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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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David's Lawn Care in Denton, TX

Hired 344 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.349 Reviews)

Grass cutting in Denton Texas is my thing. It's what I specialize in and it's what I love to do. I love taking my customers yards when they are in rough shape and over the course of a few lawnmowing visits making them look like one of the better looking lawns in their neighborhood in Denton. I service the following neighborhoods in Denton, Ashli Oaks, Audra Lane, Bell, Roberts & Woodland, Bell/Windsor/Sherman, Bent Creek Estates, Bent Oaks, Bernard St, Beverly Park Estates, Bolivar Street, Bridgemoor, Briercliff, Broadway, Camino Del Sol, Center Point, Central Village Estates, Chaucer Estates, Cole Ranch, Colorado Court, Cooper Crossing so if you live in any of these parts of town I would be happy to pick up your grass cutting for you. I do all sorts of types of light landscape maintenance including your regular lawn lawnmowing, pruning of your bushes, mulch, light tree pruning, and I'll kinds of other yard work that I can help you out with should we develop a good relationship with your grass cutting services.

You can kind of think of the weekly lawn care service visits when I come and mow and edge and blow off your driveway as the glue that holds our yard maintenance relationship together. A lot of folks in Denton ask me if I can do 1 time law cuts, or come from time to time to pull weeds in the landscaping beds or individual yard work like that. I have to kindly declined these yard maintenance service requests because the reality is Denton yard maintenance businesses are going to make their living off of the weekly or every two week yard mowing visits. That's kind of the way we keep the business afloat and it all the extra yardwork is just kind of extra work and extra money for us. So if you're looking for a reliable yet affordable yard mowing company to cut your lawn and dad and I would be happy to do that for you. When you get my price on your GreenPal account that is for one single lawnmowing visit including trimming edging and blowing off all of the concrete and curbs. What's not included is pruning of your bushes or tackling any super tall grass those will be a little charges and can be dealt with after I take a look at your yard for the first time. You can kind of think of this 1st yard mowing that I'm going to do for you as an audition and if you like how I do on your lawn you can hire me for additional yard maintenance services on a weekly basis, every 10 day yard maintenance schedule, or every two week lawn cutting schedule throughout the growing season that we haven't done. Most of my lawnmowing customers and then have me cut their lawn all the way to the end of November and then come in December and January every two or three weeks just to clean up the yard to make sure that everything is in tiptop shape. So if all of this sounds good to you I would love to pick up your yard maintenance for you this year just click hire me when you get my price on GreenPal for how much it's going to be for your yard mowing thank you so much and cheers.

Also , if you need neaby lawn mowing services in Frisco TX and you do not live there we can assist with local lawn care services nearby Richardson, TX.


Mid-Cities Lawn Care in Denton, TX

Hired 119 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.114 Reviews)

Is my pleasure to be considered to take care of your yard and landscaping maintenance for you this year for your home in Denton Texas. Weather you just moved to the Denton area and are looking to get a lawn care service take care of your yard mowing for you or if you have an existing lawn mowing service of just isn't cutting it so to speak I would be happy to jump in there and take over your yard maintenance for you. Yard maintenance turnarounds are my specialty and many times when I get called in to do lawn maintenance for a new client in Denton is because the last lawnmowing service dropped the ball or quit showing up to mow the yard or wasn't showing up on time to cut the grass. Either way I'm happy to jump in there and take care of your yard mowing for you. While my landscape maintenance company is not perfect I can make a commitment to you that I will always do my best on your lawnmowing services and you will get for me honesty, affordability, and reliability with respect to your grass cutting.

