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Formed Earth Lawn Care in Lancaster, TX

Hired 154 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.159 Reviews)

If you're looking for one of the best lawn care services in Lancaster Texas well then look no further thank you for stopping by my profile and thank you for reading over my bio about my lawn maintenance business and what makes me a little bit different and a little more special than other grass cutting services in the Lancaster area. I service the following neighborhoods in Lancaster Ames Meadow, Anderson Farm, Beckley, Bellaire Acres, Bellaire Terrace, Bluegrove Rd, Boardwalk, Brook Meadows, Brownlee Park, Clear Springs so if you live in any of these fine communities that we have I would be happy to cut your grass on a weekly basis or every two week yard maintenance cycle. I aim to please my yard maintenance clients and I like to think that I am the caretaker for their prized asset, their home and gardens. I don't take that responsibility lightly so you can count on me to be there to make your yard look as good as it possibly can. No I'm not a miracle worker so I won't be able to take a neglected yard and turn it around in one grass cutting however over the course of an entire lawn mowing season you and I can develop a game plan on how to get your yard with back in top notch shape, The weeds pulled out of your beds, the bushes trimmed and pruned and manicured nice and neat, and also any leaves cleaned up during the fall, and fresh mulch or fresh pine straw put down in your gardens and landscaping.

I handle all of these types of lawn maintenance services so with that being said I would be happy to do your grass cutting for you and maintain your lawn and landscaping for you no problem. When you get my price on GreenPal, that basically covers your grass cutting and edging and weed eating and so take a look at the lawnmowing reviews that other people in the Lancaster Texas area have had to say about my lawn maintenance skills. I like to think my reputation in Lancaster speaks for self and I can make a promise that I will stand behind the yard work that I do for you and I will show up on time to mow your yard, and that if there are ever any issues with your yard maintenance that I will do my best to work them out with you in a reasonable fashion. No I'm not perfect and no grass cutting service in Lancaster is however if there ever is a problem with your yard maintenance and the landscape maintenance services that you are paying before then you and I can discuss it and work through those problems ups as they come up. While I don't anticipate there to be any issues with your lawn maintenance, landscaping and gardens are a living breathing thing and so sometimes weird stuff can happen and you and I can work to those issues as they come up. Thanks again for considering me for your home and gardens maintenance this year I look forward to taking on your lawn's care and to be the best Lancaster yard maintenance business that you have ever worked with. Have a great day.

Also , if you need neaby lawn cutting services in DeSoto TX my yard business can help you with that as well as with local grass cutting services in The Colony TX.


Walker Lawn Care in Lancaster, TX

Hired 19 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.14 Reviews)

Not all lawn care services in Lancaster Texas are the same and I would be glad to explain to you the difference in the nuances of the different yard maintenance companies that you can hire especially using your GreenPal account. GreenPal lets you audition different yard mowing services in DFW and the Lancaster area and I will be one of those companies that you can audition for your grass cutting. When I cut your grass the first time you will notice some different things about how I maintain your yard versus other lawn care services that you may have used in the past for your yard maintenance. For starters I like to reach out to you before I come out to mow your yard the first time to see if there's anything specialized that I need to know about. Some people's yards in Lancaster, Tx will have a wet area that's kind of marshy and I like to know about that so I don't leave unsightly ruts in the yard, and other folks have special request like blowing off the back deck and patio free of debris and leaves and so I like to know what special requests my grass cutting customer has before you started on the 1st yard mowing service for them.

Most people don't really care too much about the details however like to check in with them before I come out to mow the first lawn cutting for sure. This level of proactive communication is rare among lawn care services in Lancaster Texas but you can expect this kind of personalized care from my yard maintenance business and it's how I have built my grass cutting company from the ground up. What's cool about GreenPal is that you can see this level of detail is reflected in my lawn care service reviews. After every yard that we cut on the GreenPal landscape maintenance mobile app or grass cutting client is prompted to leave us a review for the grass cutting. So then you get to read those reviews and consider who you want to work with on your yard mowing without having to take a big gamble on taking a chance on one of the grass cutters. This is by far the easiest way I know to make the best informed hiring decision you can make to hire somebody to cut your yard. Now that being said I am in Lancaster cutting yards two days a week and I would be more than happy to take on your landscape maintenance services for you this year and it's my chief aim to become the last landscaper that you ever have to deal with in Lancaster and make your yard one of the best looking on the block. You probably have see some of my lawn maintenance services and work over by Les Zeiger Park and also over by Ruby Young Elementary School in Lancaster and so I'm able to quickly get to your yard care as soon as you hire me on your GreenPal lawn care services account. Thanks so much for considering me I look for to working with you on your yards maintenance.

