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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Filed of Greens Lawn Care in Wylie, TX

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Good day to all my fair friends and future customers in Wylie, Texas! I’d like to introduce myself not by name but by my trade: lawn care professional. If you ask me for one more word then I’ll give it to you: affordable lawn care professional. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you have never had quality lawn mowing services to your home if you haven’t had me done it yet. As a thirty year vet to this beautiful city, I have cut and trimmed lawns from the Fairfield of Plano all the way to Lavon Lake. If you want a truly trustworthy gentleman of experience, then you’ve found him in me. I am a retired veteran looking to keep myself busy and in the sun, and I took up my former career as a landscaper to do that. There are a few reasons why I mentioned being a retired veteran: one is to tell you that I’m retired. That means I have no place to be really!

All I have is time, and I want to use that to do a great job on your lawn, the kind of job that makes you feel good just by looking at it. Second reason is that since I am a veteran, you can be absolutely sure I won’t cheat you. Heck, if I fought for you, I wouldn’t cheat you! Seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it? An army vet taking advantage of the American citizen? I think they call that a paradox! I signed up for GreenPal because it makes it a world easier on me to look for potential customers. I used to be able to walk for miles, visiting neighborhoods and passing out my card, but I’m older now. I’d rather put that energy into actually working on yards instead of looking for them. So, with that being said, let’s talk about your lawn. I have over twenty years of experience cutting grass, and my experience in trimming golf courses will come in handy for any lawn on the block, so trust me with your lawn and I’ll trust you to love it after I’m done.

Also , if you need local grass cutting services in McKinney TX the best part is that the GreenPal lawn maintenance website covers the entire DFW area including local affordable yard mowing services in Burleson TX.


Action Lawn Care in Wylie, TX

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(overall rating 5/5.29 Reviews)

This message is for all of you who have had a bad experience with a landscaping company or a lawn mower you hired: I’m sorry. Really, it shouldn’t happen like this, but unfortunately there are people who will gladly take advantage of good people. I’m not one of them, and as a professional lawn mowing service in Wylie I decided to take my business a step further and partner with GreenPal. That way, even if I do try to scam you you can report me the next day and be done with it. I consider myself an honest man looking to make an honest living. Mowing yards for neighbors and my good friends in Wylie was the way I saw I could do that. So here I am, just a man and a few maintenance professionals looking to take your lawn and make it beautiful all year long. I’m the guy you want for the job because I am more than a guy who pushes a lawn mower. I have my own garden at home and know what it takes to get the best out of a variety of plants, from fruit trees to simple grasses. I know how to coach others in watering, aerating, and fertilizing to make sure that you don’t kill your plants halfway through the winter (or worse!) right in the middle of a warm summer.

Whether it is lawn mowing, pruning, weeding, sodding, you name it, I can do it. In fact, if you’re unsure about whether to go with my company I want you to do something: look up a picture of Murphy Middle School from a few years ago and compare it to today. All those improvements on the football fields, the front of the school, and even the greenhouse, you know who did that? Yes sir, yours truly! It took a while but I told you I know this trade. Grass doesn’t grow overnight, but I can promise you that before you know it the yard you’re so used to looking away from will be a source of pride. You will want the neighbors to see you right in the middle of it so they know you own that beautiful grass! The only thing I ask of you is to give me a chance. Once I get to see what state your lawn or garden is in, I can give you a game plan to make it spectacular. If you are feeling extra daring, we can even talk what kind of plants and flowers will go great with your yard so that everything feeds and grows off each other. I’m telling you, you have not met a lawn mower in Wylie like me!

Also , if you are looking for grass cutting services in Frisco TX near me my local yard mowing service mows lawns in that part of DFW as well as offers the best lawn care services in McKinney TX.


Geralds Lawn Care Services in Wylie, TX

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(overall rating 5/5.29 Reviews)

GreenPal has been such a blessing for my lawn care business and my family. When we first moved here, I spent the first few months driving around neighborhoods and leaving business cards wherever I could, but clients were barely trickling in. The few clients I did get were good to me, and I was able to mow their lawns for them for a while, but even professional lawn care services in Wylie lose their clients after a while. My wife decided to join Southfork Country Church and about a year or so as a member of that congregation, word slowly spread that I was a contract lawn mower. I had mowed the church lawn for a few times as community service, but someone must have liked it because in the next few days my business was starting to get calls! Call it a gift of God but by the next month I was answering more phones than I could handle, scheduling quality lawn mowing almost all day every week of the summer! That really helped me because now I understand how the grass in Wylie grows (that matters you know) and I can do better jobs for my new community.

