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3 Components of a Healthy Lawn and Basic Lawn Care Infographic

This infographic covers the 3 main components of a basic lawn care which are; mowing, watering and fertilizing. But of course each of these components have specific details which require a unique touch if you want the perfect lawn! 

Basic Lawn Care Component 1: Mowing the lawn

What are the best practices of mowing? As you likely know, mowing is more than just hoping on a mower and cutting the lawn. Always remember; 1) that dull blades tear grass, 2) cutting more than the top third of grass can stress it out, and 3) always keep your mower deck clean (inside and out). 

Basic Lawn Care Component 2: Fertilizing the lawn

What are the best practices when it comes to fertilizing a lawn? Fertilizing the lawn is what separates a bland and boring lawn from the talk of the town. But too much or too little fertilizer can be just as bad as using none at all. According to the infographic you will want to apply nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to the lawn. Always follow the best practices when fertilizing. 

Why should I apply nitrogen to my lawn? 

Nitrogen in the lawn creates greener grass, and it also causes more dense and vigorous growth. 

Why should I apply phosphorus to my lawn?

Phosphorus in the lawn is essential for photosynthesis, and helps grass optimize its energy. 

Why should I apply potassium to my lawn?

Potassium aids in root development, and helps prevent diseases related to potassium deficiency. 

Basic Lawn Care Component 3: Watering the lawn properly

What is the best way to water the lawn? When it comes to watering the lawn you want to water infrequently, but very deeply. As this infographic shows, a good amount of water is 1 inch of water applied once or twice weekly. 

Why shouldn’t I water my lawn too often? Watering the lawn too often creates grass that has shallow roots that is accustomed to heavy amounts of water. But, if drought occurs, over-watered grass will be ill prepared to handle it. Additionally, over-watered grass is stringy, and not full. Which means it will not look as good. Sometimes less water is better.

This infographic covers the 3 main components of essential lawn care. If you want to have the best lawn in town you have to follow the instructions laid out in this infographic. This infographic was designed by, check them out for more great lawn care info! 

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