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lawn-maintenance-services-in-katy-TX greenpal-lawn-care-services-in-katy-TX-yard-cutting-service-in-katy-Texas

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Katy, TX as of Apr, 2024


Professional Lawn Care in Katy, TX

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Lawn and garden renovations are my specialty. I have been improving the curb appeal of dozens of homes in Katy Texas for the last few years and I also do basic weekly and biweekly lawn maintenance but I really love to do lawn and landscape projects to improve your current lawns curb appeal. If you're looking for a specialist to work with you on a game plan to take your yard full of weeds and dirt to a full stand of lush grass and thick healthy turf then I am a good yard maintenance company for you to work with. Our lawn maintenance business has dozens of happy customers throughout the Katy Texas area. We primarily service around Mary Jo Peckham Park and the Estates At Grand Harbor neighborhood. After you submit your information onto the GreenPal lawn care service mobile app we will get a text message about the opportunity to submit a lawnmowing price for how much is going to cost to cut your grass. I like to call this the beginning of a beautiful yard maintenance relationship, because grass cutting is just a small part of what we do in the landscape maintenance business. After you get our price for how much is going to cost to cut your grass and if it looks good you just click to hire us and we will come out and mow the yard. Keep in mind that first lawn mowing will not be 100% perfect pristine yard work. It takes any lawn care service in Katy a couple of lawn cuttings to get familiar with your yard and gardens and to get everything in the yard shape. But what I will do on that first lawn cutting is take a look at your gardens, your landscaping beds, the weeds that you have in your landscaping beds, the condition of your turf and grass and I will prepare a lawn care service pricing list for how much each of these yard maintenance jobs are going to cost. I will work those prices up and send them to you for your approval on the GreenPal lawn care services mobile app. After that we can then begin working on a game plan for getting your yard and gardens in tiptop shape. Many of the other lawn care services especially the cheap lawn mowing companies in Katy Texas near me only do basic lawn cutting, and that's fine I'm not knocking them if that's all you're looking for just a basic grass cutting service. But if you're wanting a professional full-service landscape maintenance company in Katy to work with you on getting your yard in the best shape that it can be in then I am going to be one of the best options for you in Fort Bend county. Thank you so much for considering us to take on your landscape maintenance and yard maintenance needs. I look forward to meeting with you and developing our customize a plan of attack to get your turf and landscaping back into shape.

If you're not in Katy, Tx thats not a problem, GreenPal also has some great affordbale lawn cutting services in Sugar Land TX and provide affordable yard maintenance services in Missouri City TX as well.


Lawns By Chris Lawn Care in Katy, TX

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My lawn and landscape maintenance company has been serving the Katy Texas area proudly for the past nine lawn care seasons. We are primarily based in the Houston Texas area however we service dozens of yards we mow throughout Katy on a weekly basis. The reason we expanded our lawn care service out to Katy Texas is because we landed a few lawn care customers in the Katy area. What separates our lawn maintenance company from others in Katy is that we don't require you to sign a full landscape maintenance service contract to do business with us. Many other lawn mowing companies won't even talk to you unless you're going to sign up for for a full blown yard maintenance agreement, but not us that's not how we run our lawn mowing service. We believe in customer satisfaction and customer service so that means if you want to try out our lawn care service for just one lawn cutting to see how do with mowing your yard, that's fine if you want every two week lawn cuttings, that's fine too or if you want the works with every seven day lawn mowing, shrub pruning's, keeping the weeds out of your landscaping beds and garden areas, cleaning up the leaves out of your beds and lawn in the fall, and seeding your yard in the fall, we can do all of that as well. It's just a matter of how much or how little you want to do with your yard maintenance.

Most of the time it comes down to a customer's budget for how much they can spend on their yard maintenance and our specialty is working within that lawn maintenance budget. The good news is is that we can keep your yard looking pretty good with weekly lawn mowing and weed removal care throughout the months of March through October then we can come back once a month during the cooler times of the year just to keep the lawn fresh, sticks and leaves picked , and any various weeds removed. We are in the Katy, Tx area every Wednesday and we have two dozen customers in Estates At Grand Harbor, Falcon Point, and Lake Pointe Estates. We also have a cluster of lawn mowing customers around Katy City Park and also by Katy Jr High School. You have probably seen is riding up and down Katy Fort Bend Rd, so it's no problem to pick up your lawn maintenance and yard care for you. I will be on the lookout for your lawn cutting service price request on GreenPal. Once you get my quote for how much it's going to cost to mow your lawn and keep up with your yard maintenance check out my lawn care service reviews also and that way you'll know that you're hiring a reputable, affordable, reliable local lawn care service near me in Katy Texas.

