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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Lewisville, TX as of May, 2024


Freeman Lawn Care in Lewisville, TX

Hired 44 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.49 Reviews)

I have been proudly cutting grass in Lewisville Texas for nine years and I am looking to grow my lawnmowing business this year and pick up new lawn maintenance clients in the Lewisville area. Since I started offering my lawnmowing services on the GreenPal website my business has exploded and I have been able to buy new lawn maintenance equipment and better commercial grade tools to service my yard maintenance clientele in Lewisville. That means that you get top-notch yard maintenance services from me without having to pay the big landscaping maintenance company prices or sign a contract for yard maintenance services for that matter. You see many local lawn care services in the Lewisville area will ask you to sign a year-round landscaping maintenance contract that includes all of your services build over 12 month period of time. Sure that's nice and the work looks beautiful if you can afford all of that but the reality is most of my grass cutting customers in Lewisville or on a tight budget and they're not looking to spend a whole ton of money on their yard maintenance and they don't have to. And that's fine with me GreenPal makes it to where I can manage all of my grass cutting customers on the go and I can bill for lawnmowing services on as rendered basis. This means when you book me for every two week yard maintenance for your home that every time I come out to cut your grass your card on file will be billed individually for that particular lawn cutting nothing more and nothing less. Now this sounds like a pretty simple concept however it's pretty difficult to pull off. Before that I used to mail an lawn mowing invoice at the end of every month and then invariably my customers and I would have to negotiate over when I actually cut their lawn versus when I didn't because quite frankly I couldn't remember when I did billing at the end of the month. But that's all a thing of the pass and so now you can hire me for every seven they grass cuttings or every two weeks on mowings just whatever you want done in your yard and whatever your landscape maintenance budget fits. I service the following neighborhoods in Lewisville: Broadstone - Ballantyne, Brookside, Carrington Village, Castle Hills, Chase Oaks, Continental Square, Creek Haven, Creek Manor, Creekside, Creekview Village, Crescent Estates, E Purnell St, Estancia - Marquis, Forestbrook - Oakbend, Fox Creek Estates, Garden Oak Est, Garden Park, Garden Ridge, Hedrick Estates, Hidden Creek, Highland Lakes, Highland Village and so if you leave any of those parts of town I would be glad to pick up your grass cutting service for you. Thank you so much for considering my landscape maintenance services I look forward to working with you this year God bless.

Also , if you need neaby grass cutting services in Mansfield TX and the good news is I can also assist with local lawn maintenance services in Hurst, TX.


Easy Mow Lawn Care in Lewisville, TX

Hired 19 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.14 Reviews)

Thank you so much for considering my landscape maintenance company and yard maintenance business cutting grass in Lewisville Texas. I'll offer a broad range of yard maintenance services such as shrub pruning, mulch, leaf cleanup, gutter cleaning, and even a little bit of pressure washing should you want any of that yard work done on top of your regular lawn maintenance. A lot of folks trying to hire me for just a la carte landscape maintenance services however I have to kindly decline, I only offer those at add on-yard services when you hire me for your grass cutting. That's kind of the way GreenPal works to after the second lawnmowing that I do for you for your home in Lewisville the GreenPal system will prompt me to provide a lawn maintenance price list that includes all of these additional yard maintenance services that I just mentioned before.

So what I will do is I will walk your entire property and I will prepare quote for remotely all of your landscaping beds, I will also prepare a price for how much it's going to cost to prune all of your shrubbery and rake up all the clippings and debris after I have completed pruning your bushes, and it also if you have any trees in your yard that will shed their leaves I will take a look at that and try to ballpark estimate how much it's going to cost to clean them up in the fall and haul them away and dispose of the debris. I will also look at any other items that you might have in your yard that need to be address and I will quote those under the miscellaneous category that the GreenPal app offers and its a nice catch offer any other yard maintenance services that they may not have pre-populated in the options but you can hire me for using your GreenPal account. So with all that being said I appreciate the opportunity to earn your yard maintenance business this year and I also appreciate the fact that you understand that the grass cutting is kind of required before I can do any other lawn maintenance for you. I service all the following neighborhoods in Lewisville. Parc Lake/Mill St, Park Ridge, Park Valley, Pebble Ridge - Diamond Hill, Penn Union, Quailcrest, Quiet times, Remington - Waterchase, Ridgeview - Wentworth, Rockbrook, Rolling Oaks, Rolling Ridge - Lakewood. If you live in any of these parts of town I would be happy to pick up your grass cutting for you on a weekly landscape maintenance schedule or every two yard maintenance cycle. Thank you so much for considering me I look forward to making your lawn and gardens look like some of the best that Lewisville has the offer.