That is my commitment to you and most lawn care services in Denton Will probably say the same thing but there's a big difference between words and action. You'll know the difference when you hire me to cut your grass because I will be there on time every week to mow the yard and I will also follow up on how we did on your lawn maintenance from time to time to make sure you're happy and everything else is OK. I service the following neighborhoods in Denton, Paces Crossing, Palmer Forest, Panhandle/Parkway, Pecan, Prominence Square, Ranch Estates, Rayzor Ranch, Renaissance Court, Ridgemont, Robinson Oaks, Robson Ranch, Royal Acres/Ginning's so if you leave any of those parts of town I can usually get your grass cutting the very next day after you hire me on GreenPal so long as you hire me by noon I can usually fit you in my lawn maintenance schedule for the very next day. Now keep in mind I cannot guarantee you a day every week because I'm in different parts of Dallas Fort Worth during the week and so I like to keep all of my yard maintenance clients organize on a given day. But for example if we agree on every Wednesday you can rest assured I will be there every Wednesday to cut your yard or every other Wednesday if you sign up for an every two week lawn maintenance rotation. So I really appreciate the opportunity to take you your mittens for you this year. It's my goal to keep you as a lawn care service client as long as you own your home in Denton, Tx to provide you with reliable yard maintenance services so you can spend more time with your family and have your weekends free.

Also , if you are looking for grass cutting services nearby Richardson TX I service that part of DFW and can also help out with local landscape maintenance services nearby Grand Prairie TX..


City View Lawn Lawn Care Services in Denton, TX

Hired 78 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.79 Reviews)

I like to separate my lawn maintenance company from other guys out here cutting grass in the Denton area. Most of the grass cutters in Denton don't bother doing any sort of the details of going to yard maintenance such as making sure that you have nice well-defined crisp edges on your sidewalks and driveway lines and landscaping beds. This is one of the little details that I do a separate my lawn maintenance services from other local grass cutting services in the Denton area. I believe that if somebody's paying for a professional lawnmowing service to be rendered in their yard that they need to get expert professional results. The reality is is that the barriers to entry into the lawnmowing business in Denton are pretty low. This means that anybody that can go to Home Depot and buy a push mower can call himself a landscaper and that's unfortunate because it gets in the way of a lot of folks hiring quality yard maintenance services nearby only to find out that they have hired somebody who just got in the lawnmowing business and doesn't really know what they are doing yet.

That's kind of the good thing about GreenPal is it allows you to weed out all of the hacks in the yard maintenance business in Denton that don't really know what they're doing who will really end up just wasting your time, flake out on you, or even worse damage your yard or property. You don't have to worry about any of these things when you are hiring my lawn care service because you can rest assured that the reviews and ratings that you can read about me on GreenPal are related to actual business transactions that I've done on the GreenPal platform. This is one of the things that I like the most about GreenPal is that all of the lawns that I mow are measured in terms of how punctual I was on that particular customer's lawn maintenance appointment, and also if they were satisfied enough to book my yard maintenance company for ongoing grass cuttings on a weekly basis or every two week yard maintenance schedule. Whenever you look over the statistics about my lawnmowing business serving the Denton area this will give you peace of mind and reinforce that you were hiring a real professional nearby to cut your grass and maintain your lawn and landscaping for you. You probably seen some of my work over by Rayzor Ranch and over by the North Texas Fair and Rodeo in Denton and so I would love to pick up your lawn maintenance this year as well. Hopefully the first grass cutting will go well that you hire before and then we can go to relationship around your yard maintenance and I can make the lawn the last thing you have to worry about.

Also , if you are not near Denton , TX we also do nearby yard cutting services in Frisco TX and my yard maintenance business also does local lawn cutting services in Lewisville TX.


Enviro Lawn Care Services in Denton, TX

Hired 89 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.79 Reviews)

I would be delighted to take on your grass cutting for you this year for your home in Denton. I just expanded my lawnmowing services to the Denton area when GreenPal extended its lawn care service website to Denton and so I am happy to take on your yard maintenance for you as part of my expansion. I am up to 10 weekly grass cutting customers and didn't county and I would love to add your yard to my lawn maintenance route that I am running through town currently . I am cutting grass on Wednesdays and Thursdays of every week and weather permitting I may cut my customers yards a day early or a day late I just depends on what the weather does for us in the DFW area. While I will make a commitment to you to be on time every week or every other week to cut your yard I like to manage expectations upfront and let my yard maintenance clientele know that there may be some weeks that I might not be able to make it on the exact day that we agree upon.