Also , if you dont live in Katy we also offer affordbale lawn cutting services in Pearland TX and provide affordable yard maintenance services in Pasadena TX as well.


Green World Lawn Care Services in Katy, TX

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I started cutting grass when I was a little kid push mowing my neighbor's yards and overtime I grew my little lawnmowing business into a full-service landscape maintenance and yard maintenance company. I cut grass for many satisfied lawn care service customers in the Katy Texas area. Over the past few lawn mowing seasons I have built up quite a nice bit of yard maintenance clientele throughout Katy Texas. If you live near Seven Lakes Junior High School or the Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital, I've got a dozen or so lawn cutting customers near you already so would not be any problem to pick up your lawn maintenance for you. I started operating my lawn care service through the GreenPal system this lawn mowing season because it offered a smoother way to service my lawn care service customers. Things like billing for lawn cuttings, scheduling lawn mowings, and also quoting lawn cutting is just a lot easier through GreenPal than doing it the old way of sending out paper invoices for lawn mowing, and trying to communicate scheduling changes and everything else.

GreenPal really makes the whole thing much simpler for my lawn mowing business and for my lawn mowing customers. I specialize in providing affordable lawn mowing for my customers and trying to keep my lawn maintenance costs down. Most of my lawn cutting quotes start out at $25 per lawn cutting and top out at around $40 for lawn cutting for most yards in the Katy Tx area. After you click the little button below my biography here you will alert me that you were wanting a lawn mowing price from my lawn care service. I will receive information about your lawn cutting service request such as how big your yard is, how tall your grass is, what are your expectations for your yard maintenance service, and also the location of your yard. After I factor all of these things I will prepare my lawn mowing price for you and you will receive it along with reviews about my lawn care service that other residents in the Katy area sad about the quality of my lawn maintenance company. If everything looks good just click to hire me and your yard cutting will appear on my lawn care service route and I will pick you up and maintain your yard with my other lawn care service customers in the Katy Texas area. This is the easiest way in the world to hire a local residential lawn care service near me in Katy Tx that I know of. So I know you're probably looking for cheap lawn care services near me, and well with me you have not found a cheap lawn mowing service but you have found an affordable and reliable lawn care service to take care of your yard maintenance for you. I look forward to meeting with you and discussing your yard maintenance and getting started on improving your landscaping, gardens, and yard. We also do lawn maintenance services in Pealand TX and also proudly offer yard maintenance services in Baytown, TX as well.


Luis Lawn Care Services in Katy, TX

Hired 53 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.59 Reviews)

Or lawn company specializes in high-end luxury landscape maintenance and lawn care service in the Katy Texas area. If you are looking for a pristine lawn and landscape then our landscape maintenance company is going to be the best fit for your needs. If you are looking for a cheap lawn care service in Katy, then we are not going to be a good fit for your yard maintenance. There are dozens and dozens of lawn care services and yard cutters in Katy, Tx to choose from but one thing that is a little confusing for homeowners ordering residential lawn care is that no two lawn care services are like. Some lawn mowing business offer cheaper lawn care service prices because they don't do a thorough job on their yard maintenance clients yards. These grass cutters also use cheaper lawnmowers, they don't sharpen their lawn cutting blades as often, and they do a rushed job on cutting their customers yards. Now this is fine for most yards in the Katy if you are just wanting a basic lawn cutting, but if you are wanting to enhance the value of your home, build up a thick and healthy turf, and make your yard and grass the envy of all of your neighbors then you will need a customized game plan of attack on how you going to improve your yard, gardens, landscape, turf, grass and top it all off maintain it with top notch landscaping care. Our company specializes in all these things and would be happy to work with you.