Also , if you are looking for local affordable lawn care services nearby Landcaster TX we can help you there and also help with affordable landscape maintenance services nearby The Colony TX..


Howards Lawn Lawn Care Services in Lancaster, TX

Hired 98 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.73 Reviews)

I love mowing lawn's all over Lancaster and I love making our city a little bit more beautiful every time I cut a yard. Nothing gives me satisfaction more than taking a yard that is overgrown in Lancaster and we bringing it back into shape. I love cleaning up edges, getting the weeds out of people's beds, and making an overgrown ugly yard look nice and neat again. Something about it just gives me satisfaction and so when you hire me for yard maintenance you can rest assured that that's what you'll be getting from me and my grass cutting company. I am looking to take on new clients by Ten Mile Creek Preserve and also over by Bear Creek Nature Park it so if you live in those parts of town feel free to hire me for your lawn maintenance because I'm already nearby cutting other yards for your neighbors already.

That's something you might want to consider when you were looking at who you were going to hire for your lawn maintenance this year, you kind of want a grass cutting service in Lancaster that already has a couple of clients nearby you already. Why does this matter? Well, because most of the cost for getting your lawn cut is the trip charge factored in to how much yard maintenance will actually be. You have to think of somebody has to drive 15 or 20 minutes sitting in Lancaster traffic that they are going to have to recover that what is the time somehow and guess what usually it's reflected in your lawn maintenance price. So you don't want to overpay for your grass cutting and you certainly don't want to be paying somebody to sit in traffic in Lancaster so it's best to hire me when I'm already nearby you cutting other people's yards. Most of my lawn maintenance prices in the Lancaster area start out at around $30 dollars for lawn cutting in top out at $50 per grass mowing. So if that price range for your lawn maintenance services sounds pretty good to you well then I would appreciate the opportunity to make your yard shine this year. Other local lawn care services in the Lancaster area might be cheaper however when it comes to yard maintenance I have found you really do get what you pay for. If you go with one of those cheap bottom dollar lawnmowing services in Lancaster odds are they are probably going to go out of the landscape maintenance business pretty soon and then you'll be struggling to find somebody else to take over the yard maintenance for you. So let me just say thank you so much for considering my grass cutting company I really appreciate the opportunity to work with you this your new yard maintenance, thanks so much.

Also , if you are not near Lancaster , TX we also do local lawn mowing services in Denton TX and even if you live in the mid-cities area we can also do local lawn maintenance services in The Colony TX.


Shawns Lawn Care Services in Lancaster, TX

Hired 29 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.29 Reviews)

Grass cutting in Lancaster Texas is what I do and I love picking up more customers in the Lancaster area. If you're looking for solid reliable and affordable lawn maintenance contractor in Lancaster do not hesitate to try me out. While I'm not taking on any one time grass cutting customers I am taking a weekly yard maintenance clientele and every two week landscape maintenance as well. So let me just say thank you so much for considering my grass cutting service and if your intent is to hire an ongoing yard maintenance company in Lancaster that I would be happy to become your trusted like your service provider this year. A lot of folks don't really understand why I don't do one time grass cuts it so I would be happy to explain that to you. You see when any lawn care service in the Lancaster area comes out to mow your yard for the first time we rarely ever make any money on that first grass cutting visit. Moreover we usually lose money on the first lawnmowing visit because it takes us about double the time.

