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JC's Landscaping Lawn Services in Murphy, TX

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Your yard in Murphy has many needs, some of which you might not recognize. You might note how about how well the soil around your yard feels. Some parts of your lawn may also grow a little faster than others. The changes are due to the shade created by your trees and other nearby things. Our workers at JC’s Landscaping will support the needs your yard in Murphy has. You’ll never worry about how much money you would spend on services.

We at JC’s Landscaping are a full-service lawn and landscaping company that serves Murphy and other parts of the northern DFW area. We will help you with everything from sod installation to traditional lawn maintenance services. Our thorough work provides help for all the unique things you need for your yard. We’ll help you in every season.

We have been serving the northern DFW area since 1997. We’ve seen how well the DFW area has grown over the years, especially the Murphy area. We have seen how so many homes have built up around the city, including on Oriole Drive and other places in the northern end of town. The yards around Murphy have grown over the years, and they’ve experienced everything from unsightly weeds to flooding. We at JC’s Landscaping can review how well any yard in the area can look.

Our traditional lawn mowing service will support the distinct needs you have at your home in Murphy. We can serve your home every week or two, depending on what works for your schedule.

We offer a weed control service that prevents unwanted growths from developing. We can apply treatments around your yard to stop weeds, plus we can remove any that appear around your yard. We can remove these without harming the quality of your grass bed.

Our service is for homeowners throughout Murphy, including people who have older properties down south. We’re available to serve you throughout the entire year. You can ask us for support during the winter, for instance. We can support you if you have excess snow around your trees.

All of these services here at JC’s Landscaping will give you the most out of your property in Murphy. But you won’t have to spend lots of money to get the services you require. You can ask us about our affordable rates before we start working. We’ll let you know what you can expect to spend on our work, so you’ll be ready for our work.

You can access us at JC’s Landscaping online or by phone to learn more about what we can do for your property in the city of Murphy. We know you have many needs for your yard, and we’ll be here to ensure you receive the support you deserve. We recognize what your yard needs and will help even if you don’t know what to expect.


Harvey Lawn Care Lawn Services in Murphy, TX

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The properties in the northern part of Murphy are different from what you’d find down south. Go north to Betsy Lane, and you’ll find single-family homes with small yards. Go further south to Moonlight Drive, and you’ll see a greater variety of lawns.

You’ll need a quality lawn care service that can support your yard, whether you’re in the northern or southern part of Murphy. Our experts at Harvey Lawn Care will help you with all the outstanding concerns you have at your home.

Our founder Kylon Harvey and the rest of us at Harvey Lawn Care have been working on yards around the northern DFW area for years. We’ve noticed how well the region has grown over the years, especially with there being so many new communities popping up around Murphy. But while many of the homes around Murphy might look similar, that doesn’t mean every yard grows the same way. Kylon and the rest of us can check on what makes your yard in Murphy special and provide the services you deserve.

Do you have a wide-open property in Skyline Acres or another southern neighborhood? You can ask us at Harvey Lawn Care to check on how well your yard feels and what it requires. We can spend an extra bit of time mowing the grass, plus we can trim near your landscape.

We can also work around any in-ground pools you have at your property. Our goal is to trim every bit of grass without the clippings getting in the water.

What if you have a northern home near McWhirter Road near the city limit line? You might have a landscape in the front or back part of your yard. We can trim your bushes or hedges and remove weeds. We’ll also clean out the leaves from your landscape. We also provide a deadheading process where we remove the old heads off of your flowers. The effort triggers new growth.

We haven’t forgotten about the central part of the city near Farm to Market Road. We can serve commercial properties around here. Our work includes mowing small grass beds and trimming and cleaning up after trees. The grass outside a Whataburger or gas station can be just as important as the turf you’ll find elsewhere in the residential areas.

The work we provide at Harvey Lawn Care is all about giving your yard in Murphy a chance to look its best. But we also know that you have a budget you need to maintain. We’ll plan our work efforts based on your budget and what you can afford. You will find that you can utilize more services from us than what you might assume you could. You can also ask for a free estimate before we start.

Our work at Harvey Lawn Care covers the concerns you have for your yard in Murphy. You can ask us to arrive at your property regardless of which part of Murphy you live.


Jorge's Landscape Lawn Services in Murphy, TX

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Lawn mowing isn’t as simple of a task as you might assume. The grass cutting process has to be thorough and precise, not to mention the mowing equipment has to be ready. The good news is that you can ask us at Jorge’s Landscape to get your yard cut the right way the first time around.

Our team at Jorge’s Landscape can help you with the grass cutting needs you have at your Murphy home. We can serve the vast yards in the south around City Park and Travis Farm Park as well as the smaller and newer lawns up north.

We at Jorge’s Landscape recognize that your yard has unique needs that have to work on occasion. While your yard might look similar to others, especially if you live near Betsy Lane or around another of the newer parts in the city, that doesn’t mean your grass will grow like everyone else’s. We will check on the grass type at your yard and how well it develops based on weather conditions, shade, and other factors.

We’ll then plan our lawn mowing effort to ensure your yard grows well. The goal is to keep from cutting anything too short. A shorter grass blade won’t produce as many nutrients for the turf bed. A longer blade also cools the soil. The extra height prevents weeds from developing. The grass can also take in water, as it will not evaporate so fast. Our effort ensures your yard will look beautiful and be free of weeds while not having to be watered as often.