When you sign up on GreenPal, take a look at your lawn care service prices that you get back very carefully as no two lawn maintenance companies will be thinking about the same thing. When you get our cost for lawn care service that is going to include your basic lawn mowing service including your mowing, trimming the grass around any obstacles in your yard, and do your sidewalks and curbs, and blowing off all the grass clippings after we are done mowing your yard. If you want to add on any other services to that basic lawn maintenance visit such as weed removal from your landscaping beds and gardens, and pruning of your shrubs, we can do all of that as well in the same lawn cutting visit that you order from us on the GreenPal system. Then after we develop a relationship with you on your basic lawn maintenance and your cuttings then we can talk about how are we going to get your yard to be the best looking yard on the block in your name. Our company has a concentration of lawn care service customers near Katy Mills and over by Woodcreek Reserve, so if you live in those parts of Katy Tx and you have seen our lawn maintenance work before and have probably seen our trucks running up and down Kingsland Blvd. I look forward to meeting with you and I appreciate your consideration of my lawn care service bid that you will be receiving from me on the GreenPal lawn mowing app. Thank you and have a great day. Our lawn care compnay also services grass cutting in Pasadena TX and also offers lawn maintenance services in Sugar Land TX as well.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 4 reviews)
Julia Barringer Lawn Mowing in Katy TX
“I just moved into the Whispering Lakes in Katy Texas and one of the first things I needed to do was to find a reliable local lawn mowing service to cut the grass for me. This proved to be easier said than done. I called about a dozen lawn care services in Katy off of craigslist and got stood up for my grass cutting three times by lawn mowing businesses near me. One lawn care service wouldn't even give me a price for how much it was going to cost to cut my grass saying he was just going to mow it first and then we will discuss the lawn cutting cost. The whole thing was very sketchy and there didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to any of it. Then I found GreenPal while searching for another reliable lawn care service near me and the site claimed to hook you up with local lawn mowing services that really want your business. The thing I think I liked the best about it was it was no arguing or negotiating over the grass cutting pricing. The competitive quotes for lawn mowing just came right to my email and I picked the lawn care service that I wanted to work with on my yard maintenance. The whole thing was smooth and easy.”
Tom Jansen Lawn Cut in Katy TX
“I was using GreenPal in another state for the yard maintenance on some rental properties that I own. I just purchased a investment property in Katy Texas in the Pine Lakes subdivision. As a property maintenance investor one of the hassles that I always face is having to make sure the yard is mowed. Usually I'll have my tenets mow the yards, but the reality is sometimes they forget or let the grass get 2 feet tall. This happened with my investment home and Katy and I was greeted with a fine from the city of Katy Texas because the grass on my property had gotten to be too tall. I did some math and figured that it would just be cheap cheaper to pay the lawn care service to maintain the yard for me and then just pass the yard maintenance costs onto my tenant. GreenPal makes lawn maintenance super easy to manage multiple lawn care services across different cities and even different states. I highly recommend GreenPal to any real estate investors or even renters as a means to make sure their yard maintenance stays up to snuff.”
Greg Clemmons Lawn Mowing in Katy TX
“I have mowed my own yard for years. But a neighbor of mine in Riceland Terrace in Katy Texas said she was getting her grass cut with GreenPal for $25 per lawnmowing. I figured that I could afford that especially on every 14 day grass cutting cycle. I signed up for lawn cutting quotes and got four different lawn mowing prices from local lawn mowing services near me in Katy. I read their lawn care service reviews about them and hired the cheapest lawn care service out of the price list. The grass cutting company I hired does a good job and comes to mow every 14 days as scheduled and now I'm able to get my yard maintenance all done for $50 per month. I am a happy camper.”
Henry Kinch Lawn Care in Katy TX
“GreenPal saves me $400 a year on my yard maintenance costs. I was paying a full-service landscape maintenance company and Katy to maintain my entire yard, and I'll have to admit they did a good job and took care of everything in the yard maintenance for me however it was just so dang expensive. After everything I was spending around $250 per month for all of my yard maintenance. I recently decided to start paying off some credit card debt and was looking for a way to save some money on my yard maintenance. I found the GreenPal lawn care services website and it was just what I was looking for because I could get competitive quotes for lawn cutting to maintain my grass in yard for me without even having to call around. I signed up for bids and received two free lawn cutting estimates from local lawn care services in Katy and hired the cheapest lawnmowing company near me. The whole process saved me time and money on my yard maintenance for my home in Katy Heights.”