First we have to find where your lawn is located and sometimes there are some nuances associated with that, next we have to familiarize ourselves with the lay of your lawn landscaping and also your gardens, and that takes extra time on the 1st yard mowing visit, next we have to catch up some of the deferred lawn maintenance that you might have in your yard and it could be overgrown edges and overgrown yard or if you're paying me to clean out your gardens it most certainly will be deferred yard care there, so as you can see there are all sorts of nuances and things that go into the first grass cutting visit that we do for you that otherwise won't be an issue that we have to deal with on the ongoing lawn maintenance visits. So with that being said most of the every two week lawnmowing customers that I have in Lancaster are about $35 or $40 per grass cutting. Now you cannot expect to pay 35 or $40 for a single grass cut more over even if we were going to charge you double for the lawn cutting that usually ups upsets more lawn maintenance clients then it does make happy and then it just causes headaches for me and it's really not worth it in my opinion. So thank you for understanding that so if you hire me I will be requiring you to book weekly or every two week yard maintenance visits as soon as you hire me and then I can get out and get to work on your yard work for you. I am taking on clients by Belt Line Elementary and also over by Elsie Robertson Middle School in Lancaster so I really appreciate the opportunity to work with you this season thank you so much.

If you are not near Lancaster , TX we also do affordable lawn cutting services in Benbrook TX I am happy to help you there and can also help with affordable yard maintenance services in White Settlement TX.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 4 reviews)
Mary Aguilar Lawn Care Service in Lancaster TX
“My realtor recommended GreenPal about how it helped her save money on her grass cutting services when I just moved to the Lancaster area after buying a home in Pecan Heights. I was not let down when I created my GreenPal account and it worked just like my realtor said it work for her. I got competing grass cutting prices I reviewed all of them and hired the cheapest grass cutter out of the lawnmowing priceless that GreenPal delivered to me. Everything with my yard maintenance was so smooth that I recommended it to three family members since then and I recommend that you check it out too if you are looking for the easiest way in Lancaster to get your yard mowed.”
Andrew Morgan Grass Cut in Lancaster TX
“After reading reviews about GreenPal online I decided to try it out to get my grass cut. I was paying $55 per lawnmowing for somebody to cut my yard in Meadow Creek in Lancaster and I was going to see if I can save a little bit of money on my grass cutting. GreenPal fetched me five competing estimates for grass cutting services within 45 minutes. I was able to compare my lawn mowing quotes and read reviews and also statistics about each of the grass cutting services that I couldn't find anywhere else and I think that's what impressed me the most about the whole thing. Sure enough I hired a lawn mowing service that was $5 dollars per grass cutting cheaper than my last lawn guy and now we are on the fifth grass cutting and everything is going smoothly thus the positive review I am leaving here.”
William Bosque Lawn Maintenance in Lancaster TX
“I had some friends coming over for a party and I wanted my yard to look nice by my push mower blew up in the middle of the job. So there I was with 10 inch tall grass and people coming over that evening. I decided to give the app a shot because I heard about GreenPal on the radio and I was not let down. After signing up for grass cutting quotes, I hired the most expensive lawn care service out of the pack so to make sure they would get to it. I was not let down, the lawn cutter came out that same day and got the yard all fixed up and even did a better job that I was going to do if my push mower had not broken down on me. I gave the lawn guy I hired a tip right on my GreenPal app and the whole thing was so convenient that I just want to head and booked weekly grass cutting services and so now I don't even have to mow my own yard anymore and it's just lovely. Check out GreenPal I don't think you'll be disappointed.”
Jacqueline Layton Grass Cutting in Lancaster TX
“After searching around for two hours for a grass cutting service in Lancaster I decided I was over it. I think I probably left five voicemails for different lawnmowing services nearby me and I didn't even get the courtesy of a return phone call back for somebody to come out and mow my yard. While doing some Google research for lawnmowing services nearby Lancaster Texas I stumbled across the GreenPal website and while it seemed too good to be true I gave it a try. GreenPal got me all fixed up with a solid lawnmowing service in Lancaster that got my yard cut the very same day. They did such a good job of cutting the yard that I have them coming to mow the lawn every 10 days which is another nice thing about GreenPal because my last lawn care service wouldn't mow it every 10 day yard make a schedule. Problem fixed and now I have my weekends back.”

lawn-maintenance-in-lancaster-TX-lawn-service-in-Cool-Valley Great news grass cutting, lawn care services, and landscaping maintenance in Lancaster Texas just got super easy. GreenPal has expanded his lawn maintenance website to the Lancaster Texas area which means that you can save time on calling around to different yard maintenance companies nearby you and money on getting your grass cut. Allow me to explain a little bit about how GreenPal works and how the mobile app can save you time and money on your yard maintenance services. For starters the normal way of getting a lawn care service to come out to your home to mow your yard is kind of broken. Still to this day you have to call around and leave voicemails and request prices for yard maintenance services and lawn cutting from yard maintenance businesses nearby. The problem is and has always been that these lawn maintenance companies are busy riding lawnmowers all day and servicing their existing yard maintenance clientele.