Also , if you are looking for affordable lawn mowing services nearby Mansfield TX I would love to help you there and also with local yard maintenance services nearby Grand Prairie TX..


Shawns Lawn Lawn Care Services in Lewisville, TX

Hired 38 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.39 Reviews)

It means a lot to me that you consider my grass cutting service for your lawnmowing needs in Lewisville this year. I can make a commitment to you that if you hire me to cut your grass you will not be let down. I'm sure you've been let down by other lawn care services in the Lewisville area but that will not happen if you hire me for your yard maintenance. Why is that you might ask? Because I believe in proactive management when it comes to running my landscape maintenance company. And what I mean by that is I plan out my lawn maintenance routes throughout the Lewisville area every single week in advance. This means that you can bank on reliable and smooth lawn maintenance service every time I come to cut your yard and I will be there on time every week to mow your grass on a weekly basis or every two week basis.

Now I know what you might be thinking this should be expected and not really something to brag about. Well the reality is many other lawnmowing services in Lewisville and my competition in the landscape maintenance business in town don't run their company this way. This means that you could ask for expect delayed lawn maintenance services on a continual basis and perhaps maybe even some weeks not even get your grass cut at all. How do I know this? Because I am picking up new lawn care service clients in Lewisville, Tx on a daily basis and they let me know about my competitors and how they run their lawn care companies. But all that say, you not to worry about that when you hire my lawn maintenance business because I will be on time every week to mow the yard and you can count on that. If you don't believe me go ahead and take a look at my reviews and yard maintenance ratings when you get my price on GreenPal. You see, GreenPal measures how often I mow my customers yards on the day that they schedule on my lawn maintenance route is so this gives you a good idea of how reliable my yard mowing service is. I keep at least an 80% reliability rating and this means that 80% of the time no matter what, I cut my customers lawns on the day they want. Now this includes factors such as weather, and in traffic in the Lewisville area and also if my truck breaks down or any equipment related factors no matter what I am there 80% of the time or better and give you peace of mind that when you hire me to cut your grass you don't have to worry about delays in your yard maintenance services. So I am taking on new lawn maintenance clientele near College St. Elementary School and over by Lake Park Executive 9 Golf Club in the Lewisville Texas area and so I really appreciate you considering my yard mowing company and I can make a commitment that I will not let you down and it's my job to become the last lawn care service in Lewisville that you have to hire.

Also , if you are not near Lewisville , TX we also do nearby yard cutting services in Hurst TX I mow yard all over DFW and so I can help you there and also help out with nearby lawn care services in Mansfield TX.


Valdez Lawn Care Services in Lewisville, TX

Hired 89 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.79 Reviews)

My lawnmowing company and Lewisville Texas has been steadily growing over the last three years and the cool thing is I started offering my lawn maintenance services on top of GreenPal's website this year and my yard maintenance business is blooming. I have since had to expand another truck and trailer with lawnmowers and hire some additional yard work or help to keep up with the demand and as it turns out folks in Lewisville just want to reliable lawn mowing service to take care of the yard for them. I think the thing about GreenPal and why it is so successful is that it just makes it so much easier to keep up with the yard maintenance schedule moving forward throughout the year. Things like submitting my price for grass cutting a lot easier to but the thing that really stands out that makes it easier for you the customer in myself the landscape maintenance contractor is the ongoing schedule and figuring out when I need to be there to mow your yard and what weeks I don't.