lawn-maintenance-in-katy-TX-lawn-service-in-KatyWelcome to the online ordering page for lawn mowing services, yard maintenance, and landscape maintenance services for the Katy Texas area. If you are searching for reliable and affordable lawn maintenance then you have arrived at the right place on the Internet. Welcome to GreenPal the fastest, most affordable, and most convenient way to order a reliable local lawn care service near you in the Katy Texas and Fort Bend County area. Now I know what you're probably thinking, yeah right this is probably just another one of those middleman lead generation things right. Nope, that's not how GreenPal works at all. GreenPal goes out and does the hard work of finding the most affordable and consistently excellent lawn care services in the Katy Texas area by doing the hard work for you. We interview hundreds of yard maintenance companies to figure out which are the good lawn care services which are the not so good companies that cut grass in Katy. This saves you time and money finding, scheduling, and paying for your lawn cutting and yard maintenance . When we interview lawn care services to figure out who we are going to let operate their lawn maintenance company on the GreenPal lawn care service mobile app we are looking for things such as do they have professional grade lawn mowing equipment, do they have a good reputation with their existing lawn maintenance customers? Yes that's right we talk to other lawn care customers whom they have cut yards for in the Katy Texas area near me to make sure that they perform the lawn maintenance and yard work they say they're going to do and actually show up to cut your grass on the day they are supposed to mow your yard. Then we look at other yard work they have done for other homes in the Katy Texas area.

That's right we have them do a lawn cutting audition to discern if they know what they're doing or not when it comes to lawn maintenance. We look for quality in their lawn service such as do they do a good job of edging the sidewalks and walkways, do they mow the grass in straight lines and leave a striped pattern if it all possible? We also look for if they do a good job of blowing off the excess clippings from the concrete areas after they're done mowing the lawn. After we figure out if the lawn care service meets our quality standards we then set them up to operate their business on the GreenPal lawn care mobile app. Why does any of this matter? Because all of this allows you to order reasonably priced Lawn Mowing services from local grass cutting business is near me in the Katy Texas area. As you know the city of Katy, Tx is growing rapidly and the result is lawn mowing businesses are busy and have a tough time of getting estimates out to potential lawn cutting customers meaning you’ll possibly wait for lawnmowing estimate for a week. Well those days are over now because GreenPal will get you four or five free lawn lawn cutting prices back to you within 45 minutes. So if you live near Thornton Middle School , or by Mary Jo Peckham Park, no problem GreenPal has found the best local lawn care services in the Katy Texas are so you can order your lawn care online or from our mobile app from them conveniently without even making a phone call or waiting around for lawn cutting prices. Are you looking for lawn mowing estimates for lawn maintenance in another area of the greater Houston Tx area? No problem GreenPal also has lawn care services in Pasadena TX and has found some solid lawn mowing services in Sugar Land TX near me.

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About Katy Texas

Katy is a city just west of Houston, in Texas.

In the early 1800s Katy was known as "Cane Island", named for the creek that runs through the area, a branch of Buffalo Bayou. The creek was filled with tall cane, not native to the area. It was presumed to have been planted by either the Karankawa Indians or Spanish explorers to aid in fur trapping until the 1820s.

In 1845 James J. Crawford received a land grant that included this area. The hot summers, thick clay soil made it difficult to attract settlers to the area. Crawford, Peter Black, John Sills and the families of former slaves Thomas (Mary) Robinson and Milto McGinnis were the only recorded residents of Cane Island in 1875. In 1895, James Oliver Thomas laid out a town, and in January 1896 the town of Katy was named through Thomas's post office application. The name "Katy" was derived from the MKT Railroad Company and was commonly referred to as "the K-T," which was also its stock exchange symbol. This common designation soon evolved into "the Katy."

The city of Katy is located at the three-border intersection of Harris, Fort Bend, and Waller counties, along Interstate 10, 29 miles west of downtown Houston and 22 miles east of Sealy. According to the United States Census Bureau, the city of Katy has a total area of 11.3 square miles, of which 11.2 square miles is land and 0.04 square miles, or 0.38%, is water.

Katy is often further defined as either "Old Towne Katy" or "Greater Katy". "Old Towne Katy" refers to the proper of Katy, which was incorporated in 1945. It's boundaries, as defined by the Katy Independent School Divisions zoning, runs just south of Kingsland Blvd, stretching across Interstate 10 to Morton Road. Katy Fort Bend Road and Cane Island Creek act as the east and west boundaries, The "Greater Katy" area includes the city of Katy plus large sections of unincorporated land surrounding the city corresponding to the boundaries of the 181 sq mi Katy Independent School District. Source: Wikipedia Katy, TX

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