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Harry Skyrpe Lawn Care Lawn Services in Plymouth, MN

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Thank you for considering Harry Skrype Lawn Care. We are a lawn care and snow removal company proudly supporting residential and commercial properties in Plymouth, Minnesota and all of Hennepin County. Save more by hiring our lawn care pros today. 

Local Lawn Care Available At A Discount

Our lawn care company is proud to help customers in Plymouth, Minnesota, specifically near Bass Lake Road and Eagle Lake Park. We are based in the northeastern end of Plymouth, a region that has some of the most beautiful lawns in the Twin Cities area. We'll work to make your yard look just as good. 

If you hire Harry Skrype Lawn Care, you can expect affordable prices and exclusive discounts for long-term support. Our prices start at $42 for lawn mowing services and vary depending on whether you need more services. 

Lawn Service For Busy People

We're here to help the busy moms and dads and the budget-conscience families. We know your lawn care chores are important, but sometimes life gets in the way. That's where we step in. We offer a range of lawn care services to fix whatever grass issues you have or handle the routine yard work.

We offer affordable packages for weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly services. These services can include the following: 

  • Lawn mowing services 
  • Trimming
  • Edging 
  • Weed eating 
  • Leaf removal 
  • Debris removal
  • And more! 

We don't stop in the winter, either. Get winter services such as salting, snow removal, and even gutter cleaning. 

We'll travel to neighborhoods near Schmidt Lake and other areas known to get hit harder with snow. 

Serving All Types of Property Owners in Plymouth

We provide commercial lawn care services to customers in Plymouth, as well as serving clients in Golden Valley, Minnesota. We have worked on properties near Rockford Road and other locations along the interstate highway. 

Contact us today for more information about our lawn mowing services and snow removal services. Contact Harry Skrype Lawn Care for support today. 


Mark's Lawn Care Lawn Services in Plymouth, MN

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Your lawn in Plymouth, Minnesota, will experience wear and tear over time. This is especially true in the winter and summer months. Temperature changes, foot traffic, and everything mother nature throws at your lawn cause stress on your grass. This leads to weeds, patchy spots, and even grass disease. If you're dealing with any of those problems now or want to keep your property looking good all year, Mark's Lawn Care can help. 

Beautifying Backyards For Over A Decade

For close to 12 years, Mark's Lawn Care has been a leading lawn service provider transforming properties all over Plymouth, Minnesota, Hennepin County, and even as far as Brooklyn Center, Minnesota

From mowing to trimming to snow removal, our company does it all. 

We've provided services to customers in Shiloh Park, Parkers Lake, and other local communities in the area. We've been around a lot of plots of land and know what it takes to improve and maintain native lawns. 

Some yards are more prone to weeds, while others might need more consistent lawn mowing services compared to other grass types. After years of service, training, and successful landscaping makeovers, we know a thing or two about keeping your yard in great shape. 

Tailored Yard Work Customized For Your Property  

Mark's Lawn Care provides weekly lawn mowing services, seasonal yard maintenance, and other customized treatment designed for your budget, needs, and overall goals. For every mowing job, we also edge every corner of your property, driveway, landscape, and more. We also clean up any green clippings and keep everything in clean. 

We'll also blow away leaves, remove weeds, and clears any other bits of debris that may show up. 

All The Help You Can Ask For Available When You Need It

Whether you have a scenic landscape near Medicine Lake or a smaller property near Plymouth Creek, our lawn care team is available to help you. From big or small properties, we can handle it all. 

Contact Mark’s Lawn Care for all your landscaping needs. 


Bella Verde Landscape Lawn Services in Plymouth, MN

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Making your yard or landscape in Plymouth look good can feel like a full-time job. If it's not looking as nice as you'd like it to or you simply don't have the time to take care of it, Bella Verde Landscape can help. From grass restorations to simple lawn maintenance, we offer a variety of options for all your outdoor needs. 

Transforming Yards In All Corners Of The Region

We provide affordable lawn care services in Plymouth, Minnesota, and other local communities in the region. We also serve customers in Edina, Minnesota.

From working on lawns near the oldest neighborhoods to serving homeowners in Old Rockford or Vicksburg, we've been providing five-star lawn care services for hundreds of customers and counting. 

As one of the best rated companies in Plymouth, we offer a money back guaranteed on your first order. If you don't love what we do for you, you'll get your money back. No questions asked! 

Laundry List Of Affordable Lawn Services in Plymouth

We provide landscape maintenance services such as bush trimming and lawn mowing. Our experts work on every cool season grass type found in your city.

