’s various funds had $62.5 million in revenues, $56.9 million in expenditures, $127.4 million in total assets, $67.2 million in total liabilities, and $22.4 million in cash and investments.

In 2004, the Bedford city council determined that after years of cost cutting, a property tax increase would be necessary. The council adopted a higher tax rate, but it triggered a tax rollback election in March 2005. The rollback provision passed and the city council revised the budget immediately due to the lack of funds, cutting city services including swimming pools, recreational centers, and the city library. However, an anonymous donation of $300,000 allowed the reopening of the library, one pool, the recreational center, and senior center.

Bedford is within the Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independent School District. Brown Mackie College, a system of for-profit colleges, has a Bedford campus that offers courses in healthcare and wellness, business and technology, and legal studies. In June 2016, Brown Mackie College announced that it would be closing most of its campuses and would not accept new students at the Bedford campus. Source: Wikipedia Bedford, TX

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