There are so many factors in the lawnmowing business such as traffic in the Denton area, and the weather that play a role in to what day we actually mowing our customers yards and so with that being said there's usually about a 48 hour or three day window to accommodate your yard onto my lawn maintenance route and the GreenPal yard maintenance app is setup to accommodate that. So we are on the same page I just get started off on the right foot. We do all sorts of landscaping maintenance service such as mulching, pruning of the shrubbery and bushes and plants, adding mulch to flowerbeds and landscaping beds and gardens, and also full landscaping renovation and cleanups. All of the services are depending on the size of your yard and how much landscape you have so I will need to take a look at your yard and property the first time I come out to cut the grass and I will prepare customize pricing for all of these lawn maintenance services for you so you can take a look at them and review them and if any of them look good to you you can add them onto your grass cutting services with me on your GreenPal account and you don't even have to call me or anything like that. I have a ton of lawn maintenance clients over by the Clear Creek Heritage Center and I have a handful of grass cutting customers over by South Lakes Park and like I said earlier I am actively taking on more grass cutting clientele in the Denton area so I would be really enthusiastic about taking on your yard mowing for you this year. Thank you so much for considering me I look for to working with you this year and enhancing the beauty of your home, landscaping, gardens and yard’s maintenance.

If you are not near Denton , TX we also do cheap grass cutting services in Hurst TX I would love to mow your yard there and can also take care of nearby lawn mowing services in Frisco TX.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 4 reviews)
Helena Rodriguez Lawn Care Service in Denton TX
“Well I can't say enough good things about GreenPal The mobile app really bailed me out of a jam. I let my grass get too tall and I had a birthday party coming up with family coming over and I didn't have time to mow. I jumped on GreenPal and got hooked up with affordable lawn care service right here in Denton who came out and cut my grass the very same day that I listed for my lawn maintenance prices. If you're looking for a no nonsense way to get grass cutting and then check this out it doesn't get any better than this.”
Lawrence Martin Lawn Mow in Denton TX
“I own a bunch of rental properties throughout the entire DFW area and three of which are in the city of Denton. I had a lawnmowing business that was cutting all of them for me but the headache was I would always have to drive up to Denton to make sure that he was doing when he was supposed to be doing with the yard maintenance. From time to time I would find the grass was super tall on my rentals yards and despite the fact that the lawn care service with billing me for those yard mowings. Well after this last go-round I have had enough and after hearing good things about the GreenPal yard maintenance website from fellow real estate investors I decided to check it out. The GreenPal yard maintenance app solved a major headache for me because I get a picture of the completed grass cutting after every time the lawn maintenance company mows the yard. Problem solved and now I have peace of mind that the yard maintenance is happening like it should and I'm not getting billed for grass cutting is I never got.”
Amanda Smothers Lawn Service in Denton TX
“I had a sneaking suspicion that I was overpaying for lawn maintenance so I kind of wanted to do a price check on the lawn care service price that I was paying my current landscape maintenance company in Denton just to see if they were overcharging me or not. A friend recommended GreenPal and so I checked it out just to get my free lawnmowing prices but nothing more. I created my account and I was super surprised when I got a price back from my local lawn care service in Denton through GreenPal that was $12 per grass cutting cheaper than what I was currently paying my last yard mowing business I was using. Well if you add that up by the 30 or 40 lawn cuttings a year that we have to get in Denton it adds up to real money. So I hated to fire my last landscape maintenance company however I went with a new lawnmowing service through GreenPal and never look back and I'm saving real money now.”
Samuel Pfaff Lawn Mowing in Denton TX
“Well I'm embarrassed to admit that my grass a grown over 2 feet tall. I just kept procrastinating cutting my own yard and then when I went to mow it my push mower bit the dust and exploded on me. After I cleaned up the oil out of my driveway from my dead push mower I began frantically looking for lawn care services online near me in the Denton Texas area. I found tons of listings for lawnmowing services however I couldn't even get one of them to call me back when I started leaving voicemails requesting a price quote for my tall grass. Then while searching for lawn care services near me in Denton I came across the GreenPal website. GreenPal did all the searching for me I found a solid yard maintenance company who came out and got my yard squared away. They are now mowing the yard every two weeks like clockwork and I couldn't be happier.”

