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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Frisco, TX as of Jun, 2024


Koop's Lawn Care in Frisco, TX

Hired 124 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.129 Reviews)

Hey there thanks for checking out my lawnmowing service cutting grass and taking care of lawns and landscapes throughout the Frisco, Tx area for five years. Not all lawn care services in Frisco Texas are the same so it's important to learn the nuances about who you were considering on hiring to do yard maintenance for you this year. A couple things to consider when you're checking out local lawn care services on GreenPal who cut grass in Frisco. The first is some lawn care services will take on every two week lawn maintenance clients. But mine will. While I don't get excited about taking on every 14 day lawnmowing customer because let's face it in Frisco the summers are so brutally hot that the grass can grow 10 or 15 inches in 14 days so with that being said I tend to shy away from every two week lawn maintenance clients however I will accept them if you hire me to do them on GreenPal. GreenPal makes it so easy to keep track of what customers lawns I need to mow which weeks so it's really OK and I'm able to accommodate this lawn maintenance request.

Sometimes the new client in Frisco will ask for every three week lawnmowing or heaven forbid one time a month grass cuttings and I have to kindly declined that because by the time I get out there on every three week yard maintenance rotation in the grass can literally grow to be 24 inches tall and to be honest it just causes too much stress on my yard maintenance equipment and it's really hard to tell what might be hidden in that tall grass that can cause damage to my lawnmowing equipment. Well folks in Frisco that don't mind letting the grass get that tall don't care about their yard’s unsightly appearance I do however care about how I earn my living in my livelihood and my lawn maintenance equipment is the lifeblood of how I do that. So I would like to manage your expectations upfront and if you are not looking for anything other than a one time cut for really tall grass then I'm not going to be interested in performing your yard maintenance for you this season. However if you were looking for an ongoing lawn care service in Frisco Texas and you were looking to develop a relationship with the local lawn maintenance company that can take care of your yard work for you for as long as you live in your home in Frisco well then by all means I am going to be the best like your service that you could hire. I service the following neighborhoods in Frisco Bella Casa, Belmont Woods, Brookhollow, Camden Panther Creek, Canals at Grand Park, Cecile Place, Chapel Creek, Cheyenne Village, Christie Estates, Christie Ranch, Cobb Farm, Cobb Hill, Cool Springs, Crestview, Crown Ridge, so if you live in any of those areas I can usually get to your lawnmowing the very next day and I will send you a text message after you hire me on GreenPal to touch base and discuss any details with respect to your yard maintenance this year. Thank you so much for considering my grass cutting service I look forward to developing a yard maintenance relationship with you.

Also , if you need neaby lawn mowing services in Denton TX and I also have a lawn maintenance route that I run and do local yard cutting services nearby Richardson, TX.


David's Lawn Care in Frisco, TX

Hired 219 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.214 Reviews)

I pride myself in being one of the most flexible reliable and affordable landscape maintenance contractors that you can hire in Frisco Texas. I am affordable because I keep a very efficiently run lawn maintenance business and I operate in a tight circle throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area and I do not waste time sitting in traffic and as such I am in Frisco cutting grass two days a week. I am reliable because when I make a commitment to you to be there to cut your grass on a given day every week or if you're on an every two week lawn maintenance schedule you can have peace of mind that I will be there weather permitting on the day you want me to to mow your yard. Now a few caveats to that or of course if it rains, and also if I have any issues with my trucks or my lawn maintenance equipment and I will reach out to you to let you know about any possible delays ahead of time so there will be no surprises with your yard maintenance when you hire my landscaping maintenance company.