Before I thought of offering my Lewisville grass cutting services on GreenPal system I used to not offer every two week yard maintenance rotations to my lawn maintenance clientele. Why is this you might ask? Well the thing is is that for one the grass gets pretty tall with the heat that we have in Dallas-Fort Worth area and let's see if we get a little bit of rain in July or August and your lawn could literally grow 10 inches in 10 days. So it kind of stinks when we have to come out and cut the grass every 14 days and do it for the same price as in every seven day lawn maintenance client. However I must say GeenPal makes it so easy to keep up with what weeks I need to mow your yard and what weeks I need to skip it and I'll top of that collecting payment for the mowing after I get done I save so much time on that kind of stuff operating my lawnmowing business that I'm able to go ahead and bite the bullet and offer every two weeks grass cutting for you. No that means you can order mowing two times per month from me at the same price typically as an every seven day grass cutting customer normally would pay. You simply can't get that anywhere else and I think that's why GreenPal is so successful in helping me grow my landscape maintenance company in Lewisville Texas and some of my colleagues in the Dallas-Fort Worth area as well use it to operate their lawn mowing companies. You probably see me cutting grass over by Bob Wiseman Soccer Complex and over by College St. Elementary School in the Lewisville area is let means that I'm the best local lawn care service but you can hire to me to mow your yard this year and the good news is is that you can do it with less hassle and less headache than ever before because you can hire me on GreenPal and not have to mail me a check for the lawn mowing after we're done and all of that mess. So thank you so much for considering me I look forward to working with you and taking care of the yard work for you this year.

If you are not near Lewisville , TX we also do affordable grass cutting services in Hurst TX and thats not all we can also help you out with nearby lawn mowing services in Mansfield TX.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 4 reviews)
John Young Lawn Maintenance in Lewisville TX
“After being stood up three times by different lawn care services in the Lewisville area I was almost ready to give up and start cutting my own yard again. After I started looking online for how much a decent push mower cost these days I decided to start researching for lawn care services near me in Lewisville once more. I just don't want to cross the GreenPal website and decided to give it a shot because the lawn maintenance prices were free to get and there was no obligation to hire anybody if I didn't want to . Now where I was really surprised was how affordable the lawnmowing prices were once I got them and one grass cutting price in particular was a no-brainer so I gave it a shot and the lawnmowing company I hired came out and mow the yard the very next day. I would say it was almost magical.”
John Callaghan Lawn Mowing Service in Lewisville TX
“I heard about GreenPal on the radio and I decided to give it a shot to see if I can save a little bit of money on my yard maintenance cost that I was paying for in Lewisville. I have been using the same grass cutting service for the last three years to mow my yard over by Wayne Frady Park in the Lewisville area however if I can save money on something I believe you should. So with that being said I got my prices for grass cutting on top of GreenPal and I was amazed as to how affordable one of the grass cutting services that I received a price from ended up being. The cool thing about GreenPal is is that when you create your account lawnmowing services literally compete over your lawnmowing business. Unlike the old way of having to call around they come to you. So now I'm saving over $20 a month on my grass cutting services because I started using GreenPal to manage my yard maintenance and I must say I'm impressed.”
Hattie James Lawn Care Service in Lewisville TX
“My mother lives in Lewisville and so I manage the yard maintenance for her and all of the home maintenance tasks. When her last lawn care service went out of business I stepped in and helped out to try to find somebody else to take care of the yard work as I no longer have time to drive up to Lewisville and do it myself. A friend recommended GreenPal and while I don't usually use online services to get stuff done like this I checked it out because of the recommendation. What I love about GreenPal is after we ended up hiring a local lawnmowing service in Lewisville to cut her yard was that I get a picture of the freshly cut yard every day emailed right to me. I don't have to worry about if the yard is getting taken care of or not I can just manage it remotely. I'm gonna say the whole process is been super easy and much better than doing it the old way.”
Thomas Leone Lawn Cutting in Lewisville TX
“The last lawnmowing service I was using in Lewisville refused to accommodate my every two week grass cutting request. They were mowing my yard every seven days or nothing at all. Well I couldn't afford every 7 day grass cuttings from my home in Crescent Estates so I ended up firing them and start looking for another lawn care service take care of my yard maintenance this year. That's where GreenPal came in. GreenPal fetched me three lawn maintenance quotes within five minutes of creating my account. The cool thing was I was able to read over lawn mowing services reviews and look at their pictures of past work that each of the lawn cutters have done for other people in the Lewisville area. This is by far the easiest thing I've ever done for my home and garden maintenance services.”

lawn-maintenance-in-lewisville-TX-lawn-service-in-Cool-Valley If you want to hire a lawn care service in Lewisville Texas without all of the hassle you have arrived to the right place. I imagine you have probably tried calling for different lawn care services in the Lewisville area requesting one of them give you a price on how much it's going to cost to cut your grass this year. And I imagine you probably called to her three different lawnmowing services who told you that they don't have any availability this week, or they've given you a price that is outside of your landscape maintenance budget, or they haven't even bothered to read return your phone call. Does all this sound about right? Well don't feel bad it's pretty normal and it's why we built the GreenPal yard maintenance mobile app and landscaping maintenance website and we have recently extended service into the Lewisville Texas area which means that you get to bypass all of the headache of finding a reliable lawnmowing service to come cut your grass tomorrow or the next day.

