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Juan Segura Lawn Services in Rockwall, TX

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If you want a healthy and green lawn to show off to the world, but find that maintaining one is hard, the Segura Brothers can help you. Mowing your grass every two weeks and maintaining a clean yard is not as easy as it seems. There are hundreds of things that can affect your law’s health. What’s worse, simply mowing your lawn or cutting the grass sometimes isn’t enough. Then you run the risk of damaging your lawn if you cut too deep. All these things are not easy to maintain and with little time to do anything these days, it’s best to let a lawn care professional help you.

You deserve a green and healthy lawn to show off to everyone who rides by it. The Segura Bros Lawncare can help you achieve that goal. We are proud to help residents of Rockwall, Texas.

My name is Juan Segura, owner, and founder of Segura Bros Lawncare. I’ve cut and mow hundreds of lawns in the Rockwall County area. I’ve worked mostly in Rockwall and have expanded as far as Garland. I’ve cut the grass of many yards and lawns by Harry Myers Park and other areas in Rockwall.

As one of the top-rated lawn care providers in the Rockwall County area, we provide lawn care services with great results. Segura Bros Lawncare is one of the few companies that offers a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with the service, we will work to make it right.

You can trust you’ll be in good hands with our lawn mowing and lawn care services. If you look at our five-star reviews, we back up our words.

To keep a lawn healthy, and green requires a lot of work and doing more than just mowing grass.

If you don’t want to spend two hours every week or so mowing your own lawn, let a professional do it for you. Look through our services and hire us for your lawn care needs. We have trained a dedicated staff of seasoned experts in lawn care maintenance, working exclusively in your area. We know what your lawn care needs are because we understand the local climate and how it affects your home. The Segura Bros Lawncare company has been operating for a couple of years and we know Rockwall like the back of our hand. We are proudly providing services for all neighborhoods in Rockwall, Texas.

So, whether your yard doubles as your pet’s playground and relaxing grilling area, we can make and keep it healthy. If you need Lawn aeration, lawn mowing, tree trimming, sodding, mulching, fertilization, weed removal, landscape maintenance, fix damages to your yard, or any other lawn care services, contact us. Take advantage of our low rates available when you use the GreenPal.

Whatever you dream up, we will try and make your lawn look the way you picture it. Use the app to book us in an instant. You can let me know from the start what you want to be done and I’ll provide great and affordable lawn care services for you.


Cole Campbell Lawn Services in Rockwall, TX

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Thank you for considering my company One Love Inc for your lawn care needs. If you’re looking for someone to mow your lawn, maintain your yard or help with some landscaping, I can help you. I have always loved working with his hands since I was younger. As a native of Dallas, I’ve worked all around Texas, and have recently focused my attention to Rockwall, Texas and the bordering cities. I have been in the landscaping industry for several years and have worked for some of the largest companies and residents all around Texas. I have gained a lot of experience working with larger landscaping teams and working with so many unique properties. I found a passion for it and officially started One Love Inc. If you need a company that understands the ins and outs of lawn care services, consider hiring us.

With one mower, a blower, and a trailer, my company has grown into a large-scale company that has helped residential homeowners and several commercial properties in Texas.

My team of specialists and I provide lawn care services, yard maintenance, and landscape maintenance to all of the Rockwall County area residents, their surrounding cities, and all the neighborhoods in Rockwall, Texas. I’ve worked with many customers, including commercial properties close to Leon Tuttle Athletic Complex.

If you browse my profile, you’ll see all my positive reviews. Because of my commitment to work hard and meet all customer expectations, I’ve gained consistent clients who’ve retained me over the years. Other companies have left a bad taste in many people’s mouths. Maybe you can relate. If you’ve ever tried hiring a lawn care company or lawn mowing provider, you’ll know it’s usually a hit or miss.