My lawn maintenance company is flexible and I pride myself in that. What I mean by that is a lot of lawn care services in Frisco will only take on an every seven day grass cutting customer. Not me I will take on every seven day lawn maintenance clients, every two week yard mowing customers, and every ten-day grass cutting service yards all the same as they will all be loaded into my GreenPal account when you hire me on the GreenPal landscape maintenance mobile app. Included in that first mowing will be basic grass cutting, edging sidewalks in concrete lines, and blowing off any grass clippings off of any paved surfaces after I'm done cutting the yard. Not included in that price is any bush trimming, weed spraying or pulling, or anything else like that as those are additional yard maintenance services that can be handled on as requested and as quoted basis and I will submit to you prices for all of that yard work through the GreenPal lawnmowing app after I am done mowing your grass for the first time. You'll get a email that outlines all of the pricing for those landscape maintenance services and if you like any of the pricing and descriptions of any of the yard work that I can do for you then go ahead and add it onto your account and it will populate on my dashboard to get done for you. It's a simple as that. I have a happy group of lawn maintenance client over by Ridgeview Ranch Golf Course in Frisco and I also have another cluster of grass cutting customers by Plantation Golf Club in town as well so if you live in those parts of the Frisco Texas area you'll get my most affordable lawn maintenance pricing as I am already near by cutting grass and other parts of town. So allow me to say thank you so much for considering my yard maintenance company I look forward to working with you on your lawn care this year.

Also , if you are looking for local cheap lawn care services nearby Richardson TX that is not a problem and I can help also with local lawn maintenance services nearby Denton TX..


Freeman Lawn Lawn Care Services in Frisco, TX

Hired 38 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.39 Reviews)

I specialize in basic lawn mowing and grass cuttings in Frisco Texas. I'm not a certified horticulturalist or a private gardener or anything however I do a really good job on basic yard mowing. If you're looking for a reputable and affordable lawn mowing service in Frisco then I will be a good fit for your needs. However if you were looking for a private gardener or somebody that is going to come out and diagnose problems in your landscaping bushes, trees, and turf grass disease well then I'm not going to be a good fit for those services. Very rarely is a horticulturalist and a Frisco, Tx grass cutting service one in the same. Most horticulturalist and landscaping maintenance experts charge more and specialize in high-end full-service landscaping maintenance contracts in Frisco while my lawn care service specializes in solid basic weekly grass cutting or every two week yard mowing's and we also offer every 10 day lawn cuttings as well should you want that yard service interval for your landscaping maintenance this lawn care season.

Now that I have outlined the difference between different kinds of landscape maintenance companies in Frisco allow me to discuss with you a little bit about pricing and what's included in the price that you'll be getting from me on your GreenPal yard maintenance app. Most of my grass cutting services in the Frisco area start out at $30 per lawnmowing and go up from there based on how big your yard is. Included in that basic grass cutting price is of course mowing the lawn in a professional fashion, and trimming the grass around anything in the yard such as street polls, playsets, fire hydrants, and anything else and then edging the sidewalks, driveway, and any patios that you have. Basically if you have any concrete I will edge the concrete edge on it. And then after all of that I will blow off all the grass clippings and debris from the paved surfaces so that everything is left in a nice and neat appearance when I am done mowing your yard for you. A lot of my customers in Frisco Texas asked me if I can do shrub pruning, and also landscape bed maintenance including leaf removal and stuff like that with the lawnmowing visits. And of course I can I would love to do that extra yard work for you however it does cost extra. Typically your landscaping bed visits cost about $10 extra per yard mowing and shrubs or just depending on how many bushes that you have around your yard and your landscaping. Either way I will price those additional yard maintenance services for you after your first grass cutting and then you can see if you want to add that onto your landscaping maintenance. I service the following neighborhoods in Frisco Texas, Independence Estates, Kings Crossing, Kings Garden, Kings Ridge, Kingswood Village, La Valencia, Lawler Park North, Lebanon Ridge, Legacy Drive, Legends at Legacy, Liberty Crossings, Lone Star Ranch, so if you live in any of those parts of town I would love to be your landscaper of toys this year thank you so much.

Also , if you are not near Frisco , TX we also do nearby yard cutting services in Richardson TX and not only there we are also happy to help out with your local yard mowing services nearby Lewisville TX.


Team Bowman Lawn Care Services in Frisco, TX

Hired 39 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.39 Reviews)

Well if you live in Frisco Texas and you're looking for the last lawnmowing contractor that you ever have to hire that I appreciate the opportunity to become your trusted lawn care service. My goal is to exceed your expectations every time I cut your grass and then make your yard and landscaping one of the best looking lawns in your neighborhood in Frisco. Most cheap lawn care services that you're going to find on the Frisco Texas craigslist page don't really care about the finished product with respect to your yard maintenance services however I'd like to put myself in my customer shoes every time I go out to mow yard. I like to think that it's my job to make sure their lawn and landscaping looks as good as it can and while I'm not perfect and I cannot work miracles in your landscaping I can however do a very nice job of cutting your grass and can also clean up your edges, landscaping beds, and bushes if you want to do that too, and don't get me wrong all of those yard maintenance services are not included in the price that you're going to get for me on your GreenPal account however what is included is mowing edging blowing and leaving the yard and a nice maintained appearance.

