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Steven Tanguma Lawn Services in Edinburg, TX

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Thank you for considering hiring us for your lawn care and landscaping needs. We have been in this industry for a long time and have helped residents of Edinburg and Hidalgo County for two decades. We know this land better than anyone and have provided stellar services to homeowners and commercial properties. Our long track record gives us an edge against our local competitors. Year after year, we’ve seen more lawn mowing providers and lawn care companies coming and going leaving unhappy customers at their departure. If you want reliable lawn care services at affordable prices, hire Palms, Trees & More.

Palms, Trees & More is a family-owned business and has been working in the lawn care and landscaping industry since 1993. My name is Steven Tanguma. I’m the owner of this fine lawn care company and have made a mark in my 27 years of lawn care and landscaping work. My company prides itself on delivering outstanding customer service that doesn’t hurt your purse or pockets.

Our mission since day one has been to deliver amazing lawn care services to residents in Edinburg, McAllen, and Hidalgo County. We want your lawn or yard to look and feel great. We will mow your lawn, trim your grass, provide seasonal yard maintenance, provide landscape maintenance to beautify your property and provide a long selection of diverse lawn care services that will fit your needs and wallet.

We do this through reliable workmanship, maintaining the industry-leading equipment, and having superior knowledge of landscaping. Not many newer companies can match our company’s years of experience or knowledge.

Having served hundreds of lawns and yards, we know this land better than most. We can help you with any lawn care needs and deliver optimal yard maintenance.

If you browse through our full list of yard maintenance services, you’ll notice they’re all designed to help protect and clean your yard. Even if you’re looking for lawn mowing services, our lawn care services are designed with long-term health in mind.

Many of our full services include mowing grass, grass cutting, trimming bushes, irrigation maintenance, mulching, yard maintenance, landscape maintenance, soil installation, power washing, gutter cleaning, blowing leaves, weed removal, fixing damaged lawns, and pretty much any other lawn care service you can think of.

Browse through our list of services and determine if we’re good for you. We guarantee that you won’t find a company like us. With a strong team of professionally trained lawn care providers, we have brought greener lawns to people all over Edinburg and Hidalgo County. From as far as Edinburg Municipal Park, to the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. We cover it all and we’re willing to drive to places near McAllen and Raymondville.

Download the GreenPal app, let us provide our lawn care bid for your lawn or book us on the app and let us get started mowing grass or providing optimal lawn care services right away. Depending on when you book us, we can help you as soon as the very next day.

Trust a company that has been around for years and has a solid work history with positive reviews to back it up. Book us now and we’ll get to work on your yard. 


Robert Brouwen Lawn Services in Edinburg, TX

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Thank you for your interest in my local lawn care company, Special Place. Our company offers lawn care services to residents in Edinburg, McAllen, Hidalgo County, and several parts of Dallas County. We offer lawn mowing services, landscape maintenance, yard maintenance, seasonal lawn care services, mulching, weed removal, sodding, gutter cleaning, grass cutting, and a very affordable lawn care services specific to your needs. We specialize in all areas of yard maintenance and lawn care services for commercial properties, homes, and even fields, including those centered near Edinburg Municipal Waterpark.

My name is Robert Brouwen. I’m the owner and founder of Special Place, a lawn care company that has helped hundreds of residents throughout Texas. Prior to starting my lawn care company, I provided lawn mowing services, landscaping, and yard maintenance for many customers. It was supposed to be just a side hustle to make more money. After helping many customers with their lawn care needs, many loved my lawn care services. One customer called the newly manicured garden their “special place.” Hence, the name of my company was born.

With years of experience and helping customers achieve great beautiful looking lawns. I can do the same for you.

Whether you’re looking to hire us for one-time lawn care work or monthly lawn mowing services, we offer a range of prices and services. I can help you restore your yard’s condition and ensure it stays that way with our low-budget yard maintenance package. Not all lawns will need care all the time.

If you’re worried about pricing, I can offer low priced bulk packages for GreenPal users. While your lawn is important, our company won’t charge you more than you can afford nor make recommend lawn care services that are unnecessary. Plus, many of our lawn mowing and lawn care services all come with bonus services that are intended to handle minor things with no extra charge.

