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Justin Cauthen Lawn Services in Farmers Branch, TX

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Thank you for taking the time to read over my GreenPal Profile. My name is Justin Cauthen, founder of JT Lawn and Shrub. I take pride in my work. I have been around lawn care since high school. I went to college and studied business management. I'm rated one of the top lawn care service providers on GreenPal and have helped hundreds of residents in the Farmers Brand and Dallas County. 

If you're looking for a lawn care provider that will be there on time and provide low-cost lawn mowing services, I'm your guy. We operate on a weekly or biweekly schedule. All my clients get an email and text 48 hours before their service day to remind them. That way, they know when we're arriving and to leave all gates unlocked and pets inside. I keep an open communication with you so that you can know when I'm finished or if you need me to cancel at the last minute.

If you’re looking to get your grass cut, have someone mow your lawn, and or receive basic lawn care, I’m your guy! With the changing seasons, you’ll need someone who has experience maintaining lawns through the seasonal change. The humid conditions that your yard experiences during the year can be tough on your yard. Leaves, rain debris, and other natural elements can damage your lawn. Plus, your grass is either growing or not. Whatever issues you're dealing with, JT Lawn and Shrub can help you. 

If you’re tired at looking at your tall grass, dealing with wheatgrass, or have other issues, I can help. I can cut them to the length you’re happy with and provide yard maintenance work for you. I use the Spartan no turn Mower to cover large fields and a simple lawn mower for front and back yards. We do pretty much anything you can think of when it comes to lawn care services.

Maintaining your yard is not easy and it's very time-consuming. Landscape maintenance is also costly and hiring other people to do is usually a hit or miss. They might not do a good job or charge you for things you don’t need. I won’t do that to you. I offer the most affordable prices in You don’t have to do it alone because I can help you.

Whether you want your lawn to look as clean as Oran Good Park or as scenic as some of the wonderful lawns in Farmers Branch, I can help you. 

You can have a dedicated lawn mowing provider to help you. Getting the lawn cut doesn’t have to be costly. The work we provide has led to happy customers and I guarantee you'll feel the same. If you live in Farmers Branch or Dallas County, I can help you with all your lawn care needs. Contact me on the GreenPal app to learn more. 

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Steven Cruz Lawn Services in Farmers Branch, TX

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Hi, I'm Steven Cruz, founder of Cutting Edge Inc. Our goal is very simple; to become the best lawn company in Farmers Branch. After years of learning how to mow lawns, cut grass, and fix damaged yards, I started my own business to help residents in Dallas County beautify their homes or commercial properties. I've built a large client list because of my work and thanks to GreenPal. 

My company is servicing all residents in Farmers Branch and Dallas County. This includes all Famers Branch's neighborhoods such as Branch crossing, Farry Hines, Park Forest, Royal Haven, Mercer Crossing, Villa Creek, and other areas. We have provided assistance to hundreds of residents around Dallas county and more specifically in Farmers Branch. 

I offer a range of lawn care services. My lawn care service packages include handling your sod, aeration, patchy slopes, mowing grass in uneven terrain, fixing damages caused by pets, mulching, shrub, and bush pruning, tree trimming and other packages for you. I also offer bi-weekly lawn maintenance that includes 

I understand the difficulties of mowing your yard and adding appeal to the outside of your house. I know how time-consuming it can be, especially when you have other things you need to worry about. To make matters worse, the grass cutting is not easy when there are other factors at play. For example, uneven terrain can affect the balance of grass which would possibly need patching. Whatever you need, we provide the best and most affordable services in your area.

Our number one goal is to see you happy. We make sure that we communicate everything to you and let you know if we are ever running behind due to weather, equipment issues, or any other life events. We do promise to not waste your time and factor you as the number one priority. We will cut your grass, provide efficient lawn care by using the best products available and provide lawn maintenance.

We promise to be the best lawn mowing, grass cutting, and landscape company you’ve ever worked with.

Whenever I'm not working you can find me strolling at Farmers Branch Historial Park. 

Whether your lawn needs a full-on makeover or just your standard mow, edge, and blow, let the professionals over at Cutting Edge Inc be your go-to lawn care pros. Contact us on the GreenPal 

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Corsandra Brigham Lawn Services in Farmers Branch, TX

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Thank you for your interest in my services. If you’re looking for professional lawn care services, mowing services, or need some to simply cut your grass,  in Farmers Branch, Texas, I can help you do all of those things.

Throughout neighborhoods in Farmers Branch, I have helped residents with many lawn care needs. I love the outdoors and taking in everything when I'm adventuring outside. Many think of open all the parks available here. Yet, I believe there’s a robust opportunity to create beautiful landscaping. As a professional lawn service professional, I have helped countless residents in Farmers Branch, Nolensville, and its neighboring areas with mowing lawns, cutting grass, and helping beautify homes and business locations.

We have many long term customers because of my commitment to help you with your lawn care needs. If you need continuous full lawns are or a one time mowing of the grass, I can help you. Yard care and lawn maintenance don’t just reflect the value of your home. It reflects the type of person the world is meeting before ever interacting with you. Large companies and businesses understand the importance of having a nice garden or beautiful landscapes. It’s more inviting and shows a higher appeal.

We can help transform your home by simple landscape maintenance, lawn maintenance, or by simply cutting your grass. We provide competitive and low rates for everyone. We work quickly for people short on time. Your day to day tasks won't be stopped just because we're working. Now more than ever, we are in a hurry and we understand that.

Our services at Phelps Lawn care are made to handle time crunches but also uneven terrain and damages to your lawn. We offer great services at very low rates. We offer bulk packages for different needs and trusted licensed workers dedicated to their craft. We will help with all grass cutting needs. We will treat your yard well enough to overcome the challenges mother nature throws at it too.

