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LJ’S Lawn care Lawn Services in Milwaukee, WI

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Year after year lawn care businesses have come and gone in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Although fly-by-night companies have left, we've been here for years. We love helping clients and seeing the smiles on their faces season after season. Let my team and I build a beautiful backyard for a budget-friendly price.  

Lawn Service Treatment For All

Mowing your yard takes a lot of time. Win back your weekend and let our staff keep your grass trimmed and neat. When hiring us for lawn mowing services, we'll also trim your edge, prune your bushes, and clean up after every job. 

When I am not mowing, I am gathering inspiration for my landscape designs are Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory. Aside from their fun dinosaur statues, their amazing collection of Wisconsins many amazing plants is astounding. Well that is all for now. I hope to hear from your soon, you can reach me by signing up for GreenPal and getting from lawn care bids in Wisconsin.

Customer Support No Matter Where You Are

Wherever you are in Milwaukee, whether it is down town or out in Delafield, or even East Troy, you may catch me on my mower from time to time. It is true, if you are looking for quality and affordable lawn care, we're the lawn service company to hire. We recommend signing up for GreenPal to get our free lawn care bids. It is not only free for you, you are never obligated to commit to our lawn care service. 

Whether you just need more time on vacation, or want to enjoy some weekend BBQ's with friends In Milwaukee, there is nothing quite like a freshly cut lawn to spend your hard earned leisure time in. Contact us when you're ready! 

No matter where you are, GreenPal transcends location constraints! Offering economical lawn services in New Berlin, detailed lawn care in Elm Grove, or the distinguished landscaping professionals in Bayside, we connect you with Wisconsin's elite. As we broaden our horizons across the states, our pledge remains firm: to ensure smooth and local lawn maintenance for homeowners coast to coast.


Banks lawn service Lawn Services in Milwaukee, WI

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Hello Wisconsin! Are you looking for a lawn care professional in Milwaukee? Well I would imagine that is why you are here! I'm excited to introduce my lawn care business with you. For over a decade my 4 man crew and I have served hundreds of properties in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Whatever you need, we can help. 

Top-Quality Lawn Mowing

From pristine grass cutting, to perfectly cut swafts of terrain, each member of our lawn service crew are trained to meet your highest expectations. Seriously you don't get to become a lawn care professional by hiring the cheap guys. It has taken us a number of years to build the right crew, but we have certainly succeeded in doing so. 

GreenPal Partnership

After partnering with GreenPal, we've worked with hundreds of customers. We've provided an array of services including: 

  1. Lawn Mowing Services
  2. Edging
  3. Leaf Blowing
  4. Gutter Cleaning 
  5. Trimming
  6. Fertilizing
  7. And More! 

If you were to search for lawn mowing services near me, you'll find a handful of companies charging insane prices or with poor reviews. When you use GreenPal, you can read reviews from our past customers, and be rest assured that you're hiring a quality lawn care service provider to cut your grass, and not someone that doesn't know what they are doing. We've provided services near General Mitchell International Airport and other places in the city with great success. 

Great Results For Our Customers  

We have a huge clientele near Lake Michigan. We've provided great quality care for customers all throughout the state too.

Wisconsin has long been famous for its cheeses, but with your help, we can make the state known for its lovely lawns and gardens. 

Once you have submitted your information via GreenPal, you will receive lawn care bids from a crew of providers like us. My lawn care business has come a long way so far, but with your business and earned trust, I can continue to grow my lawn care services throughout east Wisconsin. It has not been an easy road to success so far, but with hard work and dedication I know that my lawn care business will continue to grow. I hope you will consider hiring me for my lawn care services.


Lazaris Lawn Care Lawn Services in Milwaukee, WI

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As a lawn care professional in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, one thing that I know about the homeowners in the area is this: You work hard to keep your house in order. I get it, you deserve a place for leisure and relaxation after long weeks of working. Trust me, we all need some leisure time. Having a properly maintained lawn can be a great way to improve the quality of life and even reduce stress. Let us tackle your lawn chores today so you can freely enjoy your outdoors.

Professional Services For Milwaukee Residents

I'll cut to the point, no pun intended. If you want to hire a professional lawn service provider in Milwaukee, you are in the right place! We strive to create the straightest edges, and most tightly maintained borders in your landscape. If you're ready to get started, we will schedule you in ASAP. We can typically take on a new lawn within 48 hours after bidding on any job.

A Passion For Yard Work

I love helping others. I know it may be a humble service, but really it takes dedication to mow a lawn the right away and take care of your outdoor space. It is not nearly as simple as folks like to make it out to be. Maintaining your yard is not simple and requires a lot of effort. That's what our lawn care company does best. 

When it comes to caring for yards in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, you'll be getting a team of experienced professionals. All of my lawn care staff has been trained and carry years of experience. More importantly, they love what they do. 