One Love Inc operates by its name. Your lawn will receive a special kind of love that other lawn care companies can’t provide. I will make sure you’re lawn and yard are checked out and analyzed before I begin work. I’ll make sure to learn about the services you want, your goals, and then I’ll share my analysis. From there, I will recommend services your lawn needs in order to maintain its look and to avoid a costly problem in the future. You can decide how to proceed from there. This process is all done on the same day I arrive for a free analysis and you can decide whether you want to hire us.

I will take my time with your property. When I’m finished, I will show you all the results. If you’re not home or you’re strolling around Rockwall Harbor with the family, I will update you through messages. You don’t have to sacrifice your weekend while I work. I make sure to keep a clear line of communication with every customer.

One Love Inc is not only a yard maintenance company but can also provide services such as mulching, shrub and bush trimming, grass cutting, pressure washing, tree trimming, and aeration. Just to remind you, we will cut high grasses, help repair your lawn to a certain degree, and provide various lawn care services for your residential or commercial property. We are the complete package at affordable prices.

If you’re looking for a company that can handle your lawn care needs quickly, book us for your lawn care needs. Click the "Hire Me" button and we can get started quickly and even the same day, depending on when you hire us. 


Christian Garcia Lawn Services in Rockwall, TX

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Thank you for considering CMGLandscape for your lawn care needs. If you’re a resident of Rockwall, Texas or the surrounding suburbs, and need a lawn mowing provider or landscape maintenance, we can help you! Our motto is simple “do the job like the customer were with you every step of the way.” As silly and cliché as it sounds, the only way to achieve the best results for our customers is to treat the yard as if it were our own. You won’t have to watch us over our shoulder work, but we have consistently provided premium lawn care services at a very low price.

What started off as a project o make more income has turned into a full-blown business. A few years ago, I started with a small push mower, a trimmer, a hand-held leaf blower, and just two customers. Today, with a team filled with professionally trained experts, we now operate multiple commercial Exmark mowers, trimmers, power wash, and backpack leaf blowers. We have different size mowers that meet the demands of our customers. Also, we’ve built a list of over 40 customers we’ve helped throughout Texas.

We’ve now focused on helping residents in Rockwall County and the cities and suburbs around Dallas. We noticed a big need for lawn care professionals in the area and many who were working here weren’t give lawn care businesses a good name.

I’ve made it my mission to change that. We’ve been told by our customers that they wouldn’t trust another lawn care provider even if was free. We’ve provided lawn care services, yard maintenance, landscape maintenance, mowing grass services, and other lawn care needs to happy customers.

Our attitude is focused on doing what is right for our customers. We won’t take advantage of your situation. You tell us specifically what you want and we will work to provide the best treatment available and if the yard doesn’t need mowing or need any grass cutting, we’ll let you know. Many lawn care companies would sooner take your money and leave track grass just because they wanted to make a quick buck. We know this business is built on having a good reputation and that’s what we’ve worked so hard to build.

So, if you need a reliable lawn mowing provider or need yard maintenance, landscape work, grass cutting, or any other lawn care services contact us. We can also help you if you need to get the lawn cut, aeration, sodding, mowing grass services, tree trimming, weed removal, minor landscape maintenance, fixing damages to your yard, or any other lawn care services, we can provide two-week services throughout the year. The prices are set to be affordable. So, take advantage of our low rates available when you use the GreenPal.


James Matlock Lawn Services in Rockwall, TX

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Thank you for your interest in hiring me for your lawn care needs. Here is why I think you won’t regret hiring me for your lawn care services. I discovered my passion for working outside and with my hands when I first started mowing lawns. This love affair led to me taking on more clients. There’s nothing quite like getting some vitamin D from the sun and mowing grass. This paved the way for me to start my own business and provide more lawn care services. After having previously worked a full-time job, I wanted to make lawn mowing my full-time income and so far, this one-man lawn mowing provider has done just that. I’ve helped over 24 property owners with their lawn care needs.