Allow me to explain a little bit about how GreenPal works and how the yard mowing app can save you money on your yard maintenance and also time in getting prices for landscape maintenance and figuring out who you are going to hire to cut your lawn this year. GreenPal has attracted the best lawn care services in Lewisville and really in the entire DFW area to operate their yard maintenance service on the GreenPal website. Everything from scheduling to submitting prices for landscape maintenance to invoicing for yard mowing services is all handled through the GreenPal lawnmowing services mobile app. This means that you can get price for grass cutting, yard maintenance, and landscaping maintenance with a few taps on your smartphone or clicks on this website that you are on now rather than calling around leaving voicemails, meeting different landscaping contractors in your yard and haggling over the price for how much the yard maintenance service is going to cost you don't have to do any of that anymore and you can just read reviews online about each of the lawn care services and hire the yard maintenance company you want to work with all without even having to discuss anything with them if that's your preference. GreePal has some of the best most affordable and most reliable lawn care services that cut grass in the Lewisville area on its technology to save you time and money. Where do you live by the LLELA Nature Preserve or over by Lake Park in Lewisville GreenPal is here to help you so go ahead and create your free account to get started with some free grass cutting prices and you can compare cost for landscaping maintenance on your own terms without having to meet several yard maintenance contractors in your home. If you live in the following neighborhoods: Summit Ridge, Sunday Haus, Sylvan Creek, The Highlands, The Mansions, The Oaks, The Reserve At Timber Creek, The Summit, Timberbrook, Timbercreek Acres, Timbercreek Estates, Timber Hill, Timber Valley Estates, Uecker Lane, University Park, Valley ABC, Valley Oaks, Valley Ridge, Valley View, Valley Vista, Vista Oaks, Vista Ridge. GreenPal is setup to help you hire next day lawn care service in a snap so go ahead and click going to want to get started with three lawn cutting prices and take your weekends back. Also if you need nearby lawn care businesses in Grand Prairie, TX GreenPal has also onboarded the best lawn mowing services there and can also help you with affordable yard maintenance services in Hurst TX.

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About Lewisville Texas

Lewisville is a city in Denton County, Texas. It is a northwestern suburb of Dallas.

Originally called Holford's Prairie, the origins of Lewisville date back to the early 1840s. The arrival of the town's first railroad in 1881 engendered its initial growth, and the expansion of the area's transportation infrastructure spurred further development in the early part of the 20th century. Lewisville incorporated in 1925, and when construction of Lewisville Lake was completed in the 1950s, the city began to expand rapidly.

Lewisville's consistently warm climate and proximity to Lewisville Lake has made it a recreational hub of the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex. The city's municipal government, led by a nonpartisan city council, focuses its recreational and cultural investments on facilities such as Toyota of Lewisville Park and the MCL Grand Theater. The area's transportation infrastructure has evolved around the I-35 Corridor along Interstate 35E. The diversity of its population and industry has created a stable economic climate. Lewisville Independent School District provides most of the area's public education programs.

In 1841, the Republic of Texas chartered the Peters Colony Land Grant Company (named for William Smalling Peters, publisher of the song "Oh! Susanna" to settle the North Texas area. In 1844, John W. King and his wife settled on the east side of the prairie, where the city now lies. Baptist settlers from Platte County, Missouri, settled on the west side; among them were John and James Holford, who named the area Holford's Prairie. Further south, Presbyterians established a church and called it Flower Mound. In the confusion over land ownership after the Hedgcoxe War, Basdeal Lewis purchased Holford's Prairie in 1853 and renamed it after himself.

In 1845, the Fox family, which owned about a dozen slaves, buried a slave child called Melinda on the family farm, which eventually became the town's cemetery for black residents. Named Fox–Hembry Cemetery, the plot still exists today. After it had fallen into disrepair, local residents and businesses gathered to restore it in 2011. Source: Wikipedia Lewisville, TX

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