Passion is as much a part of lawn care as anything else. If you don't like what you do, it is hard to do a great job. But my crew and I love being outdoors mowing lawns and cutting grass. 

Whether its using a weed eater or a lawn mower, we'll create healthy grass in no time. Whether you are a student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee or the owner of a property in the area, we're ready to help you. 


HnS landscape Lawn Services in Milwaukee, WI

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Get affordable lawn services from a trusted company. HnS landscape turns backyards into green wonderlands without charging you insane fees. If you've been looking for a great deal, you've found it. Save money and time by hiring us today.

Milwaukee Landscaping Done Right

In the last 5 years, since I began my lawn mowing service company, we have helping customer left and right. A lot of the new homeowners who moved from out of state claim they love Milwaukee, Wi! Can you believe it?! I certainly can. One of the reasons I think Milwaukee is beginning to make a name for itself, are the many amazing lawns, and the amazing landscapers in the area. 

Of course being right next to Lake Michigan helps too! My favorite lawns in Milwaukee are near Menomonee Falls and Waukesha, but I manage a few nice ones along the lakeside too! From the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed, its all about lawns and lawn care. Seriously, I wake up, check over my lawn mowing equipment. Sharpen my blades if I have to, check the oil, and start my day. There is something very peaceful about the sound of grass being cut. 

I was so excited when I found GreenPal. With GreenPal you can get lawn care bids instantly, well nearly instantly. The best of Milwaukee Wisconsin's lawn care professionals are on the app, and they are competing hard for your business. However, I feel strongly that my lawn care team will stand far above the competition. When it comes to the professionals in lawn care near me, I know that they are on GreenPal. 

Hiring A Vetted Team Of Experts

Which pushes me to perform better week after week, year after year. Why? Because GreenPal doesn't just find professional landscapers near you, its a platform that allows you and others to connect to lawn care professionals in minutes. When you hire us, you'll be getting a team of highly trained experts who follow industry practices to create the best results. 

Contact The Proven Lawn Care Team 

We can do almost any lawn care job. We also prune bushes, edge, and blow up all of the clippings every time we come. We always strive to leave the lawn clean as a whistle when we cut the grass. Whether you are on the west side, or have a home near the Pfister Hotel. 

You can count on our lawn service crew to keep your Milwaukee yard thriving. Lawn mowing isn't just a job for us, its a passion, there is nothing like the smell and look of a fresh cut lawn.

Here is what other GreenPal users have to say about lawn care near me:

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Timothy Chase lawn maintenance in Milwaukee WI
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Technology is developing so quickly. Years ago i used Craigslist to find help around the house, but things changed. I had to find a better alternative when it came to finding providers of lawn care near me. After some searching around. I found a lot of lawn care providers in Milwaukee Wisconsin. But one app stood out above the rest. GreenPal. At first i wasn't sure what to expect, but within 24 hours I had my answer. The lawn care professional I hired was here the next day. My lawn was mowed, and I was able to celebrate with a few of my co workers from The Rave Eagle's Club. Enjoying my lawn is much easier with GreenPal.

Patsy Henderson grass cut in Milwaukee WI
cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Milwaukee-WI residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Milwaukee-WI lawn-maintenance-in-Milwaukee-WI affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Milwaukee-WI affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Milwaukee-WI

I work long hard days at my job. As much as I would like to mow my own grass, I simply do not have the time. I need a reliable lawn care service that I can trust. But I didn't know where to look. Until my neighbor shard GreenPal with me. With GreenPal I was able to get a whole bunch of lawn care bids in a matter of hours! Best of all I could read the reviews that other GreenPal members left for their services. There wasn't anything blind about going into using this app. When it comes to finding reliable lawn mowing services without the hassle, your best bet is Greenpal. Now I can enjoy my off time at the Milwaukee Public Museum.

Gregory Halsmith lawn cutting in Milwaukee WI
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From spring til fall I want my lawn tight and orderly. Unfortunately ever since my son graduated from Rufus King High School, I haven't had the help I needed to keep the lawn in order. That is when I searched the internet for "lawn care near me'. Low and behold I found GreenPal. Fast and easy. I signed up, and whiten 48 hours my lawn was mowed. I signed up for weekly service and never, ever looked back. I highly recommend their unique lawn care service app. 

Tracy Albright lawn service in Milwaukee WI
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When it comes to Lawn care in Wisconsin or anywhere near me, I turn to Greenpal. Ever since I first signed up, my lawn care services have been handled without any input on my end. I just set up the schedule and week after week my lawn is cut in a timely fashion. As a worker at the OWM Department of Research I don't have time to mow my lawn, or have any hassle when it comes to getting it mowed. That is why I love GreenPal. Receiving lawn care bids only took a few hours and I had the lawn cut the next day!