If you’re a resident of Rockwall, Texas and all the surrounding areas in Rockwall County. I’ve mostly worked in homes and commercial properties near Lago Vista, Leak Meadows, Benton Woods, John King, and other places in Rockwall. If you look through my profile, you’ll see my work near Rockwall Aquatic Center.

I offer many lawn care services, including yard maintenance, lawn mowing, grass cutting, and other lawn care needs. My success is because of my attention to detail and providing great lawn care services. Every lawn is different and requires different needs.

I will never leave a property if you’re not satisfied with it. I am extremely precise must make sure everything is done well. The word of mouth praises has built my company up from scratch and I offer you the same level of care I’ve done for all my other clients.

You’ll not only have a trained professional provide mowing, edging, and blowing services, I will also handle your pressure washing, gutter cleaning, aeration, weeds, and tree trimming. We offer extensive lawn care and lawn mowing services. I will treat your property as if it were mine. My results reflect my reputation. As a one-man company, I need to compete with other bigger brands and that’s why I need to be at my best for all my clients. A bad job means I didn’t provide a good service to my customers.

Is your lawn needing a little extra care this season? Let me help you withal your lawn care needs. Whether you need grass cutting, lawn mowing, yard maintenance, and need it done every two weeks, I can offer competitive prices in comparison to bigger brands. You’ll get personalized care that bigger companies can’t offer and I’ll make sure to live by my positive reviews. Hire me through the GreenPal app and take advantage of my low prices. 

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John Costa grass cut in Rockwall TX
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The team at Segura Bros Lawncareexceeded my expectations. We’ve used several reliable lawn mowing services in Rockwall right by Harry Myers Park, none were as good as the yard maintenance and lawn care that I received from Segura Bros Lawncare. We had other lawn mowing providers and lawn care companies provide bids that were too expensive. His team was extremely professional and very kind. He explained everything he was going to do and began to mow my yard the same day I booked him. If you need great lawn care services in Rockwall, you won't go wrong with Juan and Segura Bros Lawncare. 

James Moore lawn service in Rockwall TX
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One Love Inc has done an incredible job mowing my yard outside The Park at Fox Chase. They've helped me with everything I needed from cutting the grass, mowing my yard, cleaning the leaves, and even helped me with some yard maintenance. As I'm getting older, cleaning off leaves of my lawn or mowing my own backyard has not been easy. One Love Inc has helped make my life easier. The owner Cole does a great job of explaining her lawn care services and everything she'll do to make maintain my lawn. I've hired her for weekly help and she always shows up on time and always offered a fair price. If you need someone to mow your lawn, One Lover Inc is the way to go. 

James Kiger lawn mowing in Rockwall TX
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I’ve used CMGLandscape for about a few months. As a resident living by Kaufman Street near Harry Myers Park, I needed to keep up with the Joneses. Just about everyone around me had lovely lawns. When I was searching for lawn mowing providers near me on the GreenPal app, I decided to hire Christian and his crew at CMGLandscape to help cut my grass, mow my lawn, and do some minor yard maintenance. I was blown away at the results of my yard. Not only do they show up on time, but they also work so quickly. I blink and they're done mowing my grass. The immediate results I got were great and my lawn and yard looked as if someone planted new grass on it. It also looks really clean and you can barely see any line tracks.  I really appreciate their service and I highly recommend them for any lawn care services you need. 

James Robinson yard cutting in Rockwall TX
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I've worked with different lawn mowing providers before and James Matlock is the only lawn care provider I will ever use. He works better than any big company I've worked with. I needed someone to come and cut my grass and mow my yard. It needs constant attention, which I don't have time for. I've tried mowing grass for my home near the Park at Emerald Bay. When I hired James, I saw he was by himself but the lawn care service he provided made me believe he had an army of clones working for him and I just couldn't see them. He left my yard looking amazing and I was blown away by the hard work he put into it. I've hired him for yard maintenance every two weeks. We always show up on time and works quickly. If you need something done in your backyard or front lawn, James is the guy to call.