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Jonathan Balboa Lawn Services in College Station, TX

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Everyone wants a thriving, greener lawn to show off, but creating one and keeping it clean is a whole other story. We know how hard it is to maintain a healthy lawn. With hundreds of natural and man-made elements that can affect your lawn's condition, it’s not always easy to maintain a healthy lawn. Furthermore, sometimes mowing the lawn or cutting the grass isn’t enough and you probably don’t have time to do all the things you need to do in order to maintain your lawn's appearance. You deserve a beautiful lawn to show off to everyone who passes, at Avery Taylor Service we help you achieve that goal. We are proud to service the College Station and Bryan, Texas community.

My name is Johnathan Balboa, owner, and founder of Avery Taylor Service. I’ve cut and mow hundreds of lawns in the Brazos County area. I’ve worked primarily in College Station, and many homes The Knoll and College Park, located not too far from Kyle Field.

As one of the premier lawn care company in the Brazos County area, we provide lawn care services with superior results. We are one of the few companies that stand by our word and offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with the service or the results of the work we provided, we will work to make it right without overcharging for additional work.

The days of quickly mowing a lawn and maintaining it with a few sprinkles of water are over. To keep up with a healthy, greener, and beautiful lawn requires more work and doing more of the right things.

Don’t waste any more time trying to maintain your own lawn. Look through our services and hire us for your lawn care needs. We trained and staffed dedicated employees and seasoned experts in lawn care maintenance, working exclusively in your area. We know what your lawn care needs are because we understand the local climate and how other factors local to your area affect your home. We’ve been doing this for a couple of years now and understand the area better than any other company would. We are proudly servicing all neighborhoods in College Station.

So, whether your yard doubles as your child’s playground and as a grilling oasis for your family, we can make and keep it healthy. Whether you need Lawn Aeration, lawn mowing, tree trimming, fertilization, weed control, removal of debris, need help with your landscape designs, fix damaged yards, grub control or any other lawn care maintenance, contact us. Take advantage of our low rates and our quick service.

Whatever your dream up or plan, I’ll ensure you of what is achievable and what is not. Avery Taylor Service is the lawn care provider you need to make it happen. Use the app to book us in an instant. You can let me know from the start what needs to be done and I’ll provide great and affordable lawn care services for you. 

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Jeshua Jones Lawn Services in College Station, TX

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Thank you for your interest in my company. Here is why I think I’m the best fit for your lawn care needs. I have always had a passion for being outside and making things look better. I discovered my passion and love when I began mowing lawns for some side income. Taking in the great sun and making lawns look appealing is something I enjoy doing. That paved the way for me to start my own business and start a company called Complete Landscape. After having previously worked a full-time job, I wanted to make lawn mowing my full-time income and provide great service to residents in Texas.

Originally from Pearland, Texas, I run a business that services College Station, and Brazos County. I service all the surrounding areas in College Station as well, including Bryan, Texas. I’ve mostly worked in homes and commercial properties near Oak Creek Park, Cripple Creek, Sun Meadows, Southwest Crossing, and other places in College Station. If you look through my profile, you’ll see my work near Wolf Pen Creek Park.

I’ve helped over 50 happy customers in just the last few months and I’m looking to take on more residential and commercial properties. I offer a range of services, including yard maintenance, lawn mowing, and other lawn care needs. My success is attributed to my attention to detail and factors that affect your lawn. Not every lawn is built the same and requires special attention, especially in changing seasons.

I will never leave a property if I am not satisfied with it. While you may see good results, I am extremely meticulous must make sure everything is done well. The word of mouth praises has built my company up from scratch and I offer you the same level of care if you were to hire me.

At Complete Landscaping, not only will I handle your mowing, edging, and blowing, I will also handle your mulching, bush and shrub pruning, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, aeration, weeds, and tree trimming. We offer extensive services beyond the regular lawn care needs. I look after your property as if it were mine. My results reflect my work and my reputation. A bad job means I didn’t provide the best quality service to my customers who spend their hard-earned money on me.