Dealing with pesky crabgrass or weeds? It’s an all too familiar problem in our line of work which we are prepared to handle quickly. We work hard so you don’t have to pick up a lawnmower ever again. We also offer deals for residents interested in long term arrangements.

Along with helping homeowners and businesses in Dallas County, we also cover neighborhoods such as Royal Haven, Branch Crossing, Crestbrook Estates, Forest Highland and many others. Our team will assist you with all the lawn care services you might need, including when it comes to draining patches of flood on your lawn.

For more information, we encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns. We will detail our plan for your home and provide a quote. There are no hidden fees. Other landscaping companies or lawn mowing providers are quick to charge hidden fees. That’s not our style. Contact us for more information and we will help you as soon as possible. 

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Pedro Silva Lawn Services in Farmers Branch, TX

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No matter how nice your house is if your lawn looks unkempt, it can ruin the whole appeal of your property. Are you a resident of Farmers Branch and looking for a  Are you looking for a cheap but high quality lawn care service? You’re in luck! My name is Pedro Silva, founder of NuEdge Lawns. I’ve been mowing lawns for several years in the Farmers Brand and Dallas County. I offer budget friendly grass cutting and lawn mowing services for residents nearby, while also offering some landscape and yard maintenance. These services include tree trimming and pruning, land maintenance, and minor landscape maintenance such as removing weeds, debris, rusts, and other services.

 If you’re reading this and you’ve tried other lawn care or lawn mowing providers in the past and left a sour taste in your mouth, I can remedy that problem. My premium grass cutting services are not easily matched and I have testimonials have happy customers to prove it. You can get premium and affordable grass cutting services on a fast food restaurant budget.

As someone who has been servicing places like Farmers Branch, I always ensure to help residents with their lawn needs, including giving advice on how to properly maintain their lawn health. The world can really cause some nasty damages to your lawn and the weather doesn’t help either.

I make sure to update all my equipment to make sure that it is up to date and reflective of my customer’s budget. Depending on when you read this, the upcoming season requires specific lawn care and lawn maintenance. Not all lawn care companies are built the same. Some are not equipped to handle the differences in seasons and effectively provide good work for you. Hence, why you probably regret paying money for you last lawn care work.

If you drive through one of the various neighborhoods in Farmers Branch, you might see yard work with sharp, clean and precision yards. I pride myself on my work because I what I can offer you. Homeowners rightfully take pride of their homes and lawns. I know that lawn care goes beyond just cutting grass and landscape maintenance. 

My company is independently operated and owned. I promise to deliver great service and quality lawn care work. It won’t just be mowing lawns, it will be transforming your property or business into an inviting place. 

I’ve always enjoyed working by Farmers Branch Aquatic Center. As a side note, you should check out their outdoor poly furniture and great quality Amish built products. Awesome products that you can place on your newly mowed lawn after I work on it, of course.

Landscape work and mowing lawns takes a lot more than most people estimate in order to keep their yard looking great. I want to ensure you that you will have a green and healthy lawn through our lawn care services. If you are interested, contact me for more information about my affordable prices. 

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Kristen Smith lawn cutting in Farmers Branch TX
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The grass around my yard near Farmers Branch Park needing some caring.. Fortunately, through GreenPal, I found Justin's profile. After seeing all the positive reviews for his lawn care services, I decided to hire him. Justin was amazing. He was so good at mowing my lawn and cutting grass in my yard that I hired him for bi-weekly services. He's very flexible with his time and accommodates a lot of my requests. He is available to help me with all my specific needs I have surrounding the quality of my yard. A great decision to hire him and I'm happy to recommend him. 

Lee Burns grass cutting in Farmers Branch TX
affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Farmers Branch-TX lawn-care-services-in-Farmers Branch-TX residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Farmers Branch-TX lawn-care-services-in-Farmers Branch-TX affordable-lawn-services-in-Farmers Branch-TX

I asked Cutting Edge to help me prepare my yard for a showing. I needed to sell the home but also needed someone to mow the grass and make it more appealing. The team at Cutting Edge aerated the surface and removed the leaves from my property. Then they began mowing my lawn and made it very nice. I was surprised at how well they mowed my lawn and left my yard spotless in the process. They also planned a yard maintenance schedule for me, to ensure that my lawn stays healthy. The careful work that they put in helped my during the home showings. Best of all, their prices are fair and they're very easy to get a hold of. Highly recommended for any lawn care services.

Wayne Davis lawn mow in Farmers Branch TX
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My home near the Pepper Park needed to be mowed. The grass was growing hiring than ever, and some parts were not grwoing at all. In my search for a lawn mowing provider, I found Corsandra's profile on GreenPal. She was able to help me trim my grass, mow my lawn and even remove some leaves that were in my yard. She made sure my lawn was properly taken care of and barely left any tire marks on my yard. She was very supportive and also very positive. She never gave me any complaints about my requests and made sure to fulfill all my concerns. I've found a quality lawn care provider and plan to keep her for more work. 

Dorothy Caesar yard mowing in Farmers Branch TX
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The thorough work that Pedro Silva and his team at NuEdge did for my lawn is something out of a fantasy book. It's really amazing what happens when you let a professional handle your lawn care needs. My home near Rawhide Park needed some simple lawn mowing services. They not only helped with mowing grass, but also with removing some weeds I had, fertilizing, and edging the surface. I also asked for help with trimming a few of the bushes around my yard, and they were happy to do it. They had a fair price and made sure I was happy with everything. Best of all, my entire yard looks better than it has ever been in the past. You can't go wrong booking NuEdge for your lawn care needs.