We offer seasonal services here at Bella Verde Landscape that start in late March, April, or May. We usually begin by dethatching your turf bed with rakes, adding pre-emergents, blowing away debris, and prepping your grass for the growing season.

Local Lawn Care You Can Count On

Whether you own a property in Gleason Lake, Chelsea Woods, or any local neighborhood, we'll arrive at your property on-time. We provide a free estimate as well as a soil test. From our test results, we'll tailor our lawn care treatment to address specific deficiencies or needs. Our rates are also tailored for your yard, so we'll help you cut costs too! 

Get the best lawn care support by hiring Bella Verde Landscape. Hire us and give your yard in Plymouth the treatment it deserves while saving money in the process. 


Blue Line Property Care Lawn Services in Plymouth, MN

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At Blue Line Property Care, we're experts at delivering quality lawn services for properties of all sizes. Whether we're mowing your yard, keeping things in order, or handling complex landscaping projects, our company can do it all. Read more to see how you can redeem our discounted offer. 

Top-Rated Lawn Care Company In Plymouth

Blue Line Property Care is a local veteran-owned and operated business that serves homes in Plymouth and elsewhere in the Twin Cities area. We also provide lawn care services in Burnsville, Minnesota

We've built a strong reputation in our community and have been the go-to provider people count on. We know that your property is a critical investment. So, we treat it with proper and delicate care. 

Whether you own a property near the waterfront, Gleason Lake, or near Heritage Park, we're ready to serve you.

What We Offer

We provide complete lawn mowing services that involves mowing in distinct patterns to make sure your yard stays in great shape and looks appealing. Plus, this helps prevent your grass from becoming flat or experiencing intense stress which often happens when you mow in the same pattern every time. 

Get A Discount For Our Lawn Maintenance Support

We provide excellent rates for all our services as well. Our prices begin at $44 and can vary depending on climate, soil conditions, and any other services you'd like to add on.

We've worked on properties in Stonehill, Mission Hills, and other local communities. Hire Blue Line Property Care for all your lawn care needs in Plymouth. 

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James Osborne lawn cutting in Plymouth MN
affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Plymouth-MN cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Plymouth-MN local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Plymouth-MN grass-cutting-businesses-in-Plymouth-MN affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Plymouth-MN

Harry and everyone else at his company are accommodating in giving my yard in Park Place the care it needs. I spend quite a bit of time going to and from the Minneapolis area for work each day, so I need someone who can reach my home mow it every few weeks. The people at Harry Skrype Lawn Care understand what my yard needs every time, and they are always careful when looking at how my grass is growing. The people here are very positive and understanding of everything I require out of my yard.

Jessica Ma lawn mow in Plymouth MN
local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Plymouth-MN affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Plymouth-MN affordable-lawn-services-in-Plymouth-MN cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Plymouth-MN residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Plymouth-MN

Mark’s Lawn Care has been very effective in giving my yard in the Ditter neighborhood the look it deserves. I have tried my hardest to cut my lawn, but I can never seem to get my yard to look well. But the people at Mark’s Lawn Care understand what is necessary when mowing my yard. They trim the grass well and clear out the debris before it can become difficult. Mark and everyone else here respects what I need out of my yard, and they are very effective at what they do. I would recommend the people here to anyone who needs help with their yards.

John Scribner lawn maintenance in Plymouth MN
affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Plymouth-MN cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Plymouth-MN residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Plymouth-MN affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Plymouth-MN local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Plymouth-MN

The team at Bella Verde Landscape has given me quite a bit of help with my yard in the Plymouth Creek area over the years. They provide a bi-weekly mowing service. The team always knows how high my yard is to be cut based on the time of the year. They work their hardest in trimming around my garden bed. They trim the grass to the same height as everything else, not to mention they ensure all those bits of grass won’t litter my garden. Everything looks fresh, not to mention the garden hasn’t experienced lots of fatigue as they work on it.

Charlene Harris lawn cutting in Plymouth MN
local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Plymouth-MN local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Plymouth-MN local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Plymouth-MN residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Plymouth-MN lawn-maintenance-in-Plymouth-MN

Blue Line has done well for giving my yard in the Zachary Lane area the help it needs. They have been very thorough in ensuring my yard is maintained accordingly. They mow my lawn to the best possible height, and they always trim the ends around my landscape. They are cautious in giving my yard a beautiful look, not to mention they always ensure my yard won’t die off or develop weeds. There have been cases where I have had weeds in my garden, but the team at Blue Line has helped me fix my garden and clear out those growths. Their work doesn’t kill off my flowers either.