We use high-grade mowing equipment during every task. We will clean off our mowers before we start working on your yard. The effort ensures your yard will not take in grass clippings from a prior task we’ve completed. We can remove the old clippings after we finish the work.

Also, we’ll check on the cutting blades before each task. We’ll confirm they are sharp, clean, and aligned to where the grass receives an even trimming. Our work promotes a healthy yard without tearing up the turf.

You can ask us about our aeration service as well. Homes near Maxwell Creek can benefit from aeration, as it prevents flooding from developing around your yard. The process entails applying new grass seeds throughout your turf. We can aerate your yard at any time of the year, but we recommend the service in the spring. It’s easier to stimulate healthy plant growth during the spring. The rise will occur as the temperatures start to rise.

You can trust the services we provide here at Jorge’s Landscape. Get in touch with us today to learn about our services and to hire us for your needs. We can complete a free estimate at your property in Murphy. Our plan is about seeing your yard receives the support it deserves every time we arrive to serve.


Joe's Landscaping Lawn Services in Murphy, TX

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It’s never been easier to find lawn care services than today here at Joe’s Landscaping. You can ask our founder Joe Taylor and the rest of us to assist you in getting the grass cut at your home or business in Murphy. Our effort will give your property a striking style that makes it stand out. We can also help you if you’re looking to make your yard feel like new once again.

Our grass cutting team at Joe’s Landscaping is here for the needs your yard has. We’ll get the grass cut the right way every time. We can trim the grass near your landscape, foundation, and fence.

You can also ask us about our straight line edging service. With this plan, we can edge the turf near your driveway, sidewalk, and other paved spots. Edging prevents the grass from taking over your concrete areas. The work also reduces the risk of weeds building up around your property.

We can also assist you in maintaining your yard well beyond grass cutting. We know it’s a challenge to get natural grass to grow in the Murphy area. That’s why the playing field at Tom Kimbrough Stadium is artificial. But with us, your yard will look healthy and distinct without having to add anything fake.

Our yard maintenance services at Joe’s Landscaping include a full aeration plan. We can aerate your yard at least once a year to reduce compaction and improve how your yard can take in oxygen and water. We can also apply new grass seeds around your turf to facilitate growth.

We also have a weed removal service that treats the roots and seeds to prevent those growths from returning. Our removal work is safe for your yard and does not entail any potentially threatening chemicals.

You can also ask us about our irrigation solutions. We can check on any irrigation setups you have around your yard. We’ll clean the sprinkler heads and check on how well your soil can take in water. Our effort ensures your yard will stay healthy all the way through.

Don’t forget about the landscape maintenance services we have to offer at Joe’s Landscaping. After all, the word “landscape” is a part of our name. We can trim bushes and hedges, plant new trees, and prune those trees to ensure they grow well.

You can ask us about removing dead flower bulbs or planting flowers. We also have various groundcover options for your garden bed. We serve all landscapes from the more massive ones around Willow Wood Street to the smaller spots around Gables-Ranch. We’ll plan a mowing or care plan that fits your space.

We will give your yard in Murphy a look you’ve always wanted. You can ask us at Joe’s Landscaping to serve your lawn work needs today. We would love to give your property in Murphy the support you deserve.

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Tracy Oliva lawn mowing in Murphy TX
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I appreciate how the people at JC’s Landscaping take care of my yard every week. I enjoy coming home to my property on Ridgeview Drive every Tuesday because it’s always cut perfectly. The workers at JC’s Landscaping recognize how well my yard should appear. They clean up the grass from my driveway before they leave. They never leave all those tools around my yard. The people here are responsible and understand what is right for my yard every time they serve me. I would recommend everyone at JC’s to anyone in the Murphy area that needs extra help with their yards.

Vicky McCartney lawn mowing service in Murphy TX
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Everyone at Harvey Lawn Care respects and knows what I need out of my yard outside Maxwell Creek. The workers are thorough in checking on how well my grass looks. They also note how the soil feels before starting. I asked them about their power raking service during the spring as well. Their effort not only removed the thatch that grew during the winter, but they also helped in getting new grass seeds to grow. They understand all the things my yard needs every time they serve me. Best of all, my yard looks the healthiest it has ever been.

Edna Bird lawn care service in Murphy TX
local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Murphy-TX affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Murphy-TX the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Murphy-TX local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Murphy-TX the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Murphy-TX

No one in the Murphy area has understood my lawn as well as the people at Jorge’s Landscape do. They respect the needs my yard has, not to mention they never act rough on the turf. They wait until the yard is dry to ensure they don’t tear up the grass bed. The workers let me know when they’re going to arrive at my home near Aviary Park. They are prompt and ensure that they come over at the right time. I never have to worry about what they’re going to do for my yard.

Morgan Sample lawn cutting in Murphy TX
residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Murphy-TX lawn-maintenance-in-Murphy-TX affordable-lawn-services-in-Murphy-TX local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Murphy-TX lawn-maintenance-in-Murphy-TX

I am glad Joe and the rest of the people at Joe’s Landscaping have been supportive of my yard in the Bluff Creek Estates area. The workers at Joe’s Landscaping understand how well my yard grows and always check on how high they can cut the grass. They are very thorough in seeing that my yard stands out, but the best part is that they’re responsible as they make it all work. They always check on how well the mowing equipment works, and they ensure the mowers are clean before they start working.