lawn-maintenance-in-denton-TX-lawn-service-in-Cool-Valley Welcome to GreenPal, the easiest way in Denton Texas to get quotes for grass cutting services, read over landscape maintenance companies reviews in the Denton area, and make the best informed hiring decision that you can to hire a local lawnmowing service in Denton to come out and cut your grass. There's no reason why this day and age with all the technology that we have that is so darn hard to find a reliable lawn mowing service and then come out and mow your yard and take care of your lawn and landscaping for you but for some reason it just is, that is until now. That is why we built GreenPal, the world's only customized solution to make finding, hiring, and getting reliable lawnmowing services in Denton, Tx a snap. With the GreenPal mobile app you can literally do in a matter of minutes what normally takes days or weeks to accomplish. I imagine you were probably calling all over Denton to try to get a grass cutting service to give you a price on lawn maintenance? Am I right? Well don't worry that's how all of GreenPals users come to get introduced to the website and mobile app. Rather than making a bunch of phone calls and leaving a bunch of voicemails to local landscape maintenance companies in Denton, Tx asking them to give you a price on lawnmowing you can just enter your details into GreenPal's website and mobile app and GreenPal does all the hard work for you.

How is that you might ask? Well, GreenPal has attracted the best lawn care services and grass cutting companies in Denton who now operate their lawnmowing business on top of the GreenPal platform. What this means for you is that you only have to enter your yard’s details one time and it takes less than five minutes to do and then the word sent out to nearby lawn maintenance businesses that have earned a solid reputation on GreenPal's network to submit their price for lawnmowing to you. Then you are in total control and you can relax just look over the lawnmowing prices that you get email to you and you can read reviews that other folks in the Denton area have had to say about how they did on their grass cutting and landscaping maintenance. This is my for the easiest way to vet and pre-screen who you want to work with with respect to your yard maintenance. Ordinarily you would have to try couple of lawn cutting services out and then hire one full-time for your lawn care services but not now now you can hire with confidence and not have to waste time haggling over yard maintenance prices. GreenPall has dozens of qualified lawn care services that use the technology and website to operate their Denton lawn maintenance business near the University of North Texas and also over by the North Lakes Recreation Center. So if you live in those parts of town odds are you can get your grass cut tomorrow so long as you hire one of them by noon today. If you create your account should you ever have any questions about how to use your GreenPal account to get your yard maintenance done feel free to reach out and we would be happy to answer any questions. Also if you need nearby lawn care businesses in Frisco, TX GreenPal has got your back there and also with affordable yard maintenance services in Lewisville TX.

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About Denton Texas

Denton is a city in and the county seat of Denton County, Texas.

A Texas land grant led to the formation of Denton County in 1846, and the city was incorporated in 1866. Both were named after pioneer and Texas militia captain John B. Denton. The arrival of a railroad line in the city in 1881 spurred population, and the establishment of the University of North Texas in 1890 and Texas Woman's University in 1901 distinguished the city from neighboring regions. After the construction of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport finished in 1974, the city saw more rapid growth; as of 2011, Denton was the seventh fastest-growing city with a population over 100,000 in the country.

Located on the north end of the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex in North Texas on Interstate 35, Denton is known for its active music life; the North Texas State Fair and Rodeo, Denton Arts and Jazz Festival, and 35 Denton Music Festival attract over 300,000 people to the city each year. The city experiences hot, humid summers and relatively few extreme weather events.

Denton is located on the northern edge of the Dallas–Fort Worth metropolitan area. These three cities form the area known as the "Golden Triangle of North Texas." According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 89.316 square miles, of which 87.952 square miles is land and 1.364 square miles is water. The city lies in the northeast edge of the Bend Arch–Fort Worth Basin, which is characterized by flat terrain. Elevation ranges from 500 to 900 feet. Part of the city is located atop the Barnett Shale, a geological formation believed to contain large quantities of natural gas. Lewisville Lake, a man-made reservoir, is located 15 miles south of the city.

With its hot, humid summers and cool winters, Denton's climate is characterized as humid subtropical and is within USDA hardiness zone 8a. The city's all-time high temperature is 113 °F, recorded in 1954. Source: Wikipedia Denton, TX

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