I attended the University of Houston and was a graduate of Mount Carmel Academy High School in Houston, Texas. When I’m not out working and servicing my customers, I enjoy spending time with my family or taking part in outdoor activities.

Is your lawn needing a little extra care this season? Let my team and I at Complete Landscaping tackle your lawn care needs. 

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Juan Gil Lawn Services in College Station, TX

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Thank you for considering me for your lawn care needs. Whether you need someone to cut your grass, help with landscape maintenance or maintain your lawn, I can help you. I have always loved working with his hands and even more so in the outdoors. As a Houston native, I’ve worked all around Texas, and more concentrated in Mission, Texas. I have been in the landscaping industry for over 10 years and have worked for some of the largest companies all around Texas. With the experience I gained from running larger landscaping teams, I decided to start my own company. I founded and started GB Residential Service in 2010. With one mower, one weed eater, a blower, and a trailer, I have grown my company to a 3-man team serving over 70 residential homeowners and several commercial properties.

My team and I provide lawn care services and landscape maintenance to all of the Brazos County area residents, their surrounding cities, and all the neighborhoods in Mission, Texas. I’ve worked with many customers, including commercial properties close to Texas A&M University.

My positive reviews all steam from my commitment to work hard and meet all customer expectations. Other companies tend to say they’ll be able to do something but find they can’t do it for one reason or the other. I will make sure to walk the property with every homeowner to ensure I get the info I need to exceed their expectations. I also take my time with every property I work in. When we are done, we also try to walk the property with our customers again to see if they want anything done differently or need any additional work. Keeping a clear line of communication with every customer is key to keeping customers happy and making sure they recommend you to their neighbors, family, and friends.

GB Residential is not only a lawn maintenance company but can also mulch, provide shrub and bush trimming, leaf removal, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, low-level tree trimming, pine needles, and aeration. Just to remind you, we will cut those high grasses, clean your yard, and fix damages to your lawn. We are the complete package at affordable prices.

Being able to make properties look better is what drew me to this industry and the people are what has kept him in it. We can add value to our customer's home and that is what motivates me to do the best job I can, along with my team of highly trained professionals. More than anything, it’s seeing the reactions of happy customers when they look over their yard. We get that look of approval all the time and my crew and I can’t get enough of it.

If you’re looking for a professional crew who can handle your lawn care needs and need someone to work quickly, hire us for your lawn care needs. Click the "Hire Me" button and let my crew and I get started on your lawn today. 

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Luis Barcenas Lawn Services in College Station, TX

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I have always taken pride in landscaping. Since an early age, I came to love working with my hands and in the outdoors. Having worked for several large landscaping companies in the Houston area and stretching as far as Brazos County, I knew at some point that I wanted to start my own business one day. After working for three years for a lawn care service provider, I managed to purchase my own equipment, purchase a zero turn mower, a trailer, a blower, and a weed eater, I finally started the company of my dreams. I officially started Luis Professional Lawn Care and began servicing College Station residents after identifying a real gap in quality lawn care services in the area. If you’ve used a lawn care service in College Station, and you were unhappy, I can help you.

Many companies in the area often come from other places. While their staff is working at another property, you’re wondering why no one has shown up to your home. My scheduling is catered specifically to make sure my company and my crew can meet you at the scheduled time we agree on. We provide consistent quality of work every single time and our reviews back us up.

Originally from Mexico, I have been in Texas for over 15 years and have called Texas home for over 10 years. My family and I love servicing the area and look forward to helping as many homeowners as we can. We’ve helped cut grass, mow lawns, and provide other lawn care services for hundreds of homeowners and businesses in College Station, Texas and its neighboring cities. Stroll through neighborhoods like Autumn Chase near Wolf Pen Creek Park and you can see some beautiful landscape work. My company can provide the same quality of care for your lawn or yard.

