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Landscaper of the month, Murfreesboro's Legacy Lawn Care

Tom legacy lawn care

Landscaper of the month, Murfreesboro's Legacy Lawn Care

Each month we feature one of our GreenPal vendor partners, we are only as good as the quality lawn care services that make up the the GP community.

This month I had a chance to catch up with Tom Baltch owner of Legacy Lawn Care in Murfreesoboro, TN

I have spent my entire working life in the lawn care industry and, I really enjoy meeting with our lawn care partners , hearing their story, and why they do what they do.

Here is what Tom had to say:

What inspired you to start cutting lawns?

I decided to start mowing lawns in 2001 when I bought my first house. I thought during high school that this would be a fun job but it wasn't until I had nearly an acre to mow that I decided, push mowing takes too long! I financed a commercial mower and needed to pay it off.

At this time I was a freshman in college and trying to make extra money. I started mowing family and friends yards and slowly started to grow. I was in and out of college trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing. Eventually, I ended up with a B.B.A. in entrepreneurship from MTSU and a growing landscaping company.

What did you do before you started a landscaping company?

During the first 3 or 4 years of officially owning a commercial mower, I worked for another local landscaping company for 2 years and went to MTSU. Prior to that I was a roofing laborer for 5 years. Once I decided to buckle down and graduate from college, I started working on expanding my business and family!

How long have you been mowing?

Since I was 10?!? I'm the first born on both sides so I was mowing my grandparents yards as a child!

What is your ideal client?

A homeowner or property manager who wants a direct contact for any landscaping issue. Someone who doesn't want to worry about laboring on their property but wants an excellent curb appeal. I prefer to be responsible for keeping all grounds tidy and clean. This ideal client wants a full service company that offers an equal monthly payment.

What do you enjoy most about the industry?

I enjoy all the different environments I get to work in. I'm the type of person that doesn't do well at a desk for extended periods of time. I get to work at so many beautiful locations on a regular basis and I also get to see horribly run down properties and transform them into landscapes that the neighbors are jealous of.

Tell us about your equipment, what do you run?

04 jeep wrangler 4x4

06 chevy silverado

02 f-250 superduty 4x4

02 isuzu npr 20' box

hank williams 18' skid steer trailer

atwood 16' utility trailer

homesteader 16' enclosed trailer

2 - 48" toro walk behinds

1 - 40" walker GHS

1 - 60" toro grandstand

2 - 60" hustler super-z hyperdrive

many shindaiwa, redmax and echo trimmers and back-pack blowers

What is your company best at? What do you do better than the competition?

We are best at customer service. I will personally address any call and respond by or before the next scheduled visit. We also excel at full service contracts as it gives us the opportunity to offer our customers the highest quality curb appeal.

How many helpers/employees do you have?

Legacy Landscaping currently has 3 full time employees and random part time help. We are currently looking for qualified foremen. I do not count myself as an employee.

What areas do you service?

Our primary target market is Murfreesboro, TN but we also service other parts of Rutherford, Davidson, Williamson, Sumner and Cannon counties.

What is your makeup of commercial and residential work? How many weekly clients do you have?

90% residential 10% commercial (Per property ratio)

What is one of the most enjoyable movements you have had in the landscaping industry?

My most enjoyable moment happens over and over. It is when I haven't been to a property I landscaped in a year or two and I come back and see all the growth. It is very rewarding to watch plants grow and landscapes mature into the design idea that I originally saw. 

You can visit Legacy Lawn Care here, or hire Tom and his team directly here

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About The Author

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