What this means is that when you need one of them to come out to cut your yard you have to leave a voicemail and then they have to return your phone call later on that after afternoon or night. Then you play a game of phone tag with them and you have to repeat this process about a dozen times to get multiple competing prices for lawn cutting and landscape maintenance services. Well, GreenPal eliminates all of these problems because the lawn maintenance website has onboarded the best local lawn care services in Lancaster to operate their yard maintenance companies on top of GreenPal’s technology. This puts dozens and dozens of prequalified, rated, and reviewed yard maintenance businesses within in your fingertips and it enables you to hire them for lawn cutting in a snap, so now rather than calling around and leaving voicemails requesting prices for lawn maintenance you can get them sent to your email box. This enables you to get grass cutting quotes faster and on your terms. So no longer do you have to wait around and meet them at your yard negotiate over the lawn care service pricing. Grass cutting quotes are emailed right to you in so you can read reviews, their ratings, and gauge how reliable and affordable these local lawn care services in Lancaster, Tx are before you even have to hire one. This is the way yard maintenance should always have been and the good news is that it's easier now more than ever. GreenPal has onboarded some of the best local lawn maintenance businesses in Lancaster to service the following neighborhoods,Beckley Bel-Air Place Apartments, Bellaire Acres, Bellaire Terrace, Bluegrove Rd, Boardwalk, Brook Meadows, Brownlee Park, Clear Springs, Clover Meadow, Colonial Estates, Danieldale, Franklin Farms, Geneva Gardens, Glendover Estates, Indian Canyon, Interurban Heights, J.A. Dewberry Addition, Lancaster Hills no matter what part of Lancaster you live in GreenPal has got you covered. No matter if you live over by Country View Golf Course or over by Belt Line Elementary in the Lancaster area you can now get your grass cut the very next day and at a yard maintenance price you can afford. So if you're ready to get started go ahead and click the orange button at the very top of your screen and simply provide a few details about your lawn maintenance and what you're looking for with respect to your yard maintenance services this year and then GreenPal will help you do the rest. Also if you need local lawn maintenance companies in The Colony, TX GreenPal has got you covered there with fast online ordering for lawn mowing and also with nearby yard maintenance companies in DeSoto TX.

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About Lancaster Texas

Lancaster is a city in Dallas County. The population was 36,361

In 1841, an act of the Republic of Texas Congress authorized President Mirabeau Lamar to enter into a contract with William S. Peters and nineteen associates to promote settlement in North Texas and paid the company with free land in exchange for recruiting new settlers. Around 600 families would settle in what became known as Peters Colony from 1841 through 1844. The Peters' group advertised heavily in Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, and Tennessee, and for that reason, many of the earliest settlers were from those states.

The first group to settle in the Lancaster area was Roderick Rawlins and his family from Greene County, Illinois. They left for Texas in September 1844. Rawlins and two of his sons-in-law came ahead to select the general area where they would settle. They chose an uninhabited area south of Dallas along the north bank of Ten Mile Creek as the site of their new settlement. In December 1844, the three men went back to Lamar County near the Red River to bring the rest of their wagon train.

The founder of Lancaster was "A" Bledsoe (some sources list his name as Abram Bledsoe or Albert A. Bledsoe). He was born in Lancaster, Kentucky in 1801. An interesting note regarding his name: according to family lore, when his father Moses first looked at his newborn son, he is said to have remarked, "he looks like a Bledsoe." Thus his name, A Bledsoe, is unmarked by a period.

Bledsoe surveyed and staked off the original town of Lancaster in 1852. He purchased 430-acres of land from the widow of Roderick Rawlins and modeled it after his Kentucky hometown. The layout featured a town square with streets entering from the center of each side rather than from the corners. Bledsoe began selling lots at a public auction in 1853, reportedly giving as many as two-thirds of them to settlers from the nearby Pleasant Run community Source: Wikipedia Lancaster, TX

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