When I found out about GreenPal’s scheduling services I was all in and sold on it, I was kind of getting tired of keeping a journal anyway! No way friends, I can’t even imagine trying to record all the payments, services, dates, times, and addresses in a journal anymore, especially with how easy it gets taken care of on GreenPal! And it all leads back to you, all their services are for us to serve you. It helps me remember which houses are coming up, which tools to bring, and what kind of job I’m in for. It’s a great tool. I may sound like a commercial for the website, but in truth I owe it a lot to them. People review my work and other people hire me out because of my good reviews, something that I would have to tell potential customers myself if it weren’t for GreenPal. That’s something the internet brought on all along itself: the fact that people can leave reviews and their own experiences for a product. Genius! So please, don’t hesitate to message me asking for advice. If you really don’t know where to start, we can talk about it and get into the most basic things you need and how much it will cost. There’s never any pressure to contract me afterwards, I’m here for you!

Also , if you are not near Wylie , TX we also do local lawn care services in Burleson TX near me and on top of all that we also offer local yard and lawn maintenance services in McKinney TX.


Superior Lawn Care Services in Wylie, TX

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Hiring a good lawn mower in Wylie is tricky business. You have to be weary of cheap lawn care services that will chop up your lawn with no regard for the future. You have to also beware of the lawn care experts who will sprinkle your lawn with their own organic mix of grass superfood (usually just a mix of basic lawn fertilizers and organic material you could make yourself) for an additional chunk of change. All I’m saying is that there doesn’t need to be a sacrifice each way. There are quality lawn mowing services in Wylie that can help you with basic services. I know because I’m one of them. In fact, I used to work for a fancy high-class landscaping maintenance company. I was trained like a professional, but doing the work for so many years you pick up a lot of technique on your own. One little trick of the trade they don’t tell you is that you’re not exactly paying for a lawn mowing. You’re actually paying to get your grass “pruned” so that it can grow better. So really, you are paying for a lawn growing! That’s how the most beautiful yards in Wylie have that thick, vibrant green grass. They do their part to mow it and keep the organism in a stressed state so it soaks up as many nutrients as it can. It sounds counterintuitive but it’s the truth!

Now that I’m on my own running an honest-to-God affordable yard mowing service in Wylie, I can tell you that the big, soft, green yard you see your neighbors with is easily achievable. If you happen to be in the Creekside Estates Park area, you will know exactly what I’m talking about. There you will see that my work is not all fancy pants fertilizing or anything. It’s hard work and good mowing, and the grass that grows does not lie! I don’t even know how that would work. That’s the cool thing about my job. I can’t lie about being a great lawn mower, all you would have to do is look at my job the next day and you will know for yourself. I’m just barely starting to get used to GreenPal, so excuse me if I’m a little slow to the party. But I will make sure that we communicate efficiently and get the job you want done right! I am looking for mostly lawn mowing clients, but if you have basic yard maintenance jobs for me (leaf removal, weeding, etc.) then let me know. I’m running a special on yard maintenance services like that to pair with my lawn mowing, but you have to ask!

If you are not near Wylie , TX we also do grass cutting in Burleson TX near me and that is not all grass cutting services in McKinney TX.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 27 reviews)
Anthony Bramble Lawn Mowing in Wylie TX
“It’s not so much revolutionary as it is convenient. It just makes sense these days that companies should move online. Especially for a service as common as lawn mowing and landscaping, something like GreenPal had to be on the horizon, they just did a really good job executing it. I don’t know how they got lawn mowing services in every city to become a part of it, but they did it! I’m right on the coast of Avalon Park, and I know Wylie isn’t no Dallas or Los Angeles, but it didn’t take me but a few hours to have someone hired and mowing my lawn. I didn’t need to hire a lawn care service because I mow the lawn myself, but now I don’t have to, all because GreenPal took the initiative to help people meet people, that’s what it comes down to. It frees up my morning and I get to free up my shed for more important stuff, not a rusty old lawn mower that barely sees the light half the year.”
Carol Phillips Lawn Care Service in Wylie TX
“I just love GreenPal. The gossip was making rounds, and my girlfriends in Villas Los Rios were just preaching about the service. I had been talking about putting in a new flower garden in the front yard, but I had no idea where to start. Sure, I could have just hired any old landscaping company, but from what I heard about GreenPal it seemed safer for me. Sure enough, when I posted my job I made sure that people knew I needed to build a flower bed from scratch, and I had three landscaping maintenance companies sending me a message the next day! I picked one and met with him that afternoon, and by evening we had a whole deal set up to bring a garden to life. It’s almost done now, but it looks so good and professional! And, as he installs the soil and whatnot he’s teaching a little on how to manage it. I’d still be on the drawing board if it wasn’t for GreenPal.”
Cody Goodwin Yard Cutting in Wylie TX
“Hello, I’d like to take the time and thank your company for the little pinch I was in this past summer. For undisclosed reasons we were short a landscaper and a few grass cutters at the Woodbridge Golf Club, and for a while we had to contract out to local lawn care services in Wylie to keep the wholes nice and uniform. Well the companies took good advantage of that and upped their lawn mowing prices on me. The worst part is that they were only used to cutting lawns, not golf courses! So I was getting a bad deal on both ends. The board dug up some resources and one of them just so happened to be GreenPal, and we put out the ad for professional landscaping with experience in Golf Courses. The people we were looking for were right under our noses! We found replacement personel in a few weeks and we were on track once again. The men we hired are all grass cutting professionals, I can tell you that.”
Shelia Southwood Yard Mowing in Wylie TX
“I was so impressed with the lawn mower we hired on GreenPal. He showed up earlier than our scheduled appointment, and instead of waiting around for the appropriate time, he rang my doorbell and asked if he could just get right to it. The level of professionalism was just amazing, to be honest. He gave my yard a once over, saw which spots he missed, and went back and cut again. By the time he was done with it, Olde City Park was looking second rate compared to my grass! I’ve tried to hire out reliable lawn mowers in Wylie in the past, and they were okay, but a lot of times these professional landscapers would be really shifty and want to leave right away. They’d hack up my yard and call it a day, leaving grass clippings all over the driveway and street. Maybe it was just a few bad apples, because Edmond completely blows them out of the water. I highly recommend Edmond and of course, GreenPal.”