Many of my customers by Wood Colonia (very close to the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley) have hired us to repair their lawns and provide monthly yard maintenance issues for their backyard. Their lawn health doesn’t degrade and their lawns are kept in mint condition because of the way we approach every task.

My priority is meeting every single one of your needs. Every single customer will receive our “Special” guarantee. We promise to provide great quality lawn care services and will ensure the job is done to your liking. So, if you need lawn mowing services, yard maintenance, or other landscaping services, we can help you. My team goes through a special training program to ensure they can provide the best lawn mowing service or lawn care service is being provided.

I can also work side by side with other contractors you’ve hired, like home builders if you’re doing work on your property. Browse through our profile and hire us if you’re ready to get started. I will answer all your questions and make sure you’re comfortable with us before you hire us.

Search through our profiles to see what we’ve done and the client base we’ve built. I have provided great services to all neighborhoods in Edinburg, Texas. 


Hector Hernandez Lawn Services in Edinburg, TX

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If you are looking for a lawn mowing provider in Edinburg and Hidalgo County, you need someone with years of experience and who knows how to properly take care of your lawn. Lawn mowing is generally different in Edinburg and you need specific lawn care services. You need a lawn care provider that has provided years of lawn care services to residents all around Texas.

I have been in the lawn care business for several years now, and I know southern Texas lawns like no one else. I’ve provided quality lawn care services and left happy customers in the process. I still work with many of them today, who are in need of constant yard maintenance. If you drive down Interstate 69C, many of the homes surrounding it has seen my company’s touch. Places near popular parks like Fountain Center Park has also seen our team transform lawns. 

After having trained a team of many competent lawn care professionals, I guarantee you’ll love our lawn mowing and lawn care services.

One thing we always do is make sure our equipment is on point.

Some lawn care companies, or lawn mowing providers, don’t often keep their equipment in good condition or properly train their employees. They just make hiring decisions based on whether or not they can use a lawnmower.

This approach is wrong. Her at Hernandez Lawn Services, we properly train our staff to ensure they’re not harming your lawn or making bad costly decisions that harm your wallet.

Our lawn care company wasn’t built overnight. It was built through literal blood, sweat, and tears. We know what we’re doing because that’s all we’ve ever known.

We would like to offer our services with lawn care bids through GreenPal. Or you can simply hire us for any lawn care services you need.

Whether you need yard maintenance, lawn cutting, mowing grass, landscape maintenance or you just want to get the grass cut every week or so, you can trust us to handle it for you. Reliable lawn care services in Edinburg, Pharr, McAllen, and even Mission, Texas is not always easy to find. Why not trust one of the most top-rated in the area?

We’ve built a reputation for positive lawn care results for all our customers. If you can’t solve your issue, we will work to fix it. If on a rare occasion, you’re unhappy with our service, we’ll make sure to make things right.

From seasonal weather changes or even intense storms, we are providing lawn care and lawn mowing services all year round.

No matter what services you need, book us on the GreenPal app for lawn care services. Search for the services best for your needs and we’ll get to work right away. 


Isai Rios Lawn Services in Edinburg, TX

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(overall rating 4.4/5.243 Reviews)

In Spanish, “Mi Tierra” translates to “my land.” These words are the foundation of my company’s mission statement – to take care and bring life to the land we walk on. What better way to do that than to help others transform their land into the beautiful condition it deserves to be. Your yard or lawn deserves that special care. If you are looking to hire a lawn care company that can mow your lawn or fix obvious damages, consider hiring us on the GreenPal app. Our company is offering lawn care services to residents of Edinburg Hidalgo and Dallas County.

My name is Isai Rios, founder of Mi Tierra. Like I mentioned, our company’s sole purpose is to reinvigorate your lawn and make it the healthy green haven it deserves to be. If you’ve ever strolled through Apollo Park, the fields are properly maintained and healthy. Your lawn deserves to have the same level of care or even better and our company can do that.

For 10 years, I have provided fast, flexible, affordable, and top-rated services to residents of Edinburg and McAllen, Texas. Our success with customers can be attributed to consistently providing premium lawn care and landscaping services.

No matter what you need, we are here to help you and charge you a very small amount too.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of the lawn care industry. We provide the best lawn mowing, landscape maintenance, yard work, pest control, and other lawn care services.

Your yard or lawn deserves proper care.