I treat every lawn like it’s the first time that it's been mowed by my company and act as if we are trying to win the business. This mentality and work ethic have led to more work, more business, and more importantly happy customers. My crew and I are very detail-oriented and will go to great lengths to make all of our customers happy. We always share results after the work is done. If the customer needs changes, we’ll be happy to do it.

I will handle just about all types of lawn care services, including mulching, shrub and bush trimming, aerating, lawn mowing, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, tree trimming, weed removal, cleanouts, and planting. When a homeowner thinks about doing outside chores or dreading to mow their own lawn, we want them to think of Luis Professional Lawn Care.

So, if you want a professional to handle all your yard maintenance and landscape maintenance needs, we recommend you book us on the app. Our transparent pricing doesn’t change and there are no hidden fees.

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Timothy Shine yard mowing in College Station TX
lawn-maintenance-in-College Station-TX local-lawn-care-services-in-College Station-TX affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-College Station-TX the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-College Station-TX lawn-care-services-in-College Station-TX

The staff over at Avery Taylor Service are so great and the owner Johnathan is so nice. They’ve been doing land care services for my home by Southwood Terrace near Bachmann Park for a couple of weeks now. His crew had been doing maintenance work in our yard for a few weeks in order for me to sell our house and then move into our new home. They did an exceptional job at both places. Working with professionals made the house I was selling more appealing and people who come to the open houses always comment on the beautiful landscape. I knew I needed to hire them for my new home as well. They work with your budget and go above what they originally plan to do. Such a positive experience and worth every penny. 

Devin B. Taylor lawn mowing service in College Station TX
local-lawn-care-services-in-College Station-TX grass-cutting-businesses-in-College Station-TX cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-College Station-TX lawn-maintenance-in-College Station-TX the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-College Station-TX

Our Condo’s Home Owner’s Association, located by South Knoll near Southwest Parkway and Gabbard Park, had been working with a couple of different companies for landscape work and lawn maintenance. After meeting with Jeshua Jones, I knew I found a team of fast workers and seasoned professionals. I didn’t think a simple lawn mowing job would require so much work, but he explained everything he was going to do and performed such a quick job with his team. You can tell all the effort they put and all the work that needed to be done. I highly recommend him for all your lawn care needs. 

Jay Taylor grass cutting in College Station TX
affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-College Station-TX lawn-maintenance-in-College Station-TX affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-College Station-TX grass-cutting-businesses-in-College Station-TX grass-cutting-businesses-in-College Station-TX

We had Juan and his team from GB Residential Service do some basic lawn mowing and landscape maintenance on our backyard and couldn’t be happier. I live by Shenandoah near Reatta park, I didn't think there were any reliable lawn service providers near me. He listened to what we wanted and completely transformed my backyard. He was so easy to work with, took his time getting to know what I wanted, and was on time. Can’t recommend him enough! His crew was also great. Throughout the entire process, Juan and his team were responsive and communicative. They listened closely to our goals, took diligent notes as I spoke, and gave me the best lawn care service I've ever received. Everything started and ended on time and I felt like I didn't waste an entire day. My backyard looks amazing thanks to Juan and his team. 

Jan Morales lawn cutting in College Station TX
affordable-lawn-services-in-College Station-TX affordable-lawn-services-in-College Station-TX lawn-maintenance-in-College Station-TX affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-College Station-TX lawn-care-services-in-College Station-TX

I've worked with many different contractors in the past before and Luis Professional Lawn Care is hundred times better than any company I've worked with. They were recommended to me by a good friend so I decided to give them a shot. I needed to build a deck and really wanted something nice. They send one of their design/engineers over to give me a detailed line by line estimate on what it would take to build it. I knew in the first 5 minutes that these guys know what they were doing. No shortcuts were taken and their crew was very professional. If you are doing something in your backyard these guys are the ones to call!