lawn-maintenance-in-wylie-TX-lawn-service-in-Cool-Valley Welcome to your GreenPal in Wylie, Texas! Here are a few bios and reviews about lawn care services in your area. Just by the sheer content of info we are able to show you, rest assured that whatever you are looking for in a lawn maintenance team, we have it. From basic, affordable grass cutting every few weeks to dedicated landscapers for the season, GreenPal can connect you to get the job done. We’ve gone the way of technology and have brought to you a specialized platform specifically for landscaping and yard maintenance. Instead of seeking out Wylie for the most reliable lawn care service, we designed a website and app that would bring them all to you. Here you will find companies that are yours to hire, every week and all season.

There’s a reason why we believe landscape maintenance companies want to be on GreenPal. As I’m sure you know, these companies get in touch with you through truck advertising or passing out cards while cutting grass in neighborhoods. That’s okay, but we saw an opening to bring both supply and demand to the online marketplace. Now, independent lawn mowers and full-scale landscapers can ask to join GreenPal and begin bidding for your business! Yes, we did say bid. Instead of having these companies offer packaged services like a shrub and mow, leaf removal and pruning, we flipped the script. Now, homeowners like you can write up your own job. When you decide to post, lawn maintenance companies in Wylie will be able to read your post and offer a quote. We have seen companies reply to job postings in as little as thirty minutes! From here you can schedule a time that works for you, decide on a price, and pay through the website. All you have left to do is wake up to a freshly cut lawn. Landscapers and lawn mowing services have to apply to be on GreenPal, so you can be sure that every company that bids for your job is trusted, reliable, and official. With our interview process, trial period, and consumer reviews, there is no way an illegitimate lawn mower can screw you over. It’s a process that takes time, but it is all worth it in the end when customers are happy! Signing up takes little more than five minutes, and after that it’s a lifetime of easy planning and relief from grueling lawn care work. Also if you need local yard maintenance services in Burleson, TX or even if you are looking for a landscaping maintenance company for grass cutting service in McKinney TX nearby me GreenPal has onboarded reliable landscape maintenance contractors on all parts of the Dallas metro area as well.

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About Wylie Texas

Wylie is a city in the U.S. state of Texas, located mostly within Collin County..

Like many of the surrounding Dallas cities, the golden age of the railroad brought the Wylie area to life. The small town found a spot to grow in between Lavon Lake and Lake Ray Hubbard. The town was originally called Nickelville for reasons left up to interpretation. Some say it was because of general store that marked the town’s location on the map, others because the area was so barren at the time that “no one worth a nickel” would move there. In the late 19th century, though, the sentiment toward Nickelville changed.

The Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railroad Company began to lay tracks a ways north of the town site by 1886. As the story goes with most small railroad towns, businesses like farms, general stores, supply stores, and labor moved to the area.

The activity slowly pumped the town of Wylie into a burgeoning city. The town really exploded once the St. Louis Southwestern Railway laid tracks in the town. The two railways going into the area exploded the population, businesses, and homes in the area.

Although Wylie is named for the flat plains of the area, large trees abound in the city's many parks. One such tree, estimated to be over 500 years old, resides in Bob Woodruff park near Rowlett Creek on the city's east side. The strange story of Wylie, however, begins during the Great Depression. Wylie was lucky enough to skate past serious famine or poverty, as the many dairy and onion farms in Wylie saw a huge boost in demand for milk to the town and the surrounding Dallas area. Since both products are generally easy to tend for and require very little external care, the harvests were consistent and the demand stayed steadily high until the late ‘50s. The city took advantage of their success and built Lavon Dam and Reservoir in order to keep onion production healthy. Source: Wikipedia Wylie, TX

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