On top of that after I do your yard mowing for the first time I will do a property assessment of your yard and landscaping to see about what other lawn care services you might need to get done for your home. Then the cool thing is I fill out a form on my GreenPal yard maintenance and you will be emailed three or four different prices for things like pressure washing, weed pulling, shrub pruning, mulch, and fall turf renovation. Now I don't want to seem pushy and don't misunderstand me none of my grass cutting service customers that I have in Frisco have me do everything and all the yard work that I quote for them however those prices for different yardwork and lawn maintenance services are there for you and for your consider consideration anytime that you want to add them onto your lawn maintenance schedule with me. Keep in mind I'll need a couple of weeks notice for any of the additional yard work and so I can fit it into my lawn maintenance route that I am running to the Frisco Texas area. Speaking of Frisco I cut a handful of yards over by Grand Park and 10 other lawns over by Pearson Farms so if you live near any of those points in town I would be able to jump on your yard maintenance no problem at all.

If you are not near Frisco , TX we also do cheap grass cutting services in Lewisville TX and I can also take care of your needs with nearby lawn mowing services in Denton TX.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 4 reviews)
Elaine Blankenship Yard Cutting in Frisco TX
“I love for things to be nice and neat in my yard and so I guess you could say I'm kind of picky with who cuts my grass. GreenPal lets you audition a few different lawnmowing services before you get set up with ongoing yard maintenance with any of them. This is what I like the most about the lawn care website and so that's why I'm giving it a strong recommendation. I'll have to admit the first lawnmowing service I hired using my GreenPal account didn't really suit my expectations but the second one did and they are right in my yard maintenance budget. Check it out for yard cutting and landscaping maintenance services in Frisco, it's worth your time.”
Blanche Lloyd Lawn Maintenance in Frisco TX
“My son let the grass get super tall because he just didn't have time to keep up with the lawnmowing. Normally the yard mowing is his responsibility but as life just happens to have and sometimes he couldn't keep up with the mowing. I didn't really want to pay a lawn care service in Frisco to come cut our yard in Shaddock Creek Estates but I didn't have any choice and on top of all that our riding lawnmower was getting super worn out and I didn't really want to buy another lawnmower either so hiring a local lawnmowing service seemed to be my only option. While one might think that paying somebody to come out to your home and do your yard work for you would be easy, for some reason in Frisco it's harder than you would think. I guess because our local economy is booming in the small lawn care services get overwhelmed with new yard mowing business but it was just hard to find somebody who wanted to cut my lawn for me. That's where the GreenPal yard maintenance mobile app came in and I got hooked up with three local lawnmowing services who would mow my yard the very next day. While I'm only signing up every two weeks grass cutting I'm getting out for less than $60 per month for yard maintenance, so I'm super stoked.”
Edward Phillips Lawn Mow in Frisco TX
“After just looking for a basic grass cutter to come mow my yard every two weeks I was tired of being up stood up by different lawn care services in Frisco nearby for things like fertilization services and flowers and all of that stuff. If I'm honest I really don't care what the yard looks like I just don't want the city of Frisco sending me a nasty letter or upsetting my neighbors from what my yard looks like. So with all that being said you can kind of see that I was looking for cheap lawn care service near me in Frisco Texas. GreenPal delivered just that to me. I felt like a king as I got five different lawnmowing prices from different lawn care services nearby all essentially competing over my lawnmowing service and I hired one for $27 per grass cutting. He did a great job and I guess you could say I'm a happy camper.”
Andre Larrison Lawn Mowing in Frisco TX
“So I've had to learn the hard way that for some reason when it comes to getting your grass cut in Frisco Texas you have two options. Either you can sign a contract for full landscape maintenance service that runs 12 months out of the year or you can mow your yard yourself. That's really what I realized after going through three different lawn care season's over four lawnmowing contractors and I almost gave up and went out and bought a push mower. Then I heard about GreenPal on the radio and it was it was just what I was looking for. An Easy way to pay for lawnmowing by each individual grass cutting and not have to sign a full contract for landscape maintenance services. I've had my fifth lawnmowing now and things are going so smooth that I have recommended it to five people since then.”