If you’ve used other lawn care providers before, you’re probably wondering why you should trust me. I highly encourage you to browse my five-star reviews and look at all my previous work.

In fact, I have one of the highest ratings in Edinburg. Also, our company offers a free health assessment of your lawn to help gauge its health and determine if it needs any other service. You’ll receive a quote, containing no hidden fees and you’ll see my team and I on the day of your lawn care appointment.

Because you’re using the GreenPal app, you’ll receive discounted offers.

We're an all-inclusive lawn care company, who is insured and works with the best equipment. We provide more than lawn care services, we can also help you with professional landscaping services, lawn mowing services and provide better results than other lawn mowing providers.

Our services range from trimming shrubs and bushes, tree trimmings, weed removals, mulching, grass mowing, fertilizing, and much more. If need branches or leaves removed from your property, we can help you. If you’d like to schedule any of our popular lawn care services, please contact us to get started. 

Here is what other GreenPal users have to say about lawn care near me:

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Claude E. Leon lawn mowing service in Edinburg TX
grass-cutting-businesses-in-Edinburg-TX lawn-care-services-in-Edinburg-TX local-lawn-care-services-in-Edinburg-TX cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Edinburg-TX lawn-maintenance-in-Edinburg-TX

I can trust the team at Palms, Trees & to properly mow my lawn cut my grass without damaging it. I've hired them for repeat yard maintenance. I seem to never have any time to mow my own lawn and felt it was best to hire a lawn mowing provider for all my lawn care services. The owner and his team have been nothing but nice. One thing I’ve noticed is that they are very cautious with getting their mowers ready before they start. They work so quickly but the work is still amazing. They've definitely been doing this for a while because they had an answer to every question I had. they've told work with many customers near Edinburg Bicenntial Park and I am still amazed at how they find the time to provide such great lawn mowing services. Highly recommended. 

Lisa Mitchell grass cut in Edinburg TX
affordable-lawn-services-in-Edinburg-TX lawn-maintenance-in-Edinburg-TX affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Edinburg-TX local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Edinburg-TX cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Edinburg-TX

The people at Special Place really did make my yard near Memorial Park a special lawn. For the past few weeks, they helped repair my lawn to make it healthier and greener. Other lawn mowing providers made my lawn look terrible. Since then, I've hired Special Place for consistent work for lawn mowing and grass cutting services, under their yard maintenance discount. A special thanks to GreenPal for helping me find a gem in the making and doing so for a small amount. Their lawn mowing services are worth every penny. The people at Special Place knew what my yard needed the minute they saw it. They explained everything they were going to do in my yard and began working on it.  They were respectful and delivered what I needed. Everything about their lawn care and lawn mowing services was great. I highly recommend them. 

Beatrice Amato lawn care in Edinburg TX
local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Edinburg-TX local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Edinburg-TX cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Edinburg-TX lawn-care-services-in-Edinburg-TX cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Edinburg-TX

Everyone at Hernandez Lawn Services was kind and very professional. They have helped me with a range of lawn care services. To this day, I still use them for yard maintenance. My yard looks incredible. I often keep busy at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, so having someone who can mow my lawn and work on my yard saves me so much time. I'm almost never home when they start mowing my yard every other week. The prices for their lawn care services are pretty cheap. That doesn't reflect the quality of their lawn care work though. Everyone is great and I would highly recommend them for your lawn care needs. 

Donald Pierce lawn mowing service in Edinburg TX
lawn-maintenance-in-Edinburg-TX cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Edinburg-TX affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Edinburg-TX lawn-maintenance-in-Edinburg-TX grass-cutting-businesses-in-Edinburg-TX

I work near the Museum of South Texas History and I have more than I can handle where I work. I don't have time to take my heavy lawn mowing machine and mow my own lawn every other week. I decided to hire a lawn mowing provider and found Mi Tierra. I needed help with lawn mowing and some other yard maintenance work that needed to be done. I've had to hire Isai and his team to do lawn care work every week. Their lawn care services are so cheap and their quality of work made me think I was rich. I've saved a lot of money in comparison to other companies that were quoting me ridiculously high prices for basic lawn care services. They consistently cut my grass to the height I want it to be and their grass mowing is impeccable. I definitely needed a professional lawn care company and I'm glad I found Isai.