lawn-maintenance-in-frisco-TX-lawn-service-in-Cool-Valley Good news now lawnmowing in Frisco Texas is as easy as a few clicks of the mouse on the screen you are on right now. Allow me to welcome you to GreenPal the world's easiest way to get prices for lawn maintenance, compare reviews about local yard maintenance companies in Frisco, and hire a reliable and affordable grass cutting service in the Frisco Texas area without even making a phone call. If you have a minute allow me to explain a little bit about how GreenPal works and how we can save you money on your lawn maintenance services in time comparing, auditioning, and hiring a local yard maintenance company to take care of your grass cutting for you. You see, normally when you have to get somebody to cut your grass in Frisco you'll have to call around to a dozen different local landscaping maintenance companies in first request prices and proposals for yard maintenance. Then those companies have to drive out to your yard measure how big your grass is and how much landscaping you have and then give you a written proposal for yard maintenance. Part of the frustrating thing about the step is most of the lawn care services in Frisco will not even bother calling you back because they are busy mowing other customers yards or they are not taking on any new lawn maintenance clients.

Then the next frustrating thing is many lawn care services don't operate in the same fashion. Some of the Frisco lawn care services will cost more more than others and some will require you to sign a landscaping maintenance agreement before they will even begin cutting your grass. Moreover some don't do every two week grass cutting and some already or not taking on anything but every seven day lawn maintenance clients in Frisco, Tx. Sound like a headache? Because it really is. And we haven't even gotten to how do you make sure they show up on time to mow your yard every week and then leaving a check for the grass cutting every time they mow and reconciling the yard maintenance schedule. All of these things are headache and it's exactly why we built the GreenPal lawn maintenance app for people in Frisco Tx. Now with GreenPal you can do all of that in a matter of minutes and hire an excellent lawn care service local in Frisco Texas without even having to go through all that hassle. So if you live over by Toyota Stadium or even over by The Trails of Frisco Golf Club in Frisco GreenPal has tracked down dozens and dozens of local landscape maintenance companies who are taking on additional yard maintenance clientele in the Frisco area this year. So the good news for you is because now you have found GreenPal you can just click the orange button to get started and somebody will be out to mow your grass tomorrow so long as you higher than by today. Should you have any questions on how to use your GreenPal account to read reviews about local lawn care services in Frisco, and all of that feel free to reach out and we would be happy to help. Also if you need nearby lawn maintenance businesses in Denton, TX GreenPal makes ordering lawn mowing services online a snap there and also can assist with nearby yard maintenance companies in Lewisville TX.

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About Frisco Texas

Frisco is a city located in Collin and Denton counties in Texas. It is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

When the Dallas area was being settled by American pioneers, many of the settlers traveled by wagon trains along the old Shawnee Trail. This trail was also used for cattle drives north from Austin. This trail later became the Preston Trail, and later, Preston Road. Preston Road is one of the oldest north-south roads in all of Texas. With all of this activity, the community of Lebanon was founded along this trail and granted a U.S. post office in 1860.

The current settlement of Lebanon was on the Preston Ridge and was thus too high in elevation, so the watering stop was placed about four miles to the west on lower ground. A community grew around this train stop. Residents of Lebanon actually moved their houses to the new community on logs. The new town was originally named Emerson, but that name was rejected by the U.S. Postal Service as being too similar to another town in Texas.

Like many Dallas suburbs, Frisco is accumulating many retail properties, including Stonebriar Centre, a 165-store regional mall, and IKEA, a furniture store with an area of 28,800 square meters. Retail establishments and restaurant chains line Preston Road, which is one of the major north-south-running traffic arteries in the city.

Frisco took a different economic track than many surrounding cities and elected to use a fractional percent of local sales tax to fund the Frisco Economic Development Corporation (FEDC) rather than DART, the regional transportation body. The effectiveness of the FEDC, whose primary purpose is to reallocate such tax dollars to commercial ventures, is a matter of public debate. Source: Wikipedia Frisco, TX

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